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Wario Wario Wario

Smash Legend
Sep 3, 2017
NASB 2 is the worse one
In this creation thread, we will be creating a sequel to Smash Bros. Ultimate that exclusively features Mario content (and closely related series like Donkey Kong, Wario, and Yoshi) - think of it like the anti-Mario Kart Crossroads. No game is too obscure, no mandates can stop us, and corporate baggage is irrelevant.

Starter fighters in italics. See here for unlock criteria
  1. Mario
  2. Luigi
  3. Peach
  4. Daisy
  5. Captain Toad (Submitted by YoshiandToad YoshiandToad )
  6. Bowser
  7. Bowser Jr.
  8. Rosalina and Luma
  9. Goomba (submitted by KneeOfJustice99 KneeOfJustice99 )
  10. Piranha Plant
  11. Mama & Tuxie (Submitted by BonafideFella BonafideFella )
  12. Mad Piano ( Baysha Baysha )
  13. Madame Broode ( AlteredBeast AlteredBeast )
  14. Pink Gold Peach (Submitted by cashregister9 cashregister9 , clone of Peach)
  15. Undodog and Yamamura (Submitted by cashregister9 cashregister9 , clone of Duck Hunt)
  16. Dr. Mario
  17. Professor E. Gadd (Submitted by @Darkonedagger)
  18. Gooigi (Submitted by @Darkonedagger, echo fighter of Luigi)
  19. Donkey Kong
  20. Diddy Kong
  21. Dixie Kong (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
  22. Funky Kong (Submitted by @Darkonedagger, echo fighter of DK)
  23. King K. Rool
  24. Klump (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  25. Timber (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  26. Yoshi
  27. Baby Bros. (Submitted by FazDude FazDude , clone of the Ice Climbers)
  28. Birdo (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  29. Kamek & Toady (Submitted by @Darkonedagger, clone of Ashley & Red)
  30. The Stork (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  31. Wario
  32. Waluigi
  33. Warupichi and Warudaisi (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario , created by ahueonao on DeviantArt)
  34. Jimmy T. ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  35. Ashley & Red (Submitted by @Darkonedagger)
  36. Penny (Submitted by Janx_uwu Janx_uwu , clone of Wario)
  37. Captain Syrup (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
  38. Geno
  39. Prince Peasley ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear ) (Clone of Marth)
  40. Fawful & Cackletta (Submitted by @Darkonedagger)
  41. Mimi (Submitted by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  42. Rawk Hawk (@Darkonedagger, clone of Incineroar)
  43. Rabbid Peach ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  44. President Koopa (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  45. Imajin (@Darkonedagger, clone of Mario)
All fighters have an unlockable Pixelated Perpetrator Pack alt.

Mario ( FazDude FazDude )
  1. Default (Red shirt/cap, blue overalls, brown shoes, white gloves)
  2. Donkey Kong / Mario Bros. (Blue shirt/cap/shoes, navy overalls, yellow gloves)
  3. SMB1 (Red cap/overalls, dark green shirt/shoes, yellow gloves)
  4. SMB3 (Dark red shirt/cap/shoes, black overalls, white gloves)
  5. Fire Mario (White shirt/cap, red overalls, brown shoes, white gloves)
  6. Ice Mario (Light blue cap/shirt, red overalls, brown shoes, white gloves)
  7. Luigi (Green shirt/cap, navy overalls, brown shoes, white gloves)
  8. Wario (Yellow shirt/cap, purple overalls, green shoes, white gloves)
  9. "Game Boy" (Black cap/shirt/shoes, gray overalls/gloves)
  10. NES Open Tournament Golf (the american one)
  11. Builder Mario (model swap - Yellow hat/shirt, red overalls, brown shoes, white gloves)
  12. "Wrecking Crew" Builder Mario (Red hat/overalls, green shirt, brown shoes, white gloves)
  13. Wedding Mario (model swap - White hat/tuxedo/shoes/gloves, red bowtie)
  14. "All-Star" Wedding Mario (Black hat/tuxedo, navy pants, brown shoes, white gloves)
  15. 64 Mario (model swap - uses the Mario 64 cap outfit from Odyssey)
  16. "L is Real" 64 Mario (green cap/shirt, navy overalls, brown shoes, white gloves)
Luigi ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default
  2. Fire Luigi with tan skin
  3. Orange shirt with blue overalls
  4. Pink and red "Strawberry"
  5. Beige shirt with dark green overalls
  6. Anime Luigi (dark blue overalls and yellow shirt)
  7. Wario's blue and white plumber alt from Brawl
  8. Mario colours
  9. Propeller Suit Luigi
  10. Mario colour (red) Propeller Suit Luigi
  11. Blue Toad colour (blue) Propeller Suit Luigi
  12. Toadette colour (pink) Propeller Suit Luigi
  13. Casino Luigi
  14. White tuxedo casino Luigi
  15. Purple tuxedo casino Luigi
  16. Poltergust on back (purely cosmetic)

Peach ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  1. Default
  2. Fire / NES colors
  3. Daisy colors
  4. Rosalina colors
  5. Pauline colors
  6. Shadow Queen colors (not a model swap)
  7. Wedding Dress (Model swap)
  8. Vacation Outfit (Odyssey/Tour)
Daisy ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario and cashregister9 cashregister9 )
  1. Battle League - tan
  2. Dark Blue Battle League - tan
  3. Green Battle League - tan
  4. Purple Battle League - tan
  5. Strikers Charged - no tan
  6. Light Blue Charged - no tan
  7. Red Charged - no tan
  8. Pink Charged - no tan
  9. Tennis shorts - no tan
  10. regular Golf dress - no tan
  11. Super Rush - tan
  12. Biking suit - tan
  13. Winter Olympics - no tan
  14. Christmas - no tan
  15. Farmer - tan
  16. Fairy Daisy from Tour - tan
Bowser ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default
  2. Blue "Bowser's Brother"
  3. Morton colours (white, grey and gold)
  4. Green "King Koopa"
  5. Pink "Midbus"
  6. Brown
  7. Yellow and brown
  8. Blue and green from Melee and Brawl
  9. Red and orange from Melee and Brawl
  10. Meowser
  11. Luigi Green Meowser
  12. Rosalina Black Meowser
  13. Dry Bowser
  14. Dull Bones Dry Bowser
  15. Dark Bones Dry Bowser
  16. Yoshi's Safari armour

Bowser Jr. ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  1. Bowser Jr.
  2. Shadow Mario
  3. Larry
  4. SMB3 sprite colors Larry
  5. Roy
  6. SMW sprite colors Roy
  7. Wendy
  8. SMB3 sprite colors Wendy
  9. Iggy
  10. SMB3 sprite colors Iggy
  11. Morton
  12. SMW sprite colors Morton
  13. Lemmy
  14. SMW sprite colors Lemmy
  15. Ludwig
  16. SMB3 sprite colors Ludwig
Captain Toad ( YoshiandToad YoshiandToad )
1. Captain Toad
2. Archivist Toadette
3. Hint Toad (Blue Toad brigade member with glasses)
4. Bank Toad (Green Toad brigade member)
5. Yellow Toad (...Yellow Toad Brigade member. Dur)
6. Purple Captain Toad (2nd player Captain Toad in Treasure Tracker. Has the Shroob colouring for his head)
7. Toadsworth (Pickaxe is replaced with his cane. Works exactly the same however, just has an invisible pickaxe head)
8. Mummy-Me (the mummified Toad enemies from Captain Toad Treasure Tracker)

Rosalina ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default with Yellow Luma
  2. Yellow with Blue Luma
  3. Green with Green Luma
  4. Red with Red Luma
  5. Purple with Purple (Lubba-based) Luma
  6. Black and yellow with Polari
  7. White and red with cream baby Luma
  8. Cosmic Spirit with Cosmic Luma
Goomba ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )

Piranha Plant ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default (Pipe)
  2. Mario 64 Green Lips (Pot)
  3. NES Green with yellow spots (Pipe)
  4. Putrid Piranha (Pot)
  5. Pink (Pipe)
  6. Brown (Pot)
  7. Bone Piranha Plant (Pipe)
  8. Red Bones Bone Piranha Plant (Pot)
Dr. Mario ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default
  2. "Surgeon" Blue
  3. Picross Explorer (called "Explorer Mario", throws chunks of rock)
  4. White Explorer (based on the Mario Picross manga)
  5. Yoshi's Cookie Chef (called "Chef Mario", throws cookies)
  6. Green-and-dark green Checkerboard Chef (resembles Dr. Mario menus)
  7. Mario & Wario Bucket and overalls (called "Bucket Mario", throws checkerboard blocks)
  8. Bucket Mario with dark blue shirt/hat and pink overalls/gloves (based on placeholder box art for Mario & Wario's US release)

Mama & Tuxie ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
1. Default
2. Emperor Penguin
3. Adélie Penguin
4. Chinstrap Penguin
5. Little Penguin
6. Southern Rockhopper Penguin
7. Yellow-eyed Penguin
8. Royal Penguin

Mad Piano ( FazDude FazDude )
  1. Default
  2. Yellow
  3. Gray
  4. Green
  5. Red
  6. Blue
  7. Purple
  8. White

Pink Gold Peach ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default
  2. Pink (pink aragonite)
  3. Orange (aventurine)
  4. Blue (lapis lazuli)
  5. Red (ruby)
  6. Green (emerald)
  7. Purple (tanzanite)
  8. Black (onyx)
  9. White (chalcedony)
  10. Natural Grey Stone
  11. Portland Stone
  12. Dark Grey Stone
  13. Bathstone
  14. Devon Red Stone
  15. Cotswold Stone
  16. York Stone
Madame Broode ( FazDude FazDude )
Every even-numbered alt has Chompikins gain a red hue.
  1. Default
  2. Angry Pink
  3. Star Bunny Yellow
  4. Spewart Blue
  5. Topper Green
  6. Rango Orange
  7. Harriet Purple
  8. Brown

Undodog & Yamamura ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default - collar has soft edges
  2. Grey fur, black collar, white Yamamura (based on his appearence in Mario Paint when not selected) - collar has sharp edges
  3. Dalmatian, red collar, orange and yellow Yamamura - collar has soft edges
  4. Bernese Mountain Dog, red collar, purple and cyan Yamamura - collar has sharp edges
  5. Border collie, blue collar, brown and green Yamamura - collar has soft edges
  6. Beagle, purple collar, blue and brown Yamamura - collar has sharp edges
  7. Crudely drawn
  8. "Colouring page" (Crudely drawn with green fur; blue collar; and pink Yamamura)
Professor E. Gadd ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default
  2. Red and green
  3. Green
  4. Black
  5. Yellow and green
  6. Purple and orange
  7. Pink and blue
  8. Goo-E. Gadd (Original, green goo version of E. Gadd)

Gooigi ( FazDude FazDude )
  1. Default (Green)
  2. Blue (Player 2's Gooigi from LM3)
  3. Pink (Player 4's Gooigi from LM3)
  4. Purple (Slinker)
  5. Orange (Oozer)
  6. Black
  7. Knight Gooigi (based off Luigi's knight costume from LM3)
  8. Elvis Gooigi (based off Luigi's Elvis-esque costume from LM3)
Donkey Kong ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default
  2. Super Guide
  3. Orange Lanky colours
  4. Purple "Dankey Kang"
  5. Light Green fur
  6. Pinkish black fur with mandrill face pattern
  7. Arcade/Cranky
  8. Gorilla (dark) Arcade
  9. Smash 64 Green Team (green skin) Arcade
  10. Pink DK Jr. Arcade
  11. Dark Red Arcade
  12. "How High Can You Get?" Light yellow Arcade
  13. Turbo Charge Donkey Kong
  14. Dark Turbo Charge Donkey Kong
  15. Metal Head
  16. Rusted Metal Head
Diddy Kong ( FazDude FazDude )
  1. Default
  2. Two-Player Contestant (Yellow shirt and white, Nintendo-less cap, second alt from Ultimate)
  3. Quest Contestant (Darker fur, purple shirt/cap, fourth alt from Ultimate)
  4. Monkey Smasher (Reddish fur, green shirt/cap, fifth alt from Ultimate)
  5. Diet Kong (Donkey Kong Junior-esque colors)
  6. Pink Diet Kong (colors inspired by the pink DK Jr. from Donkey Kong Jr. Math)
  7. Not So Lanky (colors inspired by Lanky Kong)
  8. Cool Chimp (model swap, backwards hat + sunglasses, darker red hat/shirt)

Dixie Kong ( FazDude FazDude )
  1. Default
  2. Two-Player Contestant (Purple shirt/cap, dark red ponytail)
  3. 2P King of Swing (Dark blue shirt/cap, bright red ponytail)
  4. 3P King of Swing (Yellow shirt/cap, pink ponytail)
  5. 4P King of Swing (Green shirt/cap, purple ponytail)
  6. Babysitter (Light blue shirt/cap, brown ponytail, inspired by Kiddy Kong)
  7. Not So Wrinkly (colors inspired by Wrinkly Kong's ghost)
  8. Kongo Bongo Threads (DKC cartoon inspired model swap)

Funky Kong ( FazDude FazDude )
  1. Default
  2. Classic Funky (model swap, no tanktop or shorts, golden necklace)
  3. White
  4. Classic Purple (based on Funky's sprite in DKC1)
  5. Green (heavily inspired by Funky's DK64 appearance)
  6. Classic Yellow (based on Funky's appearance in the DKC cartoon)
  7. Blue
  8. Classic Black
King K. Rool ( FazDude FazDude )
  1. Default (king outfit)
  2. Klump (brown scales, seventh alt in Ultimate)
  3. Krusha (dark blue scales, third alt in Ultimate)
  4. Black Kritter (black scales, sixth alt in Ultimate)
  5. Kaptain K. Rool (model swap, tosses pirate hat in leiu of the crown)
  6. Kutlass (yellow scales, Kaptain version of fourth alt in Ultimate)
  7. Kerozene (orange scales, Kaptain version of second alt in Ultimate)
  8. Kudgel (gray scales, Kaptain model)
  9. Baron K. Roolenstein (model swap, tosses his forehead in leiu of the crown)
  10. Re-Koil (dark orange scales, Roolenstein model)
  11. Skidda (purple scales, Roolenstein model)
  12. KAOS (dark green scales, Roolenstein model)
  13. King Krusha K. Rool (model swap, tosses crown)
  14. Mario Super Sluggers design (model swap, tosses crown)
  15. Diddy Kong Pilot Aviator (model swap, tosses hat)
  16. Viking (original model swap, tosses hat in leiu of crown, bears some resemblance to Lord Fredrik)
Klump ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
All have army hats
  1. DKC cartoon green
  2. DKC1 dark purple and yellow
  3. Barrel Blast brown and beige
  4. DK64 pink and orange
  5. DKC art white
  6. GBC yellow
  7. Krusha blue
  8. Klinger orange
Timber ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Timber
  2. Tiptup
  3. Pipsy
  4. Bumper
  5. Krunch
  6. Drumstick
  7. TT
  8. Tiny Kong (DK64 design)

Yoshi ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Yoshi
  2. Light Blue Yoshi
  3. Pink Yoshi
  4. Dark Blue Yoshi
  5. Red Yoshi
  6. Purple Yoshi
  7. Black Yoshi
  8. Brown Yoshi
  9. Orange Yoshi
  10. White Yoshi
  11. Yarn Yoshi
  12. MooMoo Yarn Yoshi
  13. Alpine Yarn Yoshi
  14. Candyfloss Yarn Yoshi
  15. Spooky Yarn Yoshi
  16. Painty Yarn Yoshi
Baby Bros. ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default (Baby Mario & Luigi with overalls)
  2. Wario (Baby Mario) and Waluigi (Baby Luigi) colours
  3. SMB3 Fire Mario (Baby Mario) and Mario All-Stars Fire Luigi (Baby Luigi) colours
  4. Yoshi's Island Mario and Luigi (Diapers)
  5. Baby Peach and Baby Daisy
  6. Pauline (Baby Peach) and Rosalina (Baby Daisy) colours
  7. Brown (Baby Peach) and Beige (Baby Daisy) (original, based on one of the ICs' alts)
  8. Yoshi's Island DS/Partners in Time Baby Peach and Baby Daisy (onesie and bib)
Birdo ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default
  2. Light Blue
  3. White
  4. Red
  5. Green
  6. Light Green (Lime)
  7. Yellow
  8. Black
  9. Brown
  10. Orange
  11. Dark Blue
  12. Purple
  13. Robirdo
  14. Red Robirdo
  15. Green Robirdo
  16. Dark Blue Robirdo
Kamek & Toady ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Default (red Toady)
  • SMRPG Red (blue Toady)
  • Brown (red Toady)
  • Black (blue Toady)
  • Purple (red Toady)
  • Green (blue Toady)
  • Princess Peach dress (red Toady)
  • Peach dress with Daisy colors (blue Toady)
The Stork ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default + Green Baby Yoshi
  2. Peacock Blue & Green + Light Blue Baby Yoshi
  3. Flamingo Pink + Pink Baby Yoshi
  4. Australian King Parrot red & blue + Red Baby Yoshi
  5. Blue Tit Cyan & White + Baby Rosalina
  6. Baltimore Oriole black & orange + Baby Pauline
  7. Tawny Owl Brown and White + Baby Wario
  8. Eagle white and black + Baby Waluigi
Wario ( FazDude FazDude )
  1. Default
  2. Mega Party Game$ P2 (Red and black color scheme, pretty much his third alt from Ultimate)
  3. Mega Party Game$ P3 (Yellow and green color scheme, fifth Ultimate alt)
  4. Mega Party Game$ P4 (Green color scheme, seventh Ultimate alt)
  5. Jimmy T. (Red and white color scheme, second biker alt from Brawl)
  6. Wario-Man (Purple and pink color scheme)
  7. Overalls (model swap)
  8. "Classic Mario" (Red and blue color scheme, fourth alt from Ultimate)
  9. Waluigi (Purple and navy color scheme)
  10. Wario's Woods (Magenta and black color scheme)
  11. Game Boy (Black and white color scheme, sixth plumber alt from Brawl)
  12. Virtual Boy (Red and black color scheme)
  13. Purple Wind (model swap)
  14. "Yellow Mist" (Yellow color scheme)
  15. D.I.Y. Tycoon Outfit (model swap)
  16. "Black Market" (Black color scheme)
Wario-Man ( FazDude FazDude )
Biker - Wario-Man
Plumber - Vampire Wario
Tycoon - Wario Deluxe
Purple Wind - Wicked Wario

Waluigi ( FazDude FazDude )
  1. Waluigi dons his regular plumber attire.
  2. Waluigi dons his tennis garb from Mario Tennis Aces.
  3. Waluigi's plumber outfit with his purple hat and shirt turning green, referencing Luigi.
  4. Waluigi's tennis outfit with his purple visor and shirt turning blue, resembling his sprite from the Game Boy Color version of Mario Tennis.
  5. Waluigi's plumber outfit with his hat and shirt turning yellow, referencing Wario.
  6. Waluigi's tennis outfit with his visor and shirt becoming white with gray stripes, resembling his appearance in Mario Golf: Super Rush.
  7. Waluigi's plumber outfit with his shirt becoming white, with the addition of his hat and pants becoming red. This resembles his Bus Driver costume from Mario Kart Tour.
  8. Waluigi's tennis outfit with his visor and shirt becoming black, resembling a referee's uniform. Ironic, given Waluigi's cheating ways.
Warupichi and Warudaisi (characters created by ahueonao on DeviantArt, alts by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

  1. Default
  2. Light beige and "mustard yellow"
  3. Both salmon (colour)
  4. Gowns
  5. Bright magenta and reddish orange gowns
  6. Brown and dark beige gowns
  7. Normal and gown
  8. Gown and normal

Jimmy T. ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Jimmy T.
  2. Jimmy P.
  3. Red hair Jimmy T.
  4. Pink hair Jimmy P.
  5. Jimmy T. with cat in hair
  6. Jimmy P. with dog in hair
  7. Feelin' Groovy Fitness Jimmy T. (Gold hair)
  8. Feelin' Groovy Fitness Jimmy P. (Blue hair)
Ashley ( cashregister9 cashregister9 )
1. Default Ashley, Default Red
2. Orange Dress and Orange Witch Hat, Orange Red
3. Blue Dress Ashley with Skull Bows in her hair, Blue Red
4. Purple Dress Ashley wtih Skull Bows in her hair, Purple Red
5. Crazy Galaxy Ashley, Black Red
6. Tank Troopers Ashley, Green Red
7. Santa Ashley, Reindeer Red
8. White Cat Ashley, White Red

Penny ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  1. Default Gold
  2. Default SM
  3. View attachment 348576Gold, with colors inspired by this art (not a model swap)
  4. SM with colors inspired by Dr. Crygor in SM
  5. Gold with colors inspired by Dr. Crygor in Twisted
  6. SM without color, referencing the DIY Stamps
  7. View attachment 348580 Pop Star Penny from Gold (Model Swap)
  8. "Karaoke Star" (Pop Star outfit with colors inspired by Mike)

Captain Syrup ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default (Shake Dimension)
  2. Ginger hair, blue trousers and shirt, green shoes, yellow bandanna (Wario Land manual)
  3. White shirt; trousers and bandanna, black hair, tan skin, yellow shoes (Wario Land 2)
  4. Black shirt, white trouses; white hair, red and white striped bandanna, yellow shoes (DD)
  5. Brown hair, brown clothes, purple trousers, white and blue striped bandanna, brown shoes (Gaugau)
  6. Black bandanna, tan skin, orange shirt and trousers, white shoes, yellow hair (Bandinero)
  7. Yellow shirt and bandanna, purple trousers, brown hair, green shoes (Wario)
  8. Green skin and shoes, red sclera with no pupils, dark blue shirt and trousers, beige bandanna (Zombie Wario)

Geno ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
(Fawful alt doesn't have a unique face)

Prince Peasley ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default
  2. Baked beans (orange skin; white and green clothes)
  3. Kidney beans (red skin; brunette hair; black and brown clothes)
  4. Purple bean (Dark purple skin; green hair; dark pink and black clothes)
  5. Cranberry & apple jelly bean (Red skin with green spots; orange hair; yellowish orange and blue clothes)
  6. Candy floss jelly bean (Pink skin with purple spots; hot pink hair; green and white clothes)
  7. Prince Dreambert colours (pale skin; red hair; red and yellow clothes)
  8. Peach colours (pale skin; blue eyes; pink and dark pink clothes with blue jewel)

Fawful & Cackletta ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default
  2. Purple Fawful and Green Cackletta
  3. Orange Fawful and Yellow Cackletta
  4. Yellow Fawful and Orange Cackletta
  5. Pink Fawful and Blue Cackletta
  6. Blue Fawful and Pink Cackletta
  7. White Fawful with dark Cackletta
  8. Dark Fawful bug colours with white Cackletta
Mimi ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default (Yellow polka dots)
  2. Maid
  3. Maid - reversed colours
  4. Maid - red
  5. Pink princess dress
  6. Princess dress - Black and red (based on a Peach alt in Smash)
  7. Princess dress - Purple and blue (based on a Daisy alt in Smash)
  8. White kimono
  9. Kimono - black
  10. Kimono - pink
  11. Green tunic and cowboy hat
  12. Red and white beach polkadots and glasses
  13. Purple/blue woolly dress with handbag (on her hands, but purely cosmetic)
  14. Blue dress and purple tie
  15. Cheerleader orange dress and hairbow
  16. Blue bank teller
Rawk Hawk ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Default
  2. Blue feathers and red clothes/hair( Ultimo Dragon)
  3. Black feathers and green clothes/hair (The Hurricane)
  4. Red feathers and black clothes/hair (Blitzkrieg)
  5. Neon green feathers and hot pink clothes/hair (The Ultimate Warrior)
  6. White feathers and black clothes/hair (The Sting)
  7. green feathers; yellow clothes; and red hair (Asuka)
  8. Star Man suit (a full body pink suit that has Star Man's blue star from NES Pro Wrestling on his beak) (Changes feather/fire/what have you effects to stars)
Rabbid Peach ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  1. Default
  2. Daisy colors
  3. Rosalina colors
  4. Mario colors
  5. Luigi colors
  6. Yoshi colors
  7. Rabbid Edge colors
  8. Generic Rabbid
President Koopa ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Refer here
  1. Black Scaled Suit + Regular Dinosaur
  2. White Scaled Suit + White Dinosaur
  3. Larry Lizard Suit + Suit stretched out on Dinosaur
  4. White Larry Lizard suit + white suit stretched out on black dinosaur
  5. Military Regalia + canon Bowser coloured dinosaur with spikes
  6. White Military Regalia + canon Morton coloured dinosaur with spikes
  7. Primordial Ooze Koopa + Primordial Ooze Dinosaur
  8. Fungus Koopa + Fungus Dinosaur
Imajin ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Imajin
  2. Lina
  3. Mama
  4. Papa
  5. Imajin with striped mask
  6. Lina with two-sided mask
  7. Mama with star mask
  8. Papa with clown mask
Starters in italics, see unlock criteria here.
  1. Peach's Castle Melee
  2. Bowser's Castle (submitted by Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  3. Mushroom Kingdom Melee
  4. Mushroom Underground (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  5. Mushroom Underwater ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  6. Mushroom Bowser ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  7. Mushroom Athletic ( FazDude FazDude ) (Extra details)
  8. Mushroom Kingdom 2 Melee
  9. Wart's Throne ( FazDude FazDude )
  10. Mushroom Kingdom 3 (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario , reskin of Mushroom Kingdom 64)
  11. Stage Play ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  12. Airship (Submitted by Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  13. Pipe Maze ( FazDude FazDude ) (extra details)
  14. Sarasaland GB (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario , based on Merchant Port from Rivals)
  15. Skies of Sarasaland (Submitted by Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  16. Yoshi's Island Melee
  17. Star Road (submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  18. Mario Zone (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  19. Dire Dire Bay (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  20. Tiny-Huge Island (Submitted by cashregister9 cashregister9 ) (Extra details)
  21. Meta Crystal 64
  22. Rainbow Cruise Melee
  23. Delfino Plaza Brawl
  24. Delfino's Secret (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  25. Trampoline Time ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  26. Mario Galaxy Wii U
  27. Star Festival ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  28. 3D Land 3DS
  29. Clock Tower (Submitted by FazDude FazDude , based on Green Hill Zone from Project M)
  30. Mushroom Kingdom U Wii U
  31. Painted Swampland ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  32. Frozen Glacier ( FazDude FazDude ) (Fountain of Dreams Layout)
  33. Great Tower of Bowser Land (Submitted by FazDude FazDude ) (Extra Info)
  34. Super Mario Maker 3DS/Wii U
  35. Cap Kingdom (Submittedby Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  36. Tostarena ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario ) (How to Play 64 layout)
  37. New Donk City Hall Ultimate
  38. Lost Kingdom (Submitted by Champion of Hyrule Champion of Hyrule , Reskin of Jungle Japes Melee)
  39. Ruined Kingdom ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  40. Bowser's Kingdom (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario , based on Pokémon Stadium)
  41. Lake Lapcat (Submitted by Janx_uwu Janx_uwu ) Extra Details 1 (extra details 2)
  42. Mario Circuit Wii U (Extra details)
  43. Rainbow Road 3DS
  44. Yoshi Valley ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario ) (Melee Yoshi Adventure Layout) (Known as Yoshi Canyon in Europe)
  45. Cheese Land (Submitted by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  46. Waluigi Pinball (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario , reskin of Peach's Castle 64) (Triangle bumpers don't appear with hazards off)
  47. Wario's Gold Mine ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  48. Maple Tree ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario ) (Rivals' Frozen Fortress/upside down Battlefield layout)
  49. Electrodrome (Submitted by cashregister9 cashregister9 )
  50. Block Fort (Submitted by cashregister9 cashregister9 , reskin of Figure-8 Circuit) (Extra details)
  51. Peach's Birthday Cake (Submitted by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear , Reskin of Yoshi's Story Melee) (Lacks Shy Guys)
  52. Western Land ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  53. Burnstile (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  54. Minecart Tunnel Throwdown (Submitted by YoshiandToad YoshiandToad )
  55. Pyropuff Peak ( cashregister9 cashregister9 )
  56. The Vice ( FazDude FazDude ) (Extra details)
  57. Marion Clubhouse (Submitted by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  58. Mario Stadium (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario ) (Extra Details)
  59. Mario Paint (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  60. Luigi's Mansion Brawl (Features ghosts that possess objects and pop out)
  61. Mundane Mansion ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  62. The Last Resort (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
  63. Paper Mario 3DS (Features Paper Enemies)
  64. Mario Bros. House ( BlustersBest BlustersBest ) (extra details)
  65. Twilight Town ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  66. Lineland Road ( FazDude FazDude )
  67. Stickers ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  68. Inside Bowser (Submitted by @Darkonedagger)
  69. Luigi's Dream World ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  70. Forest Maze ( FazDude FazDude ) (extra details)
  71. Smithy's Factory (Submitted by Tekken_Guy Tekken_Guy ) (Extra Info)
  72. Christmas Village (Submitted by Janx_uwu Janx_uwu ) (features Sonic cameos)
  73. Mario Bros. Brawl
  74. Mario Clash (Submitted by Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  75. Wrecking Crew Wii U
  76. Mario's Cement Factory (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
  77. 75M Brawl
  78. Kongo Jungle 64
  79. Kongo Falls Melee (Extra details)
  80. Millstone Mayhem( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario ) (Rivals' Treetop Lodge layout)
  81. Gangplank Galleon (Submitted by @Darkonedagger) (Extra Info)
  82. Lockjaw's Locker ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  83. Bramble Blast (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  84. DK Rap Studios ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  85. Boxing Ring (Reskinned to DK64 K. Rool, idea by @Darkonedagger)
  86. Jungle Hijinxs Wii U
  87. Sunset Shore (Submitted by FazDude FazDude , based on Kalos Pokémon League)
  88. Homecoming Hijinxs ( FazDude FazDude ) (Extra details)
  89. Rumble Falls Brawl
  90. Timber's Island (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
  91. Flower Garden (Formerly known as Yoshi's Island Brawl)
  92. Rapheal's Moon (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  93. Baby Bowser's Castle (Submitted by Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds , created by Pupp135 Pupp135 )
  94. Super Happy Tree 64
  95. Descent (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  96. Woolly World Wii U (Extra details)
  97. Mario & Yoshi (Submitted by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  98. Yoshi's Safari (Submitted by cashregister9 cashregister9 )
  99. WarioWare Inc. Brawl
  100. 9-Volt's Game Boy (Submitted by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear ) (Extra Details)
  101. Demonic Dinner ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  102. Gamer Wii U (Layout selection like Minecraft World)
  103. Wario's Castle (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario , reskin of Golden Plains)
  104. Rice Beach (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
  105. Music Box World ( FazDude FazDude )
  106. Arabian Night ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  107. Mushroomy Kingdom Brawl
  108. Mushroomy Underground Brawl
  109. Construction Site (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  110. Mario Brothers Plumbing (Submitted by @Darkonedagger) (Extra Info)
  111. The World (Submitted by Baysha Baysha ) (Extra Details) (Known as Mario is Missing! in Europe)
  112. Dinohattan Police Chase ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  113. Wrong Warp (Submitted by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear ) (Known as Minus World in Europe)
  114. Kamek Con (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  115. Fiendish Floats ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  116. Waluigi's Ego Trip ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  117. Skipsqueak Cage ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  118. Koopa Warehouse ( FazDude FazDude )
  119. Club Toad ( Baysha Baysha )
  120. Wuhu Island Wii U
  1. Mushroom Kingdom
  2. Underground
  3. New Donk City
  4. Airships
  5. Bowser's Castle
  6. Rainbow Road
  7. Ghost House
  8. Factory
  9. Macro Zone
  10. Underwater
  11. Jungle Hijinx
  12. Mario Circuit
  13. Sky
  14. Desert
  15. Corona Mountain
  16. Underground
  17. Peach's Castle Walls
  18. Flower Garden
  19. Beach
  20. Mountain
  21. Millstone Mayhem
  22. Cool Cool Mountain
  23. Web Woods
  24. Toy Factory
  25. Treetops
  26. Snow
  27. Ice Cave
  28. Mainbrace Mayhem
  29. Super Bell Subway
  30. Maple Treeway
  31. Ancient Lake
  32. Alien Planet
Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds
  • Super Mario Bros 3 - They need to watch out on Hammer Bros. It someone gets hit, it's game over.
  • Super Mario Land - Players need to destroy all the blocks and hit the ? BLOCK. If it's too late, then they lose.
  • Duck Hunt - Players need to avoid the Zapper while Ducks are flying. If they got hit, it's game over and Dog from Duck Hunt laughs at you.
Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
Mario & Yoshi (Biggest!)

Eggshells fall down into Mario and Luigi's plate followed by a set of enemies, another eggshell falls as any immediate duplicates in a column disappear - then everyone can attack an egg each, hatching a wrong egg - which contains a Baby Yoshi - disqualifies you from hatching any more, while hatching the biggest egg in a column makes a Star Yoshi appear and grant you the win!

DKC2 GBA (Dodge!)

Kerozene tosses two Kleevers into the stage, you have to dodge them to win, and will be1HKO'd if hit by them.

Drill Dozer (Shift!)

Jill is battling against Croog's scorpion mech. Hit her whenever she reaches the timing for a gear shift (shown by the HUD) to shift her up. She shifts up two times to destroy Croog's drill, and if shifted by two people they'll both be rewarded. Shift her at the wrong time and she'll let her guard down and thustly be drilled away.

Zelda microgame: "Loot!"

Pick up one of the theee pot items and throw it, then collect the Rupee. Collecting Rupees counts towards being rewarded, not breaking pots. Based on Wind Waker.
Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear
Microgame Submissions:

Super Mario Bros.: Stomp on the Goombas to win. There will always be enough Goombas for every player to be able to stomp one, but you can stomp multiple Goombas to deprive opponents of rewards. Goombas damage you if they touch you.


Powerup: A bunch of powerups from Super Mario Bros. 3 will be shown, and one will be prompted. The player who touches the prompted powerup first wins but touching the wrong one makes you lose. Unlike in Twisted, the Powerups will all be in a straight row instead of a circle.


Splatoon 2: Stand on the winning side when the call is made to win. Try to launch your enemies onto the losing side!
  1. King K. Rool: Our Glorious Leader
  2. Kaptain K. Rool: The Most Fearsome Pirate of All Time
  3. Baron K. Roolenstein: Mastermind Inventor of KAOS
  4. Krusha K. Rool: All-Time Heavyweight Champ
  5. Pilot K. Rool: Immortalised War Hero
  6. Viking K. Rool: The Man From the Brightest Timeline
  7. Klump: The Faithful Follower
  8. Krunch: Double Agent Extraordinare
  9. Mario: Nobody's Favourite
  10. Luigi: The Eternal Understudy
  11. Peach: Damsel in Distress
  12. Daisy: Orange Damsel in Distress
  13. Captain Toad: Isn't Even Green and Can Barely Hop
  14. Toadette: Toad - Girly Version
  15. Toadsworth: Toads-Worthless
  16. Mummy-Me: Boo-Boo Bandages Pre-Prepaired
  17. Bowser: Wannabe Rool
  18. Bowser Jr: Thinks This is a Game
  19. Larry: Former Leader
  20. Roy: Shades to Hide the Ugly
  21. Wendy: Ol' Big Lips
  22. Iggy: Glasses, Glasses
  23. Morton: Edgy Post-Ironic Clown
  24. Lemmy: Can't Look In One Place
  25. Ludwig: Over-Gelled Show-Off
  26. Rosalina: Blue Damsel in Distress
  27. Goomba: Forever a Doormat
  28. Piranha Plant: Feeds on Flies (may change this one if Pyoro becomes playable)
  29. Mama & Tuxie: Peng-loses
  30. Pink Gold Peach: Metal Damsel in Distress
  31. Undodog and Yamamura: Mangy Mutt and Feathered Fool
  32. Dr. Mario: Master of Malpractice
  33. Bucket Mario: The Insults Write Themselves, Really.
  34. Explorer Mario: Stares at Rocks
  35. Chef Mario: Health Code Violator
  36. Gooigi: Snot Blob
  37. DK: Crusher of Empires
  38. Arcade DK: Stubborn Ape
  39. Diddy: Fragile Fiend
  40. Dixie: Banana Hair
  41. Funky: Overgrown 90s Kid
  42. Timber: Prince of Our Next Conquest
  43. Pipsy: Self-Admitted Pipsqueak
  44. Bumper: Slow and Slippery
  45. Tiptup: Somehow the Lamest Turtle Here
  46. Drumstick: Prophetically Named Frog
  47. TT: Past his Time
  48. Tiny Kong: One Uncool Kong
  49. Yoshi: Big, Snotty Schnoz
  50. Yarn Yoshi: Cat Food
  51. Baby Bros: Incompotent Candy Protectors
  52. Baby Princesses: Despots in Training
  53. The Stork: No More Than a Fable
  54. Wario: Corrupt CEO
  55. Waluigi: Seat Warmer
  56. Ashley & Red: Not Like the Other Girls
  57. Penny: Off-Tune Annoyance
  58. Captain Syrup: Filthy Pirate Scum
  59. Geno: Shipment for Pleasure Island
  60. Fawful & Cackletta: Grammar School Dropouts
  61. Mimi: A Real Blockhead
  62. Mad Piano - The Melancholy Madness
  63. Madame Broode - The Doofus Doe
  64. Professor E. Gadd - The Crackpot Coot
  65. Birdo - The Egg-laying Eyesore
  66. Robirdo - The Manufactured Moron
  67. Kamek & Toady - The Wizardly Wimps
  68. Warupichi & Warudaisi - The Ding-Bat Damsels
  69. Jimmy T. - The Disco Dolt
  70. Jimmy P. The Smooth Scmuck
  71. Prince Peasley - The Pea-Brain Prince
  72. Rawk Hawk - The Accipitridae Air-Head
  73. Rabbid Peach - The Foolish Fashionista
  74. Rabbid - The Rabbit Rapscallion
  75. President Koopa - The Average Politician
  76. Imajin - The Vulgar Veggie-Thrower
  77. Lina - The Futile Floater
  78. Mama (Yume Kojo) - The Maternal Meddler
  79. Papa (Yume Kojo) - The Paternal Pudge
Waluigi Pinball
Waluigi Pinball (Brawl Remix) - Mario Kart DS
Waluigi Stadium - Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Waluigi Pinball - Mario Sports Mix
Waluigi Island - Mario Party 3

Mushroom Kingdom 3
Ground (Mario 3)
Ground Theme (Melee Remix) - Super Mario Bros. 3
Athletic (New Remix) - Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Bros. 3 Medley - Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Super Happy Tree:
Yoshi's Story (Smash 64)
Yoshi's Story (Melee)
Yoshi's Story Ending (Brawl)

Kongo Jungle 64:
Jungle Level
Melee Jungle Japes
Jungle Japes
Jungle Level V2

Meta Crystal:
Meta Crystal (New Remix)
Meta Crystal
Metal Battle
Multi-Man Melee 1

Peach's Castle Melee:
Peach's Castle (Melee)
The Lost Levels Medley (3DS/Wii U)
Peach's Palace Court
Peach's Castle (Sports Mix)

Mushroom Kingdom Melee:
SMB1 Medley
You vs. Boo!
Overworld (New Remix) - Super Mario Bros.

Mushroom Kingdom 2
Ground Theme (Ultimate Remix) - Super Mario Bros. 2
Ground Theme - Super Mario Bros. 2
SMB2 Overworld (All Stars)
Super Mario Bros. 2 Medley (New Remix)

Rainbow Cruise
Slider (Melee)
Athletic Series Medley
The Starship Sails
Starship - Mario Sports Mix

Lost Kingdom:
Forgotten Isle 2 (New Remix) - Super Mario Odyssey
Piranha Creeper Creek - Super Mario 3D World
Jungle - New Super Mario Bros. Wii
GCN Dino Dino Jungle - Mario Kart 7

Kongo Falls:
Melee DK Rap
Aquatic Ambience (New Remix)
Mangrove Cove
Cascade Capers GBA

Yoshi's Island
Overworld - Super Mario World
Athletic (Melee)
Title/Ending (Brawl)
SMW Medley (3DS/Wii U)

Peach's Birthday Cake:
Peach's Birthday Cake
Peach's Birthday Cake (Last 5 Turns)
How to Play Minigames
Mario 64 Credits (New Remix)

Delfino Plaza:
Delfino Plaza
Delfino Plaza (Ultimate)
Ricco Harbour
Delfino Square

Block Fort:
Battle Mode - Super Mario Kart
Battle Arenas - Mario Kart 64
Balloon Battle - Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Block Plaza - Mario Kart Wii

Mushroomy Kingdom:
Mushroomy Kingdom
Ground Theme (Metal)
Thwomp Desert
Mushroomy Kingdom V2

Mushroomy Underground:
Underground (Brawl)
Underground (Super Mario Land)
Underground (SMW) (Edit)
Underground (Yoshi's Island)

Flower Garden
Athletic (Brawl)
Yoshi's Island (3DS/Wii U)
Yoshi's Theme (Tetris Attack)
Flower Field

Rumble Falls:
DK Jungle Sunset
Title (Jungle Climber)
Solo DK
Eddie, Let Me Go Back to My Home!

WarioWare Inc.
WarioWare, Inc.
Wario de Mambo
Mona Pizza's Song (Brawl)
Mike's Song (Brawl)

Luigi's Mansion:
NSMBW Ghost House
Luigi's Mansion (SSBU)
On the Hunt: Gloomy Manor
Luigi's Mansion Brawl

Donkey Kong (Brawl)
Donkey Kong/Jr. Medley
Arcade Ambience

Mario Bros:
Mario Bros. (Brawl)
Stage 1 (Mario Bros. Classic)
Underground Mozart
Mushroom Battle 2 (Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition)

3D Land
Super Mario 3D Land Medley
Super Bell Hill (Olympics)
Special 8/Mario Drawing Song
SM3DL Athletic

Rainbow Road:
Rainbow Road Medley
Rainbow Road (DS)
N64 Rainbow Road (8)
Rainbow Road (F-Zero X)

Wario's Castle
Greenhorn Forest
Hurry Up! (New Remix)
Boss Theme (Wario Land) (New Remix)

Paper Mario:
Paper Mario Medley
Battle (TTYD)
Paper Mario Medley (New Remix)
Battle (Paper Mario)

Mushroom Kingdom U:
NSMBU Overworld (New Remix)
NSMB Theme (Brawl)
NSMB2 Athletic (3DS/Wii U)
Athletic (NSMB)

Mario Galaxy
Theme of SMG2
Gusty Garden Galaxy
Rosalina in the Observatory
Buoy Base Galaxy

Mario Circuit:
Toad Circuit (3DS/Wii U)
Mario Circuit (Brawl)
Mario Kart Stadium
3D Hot Rally

Rudy (Dr. Mario 64)
Body Rock
Work Those Muscles

Woolly World
Yoshi's Woolly World (3DS/Wii U)
Fluffin' Puffin' Babysitting
Knitty Knotty Windmill
Yoshi's New Island (3DS/Wii U)

Jungle Hijinxs
Gear Getaway (3DS/Wii U)
DK Island Swing (New Remix)
Simian Segue/Bonus Room Blitz
Secret Seclusion

Wrecking Crew
Wrecking Crew (3DS/Wii U)
Wrecking Crew Medley (Ultimate)
Wrecking Crew Retro Medley
Wrecking Crew Medley (Game Music Grafitti)

Boxing Ring
Army Dillo - Donkey Kong 64
Mad Jack (New Remix) - Donkey Kong 64
K. Rool Duel - Donkey Kong 64
Donkey Kong - Punch-Out!! (2009)

Super Mario Maker
Super Mario Maker (3DS/Wii U)
Style Swap: Super Mario Bros. (SMB SMB3 SMW NSMBU)
Style Swap: Super Mario World (SMB SMB3 SMW NSMBU)
Style Swap: New Super Mario Bros. (SMB SMB3 SMW NSMBU)

New Donk City Hall:
Jump Up Superstar!
New Donk City
Koopa's Tycoon Town
New York Minute

Bowser's Castle:
SMW Bowser's Castle (New Remix)
Koopa's Road (Olympics)
SMW Bowser's Castle (New Remix V2)
Bowser's Castle (Fortune Street)

Baby Bowser's Castle:
Baby Bowser
In The Final
Final Boss (Bowser's Fury)
Fated Battle

Cap Kingdom:
Bonneton (V1)
Bonneton (V2)
Crescent Moon Village
Horror Land

Wart’s Throne
Wart (All-Stars)
SMB2 Boss (New Remix V1)
SMB2 Boss (New Remix V2)
SMB2 Metal Medley

Airship (Brawl)
Fortress Boss (3DS/Wii U)
Airship Fortress
Bowser's Castle (Super Circuit)

Gangplank Galleon
Gangplank Galleon (Ultimate)
Gangplank Galleon (Original)
K. Rool's Acid Punk - Donkey Kong Land (Remix)
Finest Hour - DKC Cartoon

Lockjaw's Locker
Lockjaw’s Saga
Sawmill Thrill
Mining Melancholy
Crocodile Cacophony (Ultimate)

Bramble Blast
Bramble Blast
Stickerbush Symphony
Stickerbush Symphony (New Remix)
Bramble Blast (New Remix)

Mario’s Cement Factory
Flat Zone
Flat Zone 2
Game & Watch (New Remix)
Game & Watch DSi Theme

Pyropuff Peak
King of Pyropuff Peak
Final Boss (Phase 2) - Captain Toad
Hothead Bop (New Remix)
Boss Bossanova (New Remix)

Yoshi Valley
Yoshi Valley
Choco Mountain
Moo Moo Meadows
Yoshi's Tropical Island (New Remix)

The Vice
The Vice
Daisy's Theme
Mario's Theme
Mario's Theme (Battle League)

Ruined Kingdom
Ruined Dragon
Space Storm Galaxy
Destroy the Dark Power
Battle for Storm Hill

Star Festival
Star Festival (New Remix)
Mario Kart DS Credits (New Remix)
Tomorrow Hill

Mushroom Bowser
Bowser's Castle (SMB1)
SMB1 Bowser Battle (All-Stars)
SMB1 Bowser's Castle (New Remix) (Epilepsy warning)
King Bowser (Ultimate)

Raphael’s Moon
Big Boss
Bowser (JP) (Yoshi's Island DS)
Kamek (Yoshi's New Island)
Boss (Tetris Attack) (New Remix)

Maple Tree
Maple Treeway
Maple Treeway (New Remix)
Maple Treeway (New Remix V2)
Autumn Mountain Battle

Marion Clubhouse
Mario Golf/Mario Tennis
Classic Tennis
Balmy Dunes

Star Road:
Invincibility (New Remix)
Star Maze (New Remix)
Mysterious (New Remix)
Game Over (SMW) (New Remix)

Koopa Troopa's Theme
Disco Train (New Remix)
X-Naut Fortress (New Remix)

Mushroom Underground
SMB3 Underground
Underground (All-Stars)
SMB2 Underground

Sunset Shore
Sunset Shore
Forest Interlude (New Remix)
Fear Factory (Jazz Remix)
DK Rap (New Remix)

Bowser's Kingdom
Bowser's Kingdom Courtyard
Break Free, Lead the Way
Ninja Hideaway
Four Seasons

Sky Area
Story Music Box (New Remix)
Love is in the Air
Lakitu's Theme (Tetris Attack)

The Last Resort
Luigi's Mansion 3 (New Remix)
DS Luigi's Mansion (MK8D)
SMB1 Ghost House (New Remix)
King Boo's Haunted Hideaway

Mario Zone
Super Mario Land 2 Medley (New Remix)
Athletic - SML2 (New Remix)
Mushroom Mayhem 1
Toy Block Tower

Minecart Tunnel Throwdown
Minecart Tunnel Throwdown (Mine Cart)
Battle Tower Blitz
Minecart Madness (New Remix)
Mole Patrol

9-Volt's Game Boy
Famicom Medley
WarioWare Inc. Medley
Season Wheel
Penny's Song

Clock Tower
Clock Tower
Tick Tock Clock (Wii U)
Tower - New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Fear Factory (New Remix)

Skies of Sarasaland
Mario Land Medley (Winter Olympics)
Birabuto (Mario Freaks Orchestra)
Muda (Mario Freaks Orchestra)
SML Ending (Mario Freaks Orchestra)

Timber's Island
Title (Diddy Kong Racing)
Ancient Lake
Pirate Lagoon
Greenwood Village

Yoshi’s Safari
Grass Land
Pipe Island
Crescent Underwater

Tiny-Huge Island
Bob-Omb Battlefield
Bob-Omb Battlefield (New Remix)
Slider (Original)
Peach's Castle (64)

Lineland Road
Super Paper Mario
Lineland Road
Gloam Valley

Sarasaland GB
Super Mario Land Original Medley (Birabuto, Muda, Easton)
Octopus (Game & Watch Gallery)
Chill (Brawl)
Rice Beach (Original)

Trampoline Time
SMS Bonus
Minigame Menu
Big Ape City
Trampoline (Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games)

Pipe Maze
Pipe Maze (New Remix)
Secret (Super Mario Land)
Super Bell Subway (Underground)
Drain Pipe

Painted Swampland
Sub Castle/Forest of Illusion (New Remix)
Phantom of the Bwahpera
Bayou Boogie (New Remix)
Beware the Forest Mushrooms (New Remix V2)

Rice Beach
Rice Beach/Sherbet Land (New Remix)
Wavy Water
Stop That Train
Palm Tree Paradise

Club Toad
Thrills at Night - Paper Mario: The Origami King
Super Mario Land - Super Mario Compact Disco
Pipe Pop - Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix
Ms. Mowz's Song - Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

Mario Clash
Pipes - Mario Clash
Catch the Coins! - Mario Clash
Level 1 (New Remix) - Virtual Boy Wario Land
Doubles Medley

Arabian Night
Arabian Night (Yume Kojo)
Adventure Dream
Arabian Night (WL4)
Shy Guy Bazaar

Cheese Land
Cheese Land (GBA)
Cheese Land (Wii U)
Rainbow Road (SNES)
Rainbow Road (SNES) (GBA)

Waluigi's Ego Trip
Waluigi's Theme (Battle League)
Wario's Theme (Battle League)
Destruction Dance
Destruction Dance (Vocal Mix)

Smithy's Factory:
Weapons Factory - Super Mario RPG
Fight Against Smithy - Super Mario RPG
Fight Against Smithy (New Remix) - Super Mario RPG
Fight Against Smithy, Who Likes Transforming - Super Mario RPG

Great Tower of Bowser Land
World Bowser
Bowser's Road (New Remix)
Enter Bowser Jr!
Jr. Street

Christmas Village
Downhill Skiing (Mario & Sonic 2014 Winter Olympics)
Ice Hockey (Mario & Sonic 2014 Winter Olympics)
Frosty Village (Diddy Kong Racing)
A Little Light Snowfall (New Remix)

DK Rap Studios
DK Rap/Pause

Luigi’s Dream World
Try, Try Again!
Never Let Up!
Come Back to Me
The Ultimate Show

Construction Site
Donkey Kong Medley (New Remix)
Showdown at the Tower (New Remix)
DK/Jr/3 Medley - Game Music Graffiti
Ocean Loader 3

Mario Stadium
Sunset Beach
Mario Stadium/Glare Desert
Character Select (Mario Hoops 3-on-3)
Break Point (New Remix)

Koopa Warehouse
Toad's Factory - Mario Kart Wii
Fear Factory - Donkey Kong Country
Wario Factory - Mario Hoops 3-on-3
Luigi's Engine Room - Mario Party

Mario & Yoshi
Star BGM (Alternates between GB and NES versions)
Versus Type C
Action Type B

Mushroom Underwater
Underwater (Brawl)
SMB3 Underwater
Underwater (Super Mario World)

Stage Play
Ending (Mario & Zelda Big Band) - Super Mario Bros. 3 (set to 1.75x)
Hammer Bro Battle (New Remix) - Super Mario Bros. 3
Ground Theme (Band Arrangement) - Super Mario Odyssey
Ignorance is Bliss - White Knuckle Scorin'

Homecoming Hijinxs
Homecoming Hijinxs
Seashore War
In a Snow-Bound Land
Ice Cave Chant (New Remix)

Mario Paint:
Mario Paint Medley
Creative Exercise
Title (Showcase)/Shipping a Microgame - WarioWare DIY
Main Theme (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) (Mario Paint Style)

Delfino’s Secret
SMS Bonus (New Remix)
Puzzle Plank Galaxy
Toy Time Galaxy
Casino Slot (Fortune Street)

Skipsqueak Cage
Ribbon Road
Double Cherry Pass
9-Volt and 18-Volt's Retro Action (Opening)/Wario-Man's Super Zero (Opening)
Macro Zone (New Remix)

The World
Practice Makes Perfect
Credits/Reading the Letter (Hotel Mario)
Hotel 1
Time Traveling

Twilight Town
Twilight Town - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Doopliss Battle - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Shadow Queen (Phase 2) - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Paranormal Accomodations - Paper Mario: Color Splash

Dinohattan Police Chase
Super Mario Bros. Theme / Police Car Chase - Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Mario vs. Koopa - Super Mario Bros. (1993)
Mushroom Bridge - Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Moonview Highway - Mario Kart Wii

Frozen Glacier
Sherbet Land (Hoops 3 on 3)
Rosalina's Ice World
SMW Snow (New Remix)
Rainbow Juice

Dire Dire Bay
Dire Dire Docks
Dire Dire Docks (New Remix)
Dire Dire Docks (New Remix V2)
Under the Ice

Lake Lapcat
Scamper Shores
Hands-on Hall
Yoshi Star Galaxy
Footlight Lane

Darkness Rising
It's a Dead Heat
Battle with Dry Bowser

Mushroom Athletic
Overworld (Super Mario All-Stars)
Mario 3 Overworld (Super Mario All-Stars)
SMB Sky (New Remix)
SMB1 Bonus

Mario Bros. House
March Ahead
Mario's House
SM64 Castle Ambience
Super Pipe House

Inside Bowser
Tough Guy Alert!
Come On Again! (New Remix)
Mini Boss (Yoshi's Island)

Demonic Dinner
Ashley's Theme (Brawl)
Ashley's Theme (3DS/Wii U)
Ashley's Star Revolution
Introducing Wario Deluxe

Forest Maze
Beware the Forest's Mushrooms (New Remix) - Super Mario RPG
Fight Against Monsters - Super Mario RPG
Fight Against An Armed Boss - Super Mario RPG
Fight Against An Armed Boss (New Remix) - Super Mario RPG

Mario Bros. Plumbing
Plumber Rap / Do The Mario (New Remix) - Super Mario Bros. Super Show
Intro / Plumber Rap (New Remix) - Super Mario World / Super Mario Bros. Super Show
SMB2 Overworld - Super Mario Bros. Super Show
Looking For You - Super Mario World

Mundane Mansion
Luigi's Mansion (Big Band Style)
Overworld (Salsa Style)
Bubblaine (New Remix V1)
Bubblaine (New Remix V2)

Music Box World
Out of the Woods/WL3 Credits (New Remix)
Wario and Waluigi Court
Wario Land 3 Retro Medley

Western Land
Western Land - Mario Party 2
Western Junction - Mario Sports Mix
N64 Kalimari Desert - Mario Kart 7
Yoshi Desert (New Remix) - Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Wrong Warp
The Underwhere - Super Paper Mario
Toadwood Forest - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (Remix)
In the Pipe - Mario Party 2 (Remix)
Shiverburn Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Title Screen (Sticker Star)
Main Theme (Yoshi's Crafted World)
School House Harmony
Sticker Album (Brawl)

Fiendish Floats
Duel Zone
Multi-Man Melee 2
Master Hand's Domain (New Remix)

Tostarena Town
Tostarena Ruins
Donkey Konga Theme
Birabuto (Ska Style)

Kamek Kon
Attack of the Koopa Bros! (New Remix)
Space Land
Wario-Man's Theme
A Superhero!

Millstone Mayhem
Temple Topple
Voices of the Temple (Donkey Kong Land) (New Remix)
Kong Temple
Turkish March

Wario’s Gold Mine
Wario's Gold Mine (New Remix)
Wario's Galleon
Waluigi's Theme (Strikers Charged)
Shy Guy Falls (Gets miner voice + frontrunning drums after first loop)

Wuhu Island
Wii Sports
Wii Sports Resort
Wii Sports (Ultimate)
Boxing Results (Wii Sports)

Mario: A heroic, orchestral rendition of the classic flagpole theme from the mainline games.
Luigi: An excerpt of the Luigi's Mansion theme, followed by the area clear music, which replaces the normal credits music like Cloud.
Peach and Pink Gold Peach: An excerpt of the ending music from SMB1.
Daisy: An excerpt of Daisy's theme from Mario Strikers Charged.
Bowser: An excerpt of Bowser's theme from SM64.
Bowser Jr.: An excerpt of Enter Bowser Jr. from Super Mario Galaxy.
Koopalings: An excerpt of the boss music from SMB3.
Shadow Mario: An excerpt of his theme from Super Mario Sunshine.
Rosalina & Luma: The Grand Star jingle from Super Mario Galaxy.
Piranha Plant: A high-energy rendition of the Piranha Plant Lullaby from SM64. Mainly because it'd be funny.
Dr. Mario: An extended version of the Fever victory jingle from Dr. Mario, followed by the versus victory music, which is another extended theme.
Donkey Kong: The Kingdom Clear jingle from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.
Arcade DK: The opening jingle from Donkey Kong.
Diddy Kong and Funky Kong: Diddy's end-of-level ditty from Donkey Kong Country 2.
King K. Rool: His victory theme from Ultimate.
Yoshi / Yarn Yoshi: The Goal and Score music from Yoshi's Island, being another looping theme.
Wario: The stage clear theme from Wario World.
Baby Bros., Baby Princesses and the Stork all get an orchestrated rendition of this portion of Story Music Box, with a similar flourish to Yoshi's canon victory theme
Gooigi gets a portion of the Luigi's Mansion theme. Should be obvious which part
Dixie Kong of course gets her level clear music from DKC2. Only the first one is necessary...
Fawful & Cackletta get a rendition of Fawful, Cackletta. 0:5-0:11
Goomba: Game Over - Super Mario Bros.
Ashley & Red obviously get part of Ashley's Song. 0:3-0:10
Waluigi gets a portion of Waluigi Pinball. From SSF2
Timber and all his alts get Diddy Kong Racing's "race clear" jingle, which is followed by the Lobby music replacing the regular results music. Results!
Captain Toad: Level Clear! - Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Mama & Tuxie: An excerpt of Cool Cool Mountain from Super Mario 64 (0:18-0:26). Probably sped up a little.
Undodog & Yamamura get part of the Super Mario Maker theme. 0:7-0:13
Professor E. Gadd: An electronic tune, resembling an expanded version of the Game Boy Horror music from Luigi's Mansion.
Birdo: An orchestral version of the SMB2 credits music (0:48-0:55).
Rawk Hawk: The Paper Mario TTYD battle win jingle, but played in the style of an American wrestling theme.
Klump: A military-band style rendition of DKC1's bonus fail music.
Penny: Dr. Crygor's win and microgame start jingles from Touched in that order - rendered in a cheerful style with slight chiptune backing
Kamek: The Game Over theme from Yoshi's Island as a guitar solo
President Koopa: "Prisoners", unremixed. Plays to 0:19 followed by silence
Mimi: World 7 theme. Starts at 0:05
Kamek & Toady: An sped-up, orchestral interpretation of his theme from Yoshi's Island.
Madame Broode - Confront the Broodals (Super Mario Odyssey)
Warupichi and Warudaisi - Peach's Victory theme but it sounds like this
Jimmy T. - His theme from WarioWare Smooth Moves
Captain Syrup - Captain Syrup's Shop (Wario Land Shake It!)
Imajin - Title Story (Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic)
Rabbid Peach: The "Bunnies Can Dance" theme from Rayman Raving Rabbids' advertising campaign. Loops.
Mad Piano: A fast ragtime take on SMB1 ghost house from Mario Maker, that ends with keys being slammed frighteningly
Tone and aesthetic ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Theme song ( FazDude FazDude )
Stage Builder
My Music (Completion bonus, Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Rudy's Big Top Brawl (Classic mode) by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
Adventure mode by Baysha Baysha
All Star Mode ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Smash Race by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
Road Trip Tickets ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Omega Forms
Battlefield Forms
Ringout Forms (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
Blast the Bob-Ombs ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Home Run Contest ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Glass Barriers ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Stage Morph
Multi-Man Smash
Multi-Enemy Smash (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Squad Strike
Custom Balance ( FazDude FazDude )
Mii Heads by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
Custom Stats by CheeseAnton CheeseAnton
Custom Colours by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear
Cosmetic Content
Coin Battle by Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds
Shine Thief by FazDude FazDude
Mushroom Mode by Baysha Baysha
Mii Spectators by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
Weather and Time by FazDude FazDude
amiibo Buddies by Janx_uwu Janx_uwu
Joy-Con Pointer ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Mario: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario and FazDude FazDude )

Battle for Mario's Castle
Stage: Wario's Castle
Alt: Default
Music: Boss Theme (Wario Land) (New Remix)
Opponents: Giant Plumber Wario
Rules: Super Leaves and Fire Flowers spawn on stage.

Jump, Man!
Stage: Battlefield Mushroom Kingdom Melee
Alt: Default
Music: Overworld
Opponents: Goomba (x5)
Rules: The player is only allowed to be on the ground for three seconds at a time - Any more than that causes an instant loss.

Wasteland Rush
Stage: Mushroomy Kingdom
Alt: SMB1
Opponent: Morton
Song: Ground Theme (Metal)
Rules: Get to the goal before Morton, both have infinite lives.

Fire and Ice
Stage: Great Tower of Bowser Land
Alt: Fire Mario
Ally: Blue & white Luigi
Opponents: Morton colour Bowser and Castle Goomba
Song: Fortress Boss
Rules: Fire floor for the left bottom platform, ice floor for the right bottom platform. 2 stocks

Metal in the Mirror
Stage: Meta Crystal
Alt: N64 Mario
Song: Meta Crystal (Original)
Opponent: N64 Mario
Rules: No items spawn, you are metal, you have 1 stock while your foe has 3

Luigi: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

The Girl Next Door
Stage: Snowy Luigi's Mansion
Alt: Poltergust
Opponent: Ashley & Red
Song: Ashley's Song (3DS/Wii U)
Rules: You are constantly taking damage, your control will occasionally reverse, fog will cover the stage. 1 stock.

L is Real
Stage: windy hazards-off Peach's Castle Melee
Alt: Mario colour
Opponent: Luigi colour Mario
Song: Dire Dire Docks
Rules: Foe turns invisible, you will turn invisible too. Timed. Both players have 2 stocks

Sick Sidekicks
Stage: Mushroom Kingdom 3
Song: SMB3 (Melee)
Alt: Default
Opponents: Mario, Diddy Kong, SMB3 Mario, golf dress Daisy, Ice Mario, Bowser Jr., Mario Bros. Mario, Waluigi
Allies: DK, Peach, Bowser, Wario
Rules: Fight foes in groups of 2. Your ally swaps out every time a new duo spawns, respective to the non-Mario member of the duo. If your ally is KO'd, no more allies will spawn

Mario, Where Are You?
Stage: Mario Bros.
Alt: Anime
Opponent: None
Song: Stage 1 (Mario Bros. Classic)
Rules: Defeat 10 enemies, no items.

Mario isn't Missing?
Stage: The World (Antarctica form)
Song: Time Travelling
Ally: Bucket (Dr.) Mario
Opponent: Piranha Plant team
Alt: Default
Rules: Mario favours wrong answers, team attack is on, every debuff Mario gets from wrong answers you also get, and unlike on the regular stage they stick.

Yoshi: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Stage: Battlefield Super Happy Tree
Allies: Pink Yoshi, Red Yoshi, Light Blue Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Black Yoshi, White Yoshi, tiny Yarn Yoshi
Alt: Green
Opponents: None
Song: Yoshi's Story ending
Rules: You can only use neutral B, allies are generally passive but will occasionally become vicious, trap them in eggs when they do so. No items spawn. 2 minutes

The Wrong Toybox
Stage: daytime rainy Gamer
Alt: Candyfloss Yarn
Song: On the Hunt: Gloomy Manor
Opponents: Dark bug Fawful, Purple Dress Ashley, Mummy-Me
Rules: 5-Volt only gets angry at you

Randall's Legacy
Stage: Hazards off Super Happy Tree
Alt: Red
Song: Yoshi's Story (Melee)
Opponent: Wendy, TT
Rules: KO each foe once, and make sure they never touch the clouds.

When Yoshies Turn!
Stage: Ringout rain storm night New Donk City Hall
Song: Showdown at the Tower (Remix)
Alt: Spooky Yarn
Opponents: black suit Mario x 5, beige suit Luigi x 5, Wedding Peach x 3
Rules: You are giant, your foes are tiny, you are slow.

Feast Fiesta
Stage: Omega Peach's Birthday Cake
Song: Yoshi's Theme (Tetris Attack)
Alt: Pink
Opponents: Purple Gooigi, Pink Gooigi, Blue Gooigi
Rules: Capture all foes in eggs at once. No items.

Donkey Kong ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

High Above Crocodile Island
Stage: Ringout Airship
Song: Crocodile Cacophony
Alt: Default
Opponent: Kaptain K. Rool
Rules: Only a punch will KO, no items.

Meeting Diddy's Friends
Stage: Timber's Island
Opponents: All Timber alts except Tiny and Krunch
Alt: Skylanders
Rules: Defeat one foe after the other, dash peppers are the only item.
Song: Title (Diddy Kong Racing)

DK Hoops 3-on-3
Stage: Mario Stadium
Alt: Default
Opponents: Cat Goomba, "Krusha" K. Rool; brown Klump; Krunch
Allies: Diddy, Dixie
Song: Title (Jungle Climber)
Rules: You can only hurt Cat Goomba, Cat Goomba is its own team. Which ever team KOs Cat Goomba the most in 2 minutes wins, Cat Goomba is passive until the last 30 seconds.

I Don't Know What You Mean, It's Just a Healthy Sheen?
Opponents: metal Metal Head DK, Klump
Alt: Default
Song: Eddie, Let Me Go Back to My Home
Rules: Metal Head follows you closely and copies your movements, you cannot harm or get harmed by Metal Head. Get Metal Head KO'd by Klump within 2 minutes without being KO'd yourself. Klump targets you.
Stage: Daytime Sunset Shore

Expand Song
Stage: Kongo Falls
Song: DK Rap 64, Plumber Rap/Do the Mario
Opponent: Mario
Alt: Default
Rules: The songs only play when their respective fighter is alone on the rock - if the DK rap gets to the end of the Tiny verse, you win. If Plumber Rap gets back to the plumber rap after the Do the Mario segment, you lose.

Peach ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario and FazDude FazDude )

Castle Escape
Stage: Bowser's Castle
Alt: NES
Song: Bowser's Castle (PM)
Opponents: all 7 Koopalings
Rules: The lava below the axe insta-kills, but is also the only way to KO

Stay in the Spotlight
Stage: Battlefield Night Kamek Con
Song: Peach's Birthday Cake (Last 5 Turns)
Alt: Pauline colours
Opponents: Purple Wind, Armoured Bowser
Rules: The stage will sometimes go dark with a spotlight going around, stay in the spotlight alone for more than 10 seconds to win.

Gliding Trouble
Stage: Rainbow Cruise
Song: Slider (Original)
Alt: Rosalina colours
Opponents: None
Rules: You cannot glide or use special moves and have only one jump, get back to the ship without being KO'd

Bad Vibes
Stage: Battlefield Descent
Alt: Default
Music: Peach's Palace Court
Opponent: Goombas (x4, one uses the default alt, one Blue, one Gold, and one Green)
Rules: The Blue Goomba has increased movement speed, the Gold Goomba has increased attack power, and the Green Goomba heals over time. All four Goombas must be defeated within two minutes.

Kidnapping? No Way!
Stage: Peach's Castle Melee
Alt: Default
Music: Airship (Brawl)
Opponent: Bowser (default alt) and Bowser Junior (default alt)
Rules: The opponents will try and grab you at close range. Getting grabbed is an instant loss.

Daisy ( FazDude FazDude )
For Sarasaland!
Stage: Sarasaland GB
Alt: Winter Olympics
Music: Mario Land Medley (Winter Olympics)
Opponent: Ludwig
Rules: Tatanga frequently appears as an enemy Ally.

Captain Toad ( FazDude FazDude )
This Backpack Is Heavy...
Stage: Omega Minecart Tunnel Throwdown
Alt: Default
Music: Double Cherry Pass
Opponent: Goomba
Rules: You cannot jump (Up Specials are still okay to use, though).

Dr. Mario ( FazDude FazDude and Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Contagious Catastrophe
Stage: Hazardless Sarasaland GB
Alt: Default
Music: Fever
Opponents: Goomba (x3)
Rules: This is a Stamina match in which Dr. Mario's HP slowly drains whenever he's near one of the Goombas.

Dr. Mario & Wario
Stage: Rainbow Cruise
Alt: Bucket Mario
Music: Lakitu's Theme (Tetris Attack)
Opponent: Wario
Rules: Your controls are reversed.

A Case of the Weirds
Stage: Snowy Tiny-Huge Island (Tiny form)
Song: Chill (Brawl)
Opponents: Shadow Mario x 10
Alt: Surgeon
Rules: Shadow Marios constantly shift into different characters.

In The Name of History!
Stage: Sunset Ringout Mushroomy Underground (so it looks yellow)
Opponent: President Koopa (white suit as that's an alt on both lists.)
Alt: Archeologist
Ally: giant dull bones Dry Bowser
Song: Thwomp Desert
Rules: KO Koopa before he can attack or grab Dry Bowser, Dry Bowser is passive, no items

Picky Eater
Stage: Flower Garden
Ally: Ashley & Red
Opponents: Tiny Bone Goomba x 2
Alt: Chef Mario
Song: Peach's Birthday Cake
Rules: Shy Guys carry fruit and sweets, but only hit them if they carry sweets. Make sure Ashley eats them before the "caveties" do.

Bowser ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario and FazDude FazDude )
Blast Through My Past
Stage: Battlefield Baby Bowser's Castle
Opponents: Yoshi x infinite (all non-yarn alts)
Song: Mini-Boss (Yoshi's Island)
Alt: Green Meowser
Rules: You are giant, Super Launch Stars and Barrel Cannons spawn often, star KO as many Yoshies as possible to hit and defeat Baby Bowser.

The Grand Finale
Stage: Stormy Omega Bowser's Castle
Alt: Default
Music: In The Final
Opponent: Bowser (alt 2, Bowser's Brother)
Rules: This is a Stamina match.

Bowser's Fury
Stage: Stormy Omega Lake Lapcat
Alt: Dark Bones Dry Bowser
Music: Final Boss (Bowser's Fury)
Opponents: Giant Mario (alt 8, Wario), Bowser Junior (default)
Rules: Only the Mario needs to be defeated to win.

That's My Boy!
Stage: Daytime Painted Swampland
Opponent: Baby Princesses (Bib), the Stork
Ally: Bowser Jr.
Song: Enter Bowser Jr.
Alt: Default
Rules: Bags containing powerful items (holdable as just bags, but with as much content as crates) spawn often, throw them over to Jr. so he can use the items inside, the Stork spawns when the Baby Princesses are at high damage, you cannot attack Jr. or the babies in any way but you can directly fight the Stork. Bowser Jr. must beat the Stork for you to win

Racing 2000s Style
Stage: Block Fort
Opponents: Tiny Kong x 4
Alt: Dry Bowser
Song: Mario Circuit (Brawl)
Rules: Just for this event, his Melee run is brought back. You are uncontrollably fast, and the stage hazards progress extremely fast too.

Bowser Jr: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario and Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
Ball Tricks
Stage: Delfino's Secret
Opponent: tiny fast Rawk Hawk x 5
Song: Battle (Paper Mario 64)
Alt: Lemmy
Rules: Footballs spawn often, you can only hit foes with footballs, there are giant moving bumpers on stage that balls bounce off

Found You, Mama Peach!
Stage: Delfino Plaza
Alt: Default
Music: Delfino Plaza (Ultimate)
Opponents: Mario and Luigi (infinity, default alts), Peach (vacation alt)
Rules: The match will not end until the player can grab Peach and hold onto her for three seconds straight (KOing Peach will result in a loss). Mario and Luigi are aggressive.

Undodog & Yamamura ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario and FazDude FazDude )
Little Timmy Trouble
Alt: Colouring page (wild colours)
Song: NSMBU Overworld (Remix)
Stage: 3D Land
Opponents: giant green tail Bowser x infinite
Rule: Finish the loop without being KO'd, bumpers and springs spawn often

100 Mario Challenge
Stage: Battlefield Mushroom Kingdom U
Alt; Default
Music: NSMBU Overworld (New Remix)
Opponents: Mario (x100)
Rules: All the Marios are very easy to launch, but you must defeat them all within two minutes.

Wario ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Weight Watcher
Alt: Default
Opponent: Waluigi (Tennis)
Stage: Hazards off WarioWare Inc
Song: WarioWare Medley
Rules: Yoshi Cookies and Super Mario Cereal spawn often, you begin with 150% damage, if you go beneath 100% you lose. You have 1 stock, Waluigi has two. Waluigi can and will have as many sweets as he wants.

Penny ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Heckler Havoc
Stage: Battlefield Electrodrome
Song: Penny's Song
Alt: Pop Star
Opponent: Yellow Fawful
Rules: Foe likes to taunt, foe will run away when you're on the same platform as him

Goomba ( FazDude FazDude )
Three Against One!
  • Stage: Battlefield Mushroom Bowser
  • Alt: Default
  • Music: Hammer Bro Battle (New Remix) - Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Opponents: Goomba (x2, random colors sans default), Mario (default)
  • Rules: The enemy Goombas can't/won't damage you, but if one of them KOs Mario before you do, you lose.
Piranha Plant ( FazDude FazDude )
Feeding Time!
  • Stage: Painted Swampland
  • Alt: Default
  • Music: Mini Boss (Yoshi's Island)
  • Opponent: Piranha Plant (random color sans default)
  • Rules: Both you and the opponent start at 100%. Your attacks can launch the opponent, but can't actually hurt them (same goes with their attacks and you). Food will randomly spawn around the stage. If you have less damage than your opponent after a minute, you win (you can also win by hitting 0% before your opponent).
Mama & Tuxie ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Adventure in Babysitting
    • Stage: Frozen Glacier
    • Alt: Default
    • Music: SMW Snow (New Remix) (actually smb1 snow, btw)
    • Opponent: Wario (Alt 8, "Classic Mario")
    • Ally: Solo Tuxie (default)
    • Rules: Strangely, you play as a solo Mama, with your goal being to defend the solo Tuxie (Snowy Swap will have the two of you switch places) and defeat Wario. While Tuxie will use Flutter Jump to recover if needed, it will otherwise refuse to attack and try and run away from Wario. If Wario KOs Tuxie, you lose.
King K. Rool ( FazDude FazDude :
  • My Finest Hour!
    • Stage: Battlefield Gangplank Galleon
    • Alt: Default
    • Music: Finest Hour - DKC Cartoon
    • Opponents: Donkey Kong (default), Diddy Kong (default), Dixie Kong (DKC cartoon alt), Funky Kong (Alt 6)
    • "Ally": Yoshi (white alt)
    • Rules:
      • Yoshi will spawn on the topmost platform and immediately shield (going into his egg, resembling the Crystal Coconut). Yoshi's shield will not degrade over time, and he'll stay in it indefinitely, but if any of the Kongs manages to break it open, it's an instant loss.
      • The Kongs will spawn in this order: Diddy, Dixie, Funky, and Donkey.
Rawk Hawk ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Krool Rumble
    • Stage: Boxing Ring
    • Alt: Default
    • Music: K. Rool Duel - Donkey Kong 64
    • Opponent: King K. Rool (King Krusha K. Rool alt)
    • Rules: A simple stamina battle. You have 150 HP, while K. Rool has 300.
Warupichu and Warudaisi: ( FazDude FazDude )
Destructive Duos
  • Stage: Battlefield WarioWare Inc.
  • Alt: Default
  • Music: Waluigi Stadium - Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
  • Opponents: Rosalina and Luma, Mama & Tuxie, Undodog & Yamamura, Baby Bros., Kamek & Toady, Fawful & Cackletta, Wario + Waluigi (all defaults)
  • Rules: All opponents spawn one at a time, with the exception of the Wario bros, who both show up at once as a team. It's basically an endurance match.
Waluigi ( FazDude FazDude )
Waluigi's Mansion
  • Stage: Luigi's Mansion
  • Alt: Default
  • Music: Luigi's Mansion (Big Band Style)
  • Opponents: Luigi (Poltergust alt), Geno (infinite, Dimentio alt)
  • Rules: Your goal is simply to KO Luigi once. Up to two Genos can be on-screen at once (with one appearing soon after one is KO'd), and will attack both you and Luigi. If the Genos somehow manage to KO Luigi, you'll still win the event.
Geno ( FazDude FazDude )
Mushroom Kingdom's Most Wanted
  • Stage: Smithy's Factory
  • Alt: Default
  • Music: Beware the Forest's Mushrooms (New Remix) - Super Mario RPG
  • Opponents: Waluigi, Captain Toad, Professor E. Gadd, Fawful (all default)
  • Rules: Opponents spawn one at a time.
All platforming levels are selectable for Smash Race
Mario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  1. Platforming stage: Mushroom Kingdom - primary enemies: Goomba, Koopa Troopa
  2. Vs. Goomba team and giant Piranha Plant on Mushroom Kingdom U
  3. Platforming stage: Underground - Primary enemies: Lakitu, Buzzy Beetle
  4. Platforming stage: New Donk City - Primary enemies: Trouble Bug, Klaptrap
  5. Vs. Arcade DK on Omega New Donk City Hall (nighttime)
  6. Vs. Plumber Wario on Wario's Castle
  7. Platforming stage: Airships - primary enemies: Rocky Wrench, Bill Blastsrs
  8. Platforming stage: Bowser's Castle - primary enemies: Thwomp, Dry Bones
  9. Vs. giant Bowser and regular sized Bowser Jr. at Bowser's Castle
  10. Platforming stage: Rainbow Road - primary enemies: Kart Shy Guys, Blue Shells
Luigi Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  1. Platforming level: Web Woods - enemies: Boos, Peepas
  2. Platforming level: Ghost House - enemies: Boos, Stretches
  3. Vs. Bone Piranha Plant team with ally Gooigi on Luigi's Mansion
  4. Platforming level: Factory - enemies: Mini Bowser, Mini Bowser Jr.
  5. Vs. black tennis Waluigi on Battlefield Smithy's Factory
  6. Platforming level: Underground - enemies: Piranha Plant, Shy Guy
  7. Platforming level: Macro Zone - enemies: Mini Luigi, Mini Waluigi
  8. Vs. giant Ashley with ally tiny Dimentio-colours Geno on Gamer
  9. Platforming level: Bowser's Castle - enemies: Chain Chomp, Bone Piranha Plant
  10. Vs. N64 "L is Real" Mario team on Baby Bowser's Castle
Bowser Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  1. Platforming stage: Bowser's Castle - primary enemies: Yoshis, Toads
  2. Vs. Peach and Luigi on Princess Peach's Castle
  3. Platforming stage: Mushroom Kingdom - primary enemies: Toads, Shy Guys
  4. Platforming stage: Underwater - primary enemies: Eels, Toads
  5. Vs. Yoshi team on Yoshi's Island Brawl
  6. Platforming stage: Jungle Hijinx - primary enemies: Helper Monkeys, Banana Birds
  7. Vs. King K. Rool on Gangplank Galleon
  8. Platforming stage: Mario Circuit - primary enemies: Kart Toads, Blue Shells
  9. Platforming stage: Rainbow Road - primary enemies: Octoomba, Astro Lanceur
  10. Vs. giant Mario on Star Road
Bowser Jr. ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Platforming stage: Airship - enemies: Yoshi, Toad Kart
  2. Vs. Captain Toad team and giant Toadsworth on Battlefield Airship
  3. Platforming stage: Sky - enemies: Poochy Pups, Yoshis
  4. Platforming stage: Desert - enemies: Shy Guy, Toads
  5. Vs. Golf Daisy on Delfino Plaza
  6. Platforming stage: Corona Mountain - enemies: Blooper, Strollin' Stu
  7. Platforming stage: Underground - enemies: Piranha Plant, Yoshis
  8. Vs. giant Rosalina on Lost Kingdom
  9. Platforming stage: Mushroom Kingdom - enemies: Toads, Yoshi Kart
  10. Vs. Peach on Peach's Castle with ally Bowser
Peach Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  1. Vs. Bowser on Bowser's Castle
  2. Platforming level: Bowser's Castle - enemies: Hammer Bros, Dry Bones
  3. Platforming level: Airship - enemies: Thwomps, Goombas
  4. Vs. Bowser Jr. team on Airship with ally Yoshi
  5. Vs. Waluigi on Cap Kingdom with Ally Daisy
  6. Platforming stage: New Donk City - enemies: Sherm, Koopa Troopas
  7. Platforming stage: Underground - enemies: Sidesteppers, Hammer Bros.
  8. Platforming stage: Mushroom Kingdom - Enemies: Goombas, Koopa Troopas
  9. Platforming stage: Peach's Castle Walls - Enemies: Hammer Bros, Chargin' Chucks
  10. Vs. giant Bowser on Princess Peach's Castle with allies Mario and Luigi
Daisy ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Vs. Baby Bros. on Ringout Delfino Plaza
  2. Platforming level: Mario Circuit - enemies: Toad Kart, Shy Guy Kart
  3. Platforming level: Flower Garden - enemies: Yoshi Kart, Koopa Troopa Kart
  4. Vs. "Cool Chimp" Diddy Kong on Ringout Jungle Hijinxs (Rainy)
  5. Platforming level: Desert - enemies: Bombshell Koopa, Gao
  6. Platforming level: Beach - enemies: Mekabon, Pionpi
  7. Vs. Tennis Waluigi on Ringout Waluigi Pinball (Sunset)
  8. Platforming level: Mushroom Kingdom - enemies: Hammer Bros, Paragoombas
  9. Platforming level: Peach's Castle - enemies: Koopatrols, Chargin' Chucks
  10. Vs. Peach on Ringout Peach's Castle Melee (Nighttime)

Captain Toad ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Platforming level: Mushroom Kingdom - enemies: Goomba, Biddybuds
  2. Platforming level: Mountain - enemies: Shy Guy, Biddybuds
  3. Platforming level: Millstone Mayhem - enemies: Thwomp, Bill Blaster
  4. Vs. gorilla arcade DK team on Kongo Falls
  5. Platforming level: Jungle Hijinxs - enemies: Necky, Klaptrap
  6. Vs. Geno on daytime Lost Kingdom
  7. Vs. Kaptain K. Rool on stormy Gangplank Galleon
  8. Platforming level: Underground - enemies: Goombas, Piranha Plants
  9. Vs. giant Rockhopper Penguin Mama & Tuxie on Omega Minecart Tunnel Throwdown
  10. Platforming level: Mushroom Kingdom - enemies: Biddybuds, Goomba
Rosalina & Luma ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Platforming stage: Rainbow Road - enemies: Octoomba, Koopa Paratroopa
  2. Vs. Penny on Mario Galaxy
  3. Platforming stage: Alien Planet - enemies: Bone Piranha Plant, Bone Goomba
  4. Vs. giant SM64 Piranha Plant and tiny Bone Piranha Plant x 2 on Battlefield Star Road
  5. Platforming stage: Sky - enemies: Koopa Paratroopa, Paragoomba
  6. Platforming stage: Airships - enemies: Bill Blaster, Rocky Wrench
  7. Platforming stage: Ice Cave - enemies: Kritter, Krusha
  8. Vs. Metal Dixie on Meta Crystal
  9. Platforming stage: Peach's Castle Walls - enemies: Hammer Bros, Koopatrol
  10. Vs. giant metal Dry Bowser with allies Peach and tennis shorts Daisy on Stormy nighttime Rainbow Cruise

Piranha Plant Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  1. Vs. Goomba team on Mushroomy Underground
  2. Platforming stage: Underground - enemies: Toads, Yoshis
  3. Platforming stage: Underwater - enemies: Toads, Lochladies
  4. Platforming stage: Cool Cool Mountain - enemies: Shiverians, Penguins
  5. Vs. Giant Mama & Tuxie on Christmas Village
  6. Platforming stage: Web Woods - enemies: Klump, Kloak
  7. Vs. Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong on Battlefield Rumble Falls (Evening)
  8. Platforming stage: Sky - enemies: Goombas, Koopa Troopas
  9. Vs. Mario and Luigi with 3 tiny Piranha Plant allies on Mushroom Kingdom 3
  10. Platforming stage: Peach's Castle - enemies: Toads, Yoshis
Undodog: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Platforming stage: Mushroom Kingdom - enemies: Kritter, Wandering Goom
  2. Vs. Goomba team on Omega Mario Maker
  3. Platforming stage: Toy Factory - enemies: Wiggler, Piranha Plant
  4. Vs. Giant Goomba team on Battlefield Mario Maker
  5. Platforming stage: Sky - enemies: Monty Mole, Fish Bone
  6. Platforming stage: Rainbow Road - enemies: Rocky Wrench, Cheep Cheep
  7. Vs. Mario and Captain Toad on Mario Maker
  8. Platforming stage: Peach's Castle Walls - enemies: Blooper, Dry Bones
  9. Vs. Builder Mario and Archivist Toadette on Night Mario Maker
  10. Platforming stage: New Donk City - enemies: Goomba, Koopa Troopa
Donkey Kong FazDude FazDude
  1. Platforming stage: Jungle Hijinks - enemies: Gnawties, Kritters, Klump
  2. Vs. Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong on Kongo Jungle 64
  3. Platforming stage: Underground - enemies: Zingers, Klaptraps
  4. Platforming stage: Millstone Mayhem - enemies: Gnawties, Kritters, Zingers
  5. Vs. Mama and Tuxie on Lost Kingdom
  6. Platforming stage: Treetops - enemies: Gnawties, Kritters, Neckies
  7. Platforming stage: Snow - enemies: Klaptraps, Krushas, Neckies
  8. Platforming stage: Factory - enemies: Gnawties, Kritters, Manky Kongs
  9. Vs. Wario on Smithy's Factory
  10. Vs King K. Rool on Gangplank Galleon
Diddy Kong: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Vs. Invisible K. Rool with ally DK on Night Rain Kongo Falls
  2. Platforming stage: Jungle Hijinxs - enemies: Kritters, Tiki
  3. Platforming stage: Ice Cave - enemies: Zinger, Scuttlebug
  4. Platforming stage: Web Woods - enemies: Kloak, Krook
  5. Vs. Iggy and Wendy on Sunset Shore with ally Dixie
  6. Platforming stage: Milstone Mayhem - enemies: Gnawty, Klaptrap
  7. Platforming stage: Mainbrace Mayhem - enemies: Kutlass, Kannon
  8. Platforming stage: Bowser's Castle - enemeis: Klobba, Kruncha
  9. Vs. giant Kaptain K. Rool and regular-sized Metal Head on Ringout Airship
  10. Vs. Klump/brown scales King K. Rool with ally giant DK on sunrise Bramble Blast
Timber ( FazDude FazDude )
  1. Platforming Stage: Ancient Lake (enemies: Shy Guy Karts)
  2. Platforming Stage: Desert (enemies: Kritters, Neckies)
  3. Platforming Stage: Jungle Hijinx (enemies: Kritters, Klaptraps)
  4. Vs. Giant Wario on Burnstile
  5. Platforming Stage: Snow (enemies: Penguins, Neckies)
  6. Vs. Mama & Tuxie on Christmas Village
  7. Platforming Stage: Underwater (enemies: Cheep Cheeps, Bloopers)
  8. Platforming Stage: Web Woods (enemies: Neckies, Gnawties)
  9. Vs. Bowser on Lost Kingdom
  10. Vs. Pilot K. Rool on Omega Timber's Island
Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  1. Platforming level: Jungle Hijinxs - enemies: Wandering Gooms, DD
  2. Platforming level: Underground - enemies: Wandering Gooms, Dry Bones
  3. Platforming level: Super Bell Subway - enemies: Toad Kart, DD
  4. Platforming level: New Donk City - enemies: Spearheads, Toad Kart
  5. Vs. Ashley on Luigi's Mansion (coin) (Daytime)
  6. Platforming Level: Factory - enemies: Brrr Bears, Mini Mario
  7. Vs. giant metal Metal Head DK on Omega Wrecking Crew
  8. Vs. tiny N64 Mario team on Mario Zone
  9. Platforming Level: Toy Factory - enemies: Mini Mario, Mini Pauline
  10. Vs. giant golden Peach on Battlefield Wario's Castle (Coin)
Waluigi ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Vs. Koopalings on Block Fort
  2. Platforming stage: Mario Circuit - enemies: Mini Waluigi
  3. Platforming stage: New Donk City - enemies: Mini Waluigi
  4. Vs. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi with allies Ashley, Penny, and Syrup on Mario Stadium
  5. Platforming stage: Super Bell Subway - enemies: Mini Waluigi
  6. Platforming stage: Macro Zone - enemies: Mini Waluigi
  7. Vs. Gold Goomba team on Wario's Castle
  8. Platforming stage: Factory - enemies: Mini Waluigi
  9. Platforming stage: Corona Mountain - enemies: Mini Waluigi
  10. Vs. Peach and golf dress Daisy with ally plumber Wario on Burnstile

Penny ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Platforming stage: Flower Garden - enemies: Crayzee Dayzee, DD
  2. Platforming stage: Super Bell Subway - enemies: Koopa Troopa Kart, Dry Bones Kart
  3. Platforming stage: Toy Factory - enemies: Mini Wario, Mini Spek
  4. Vs. Biker Wario on evening New Donk City Hall
  5. Vs. DIY Wario on Omega Sarasaland GB
  6. Platforming stage: Maple Treeway - enemies: Crayzee Dayzee, Foolly Flowers
  7. Vs. Purple Wind on morning Bowser's Kingdom
  8. Vs. Plumber Wario on Battlefield daytime Wario's Castle
  9. Platforming stage: Ice Cave - enemies: Brr Bear, DD
  10. Platforming stage: Rainbow Road - enemies: Fronks, Pyoro's Beans

Yoshi: Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  1. Platforming level: Rainbow Road - enemies: Blooper, Goonies
  2. Platforming level: Sky - enemies: Goonies, Gusty
  3. Vs. tiny Mama & Tuxie team on Peach's Birthday Cake with Pink and Light Blue Yoshi allies (Snowy)
  4. Platforming level: Airship - enemies: Gusty, Monty Mole
  5. Platforming level: Mushroom Kingdom - enemies: Shy Guys, Goombas
  6. Platforming level: Underground - enemies: Monty Mole, Galoomba
  7. Vs. giant Castle Goomba on Mushroom Kingdom U (Fortress form)
  8. Platforming level: Treetops - enemies: Fuzzies (Yoshi), Gusty not a wrong link
  9. Vs. two giant Piranha Plants on Bowser's Castle with ally: Baby Princesses (bib)
  10. Vs. Giant Ashley on Baby Bowser's Castle with allies: Baby Bros (diapers) and Baby Princesses (bib)

Gooigi Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  1. Vs. giant SM64 Piranha Plant on Mario Bros.
  2. Platforming stage: Underground - enemies: Piranha Plant
  3. Vs. Tycoon Wario on Mario Bros. Plumbing
  4. Platforming stage: Underwater - enemies: Wandering Goom, Spear-Guy
  5. Platforming stage: New Donk City - enemies: Sherm, Chain Chomp
  6. Platforming stage: Factory - enemies: Bullet Bill, Thwomp
  7. Vs. Metal Tycoon Wario on Smithy's Factory
  8. Platforming stage: Corona Mountain - enemies: Strollin' Stu, Blooper
  9. Platforming stage: Ghost House - enemies: Boo, Ghosts
  10. Vs. Bone Piranha Plant team and giant Dry Bowser with ally Poltergust Luigi on Luigi's Mansion

Geno ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Vs. Lemmy on Omega morning Gamer
  2. Platforming stage: Macro Zone - enemies: Mini Mario, Mini Bowser
  3. Platforming stage: Mushroom Kingdom - enemies: Goomba, Koopa Troopa
  4. Vs. Piranha Plant team on Yoshi's Island Melee
  5. Platforming stage: Web Woods - enemies: Putrid Piranha, Orbison
  6. Platforming stage: Jungle Hijinxs - enemies: Chained Kong, Klump
  7. Platforming stage: Factory - enemies: Chain Chomp, Alley Rat
  8. Vs. red biker Wario on Smithy's Factory
  9. Platorming stage: Rainbow Road - enemies: Lakitu, Paratroopa
  10. Vs. giant Fawful with ally Cosmic Spirit on Star Road
Ashley Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  1. Platforming stage: Ghost House - enemies: Boos, Bone Piranha Plant
  2. Vs. Poltergust Luigi on Omega Luigi's Mansion
  3. Platforming stage: Flower Field - enemies: Crayzee Dayzee, Birdo
  4. Vs. Toadette and pink Yoshi with ally Penny on Peach's Birthday Cake
  5. Platforming stage: Peach's Castle Walls - enemies: Crayzee Dayzee, Birdo
  6. Vs. pink Pink Gold Peach on Peach's Castle
  7. Platforming stage: Underwater - enemies: Fronks, DD
  8. Platforming stage: Web Woods - enemies: Boos, Bone Goomba
  9. Platforming stage: Factory - enemies: Boos, Fronks
  10. Vs. giant Purple Wind (coin battle) on Luigi's Mansion

Stork Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  1. Vs. Dimentio colours Geno with ally daiper Baby Bros. on Omega Descent
  2. Platforming stage: Sky - enemies: Gusty, Lakitu
  3. Platforming stage: Airship - enemies: Rocky Wrench, Monty Mole
  4. Vs. Bowser Jr. with ally diaper Baby Bros. on Omega Airship
  5. Platforming stage: Mountain - enemies: Krusha, Kritter
  6. Platforming stage: Snow - enemies: Klump, Krusha
  7. Vs. giant brown Klump with ally diaper Baby Bros on Snowy Meta Crystal
  8. Platforming stage: Ice Cave - enemies: Piranha Plant, Bone Piranha Plant
  9. Vs. Piranha Plant team with ally diaper Baby Bros. on Mushroomy Underground
  10. Platforming stage: Flower Field - enemies: Shy Guy, Crayzee Dayzee

Dr. Mario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  1. Platforming stage: Super Bell Subway - enemies: Yoshi Kart, Birdo Kart
  2. Platforming stage: New Donk City - enemies: Yoshi, Birdo
  3. Vs. Tycoon Wario on New Donk City Hall
  4. Vs. Giant N64 Piranha Plant on Ringout daytime Gamer
  5. Platforming stage: Corona Mountain - enemies: Viruses, Luigi's Viruses
  6. Vs. Pink Gold Peach team on snowy Burnstile
  7. Platforming stage: Snow - enemies: Brr Bears, Viruses
  8. Platforming stage: Alien Planet - enemies: Viruses, Luigi's Viruses
  9. Platforming stage: Underwater - enemies: Fronks, Luigi's Viruses
  10. Vs. Gooigi team on Inside Bowser
Goomba Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  1. Platforming stage: Macro Zone - enemies: Mini Mario, Mini Luigi
  2. Platforming stage: Underground - enemies: Toads, Yoshi
  3. Vs. metal Toadsworth with ally Underground Goomba on Meta Crystal
  4. Platforming stage: Treetops - enemies: Helper Monkeys, Mini DK
  5. Vs. giant Dark Skylanders Donkey Kong with allies Underground and Castle Goomba on windy/stormy Kongo Jungle 64
  6. Platforming stage: Mountain - enemies: Lakitu, Birdo
  7. Platforming stage: Sky - enemies: Yoshi, Toad
  8. Vs. Piranha Plant, SMB Piranha Plant, and Bone Piranha Plant with allies Underground, Castle, and Bone Goomba on Skies of Sarasaland
  9. Platforming stage: Rainbow Road - enemies: Birdo Kart, Toad Kart
  10. Vs. Metal Rosalina and giant Cosmic Spirit with allies Underground, Castle, Bone, and Cat Goomba on Star Road
King K. Rool ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Vs. TT and Drumstick on Gangplank Galleon
  2. Platforming stage: Mainbrace Mayhem - enemies: Helper Monkeys, DD
  3. Platforming stage: Beach - enemies: DD, Bandinero
  4. Vs. Captain Syrup on rainy Dire Dire Bay
  5. Platforming stage: Factory - enemies: Boo, Trouble Bug
  6. Platforming stage: Web Woods - enemies: Banana Birds, Pointy Tucks
  7. Platforming stage: Ice Cave - enemies: Gnawties, Bandinero
  8. Platforming stage: Jungle Hijinxs - enemies: Chained Kongs, Skeletal Kongs
  9. Vs. Funky Kong and Dixie Kong on evening Battlefield Jungle Hijinxs
  10. Vs. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong on stormy Kongo Jungle 64
Mama & Tuxie ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
1. Mama & Tuxie vs. Bowser and Bowser Jr. on Star Road
2. Platforming Stage: Mama only, Cool Cool Mountain (enemies: Mr. Blizzards, Spindrifts)
3. Platforming Stage: Tuxie only, Corona Mountain (enemies: none)
4. Platforming Stage: Mama only, Snow (enemies: Chill Bullies, Lil' Brrs)
5. Tuxie vs. The Stork (Baby Rosalina) on Burnstile
6. Mama vs. The Stork (Baby Wario) on Christmas Village
7. Platforming Stage: Tuxie only, Desert (enemies: Pokeys, Bandits) (Ally: Baby Rosalina Stork)
8. Mama & Tuxie vs. Goomba horde on Star Festival (will add music when it is added)
9. Platforming Stage: Mama & Tuxie on Bowser's Castle (enemies: Mandibug (mama and baby), Shystack)
10. Mama & Tuxie vs. Meowser and Shadow Mario on Great Tower of Bowser Land
  1. Mario Hat
  2. Luigi Hat
  3. Peach Wit
  4. Daisy Wig
  5. Captain Toad hat
  6. Bowser mouth hat
  7. Bowser Jr. teeth bandanna
  8. Rosalina wig
  9. Goomba mask
  10. Piranha Plant mouth hat
  11. Penguin hat
  12. Piano hat
  13. Madame Broode hat and wig
  14. Pink Gold Peach wig
  15. Undodog collar
  16. Dr. Mario head mirror
  17. E. Gadd glasses and wig
  18. Gooigi hat
  19. Donkey Kong mouth hat
  20. Diddy Kong hat
  21. Dixie Kong wig
  22. Funky Kong bandanna
  23. King K. Rool swolen eye and crown
  24. Klump army hat
  25. Timber mouth hat
  26. Yoshi mouth hat
  27. Baby Peach pacifier
  28. Birdo mouth hat
  29. Kamek hat and glasses
  30. The Stork hat
  31. Biker Wario hat
  32. Plumber Waluigi hat
  33. Warupichi bandanna
  34. Jimmy T. wig
  35. Ashley wig
  36. Penny wig
  37. Captain Syrup wig and bandanna
  38. Geno hat
  39. Fawful hat
  40. Prince Peasley wig
  41. Mimi pigtails
  42. Rawk Hawk hat
  43. Rabbid mouth Hat
  44. President Koopa wig
  45. Imajin hat
  46. Vivian hat and wig ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  47. Hammer Bro. helmet and beak ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  48. Spiny Hat ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  49. Boom Boom mouth hat ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  50. Dribble hat (with ears) ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  51. Spitz goggles (with ears) ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  52. King Boo crown ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  53. Eldstar Mustache ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  54. Lego Mario hat ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  55. Yarn Poochy ears ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  56. DK Jr. Mario hat and mustache ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  57. Mona helmet and hair ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  58. Greenie Mouth Hat ( FazDude FazDude )
  59. Slammer Mouth Hat ( FazDude FazDude )
  60. Tatanga Hat ( FazDude FazDude )
  61. Broozer Mouth Hat ( FazDude FazDude )
  62. Shadow Mario Mask Bandanna ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  63. Artist Beret ( FazDude FazDude )
  64. Rapper Mario's hat. ( FazDude FazDude )
  65. Cowboy Mario's hat ( FazDude FazDude )
  66. New 3DS Bowser Toupee + Glasses ( FazDude FazDude )
  67. Wario's Bull Cap ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  68. Mario Odyssey Sailor Cap( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  69. Mario Capture moustache; cap; and eyes( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  70. DK's Tie ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  71. Rambi hat ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  72. Oil Drum hat ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  73. Tiny Kong pigtails ( FazDude FazDude )
  74. Chunky Kong cap ( FazDude FazDude )
  75. Klaptrap hat ( FazDude FazDude )
  76. Dog ears ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  77. Cat ears ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  78. Rabbit ears ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  79. Frog Cap ( FazDude FazDude )
  80. Dinosaur Mask ( FazDude FazDude )
  81. Penguin Suit Hood ( FazDude FazDude )
  82. Scarf ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  83. ? Block Bling ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  84. Pearl necklace ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  85. Bow tie ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  86. Collar ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  87. Super Cape ( FazDude FazDude )
  88. Olympic medal ( FazDude FazDude )
  89. Peach-like brooch ( FazDude FazDude )
  90. Dimentio's collar ( FazDude FazDude )
  91. KAOS Head ( BlustersBest BlustersBest )
  92. Gold Block ( FazDude FazDude )
  93. Cannon Block ( FazDude FazDude )
  94. DS Head ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  95. Game Boy Head ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

  1. Stars ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  2. Memphis triangles ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  3. Zebra stripes ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  4. Zig Zag ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  5. Triangle pattern ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  6. Hearts ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  7. Polka Dots ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  8. Caveman ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  9. Camoflauge ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  10. Houndstooth ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  11. Psychedelic swirls (animated) ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  12. Stars in space (non-customisable) (animated) ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  13. Clouds (non-customisable) (animated) ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  14. SMW Rotating Block eyes (animated) ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  15. Squiggly lines (animated) ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  16. Shrinking inkblots (animated) ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  17. Clay texture ( FazDude FazDude )
  18. Yarn texture ( FazDude FazDude )
  19. NES SMB1 ground (non-customisable) ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  20. Shine (animated) ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  21. Denim ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  22. Rigid rock ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  23. Diamond plate ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  24. Wood ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  25. Feathers ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  26. Fur ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  27. Dull, rusty metal ( FazDude FazDude )
  28. Cookie dough ( FazDude FazDude )
  29. SMB1 hard block (Uncustomisable) ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  30. WarioWare DIY Crayonish ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  31. WarioWare DIY Metal Gate (uncustomisable) ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  32. WarioWare DIY Grass (uncustomisable)( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  33. SMB3 brick block (animated) (Uncustomisable) ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  34. SMB1 Mushrooms (Uncustomisable) ( FazDude FazDude )
  35. Mario Paint Baby Faces (Uncustomisable) ( FazDude FazDude )
  36. Dr. Mario Viruses (Uncustomisable) ( FazDude FazDude )
  37. Boo Faces ( FazDude FazDude )
  38. Crossbones ( FazDude FazDude )
  39. Ghost transparent ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  40. Ghost transparent glow ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  41. Cobweb ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  42. Fire patterns a la MTA Bowser (uncustomisable) ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  43. Vanish Cap Dots ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  44. Cloudy Fog ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  45. Stained Glass ( BlustersBest BlustersBest )

  1. Leaves ( FazDude FazDude )
  2. Pixels ( FazDude FazDude )
  3. Stars + Stripes ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  4. Pink Ribbon ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  5. Ice ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  6. Fireworks ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  7. Flower petals ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  8. Bubbles ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  9. Rainbow ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  10. Magical Sparkles ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  11. Electricity ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  12. Fire ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  13. Film Reel ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  14. Mud ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  15. Road skid marks ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  16. Fossils ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  17. Alien technology hexagons ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  18. "8-Bit" Explosions ( FazDude FazDude )
  19. Flaming Footprints ( FazDude FazDude )
  20. Dark smoke ( FazDude FazDude )
  21. Super Mario Bros. Sprites ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  22. Donkey Kong Country sprites ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  23. Super Mario Kart sprites ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  24. Yoshi's Eggs ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  25. Phanto following ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  26. SMB1 Coins ( FazDude FazDude )
  27. SMW invincibility sparkles ( FazDude FazDude )
  28. SMB3 P-Meter arrows ( FazDude FazDude )
  29. Binary code ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  30. Chasing computer pointer ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  31. Wire frame after image ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  32. Bolts and gears falling out ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  33. Windows XP-style loading bars ( FazDude FazDude )
  34. Nintendo DS logos ( FazDude FazDude )
  35. SNES logos ( FazDude FazDude )
  36. After Image ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  37. Rainbow After Image ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  38. Rainbow paint ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  39. Mario Paint Baby Face ( cashregister9 cashregister9 )
  40. Graffiti-style afterimages ( FazDude FazDude )
  41. Fire afterimages ( FazDude FazDude )
  42. Smoke after image ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  43. Water after image ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  44. Keyzer ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  45. Cosmic Clone ( BlustersBest BlustersBest )
  46. Winged Banana ( BlustersBest BlustersBest )
  47. Helper Monkey ( BlustersBest BlustersBest )
  48. Mini Mario ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Ground type and colours are selected seperately.

  • All from Ultimate
  • Healing Field - walk in it to be healed
  • ?/Brick Block - hit it to get an item. Spawns randomly and be either like MK Melee blocks
  • Poison Gas: Standing in this field will cause you to take gradual damage.
  • Danger Zone: Same hazard found in The Great Cave Offensive.
  • Lord Frederick Switches: The switches from Tropical Freeze that you activate in that game by pulling a lever. This time, you activate them by attacking them and they would cause the fruit slicing blades from Fruity Factory to temporarily appear at the bottom blast zone. They function like the lava in Brinstar. Launching a player up when they touch it but not dealing a KO until very high percents. Probably 250% at minimum.
  • Oil Drums: Like the ones found in the good old classic Donkey Kong from 1981. In that game, when a barrel hit the oil drum, it would spawn a sentient fireball to chase Mario down. Same idea here. When an item or projectile hits the oil drum, said item or projectile is burned away and a sentient fireball appears to chase down fighters until it disappears. Unlike in Donkey Kong where you could defeat them with a hammer, they are unable to be damaged here.
  • Mushroom Platform - red platform similar to a Mushroom Gorge mushroom, the height can be adjusted and it will bounce up opponents. Like a Mario Maker item, you can also change the effect by shaking it (or by pressing L/R with a controller) - green ones are just platforms with slight humps in the middle, and blue ones force you to use your Up B. None of them can be fallen through, and the stem can be adjusted to allow or deny opponents to pass through it.
    Goal Zone - line that can act as a blast zone, you can use it for sports stages like Smashketball and Smash Soccer. You can also assign certain point values (if you wanna make something like pinball or American Football), you can change the color of the Goal Zone, and you can make it invisible (as well as basic things like adjusting the width, length, and angle).
  • Thwomp - Crushes fighters below it and then rises back up to it's original placement
    Red/Blue Blinking Block - Alternate between being solid and not solid.

Boxing Ring
Christmas Village
Star Road
Wrong Warp
Mario Zone
Lost Kingdom
Cheese Land
Minecart Tunnel Throwdown
Bowser's Castle
Star Road
Peach's Birthday Cake
Jungle Hijinks Wii U
Bramble Blast
Cap Kingdom
Super Happy Tree
Rice Beach
Luigi's Mansion
Rainbow Cruise
Wrecking Crew
  1. Ally Phone (replacement of Assist Trophy, submitted by cashregister9 cashregister9 )
  2. Smash Star (Replacement of Smash Ball, submitted by Baysha Baysha )
  3. Ztar ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  4. ? Block (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
  5. Item Bag (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
  6. Fire Flower
  7. Super Star
  8. Green Shell
  9. Red Shell
  10. Bob-Omb
  11. Freezie
  12. Super Mushroom
  13. Poison Mushroom
  14. Metal Box
  15. Hammer
  16. Golden Hammer
  17. Hothead
  18. Banana Peel
  19. Lightning bolt
  20. Soccer ball (Rethemed to Mario Strikers)
  21. Barrel cannon
  22. Super Launch Star
  23. POW Block
  24. Fire Bar
  25. Bullet Bill
  26. Grass
  27. Spring
  28. Super Scope
  29. Super Leaf
  30. Blue Shell
  31. Boomerang
  32. Banana Gun
  33. Mystery Mushroom (Submitted by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  34. Weird Mushroom (Submitted by Baysha Baysha )
  35. Goomba Shoe (Submitted by Baysha Baysha )
  36. Hot Sauce submitted by Champion of Hyrule Champion of Hyrule )
  37. Fan (Submitted by Champion of Hyrule Champion of Hyrule )
  38. Fuzzy (submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  39. Wario Bomb (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  40. Super Mario Cereal (Submitted by Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  41. Egg Creamer (Submitted by cashregister9 cashregister9 )
  42. Coconut Gun (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  43. Dice Block (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  44. Roulette Block (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
  45. Fronk (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
  46. Viruses (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  47. Statue Bandanna (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  48. Dash Pepper (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
  49. Syrup's Lamp (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  50. Warp Block (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
  51. Thwomp Stompers (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
  52. Yoshi Cookies (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  53. Wario Burger (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  54. KONG Letters (Submitted by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  55. Kleever (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  56. Save Barrel (Submitted by Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  57. 1-Up Mushroom (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
  58. Tennis Racket ( FazDude FazDude )
  59. Bumper ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  60. Bill Blaster ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  61. Baby Peach's Tutu ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  62. Bowser Mace ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  63. Mega Mushroom ( FazDude FazDude )
  64. Ice Flower ( Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds )
  65. Floro Sprouts ( FazDude FazDude )
  66. Spike Bomb ( FazDude FazDude )
  67. Fighter Fly ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  68. Oil Drum ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  69. Pal Pill ( cashregister9 cashregister9 )
  70. Superball Flower ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  71. Balloon Pack ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
  72. Game Boy Camera ( FazDude FazDude )
  73. NES Zapper ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  74. Bowser's Sourpuss Bread ( FazDude FazDude )
  75. Magic Potion ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

Mario: Tanooki Statue Mario ( FazDude FazDude and Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Luigi: Fox Statue Luigi ( FazDude FazDude and Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Peach: Maneki-Neko Peach ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Daisy: Mekabon ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Bowser: A Bowser statue ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
Piranha Plant: A Piranha Plant themed Chomp Rock ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Dr. Mario: A giant Megavitamin ( FazDude FazDude )
Rosalina: A mini-planet ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Bowser Jr: A giant Mechakoopa ( FazDude FazDude )
DK: 8-Bit DK Statue ( FazDude FazDude )
Diddy: DK Island Banana Trophy ( FazDude FazDude )
King K. Rool: KAOS ( FazDude FazDude )
Wario: A golden Wario statue ( FazDude FazDude and Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
Yoshi: Metal Eggdozer ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Captain Toad: A Super Gem. ( FazDude FazDude )
Goomba: A Brick Block, referencing the Micro Pile-Driver Goombas from SMB3. ( FazDude FazDude )
Gooigi: One of the ghost capsules from Luigi's Mansion 3's gallery. ( FazDude FazDude )
Dixie Kong: The hovercraft from DKC3. ( FazDude FazDude )
Funky Kong: A Rocket Barrel (as in the ones from autoscrolling levels of DKCR, not Diddy Kong's jet packs) ( FazDude FazDude )
Baby Mario/Peach: A golden Tap-Tap. ( FazDude FazDude )
Baby Luigi/Daisy: A silver Tap-Tap. ( FazDude FazDude )
Waluigi: A statue of himself. It's Waluigi; He wouldn't want anything else. ( FazDude FazDude )
Ashley & Red: A giant cauldron. ( FazDude FazDude )
Fawful & Cackletta: This statue from BiS. Yes, Fawful is wearing the dress. ( FazDude FazDude )
Mama: Mario 64's Snowman body ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Tuxie: Mario 64's Snowman head ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Undodog & Yamamura: Coursebot ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Timber: Gold Wizpig Statue ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
The Stork: The Stork Stop ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Penny: The Super MakerMatic 21 ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Captain Syrup: The gold Peach statue ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Geno: Exor. Taller than other forms but clips into the ground ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Pink Gold Peach: A pink gold Metal Box. ( FazDude FazDude )
Professor E. Gadd: A metal crate bearing his likeness, seen in Super Mario Sunshine. ( FazDude FazDude )
Klump: A cannon, with the hole pointing towards the sky. ( FazDude FazDude )
Birdo: A pink gold Metal Eggdozer. ( FazDude FazDude )
Kamek & Toady: A block resembling those Kamek generates in New Super Mario Bros. Wii during his boss fight. ( FazDude FazDude )
Mimi: A metal version of her spider form. ( FazDude FazDude )
Rawk Hawk: A golden statue of himself. ( FazDude FazDude )
President Koopa: A stone bust of himself. This wouldn't change based on evolution status. ( FazDude FazDude )
Imajin: Vase from Doki Doki Panic ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
Jimmy T: A disco ball ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
Madame Broode: The face/cannon of the Broodals' mech ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
Warupichi and Warudaisi: A golden trophy, but Warupichi and Warudaisi have been fighting over it so long that they have literally become the handles on the sides ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
Rabbid Peach: This statue (@Janx_uwu)
Peasly: Hoho Stone ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
Mad Piano: An organ ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
Daisy: Submitted by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear
Daisy will appear in her Super Mario Strikers / Mario Smash Football outfit by default. Other sports outfits may be added later as alts.

Daisy will dribble a soccer ball at her feet during gameplay. She uses it for certain attacks, some of which temporarily send it away from her. Without the ball, Daisy is a little faster and can jump higher. If the ball goes offscreen, Daisy has to wait for 5 seconds before it respawns in her possession.

Standard Special: Superball
Daisy throws a Superball that bounces off of any surface, including the undersides of semi-solid platforms.

Side Special: Striker Shot
Daisy kicks her soccer ball, turning it into a projectile. Holding the button lets Daisy charge her kick for a stronger shot. In the air, charging a kick slows her fall. Just like the soccer ball item, this ball can be attacked and launched by any character but cannot be picked up. While anyone can launch it, Daisy's attacks cause the ball to deal more damage than normal. Daisy gets the ball back and starts dribbling it again if she touches it when it doesn't have a hitbox, or if she "catches" it in midair by air dodging it.

Up Special: Super Shot
Daisy punts the ball straight up into the air before rocketing up to reach it. She then charges up before kicking the ball with intense force. During the charge, you can aim where the ball will go. This is stronger than her side special, but it is telegraphed and easier to avoid. However, Daisy can cancel the kick to fake opponents out, which is done in the same way Wii Fit Trainer could fake out her Header. This still causes Daisy to lose her ball, though. If Daisy doesn't have the ball when she uses this move, she still boosts into the air, but immediately enters freefall at the peak of the jump.

Down Special: Flower Patch
Daisy slams her fist into the ground, causing a small patch of flowers to spring from the ground. One large flower that functions as a platform appears directly beneath Daisy as well. This can be used to help bounce her Superball.

I don't have all the standards yet, but she'll have a lot of kicks. One interesting move I do know is her forward aerial, which will be her crystal fist punch from Strikers Charged. This is a meteor smash.

Daisy Final Smash:
View attachment 348935
We are going to beat you to death
(Art by JoeAdok on DeviantArt)
Sarasaland Strike Force ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
Daisy calls upon the four leaders of the Sarasalandian Kingdoms, AKA the bosses from Super Mario Land. Each one patrols a different part of the stage for a time. King Totomesu (the lion) stands on the right side of the stage and attacks by breathing fireballs. Dragonzamasu (the seahorse) sticks to the background as his guardian Tamao (a ball of energy) circles around the center of the screen to damage characters. Hiyoihoi (the rock) stands on the left and throws Ganchans (boulders) that bounce around the stage. And finally, Biokinton (the human-looking dude) hides on the top of the screen in his cloud disguise shooting Chickens that home in on opponents (View attachment 348937). Each boss takes turns attacking, but they have no set pattern.

Intro ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario ): Daisy falls from the sky and punches the ground, her ball forms from plasma energy

Daisy taunts ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Daisy stretches her arms
  2. Daisy hops and does a pose
  3. Daisy points forwards as to say "get a loada this guy"
  4. Daisy crosses her arms and smugly shakes

Daisy victory: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Daisy spins around as her outfit transforms into a gown
  2. Daisy's Strikers Charged victory
  3. A golf ball is seen falling into a hole, Daisy rushes over to celebrate
  4. Daisy skates by on rollerskates, tripping over overalls Wario (or opponent's alt choice in a 1V1) and claiming the trophy he drops.

Waluigi: Submitted by FazDude FazDude
  • Jab: Waluigi throws two hooks before throwing a stylish straight kick.
  • Dash Attack: Waluigi springs forwards, only to land on the ground and slide forwards a short distance.
    • This can be seen as an attempt at a soccer goalie's lunge, referencing the Super Mario Strikers games, a reference to Waluigi's trophy animation in Mario Power Tennis, or Waluigi's attempt at performing the infamous Luigi Missile in defiance of his rival. All three could work well for the character.
  • Forward Tilt: Waluigi jabs two of his fingers out in an attempt to poke his opponent in the eyes. Not only can this be seen as a cheap knockoff of Luigi's Forward Smash, but it's fitting for Waluigi.
  • Up Tilt: Waluigi throws a high kick, referencing one he used against Bowser in Mario Party 3.
  • Down Tilt: Waluigi performs a stomp, not too dissimilar from the one he currently uses as an Assist Trophy. Just like King K. Rool's down tilt, it can bury opponents.
  • Forward Smash: Waluigi charges up before swinging a tennis racket forwards. While not particularly powerful, it can reflect projectiles just like Ness' F-Smash.
  • Up Smash: Luigi does a headbutt for his Up Smash, so Waluigi attempts to do so as well. However, his Up Smash has him strike his head upwards while spinning around, kind of like Wario's U-Smash from Brawl.
  • Down Smash: Waluigi performs a breakdance kick, similar to a lot of characters' Down Smashes. This move simply represents Waluigi's love of dance.
Aerial Attacks:
  • Neutral Air: Waluigi sticks his leg out as he swings it around wildly, somewhat referencing the Whirluigi Power Shot from Mario Power Tennis.
  • Forward Air: Waluigi thrusts his leg out while posing for the camera, referencing a trick he pulls off in the Mario Kart games.
  • Back Air: Waluigi throws a nasty roundhouse kick behind himself.
  • Up Air: Waluigi holds up his arms so his silhouette resembles his iconic Γ shape. The tip of the shape is a sweetspot.
  • Down Air: Waluigi performs the Drop Rocket from Super Mario Strikers, descending diagonally in a corkscrew motion. This move can spike opponents during its first few frames.
Grab / Throws:
  • Grab: Waluigi simply grabs his opponent with one hand.
  • Pummel: Waluigi knocks on the opponent's head.
  • Forward Throw: Waluigi lobs the opponent forwards with his tennis racket.
  • Back Throw: Waluigi tosses his opponent behind him before giving them a kick in the rear.
  • Up Throw: Waluigi tosses his opponent into the air before uppercutting them, as if he were hitting a Dice Block from Mario Party.
  • Down Throw: Waluigi tosses his foe to the floor before whacking them with a golf club.
Waluigi's specials are where things get REALLY wacky.
  • Netural Special: Serve / Liar Ball
    • If you simply press the special button, Waluigi tosses a tennis ball into the air. While the ball is airborne, hitting any button will cause Waluigi to swing his racket, being able to serve the ball in different arcs depending on your timing. The closer the ball is to the center of the racket, the more speed and power the ball will gain. After serving it, the ball becomes capable of damaging opponents and bouncing off most surfaces, only despawning once it goes off-stage, Waluigi gets KO'd, or after some time.
    • If you hold the button, the move changes into the Liar Ball, inspired by Waluigi's Star Skill from Mario Superstar Baseball. While Waluigi serving this special ball works in the same way as the normal ball, it will not bounce at all. Instead, upon contact with anything, the ball suddenly expands into a poisonous cloud, similar to Piranha Plant's Side Special.
    • If you use the Neutral Special while either ball is out, Waluigi performs a faster, but much weaker version of his F-Smash, perfect for returning served balls.
  • Side Special: Swimming Return
    • Waluigi performs five breaststrokes in the air, being able to turn in any 90 degree angle inbetween strokes. In essence, it's a weaker, slower version of Sora's Sonic Blade without the lock-on functionality. However, Waluigi can also cancel the move at any time between strokes with an aerial or jump, giving him some mix-up potential.
    • This move is inspired by Waluigi's Defensive Power Shot in Mario Power Tennis.
  • Up Special: Whirluigi
    • Waluigi performs his Offensive Power Shot from Mario Power Tennis, tucking his leg behind his back and spinning. While spinning, he can ascend upwards in a curved trajectory before entering freefall. While it isn't the best recovery option, it can hit the opponent multiple times. In addition, it can also reflect projectiles as a nod to the move's original purpose.
  • Down Special: Dice Block
    • Waluigi, being the cheater that he is, attempts to rig the odds in his favor with the help of a Dice Block from Mario Party. After a short wind-up, he hits the block above his head, after which a number between 1 and 10 will appear, determining the outcome of the move much like Mr. Game & Watch's Judge. However, there is a short cooldown inbetween hitting the block and being able to use it again.
      • 1 - Waluigi is put into a dizzy state.
      • 2 - Waluigi is made tiny, as if he were hit by a Poison Mushroom.
      • 3 - Nothing happens at all.
      • 4 - Waluigi has recoil damage applied to him.
      • 5 - Waluigi gains a Timer effect, slowing him down.
      • 6 - Waluigi gains a Green Shell.
      • 7 - Waluigi gains a Blue Shell.
      • 8 - Waluigi turns giant, as if he recieved a Super Mushroom.
      • 9 - Waluigi's mobility is increased for a short period.
      • 10 - Waluigi becomes invincible.
  • Taunts
    • Up: Waluigi cackles.
    • Left: Waluigi pulls out a rose before throwing it forwards. This move can deal miniscule non-flinching damage.
    • Right: Waluigi spins in place before posing, referencing his 1st place animation from Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.
    • Down: Waluigi performs the crotch chop from Mario Strikers Charged(vulgar, yes, but iconic to his character) while spouting a random line which either praises himself or mocking his opponents.
  • Victory Animations
    • Waluigi tosses a rose into the air before spinning around and posing, catching the rose in his mouth. This is a mixture of his eagle animation from Mario Golf: World Tour and his first-place animation from Super Mario Party and Mario Party Superstars.
    • Waluigi points and laughs at the camera, being a parallel to one of Wario's victory animations.
    • Waluigi stylishly moonwalks into view before performing a pose.
    • Waluigi strums his tennis racket, pretending it's a guitar, before posing for the camera.
Intro ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
Waluigi is already on the stage, but he's obscured by shadows. Suddenly, a spotlight beams down from nowhere, illuminating the beautiful man! He strikes a pose, similarly to the ones he makes in that one Super Mario Party rhythm minigame where he's the dancemaster, before entering his idle pose.

Final Smash: Bob-Ombs Away! ( FazDude FazDude )
Waluigi leaps off the stage and… into the HUD? Now in a position similar to Snake’s FS from Brawl, he can now lob Bob-Ombs at opponents from a distance, allowing chaos to reign on the stage. After some time (or after 10 Bob-Ombs are thrown), Waluigi leaps back to the stage.

Geno: submitted by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear , created by EvilWaluigi on DeviantArt
Neutral Special – GENO BEAM - Pressing "B", will cause Geno to perform the special move: Geno Beam. A chargeable attack, holding down the "B" button will cause Red Stars to appear over Geno's Head. Releasing "B" will cause Geno's arm to transform into a sort of cannon and fire a straight beam of energy across the stage. This beam will be bigger and deal more DMG to foes with the more Red Stars that appear over Geno's head. The Max number of stars is 3. If players overcharge the Geno Beam (by charging it longer than 2 stars) its attacking power will be reduced and the beam will appear smaller than it does when charged at 1 Red Star. On that note, the Geno Beam must be charged at least to one star before firing.
DMG: 9%-24%

Side Special – GENO WHIRL - Pressing "B" while also holding "left" or "right" on the directional pad, will cause Geno to perform the special move: Geno Whirl. Geno tucks one arm under his cape and thrusts his hand forward as he throws a flying disk made of yellow energy at his foes. The closer a foe is the weaker this attack is- but the further away the target is the more powerful the attack is. There is a 1 in 777 chance that when Geno Whirl strikes a foe it will cause massive DMG resulting in "9999" to appear above the foes head before they are dealt devastating DMG & knock back, a sure fire 1 hit KO.
DMG: 15%-25% / 999%

Down Special – GENO BLAST - Pressing "B" while also holding "down" on the directional pad, will cause Geno to perform the special move: Geno Blast. A chargeable attack, Geno holds his arms up as this move is being charged. Over his head Red Stars appear while sparkles of energy rise from the ground around him. when "B" is released the sparkles that have floated from beneath him and into the sky rush into him. Geno then send a thin beam into the air- this beam will deal DMG to anyone who touches it, the beam vanishes at a certain point. Geno then suddenly throws his hands down, bending over slightly. Then at the point where the beam vanished, comes several beams of colored lights- a battling borealis- slamming down into the area below! these beams of light deal racking DMG to anyone within its pillar- they cannot pass through platforms. Power and the number of pillars depends on how long the attack was charged for. max number of stars is 3, over charging the attack will result in Geno only firing the thin beam of energy into the air resulting in no additional pillars of light.
DMG: 4% (thin beam) 3%-22% (light beam)

Up Special – GENO BOOST - Pressing "B" while also holding "up" on the directional pad, will cause Geno to perform the special move: Geno Boost.
Using his magic, Geno attempts to boost his power. Geno raises his arms above his head and several red arrows appear and fly upward around him lifting him into the air. This deals no DMG, but if Geno reaches the zenith of this special move uninterrupted, the words: ATK UP will hover over his head this will boost all of his attacks by X0.5. This move cannot stack. Also if the player pressed "B" at the exact moment when all the arrows have vanished and before the "ATK UP" text is displayed, Geno will flash with energy in the shape of a red star- any opponent who touches this will recive the text "DEF DOWN" above them, all attacks will now deal double what they would. these effects last for about 30 seconds.
DMG: 0%

Intro Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
Geno in spirit form possess his doll.

Final Smash Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
Geno Flash

Geno transforms into a cannon and fires a bomb - it explodes into a very big and very powerful explosion even by FS standards - however, said explosion only reaches one half of the stage

Geno Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Taunts
    • Up: Geno raises his arms in the air as arrows surround him.
    • Left: Geno's spirit temporarily leaves the doll, leaving it limp as the spirit flies above it. It then reenters the body.
    • Right: Geno takes a stance as his cape flaps in the wind.
    • Down: Geno folds his arms and nods at the camera.
  • Victory Animations
    • Geno happily jumps into the air a few times, but quickly shakes his head as he regains his more stoic demeanor.
    • Geno fires his arm cannon a few times before folding his arms and looking at the camera.
    • Geno holds a Star Piece out to the camera.
    • Geno's spirit leaves its body, leaving the doll limp as the spirit returns to Star Road.
Goomba: Submitted by Baysha Baysha
Goomba Moveset:

Neutral Special - Goomba Tower: Summons another goomba that jumps on the top of the current tower. Each goomba in the tower rides on and copies the attacks of the player Goomba, creating a wall of hitboxes with every attack. However, the tower goombas can be knocked off very easily. There can be a max of 4 extra goombas for a total of 5.

Forward Special - Para-leap: Sprouts a pair of wings and leaps forward. Harming those it hits. Has a slightly lower falling speed when using this move.

Up Special - Balloon: Attaches a balloon to themself and slowly flies upward. Can be detached at any time by inputting any move. Does not put Goomba into special fall when detached

Down Special - The Classic Walk: Walks slowly along the ground. Anyone it touches gets hit for a ton of damage. Has a lot of endlag

Jab: Does a quick bite

Down Air: Jumps into a Goomba Shoe and quickly slams down. They are invincible during this.

Down Smash: Turns red and stomps on the ground. Causing a small earthquake to appear around them. (Reference to the Mad Goomba)

Dash Attack: Jumps into an ice skate and quickly slides across the ground. Only stops when it hits something or touches the ledge.

Victory theme FazDude FazDude Game Over - Super Mario Bros.

Intro Animation: ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
Jumps out of an enemy box from 3D Land that quickly dissapears.

Goomba Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: The Goomba marches in place, with the animation resembling its walk from Super Mario Bros. (albiet choppier to not get the taunt confused for its Down Special).
  • Left: The Goomba sprouts its Paragoomba wings and flutters them.
  • Right: The Goomba bites at the air.
  • Down: The Goomba flattens itself for a second before popping back up.
Goomba Victory Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Mario is seen standing in-frame, with only the upper half of his body visible. Suddenly, we hear the little "beep" that proceeds the death jingle in SMB1 as Mario's face becomes shocked. He then falls down as the camera pans down to reveal a very satisfied Goomba.
  • Only the sole Goomba is seen on-screen at first before a Goomba Tower suddenly sprouts beneath them, now looking down at the camera menancingly.
  • Goomba happily dances around before posing on one foot.
  • Goomba chases a pack of terrified Toads off before giving the camera a glare

Final Smash: Goomboss ( FazDude FazDude )
In a vein similar to Piranha Plant’s old FS, Goomba summons the Goomboss, who runs around the stage to body tackle opponents. Simple, yet effective.
Ashley and Red: Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario
Ashley and Red are zoners who use pitchfork disjoints to pressure foes to back off, while their specials mess with foes psychologically for tricky setups and turn the stage into an elaborate maze, though the duo lack much in power. Ashley only uses Red for casting spells, and he does most of the duo's non-special attacks with his pitchfork.

Neutral Special: Deactivate
Ashley casts a beam with staff-Red which goes forwards extremely slowly. It doesn't deal knockback, but causes slight damage and deactivates special attacks for 4 seconds. It has a short range so the obvious edgeguard function by disabling Up B isn't as practical as it sounds.

Side B: Garlic

Red flings a piece of garlic off his fork. Once it lands, it can then be eaten. This can be used between stocks to heal, to help out in team battles, or it's main purpose: to distract foes and get them right where you want them.

Up B: Bomb

Red carries Ashley by a single ponytail, and can throw bombs with his other hand using the special button - pressing the regular attack button, however, will cancel the move into the respective air attack. The bombs send foes upwards - though they can use this to attack you if you aren't quick enough

Down B: Reductive Energy

If standing on a soft platform, Ashley casts a spell that makes it intangible - it is still visible, but has a purple aura to signify that it is in the "minus world" so to speak. Ashley and her teammates can still interact with intangible platforms. If used in the air or on a hard platform, it makes a small cloud that slows down anyone in it, similar to PP's side B. Only one instance of reductive power, ground or air, can be in use at a time.

  1. The camera slowly and eerily zooms in on angry white-hair Ashley - Red poofs in to give her bunny doll and calms her nerves
  2. Ashley and Red feast on a roast turkey - Ashley is carefully forking off chunks slowly and lightly chewing, while Red gobbles straight off the bird, mouth open
  3. Ashley is looking away as flowers are thrown for her, she looks towards the implied audience, shifts forwards and gently smiles - a little embarassed - while looking down.
  4. Red does a goofy dance while Ashley can be seen in the distance, playing microgames and minding her own business.
  1. Side: Ashley holds up Red as a staff like her victory animation in GiT
  2. Up: Ashley floats off the ground with magic power like Mewtwo's up taunt - before landing flat on her face a la Wile E. Coyote
  3. Back: Ashley looks menacingly towards the screen
  4. Down: Ashley's stomach rumbles, so Red uses his pitchfork to fling a pea or burger into her mouth in a similar manner to the Fork Lifter minigame from Rhythm Heaven - even having sound effects from said game.

Intro ( Oddball Oddball )
A spooky portal opens with bats and skulls and stuff like that. Ashley steps out of it and it starts to close. She quickly reaches back in and yanks Red out by the arm.

Ashley's Final Smash: Boo Brew

Ashley stirs up a magical potion in a pot, the pot creates a giant wall of purple magic upwards not unlike the Entei Poké Ball. It's very powerful, and if you somehow survive it, it will plant fuzzies on your head,

Gooigi Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario , grab submitted by Janx_uwu Janx_uwu
  • Fast animations like his flutter-jumping legs; dash attack and side smash make Gooigi's limbs lose shape.
  • Gooigi Tornado (down B) has Gooigi completely shapeshift into a tornado.
  • Gooigi cannot crawl, but melts into a blob when crouching
  • Gooigi is slower on the ground than Luigi, but faster in the air. He is lighter and his moves deal less damage but more knockback.
  • Gooigi is no taller or shorter than Luigi, but many animations are exaggeratedly squash-and-stretch which makes him slightly harder to hit at times.
  • When hit a far distance, he becomes a vague blob until going out of hitstun - this makes him harder to combo
  • Green Missile cannot misfire, but the button can be pressed again as Gooigi hits a foe to make it more powerful. Gooigi also becomes a vague blob when firing
  • Gooigi takes off and re-grows his nose in place of Fireball, the move doesn't circle around but rather goes in a completely straight line that is high up and therefore easy to dodge. The nose also goes through foes like Danny's lasers in NASB.
  • Gooigi does not grab opponents with the Poltergust. Instead, he has a more traditional grab, but with a less traditional animation, that being that he turns into a generic green blob that his opponent is trapped in). The up, forward, and backward throw animations are all just Gooigi jerking in certain directions and launching his foes out of him, while the down throw has him slam into the ground with the opponent (combos at later percents than Luigi's down throw, but also does a bit of damage to Gooigi himself). The other throws are just visual changes. This alternative grab Gooigi has (with less range and no (functional) special attributes, but less startup) lets Luigi players used to his pre-Ultimate grab have another choice they can gravitate towards.
Final Smash Janx_uwu Janx_uwu
Luigi's Negative Zone from Brawl

Intro: ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
There is a sewer lid on the ground, which he rises out of and pieces himself back together afterwards.

Gooigi taunts ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Down: His head falls off. He doesn't even notice as it regrows
  2. Forward: Luigi's iconic planking taunt, Gooigi bursts into a puddle when he lands
  3. Back: Gooigi spins his cap around himself (gaining a flat forehead instead of revealing his hair) - the cap goes into his stomach and pops out on his head.
  4. Up: At random, Gooigi imitates either Wario or Waluigi, and loses/gains the fat to fit.

Gooigi victories ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Gooigi tries to aim his poltergust, but he gets sucked into it and it explodes, leaving goo everywhere
  2. Gooigi is a puddle. He doesn't do anything
  3. Gooigi does Luigi's shuffling dance from Smash 64 - he's slowly grinded away from the bottom up, but you'll only notice this if you stay on the results screen for a long time.
  4. Gooigi flails his arms back and forth, but they eventually fly off, causing him to shrug with what little arms he has left

Funky Kong (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
  • Funky Kong is faster and has better frame data than DK, but is weaker and easier to launch.
  • Funky Kong lacks DK's cargo throw, instead having a normal forward throw.
  • Funky Kong's animations and expressions are more carefree and relaxed than DK's (for example, while DK looks angry with a fully-charged Giant Punch, Funky looks more cocky).
  • Funky Kong's up special, Spinning Board, has him spin on his surfboard to gain extra height. While this makes it faster and better for recovery, it only hits once (as opposed to Spinning Kong's multi-hit nature) and doesn't give Funky super armor.
  • Funky Kong's Final Smash, Boot Cannon, begins the same as Donkey Kong's new Jungle Rush. However, the cinematic for Funky's FS has him use the Boot Cannon from Donkey Kong 64, dealing a single powerful blow rather than a barrage of hits.
Victory Animations:
  • Funky performs a breakdance before jumping up and landing with his arm flexed, referencing a victory animation from Mario Super Sluggers.
  • Funky spins in with his surfboard before landing and posing.
  • Funky does a flip in the air before landing with a thumbs-up.
  • Funky simply chugs a bottle of Banana Juice before giving the camera a cocky grin.
Funky Taunts:
  • Up: Funky performs a brief handstand on his surfboard.
  • Left: Funky performs Donkey's dab from MK8.
  • Right: Funky beats his chest just like DK, but isn't as aggressive about it. Also, he makes this noise.
  • Down: Funky polishes his surfboard with a banana peel.
Intro Janx_uwu Janx_uwu
Surfs in from practically nowhere, stands on his hand and does a pose before flipping back up.

Mama & Tuxie (Submitted by Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
Character overview: Mama and Tuxie are two halves of a character in the most literal sense. Tuxie wanders around aimlessly onstage, having a mind of its own, being able to take damage and knockback, and he is the easiest character in the cast to launch. He will use a double jump and a small penguin flutter if launched offstage, but not KO'd, though this recovery isn't very good. He'll run in distress when an attack near him misses, but other than that he is oblivious to the action entirely. The other half of the character is Mama, who is large and heavy, does large startup attacks with heavy armor, deals high damage and knockback in her attacks, and has great mobility thanks to her Side B (more on that later). KO'ing Mama does not result in the mother-son duo losing a stock, but it does result in the Mama player now gaining control of Tuxie who has very limited options. Tuxie's not very fast as he has yet to learn how to slide like his Mama. KO'ing Tuxie, whether or not Mama has been KO'd, will result in the loss of a stock for the Mama & Tuxie player, and Mama will disappear momentarily for the duo to respawn if it is not their last stock. As the Mama player, you have to keep Tuxie safe with your strong attacks, and if you've transitioned to playing as Tuxie, you now have to either run out the clock or get little spurts of damage in while you can.

Below are Mama's specials.

Side B: Belly Slide
Mama takes a few steps forward before sliding on her belly. This move has a bit of startup and acts like a heavy dash attack in NASB, gives you a lot of speed and the momentum can be carried over if you cancel the attack after hitting someone.

Neutral B: Icy Slap
Basically the old Ice Climbers neutral b, however it now has a weak hitbox when Mama slaps the pair of small iceberg projectiles.

Down B: Peck
A three-level chargeable forward peck, with super armor if you charge past the first level. Level One is a medium-range poking tool that can set up a techchase situation (which you can follow up on with Side B), second level is a bit stronger and can freeze at the sweetspot, and the third level kills and destroys full shields. It is impossible to store the charge over the time, but you can cancel the attack by shielding, jumping, or rolling.

Up B: Snowy Swap
This is a bit of a weird one. In Chess, you can sometimes swap the places of your Rook and your King, called Castling, and this duo has the same deal for their Up B. Both characters are momentarily covered in an icy, dusty cloud, during which they are invulnerable and impossible to see. When the move ends, Mama is where Tuxie was and vice versa. Each one has a very strong hitbox on the attack when they spawn. Imagine Orcane's Up B if the puddle was a completely separate character. You can use this to quickly get Tuxie out of trouble or if you've run out of your double jump with Mama offstage and think Tuxie might be able to make it back safely. You don't regain control immediatly though, as both penguins will be somewhat dizzy after the swap, so do be extremely careful when using this high-risk, high-reward attack.

And here are Tuxie's two attacks:

Neutral Attack: Tiny Icy Slap
Only spawns one iceberg like Sopo and doesn't have as large of a hitbox as Mama's.

Special Attack: Flutter Jump
Has heavy armor like Yoshi's, but doesn't go nearly as far or as high. Does small amount of damage and is a quick get off me tool.
Tuxie can do anything the other characters can movement wise.

Mama Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: Mama faces the screen and does a "dance" with her flippers.
  • Left: Mama takes out a Cheep Cheep and eats it.
  • Right: Mama faces right angrily and vocalizes aggressively.
  • Down: Mama does a few small hops.
Tuxie Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: Tuxie imitates Mama's dance from her up taunt.
  • Down: Tuxie builds a small snowman who resembles the giant one seen on Cool, Cool Mountain. The snowman lingers for a few seconds before melting away, but its only purpose is aesthetical flair.
Mama & Tuxie Victory Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Tuxie hops around happily as Mama smiles with pride.
  • Mama lies down to take a nap, with Tuxie jumping on her back repeatedly to her charagin.
  • Mama and Tuxie admire a Power Star before posing with it.
  • Mama carries Tuxie up to the camera as he happily waves "bye-bye" to it.
Intro animation: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Tuxie falls from the Sky and mama rushes to catch him just in time

final smash: Penguin Payback ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

Mama or Tuxie picks up a nearby foe and drops them off-screen, KOing them instantly. It's not that flashly and has a short activation range, but it is easily the best Final Smash in the game. If both Mama & Tuxie are active they'll both try to pick up the foes, technically giving the best range.

Baby Bros. ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  • The Baby Bros. have better traction than the Ice Climbers
  • The Baby Bros' down throw has them hit with a hammer
  • The Baby Bros' down air is more similar to Dedede's.
  • Belay is renaimed "Daisy Chain" and uses a row of flowers
  • Blizzard is renamed "Heatwave" and instead of freezing can cause lasting fire damage, which functions similarly to Olimar's Pikmin
  • Ice Shot is renamed "Electro Shock" and involves an electric wave. It cannot freeze.
Entry: Baby Mario/Peach is in a bubble, crying - Baby Luigi/Daisy falls from the sky, pops the bubble in the process, and upon land and picks their brother/best friend up.

Baby Bro Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: The babies raise their hammers in the air.
  • Left: The babies do a little dance, similar to their awards animations from Mario Kart Wii.
  • Right: The babies pull out a cookie and eat it.
  • Down: The babies sit down and begin crying. It's just as annoying as it sounds.
Baby Bro Victories ( FazDude FazDude )
  • A small bundle is dropped onto the ground, with the babies popping out of it to wave goodbye.
  • One of the babies is seen crying in a bubble, with the other arriving to pop it before the two pose.
  • The babies are seen taking a nap. Shhhh!
  • The babies put together a little trophy made out of toy blocks before clapping

Baby Bros. Final Smash: Pocket Chomp ( FazDude FazDude )

The babies hop aboard a Chain Chomp as it begins going beserk, jumping around the arena and heavily damaging opponents caught between its jaws. Should it leap into a blast zone, it'll just bounce right off to keep attacking. Eventually, the Chain Chomp bucks the babies off of it, sending them into the air to help them recover before vanishing.

Dixie Kong ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Dixie has 2 double jumps (3 jumps total) - she's somewhat of a turtle and her playstyle revolves around spacing with ponytail, guitar, and bubblegum disjoints.

B: Guitar Strum

Dixie strums her guitar, which sends a shockwave that goes across the ground and shocks anyone caught in it. If you listen to 5 of her notes consequtively, you'll notice they make up the tune of Stickerbush Symphony.

Side B: Bubblegum Popgun

Dixie squeezes all the bubblegum in her popgun into one big rainbow bubble - the pop flings foes away but doesn't deal damage. It cancels projectiles, but doesn't reflect

Up B: Bubblegum Monkey

In a tribute to another SNES hero, Dixie blows a bubblegum bubble big enough to lift her up. She can move left and right during the quick ascent, but cannot control when the bubble pops. It has a powerful hitbox when it does however.

Down B: Helicopter Spin

Dixie does her helicopter spin - in the air it lets her glide down to safety slowly with faster air speed. This move doesn't have a hitbox, but rather lets Dixie perform standing attacks while moving on ground. This move can be held indefinetly even on ground.

Intro animation Janx_uwu Janx_uwu
Dixie is flying with her ponytail and lands on a helipad with a DX instead of an H. The helipad disappears before gameplay starts.

Final Smash ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Expresso Dash

Dixie dashes on Expresso like beast Ganon or Diddy's new Rambi FS - when the move first connects she hops off and can follow up however she wants

  • Victory Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Dixie plays her guitar to the tune of her victory theme before posing.
    • Dixie flies into view with her ponytail, landing and brushing it aside before posing.
    • Dixie claps happily before performing a handstand.
    • Dixie swings down a flagpole from DKC2 before landing and posing.
  • Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Up: Dixie hovers in the air for a moment with her ponytail.
    • Left: Dixie blows a gum bubble, which pops in her face and covers it in gum for a moment.
    • Right: Dixie gives the camera a peace sign.
    • Down: Dixie performs a handstand while smiling.

Timber (Submitted by FazDude FazDude )
Upon entering the water, Timber's car enters a hovercraft form (for this game, his vehicle can transform ala the cars in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed). While this leaves him unable to drown like most fighters, it does give him a larger swimming hurtbox.
  • Neutral Special: Missile
    • Using the Red Balloon item from Diddy Kong Racing, Timber shoots a rocket from the front of his car. A simple tap of the special button has the rocket fly straight forwards, while holding the button will have it charge up for a moment before homing in on the nearest player in front of Timber. Either way, it's essentially Samus' side special.
  • Side Special: Speed Boost
    • Partially inspired by the Blue Balloons from DKR, Timber begins to rev his car's engine before rocketing forward, bowling over opponents in his path. Charging up the move increases its range, but keep in mind that Timber cannot turn around or cancel the move until the car returns to its normal speed.
  • Up Special: Plane Mode
    • Timber's car is converted into a plane, which proceeds to fly diagonally upwards, after which it reverts to its car form, leaving Timber in an odd sort of freefall state; He cannot use any special attacks, but normal attacks and dodges are still A-OK.
  • Down Special: Mine
    • Using the Green Balloon's item, a mine pops out of the back of Timber's car, exploding once an opponent touches it. However, only one mine can be on-screen per Timber.
Entry animation: A balloon hatch disappears and Timber flies in using the car's plane form, this is accompanied by the sound of children cheering ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

Timber Final Smash: Final Lap ( FazDude FazDude )
Timber turns his car into a plane and flies forwards, trapping any hit opponent in a cinematic. The cinematic takes place on Timber's Island, where the opponents are being held up by item balloons. Suddenly, Timber, along with a few other racers from Diddy Kong Racing, come flying around the bend and ram into the balloons, launching the opponents in the process.

Timber taunts: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. The racer stands on their kart's hood and does a dance like the character select
  2. The racer hops out of the car to inspect it under the hood, they give a thumbs up and return to the battle
  3. The racer lets go of a balloon which circles them
  4. The racer drifts in circles

Timber victory: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Taj flies in on his carpet and grants the racer a magic balloon
  2. The chosen racer leads a conga line of the other alts + Diddy and Dixie out-of-car. This is accompanied by a stock children cheering sound effect.
  3. The racer crosses a finish line and cheers
  4. Wizpig is chasing the racer who is in a plane, but hits his head on a giant branch. This is accompanied by a stock children laughing sound effect

Penny (Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Penny is lighter than Wario, she has slower falling speed and faster air speed. She is generally weaker but also faster
  2. Chomp has been replaced with a new invention, the Chattering Teethbot - the Teethbot cannot eat items or heal, but it can throw foes backwards.
  3. Waft has been replaced with Jet Tank Overload, where Penny overloads her Jet Tank with hot water and creates a blast of smoke. This functions like a mid-charged waft (basically a big explosion that makes you jump up), your foe's trajectory is fixed to your jump, making this a stellar combo starter
  4. The trip dash attack is reinstated
  5. Penny's bike is the one she made for Wario in Smooth Moves - referred to as the Penny Bike, it is smaller and thus a little harder to hit with when perched on - when Penny jumps off the bike it continues driving as a projectile until it hits a wall (which makes it explode) or falls off the stage. It cannot be picked up.
  6. The shoulder bash side smash has also been reinstated
  7. In her neutral air, Penny's coat becomes loose instead of bloating. This hits to the left and right
  8. Penny's back air is a dropkick
  9. Penny's forward tilt is a softer equivalent to Wario's current forward Smash
  10. A blueprint is added to her down tilt, this is only cosmetic
  11. Penny wears a helmet akin to her Grandpa's for her up smash, this is also exclusively cosmetic.
  12. Penny has a rapid jab using water from the Jet Tank One, this is akin to Inkling's. She doesn't have a standard jab. This propells Penny slightly backwards, but this is barely noticable let alone useful or detrimental

Penny appears from two puffs of smoke with random, pastel, colours with frizzled hair and broken potions on the ground, she stares the screen comically before fixing her hair and rubbing off the soot

Penny Final Smash: Alien Laser Hero

Penny gets into a comically out-of-place photo-realistic robot head mech and fires a laser from the left side of the stage. It can be angled but only deals damage no knockback until when it ends, in which case it will grow a tiny bit bigger like Samus' Final Smash and knock anybody caught in it away. Aim is the name of the game!

Penny taunts ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Up: Penny gets out a microphone and sings a random WarioWare song. (in "la"'s, not lyrics) She sings her and Mike's songs on-tune, but the rest a little off
  2. Down: Penny's glasses fall off, and she tries to pick them up a la Velma from Scooby-Doo
  3. Back: Penny drinks a potion - her colours briefly change to that of one of the recolours of the alt in use.
  4. Side: Penny flaps her arms and holds them on her hips
Penny victories: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Penny is flying uncontrollably on her Jet Pack One, when it runs out of water the arena is flooded so she presses a button that creates a pool ring.
  2. Penny juggles a three teleportation potions, she drops them and they spawn Dr. Crygor; Mike; and Doris 1 who congratulate her
  3. Penny panickedly chases after Wario, who is on his bike and keeping a loose case of money
  4. Penny jumps out of the GiT game console and does a peace sign

Fawful & Cackletta (Created by Evangelos Callow on ArtStation, submitted by Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )

Intro animation ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario ): Fawful appears in a flash of lighting, accompanied by a speech bubble reading a randomised choice of one of his iconic quotes. The Cackletta spirit will ocassionally try to push away the speech bubble

Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Fawful (and Cackletta) laugh evilly.
  • Fawful juggles some beans in his hands. Cackletta grimaces, not amused by Fawful's showboating.
  • Fawful grimaces as steam comes out of his head.
  • Fawful jeers at the opponent, with a speech bubble appearing displaying insults that only Fawful could think up.
Victories ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Fawful laughs maniacally, the camera pans up to show a giant non-soul Cackletta looming over in silhouette
  2. Fawful laughs maniacally, the camera focuses on his face to a grotesque degree while Cackletta soul tries to appear in-frame
  3. Fawful spreads his arms out, followed by a speech bubble of one of his quotes appearing - more speech bubbles will appear one after the other
  4. A Cackletta soul jumpscare - it zooms out to reveal that even Fawful was spooked by it.
Captain Toad YoshiandToad YoshiandToad
Naturally Captain Toad isn't a particularly acrobatic individual. His heavy backpack prevents him from jumping far or high, and although his dash speed isn't too bad, he's not outpacing many.

However, where the good Captain does excel is with his bag of 'special' tricks which work around his lack of leaping and give him some movement and ways to chase down his opponents.

Neutral special: Backpack Bash
A secret attack in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, the backpack bash has Captain Toad spin in circles until his big backpack bashes opponents back.

If charged, he'll perform this with a pickaxe in hand, allowing him to deal greater damage with more range as he spins, protecting both his back and front.

Up special: Block Switch Pull
A key aspect of Captain Toad Treasure Tracker was activating mechanisms throughout the world that would allow him to make his way through. These would include turnstyles that would rotate things, touch blocks that would move blocks up and down, propeller platforms that would rise when blown on, etc...but the most plentiful were the Pull Switches.

When Captain Toad pulls this, a block tower will appear below him, elevating him to a higher, temporary platform. Captain Toad will be bounced into the air and a wall will appear below him. Useful for blocking opponents moves or performing the Captain's aerials as he falls back to the stage.

This move can still be activated in the air, allowing for the Captain to get some good height through the sudden burst from the platform, although not taking advantage of the block's momentum may leave the Captain stranded on a tiny platform he cannot return to the stage from. Only one block can be out at a time.

Down Special: Turnip Cannon
Captain Toad pulls another pull switch and a cannon forms around him. Once inside the cannon he can fire a burst of turnips. These can be angled like Yoshi's eggs could in Brawl, allowing for great coverage and giving Captain Toad a powerful projectile move.

The downside is that he's not able to move at all whilst in the cannon, and performing this in the air will prevent him from using his up special, although an aerial turnip cannon can allow him to fire the turnips backwards to be pushed in that direction.

(I didn't want to overlap with Peach's pluck too much, but the turnips are absolutely a major part of Treasure Tracker so we need them!)

Side Special: Minecart
Captain Toad brings a minecart out of his backpack(no wonder it's so heavy!) and gets in it. This shoots forwards with great speed knocking any opponent in it's way flying. Captain Toad can abandon the minecart by 'jumping' out of it although really it's more of a clamber out.

Unlike Wario's bike, this cannot be turned around, although having a minecart out will not prevent you from activating another if Captain Toad is no longer in it, making it somewhat chainable.

Due to it's trajectory it can be easy to avoid if you're aware it's coming...it's just the speed at which it comes may catch you off guard.

Final Smash: Wingo ( FazDude FazDude )

Upon activating the Final Smash, Captain Toad pulls out the Smash Star, ready to unleash its power… Only to have Wingo, the main antagonist of Treasure Tracker, swoop in and clutch it in his talons. Captain Toad, not wanting to give up his treasured prize, clings on for dear life as Wingo begins to fly around the stage erratically, ramming into opponents and blowing them away with gusts of wind. Eventually, Captain Toad will lose his grip on the Smash Star and be tossed back to the stage, dusting himself off as Wingo flies away to end the Final Smash.

Entrance ( FazDude FazDude )
The Starshroom lands on the stage, with the Captain hopping out of it.

  • Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Up: Captain Toad waves at the camera.
    • Left: Captain Toad inspects a map before putting it away.
    • Right: Captain Toad shades his eyes as he looks around.
    • Down: Captain Toad spins around before posing.
  • Victory Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Captain Toad reenacts his victory animation from Treasure Tracker with a Green Star.
    • The Toad Brigade tosses Captain Toad up and down in celebration.
    • Captain Toad eagerly runs into frame before tripping over himself. After this, he sits himself up with a sheepish expression.
    • Captain Toad looks at a treasure* with curiosity before picking it up and showing it to the camera.
      • *This treasure could actually differ depending on fighters in the match, with each character having one assigned to them; Mario gets a Power Star, Luigi gets a key, Donkey Kong could have the Crystal Coconut, etc.
The Stork (Submitted by FazDude FazDude , created by EvilWaluigi on DeviantArt)
  • Neutral B: Drop-Off / Pick-Up
    • The Stork drops off its current baby in its current position (with the baby being encased in a bubble if the move is used in mid-air). It'll just sit there, doing cute baby stuff. However, should the Neutral B be used again, the baby will cry, causing the Stork to rush to its position, gaining super armor and damaging opponents in the way of the Stork's flight. However, there is some end lag after the Stork catches up to the baby, as it picks the tot back up and calms it down.
    • The best think I can compare this to is the way Pooky works as part of Garfield's NASB moveset, except in reverse.
  • Side B: Swaddle Swoop
    • The Stork swoops forward, with the baby shaking a rattle for a multi-hit attack. This won't happen if the baby has been dropped off, though, with the multi-hits being replaced with a single, yet stronger hit.
  • Up B: Tantrum / Stork's Flight
    • The baby begins throwing a tantrum and shaking around in its bag, causing the Stork to wildly flap its wings, gaining some vertical height while acting as a constant hitbox. If the baby has been dropped off, the Stork instead flies upwards, dealing no damage but having greater vertical distance. However, this Up B does not place the Stork into free-fall, but it cannot use its special moves until it touches the ground again.
  • Down B: Lullaby
    • The Stork sings a lullaby to calm the baby down, putting nearby opponents to sleep.
Entrance ( FazDude FazDude )
The chosen baby is seen crying in front of a Stork Stop before the Stork swoops in and picks it up.

Final Smash: Stork Swarm ( FazDude FazDude )
The Stork flies into the background as it calls several other Storks (each of which is carrying one of several different colored Yoshi). The Storks then swoop through the foreground, attempting to home in on opponents to deal big damage upon contact. The player's Stork attacks last and deals the most damage before returning to the spot where the Final Smash was activated.

The Stork taunts ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Up: The Stork holds its feathers next to its cheek - if it has the baby, it will put the baby on its head and look upwards on this animation
  2. Side: The Stork gets out a cloud and molds it into the shape of a baby a la Pixar's Partly Cloudy
  3. Back: The Stork checks a map to see if it's made the right turn
  4. Down: The Stork stretches its "shoulders" (wings)

Stork victories ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. The Stork drops off a baby at a house, the baby it's been fighting with the help of will then appear on its head.
  2. The Stork plays with all the babies including the Baby Bros. and Baby Princesses
  3. The Stork goes through a portal to the past, "Mr. Pipe" follows.
  4. The Stork tells a story to all the babies including the Baby Bros. and Baby Princesses
Undodog & Yamamura ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Any move involving the Zapper’s crosshairs is replaced by the cursor from Mario Paint. For example, instead of the Zapper shooting thrice for U&Y’s forward smash, the cursor clicks thrice.
  • Trick Shot is replaced by Notes, where U&Y toss out the (what else?) dog note. The move otherwise acts the same, with each consecutive “click” on the note causing it to switch to another and play its respective sound.
  • Side B is the Rocket. Undodog throws a tiny undo rocket. Functions the same as the clay pigeon with one change: if it lands, it makes an extremely powerful explosion, while if it's clicked it will make a smaller explosion good for starting combos
  • The Wild Gunmen have been replaced by a Bill Blaster, which actually can shoot out one of multiple types of ammo: Standard Bullet Bills (which fly straight forwards), Bulls-Eye Bills (which home in on opponents), Green Shells, or Bob-Ombs.
Entrance ( FazDude FazDude )
The duo is placed onto the stage by a hand from Super Mario Maker.

Undodog taunts ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Duck Hunt's handstand dance
  2. Duck Hunt's hands up dance
  3. Undodog falls apart, Yamamura fixes him back
  4. Undodog hops in place twice, back and forth
Undodog victories ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. A Mario World goal pole phases into existence and a "Status Clear" notification appears that says "Defeat amount of stocks taken second place character", Undodog jumps through makes it disappear. The notification remains. Yamamura flies onto the pole when it appears, but falls off when it disappears
  2. Undodog drinks out of a dog bowl, while Yamamura has bird seed
  3. A Mario Paint scene where the words "yay undodog!" are crudely written with drawings of generic non-undo dogs and dog stamps. Undodog and Yamamura are themselves absent
  4. Undodog sleeps a la Pikachu next to a trophy, while Yamamura desperately tries to wake him up and alert him of victory

Final Smash: Maker Mania ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
Undodog runs forward while Yamamura flies straight up. Anyone that either hits along the way is thrown into a cinematic where there is a Mario castle level that constantly changes between SMB, SMB3, SMW, and NSMBU themes, all surrounded by the Mario Maker creation UI. The fighters hit are thrown into a large pit consisting of as many dangerous enemies that could fit there, as if it was designed by a young person. Yamamura looks worried and tries to make the level more thoughtfully designed by pressing on the buttons at the top for blocks and switches, while Undodog continues to run around on the enemy buttons. Eventually he makes two giant Bowsers stack ontop of each other in the SMB3 style, which is Yamamura's breaking point. He flies over to Undodog and picks him up, and the level is erased as the pair fly across it.
Captain Syrup ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Syrup is a slow heavyweight, similar to Ganondorf. She has a lot of disjointed moves

Up B: Anchor Throw. Syrup throws an anchor in one of 8 directions. If it hits ground, she'll instantly snap to it. The move can also be cancelled to just be used as a falling projectile
Side B: Shoulder Bash. Syrup dashes forwards with her shoulder. This move functions somewhat like Wonderwing, just without the meter. It is suspectible to counters
Down B: Loot Steal: Syrup steals a projectile in her loot bag. If she's fighting a foe with no projectiles she can use her Up B. This can be stacked. Every projectile will make her heavier and slower, but also charge up...
B: Loot Bash: Syrup slams her bag of loot forwards, with its power depending how much loot she's stolen - each loot slam will remove the power and extra weight of one stolen projectile.

Final Smash: Genie ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )

Syrup pulls out a magic lamp and quickly rubs it, summoning her loyal Genie! The Genie is roughly the same size as he is in Wario Land, and attacks with the same pattern. However, you can’t throw his lamp around or damage him. The Genie is joined by a mini-genie halfway through his attack who fights just like him. The mini-genie can be killed though.

Entrance ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Her pod from Wario Land 2 enters the arena, she exits through the opening teeth.

Syrup taunts ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Up: Syrup flips a coin, it goes up to the sky and a huge bag of coins land for her to grab
  2. Forward: Syrup stares smugly, stroking her chin
  3. Down: Syrup plants a sword in the ground
  4. Back: Syrup bursts into uncontrollable laughter and points at either the lowest ranked fighter or, if the foe(s) are off-screen, the camera.
Syrup victories: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Syrup pokes a barrel of maple syrup (written with red paint, with a barely legible "RUM" printed beneath it) with her sword, and grabs a wine glass to scoop and drink the oozing syrup.
  2. Syrup sits down on a throne, resting her fist on her cheek and silently chuckling as she smirks, and staring at the camera which is at her side.
  3. A parallel to Penny's Wario victory, Syrup runs off from a panicked plumber Wario, holding what is now her bike.
  4. A gold Peach statue is seen, which Syrup picks up with an grab arm from her pod, paralleling Mario in the WL ending

Klump ( FazDude FazDude )
Neutral Special: Orange Grenade
Klump pulls out an Orange Grenade from DK64, holding it just like Snake holds his grenades. Pressing the special button has him hurl the orange forwards, which explodes after a few seconds.

Side Special: Kannon
Klump pulls out a small cannon and fires a single cannonball from it. Unlike K. Rool's Blunderbuss, Klump's cannon cannot suck up the cannonball or opponents. However, the cannonball itself is much faster to compensate.

Up Special: Kling N' Klimb
This move is more of a tether recovery. Klump would still have to climb the rope for additional vertical height, but it would allow the rope to become attached to a ledge.

Down B: Klump Bump
Klump bumps his belly forwards. This move deals no damage and only sends foes flying a tiny bit away, but is very fast; good for starting combos; and gives Klump invincibility while it's used. It doesn't reflect projectiles, but projectiles that can be picked up will fall to the ground when hit by this move.

Final Smash: Kremling Ambush ( FazDude FazDude )
Klump whistles, prompting various Kremling enemies (the same kind found in Adventure Mode routes) to jump in from the sides of the screen to wreak havoc on Klump's foes. After a while, the enemies disappear.

Entrance ( FazDude FazDude )
Klump climbs down a rope.

  • Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Up: Klump laughs, resembling his animation from DKC.
    • Forward: Klump tosses an orange grenade in his hand, only for it to explode in his face.
    • Back: Klump salutes.
    • Down: Klump marches in place.
  • Victory Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Klump performs General Klump's amazing victory dance from the DKC cartoon.
    • Klump fires his Kannon repeatedly before posing.
    • Klump and a few Kremling troops are seen feasting on bananas in victory.
    • Klump begins laughing, only to fall over, unable to get up. Unlike Wario's similar animation, Klump stops laughing once he falls over, seeming quite frusturated as he tries to get up.

Pink Gold Peach ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  • Pink Gold Peach is heavier and stronger than Peach as expected
  • Pink Gold Peach's attack speed is slower, but her movement speed on ground is faster. She falls faster and her air movement is slower
  • A lot of Pink Gold Peach's stronger attacks have super armour
  • For her Down B, she plucks a Big Turnip. It doesn't go as far and slows her down to hold, but is obviously bigger and more powerful.
  • She doesn't glide down after her Up B, however she isn't left helpless by it either.
  • She summons a Golden Toad for her neutral B - she holds him like pre-Ultimate Toad.
  • Her jab is a punch-punch-kick like in Mario Party instead of a slap
  • She only has two forward smashes: a downwards pickaxe and an upwards shovel.
  • Pink Gold Peach cannot float.
  • Her grab is restored to its pre-Ultimate iteration. Her down throw and back throw are her throwing the foe instead of the butt moves
  • Her back air is a downwards "shoo!" slap instead of a kiss. It spikes.
  • All heart effects are swapped for explosions like in earlier Smash games.
  • Her Angel Bomber is a punch instead of a slap
PGP Final Smash: Bob-Omb Blossom FazDude FazDude
This is similar to Peach’s old FS, but instead of putting opponents to sleep, PGP’s dance causes Bob-Ombs to rain from the sky, just like in Sudden Death.

Entrance ( FazDude FazDude )
PGP emerges from a rosy explosion.

  • Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Up: Pink Gold Peach slings her pickaxe over her shoulder.
    • Left: Pink Gold Peach flips a coin with her finger.
    • Right: Pink Gold Peach poses as her body shimmers.
    • Down: Pink Gold Peach winks at the camera while giving a pointer finger.
  • Victory Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Pink Gold Peach plucks a Big Turnip from the ground and holds it up with one hand.
    • Pink Gold Peach tosses a Bob-Omb in her hands before tossing it behind her, creating an explosion as her name appears.
    • Pink Gold Peach curtsies for the camera before posing.
    • Pink Gold Peach brandishes her pickaxe.
Mimi ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Neutral Special: Rubee Toss
    • Mimi just throws a rubee forward as a quick projectile which can be angled.
  • Side Special: True Charge
    • Mimi transitions into her true form before charging forwards with her spider-like legs, dealing a considerable amount of damage and knockback upon contact with an opponent.
  • Up Special: True Spin
    • Mimi grows her spider legs and spins them, propelling herself upwards while being able to deal multiple hits of damage.
  • Down Special: Copycat Counter
    • Mimi strikes a pose. If she is hit during this animation, she launches the opponent away with little damage and knockback. However, she also gains access to their Neutral Special, which works just like Kirby's copy abilities.
Entrance: ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
a computer mouse appears that drags a square on the screen, and then that square flips between dimensions until Mimi is standing there.

Mimi FS: Mega Spider Swat ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

Mimi turns into a giant Spider Form and jumps into the background - 4 legs will appear in the foreground, each assigned to a face button - press the face button of the respective leg (indicated at the beginning of the FS to grab a foe below it and try to drag them off-stage.

Mimi Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: Mini spins her head in a full 360.
  • Left: Mimi giggles to herself.
  • Right: Mimi quickly shapeshifts into an opponent, performs their taunt, and then returns to normal.
  • Down: Mimi curtsies.
Victory ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Mimi innocently giggles, while spider legs slowly grow out her back
  2. Mimi spins her head and transforms into her spider form
  3. A cursor is dragged over Mimi and flips to reveal all her different alt costumes
  4. Another character in the battle's victory animation starts, but it cuts in a flash of TV static to Mimi sitting smugly with her hand on her cheek.

President Koopa ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Koopa is a stance fighter - both forms are equally as heavy, but his evolved (human) form has great range but poor speed thanks to his flamethrower, and his devolved (T-Rex) form has poor range but great speed

Neutral B: Flamethrower
Koopa shoots from his flamethrower, this basically functions like his canon counterpart's neutral B, but in a straight line instead of downwards

Up B: Flame Stompers
Koopa jumps up with flame-powered Thwomp Stompers - this creates a small spiking explosion when he jumps, and a very powerful, long-reaching explosion when he lands.

Side B: Meteor Bomb
Koopa throws an exploding rock in an arc, the rock becomes more powerful the more it flies, it explodes upon hit with the explosion's size being determined by the power. You'll want to use this like a grenade in free-for-alls

Down B: Devolution
Koopa melts into primordial ooze and reforms into his dinosaur form, this draws foes close to him.

Neutral B: Digging Chew
As a T-Rex, Koopa chews on the opponent. A three phase command grab a bit like Patrick's neutral B in NASB. First hit can send foes forward if the button is released, second can send foes backwards, third can send foes upwards

Up B: Pterolutuon
Koopa grows pterodactyl wings, this is basically Ridley's Up B

Side B: Stubby Swipe
The only arm move in devolved Koopa's kit. Koopa swipes forwards - this is a bit Rest/Nigel flick-esque with one major difference: it deals way more damage, but next to no knockback, instead making foes faint and allowing you to choose a follow up

Down B: Evolution
Koopa melts into primordial ooze and reforms into his evolved form, this draws foes away from him

  • Evolved Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
    • President Koopa readjusts his tie.
    • President Koopa barks orders into an early mobile phone.
    • President Koopa takes aim with a Deevolution Gun.
    • President Koopa wipes off his hands (he's a big germaphobe).
  • Devolved Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
    • President Koopa roars.
    • President Koopa sniffs the air.
    • President Koopa taps his claws together.
    • President Koopa stomps the ground.
  • Evolved Victory Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
    • A pair of movie Goombas escort President Koopa up to the camera, with him giving it a confident smirk.
    • President Koopa hops into his limo, with him giving the camera a wave before it drives off.
    • President Koopa is seen sitting at a desk, writing down some executive order. He pauses to give the camera an evil glare before returning to his work.
    • President Koopa devolves before roaring at the camera.
  • Devolved Victory Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
    • President Koopa runs onto the stage, swinging his claws before posing.
    • President Koopa roars victoriously.
    • President Koopa is seen clawing at the ground (with the shot resembling Ridley's clawing victory) before turning to the camera with a vicious stare.
    • President Koopa evolves, quickly tidying his appearance before posing.
Entrances ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Evolved entrance: President Koopa is driven onto the stage via limousine.
  • Devolved entrance: President Koopa, already on stage, is hit by a stray Devolution Gun shot, causing him to devolve before roaring.
President Koopa Final Smashes: Devolution Gun / Walk the Dinosaur ( FazDude FazDude )
That's right, President Koopa gets a unique Final Smash for both of his forms.
  • In his human form, President Koopa takes out the Devolution Gun and fires it forwards. Opponents hit by the gun are devolved into an oozy version of themselves, becoming slower, less mobile, and easier to launch for a short time.
  • In his dinosaur form, President Koopa roars as various dinosaurs (mainly smaller ones such as raptors) leap onto the stage to wreak havoc. President Koopa himself is controllable during this phase, although he won't be able to transform back to his human form until the Final Smash ends.
Birdo ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Birdo is a surprisingly heavyweight bruiser character who has poor base mobility, but some great options for getting where she needs to be with her specials. A Birdo player will need to choose wisely where they go and how they get there.

B: Egg Spit

Birdo spits an egg out her mouth - this is a powerful projectile that goes right through foes. Birdo cannot herself be hit by this, even if reflected, and can stand atop it. She can have two eggs out at a time, and the speed of the egg is determined by how long the button is pressed for.

Side B: Suction Kiss

Birdo does a Kirby-esque inhale, being propelled backwards by the force - if she goes off a platform she will start to fly. There's a windbox a little far from Birdo that will slowly draw foes near, and a grabbox closer to her nose/mouth, that when you're hit by she will kiss you then throw backwards.

Up B: Egg Hop

Birdo retreats into an egg and squashes down to charge up a jump. This move doesn't attack, but goes high when charged and has a limited super armour - though the shell can crack with too much damage. The shell also cracks once the egg reaches peak trajectory. This move doesn't leave Birdo helpless, even if the egg is cracked. It can't be cancelled until the hatch expect for one way - if you press any buttom during the jump portion, you will go into Birdo's Down B...

Down B: Pirouette Drill

Birdo gets out a ribbon and performs a pitouette downwards and goes through any soft platforms. If she goes down a soft platform, damaging stars will linger on that platform. This move can be cancelled at any point, but leaves her helpless. This is a multihit attack.

Birdo taunts ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Up: Birdo raises one leg, looks behind, and blows a kiss to the screen
  2. Down: Birdo briefly chases her tail, before looking to the camera and stopping.
  3. Side: Birdo gets out a phone and calls an unknown person
  4. Back: Birdo puts on a feather bow and flaps it behind her
Birdo victories: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Birdo relaxes on a sofa like in this commercial
  2. Birdo kisses the camera and leaves makeup on it, before posing
  3. Birdo walks smugly - this resembles Joker's victory
  4. Birdo grasps a crystal ball and looks to the camera from behind
Birdo FS: Egg-squiste Show ( FazDude FazDude )
Birdo poses as a spotlight appears around her, trapping any hit opponent in a cinematic. The cinematic depicts the opponent(s) being thrown onto a stage, with Birdo being lowered down onto it by a cardboard moon. The stage then lights up, revealing a fleet of smaller Robirdos around the fighters. These Robirdos pelt eggs into the opponents before Birdo herself fires a flaming egg at them, launching them back into the stage and ending the cinematic.

Rawk Hawk ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
-Fire effects are gone, feathers do come out of certain attacks where fire used to be like Up B

-Air speed is improved from Incineroar

-Down tilt is a sliding kick as opposed to Incineroar's low sweep

-Nair has him flip around twice like a canonball, fuctions almost the same as Incin's nair with a slightly smaller hitbox

-Lands on his feet for the down smash instead of his stomach, so smaller but slightly stronger hitbox (also cracks the floor a bit)

Final Smash: Tantalizing Takedown ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu

Rawk Hawk lifts the Champ's Belt above his head and snaps it forward (as the length increases tenfold without an explanation), immobolizing anyone not quick enough to dodge. Instead of pulling them in, however, Rawk Hawk runs up to the opponent himself to deliver a Flying Knee! This launches the cutscene where he performs several attacks on an opponent (the one closest within his reach from earlier) as they are launched repeatedly between the reins of an arena and the majestic moves of Rawk Hawk. After a few bounces, Rawk slams the opponent with a metal chair, knocking them unconscious and onto the ground. Rawk Hawk taunts, motions for the crowd to get louder (which it does), and delivers a super destructive People's Elbow to the opponent. We then see a new shot where everything has turned to shilouettes except for Rawk and his opponent, and shortly after impact, many objects (primarily rocks) fall from the ceiling, damaging the other opponents as well (but not as much as if they were caught in the ring).

Entrance: ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
Rawk Hawk is already on the stage, with his back to the screen. A spotlight shines on him and he turns to the screen with a crowd pleasing pose, triggering cheers from the audience.

  • Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Up: Rawk Hawk points to the sky, a common pose for the character and wrestlers in general.
    • Left: Rawk Hawk makes a pose similar to this one.
    • Right: Rawk Hawk beckons the opponent with a smirk on his face.
    • Down: Rawk Hawk flexes his muscles.
  • Victory Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Rawk Hawk raises a championship belt into the air before posing with it.
    • Paper Mario is seen on-screen looking around. He suddenly gets body slammed by the Rawk himself, leaving him flattened as Rawk Hawk jumps off him and poses.
    • Rawk Hawk flexes for the camera.
    • Rawk Hawk laughs and folds his arms.

E. Gadd ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
E. Gadd is a grappler/zoner hybrid who is EXTREMELY good at getting foes where he wants them and uncharacteristically (both for his archetype and character) fast + light to boot, but suffers on virtue of his special moves not dealing any damage whatsoever and his normals lacking in power

Neutral B: Poltergust

E. Gadd sucks a foe near with his Poltergust, he can then go into a bit of a cursor-drag mode to place the foe down wherever he wants within a radius. This is a great move for putting foes in a different place, but also very slow and with a lot of endlag when used successfully, though if you fail to catch you can act out of it quick. This is a command grab

Side B: Get Oozer Here!

E. Gadd creates a string of goo out of the Poltergust - if it catches someone, E. Gadd can pull them as quickly or slowly as he wants (and cancel if he needs) and follow it up however he wants. This has better range to catch than Poltergust; allows a quicker follow up; and lets you place foes where you want them quicker with less worry of them mashing out, but also punishes you more severly if you fail to catch and has less freedom to place the foe.

Down B: Squirt Nozzle

This is is equivalent to Mario's old FLUDD, with one major difference: E. Gadd can move left and right when using it - both for charging and spraying. He can drop down platforms, but not jump.

Up B: Hover Nozzle

E. Gadd rockets up quickly with the Hover Nozzle. This is the closest move to a proper attack in E. Gadd's specials since the water's sweet spot (the nozzle) is a meteor smash - the rest of the water is just a soft downwards windbox. Still doesn't deal damage though. E. Gadd goes high with this, but can only angle during the quick ascent and not the slow descent.

As a small visual detail, the FLUDD will remain on until a Poltergust move is used, where the Poltergust will remain on until a FLUDD move is used. This doesn't change lag or serve as any kind of stance mechanic, just a fun easter egg.

Entrance ( FazDude FazDude )
Professor E. Gadd warps onto the stage via the Pixelator.

Final Smash: Super Poltergust 3001 ( FazDude FazDude )

E. Gadd hops aboard the SP3001 and begins flying around the stage, being able to damage opponents he runs into. It's pretty much a (slightly) slower version of Super Sonic in Ultimate.

E. Gadd. Taunts ( BlustersBest BlustersBest )
  • Up Taunt: He hops up into his lab chair and spins around, laughing (Ho Ho!)

  • Left Taunt: He pulls out a mug, and tosses a Starbean with the other hand into it.

  • Right Taunt: He pulls out the DS Time radar, and points it around, looking for a signal

  • Down Taunt: He tosses a Wrench into the air, but it bonks him on the head on the way down, leading him to rub his head with the opposite hand.

E. Gadd Victory Animations ( BlustersBest BlustersBest )

  • He comes from offscreen, using the poltergust to suck up an orange ghost before being tripped and pulled over by the force of the ghost dragging him along.

  • He uses a cloth to wipe off his glasses before putting them back on.

  • He is scared by an appearing Boo, knocking him onto his feet.

  • E. Gadd appears trapped inside of a portrait. Luigi appears as well and uses the Dark-Light device on the portrait, causing him to fall out.

Kamek ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Deactivate becomes Magikoopa Spell - Kamek fires a magical burst of energy from his wand which has most of the same properties of the Deactivate wand. However, Kamek's spell does have a chance to provide a random debuff rather than always doing the same one; The attack mostly just does slight damage with no knockback, but it can also freeze opponents, reverse controls for a short time, poison the opponent, or put them to sleep!
  • The Garlic is replaced with a Fooly Flower. The Fooly Flower functions like a bumper, however Kamek himself can't be put in hitstun by his Fooly Flowers, just pushed.
  • Bomb becomes Broomstick Flight - Kamek hops on his broomstick and begins flying around. While he can still fire magical projectiles at opponents (albiet without any of the debuffs from his Neutral Special), his movement is more akin to how Mona moves in Get it Together.
  • Reductive Energy stays the same.
  • Finally, as a neat visual distinction, Kamek teleports for his rolls and airdodges.
FS: Mega Mayhem ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

Kamek flies above the screen and drops some magic. This makes his foes enormous and heavy! However, they're no more powerful - they're also extremely slow both in movement and attack speed, and can barely even jump. Kamek and his teammates remain regular sized. This grants you free combo food, even if KOs may be tricky.

Kamek/Toady Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: Kamek lets out his signature laugh.
  • Left: Kamek waves his wand in the air as Toady hovers around him.
  • Right: Kamek practices his magic on Toady, transforming it into a random Yoshi's Island enemy for a moment (although it always retains its propeller)
  • Down: Kamek spins in place on his broomstick.
Kamek/Toady Victories: ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Kamek swoops across the screen on his broom before posing in front of it.
  • A group of Toadies are seen carrying a Baby Yoshi away, with Kamek following behind while cackling.
    • If Baby Mario was present in the match, the Toadies will carry him away instead, leaving him absent from the results screen.
  • Kamek waves his wand in the air, preparing to cast a finisher spell... before Toady bumps into him and causes him to drop his wand, causing Kamek to glare at his lackey.
  • A group of Toadies repeatedly toss Kamek into the air in celebration, while Kamek isn't too happy about the ordeal.
Entrance ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
Kamek flies onto the screen on his broom. He makes his voice sound effect from Yoshi’s Island as he does so. Toadie is right behind him.
Madame Broode ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Madame Broode is extremely heavy and slow, but has brilliant range and power thanks to Chompikins - in fact, she's a zoner! However, her moves are slow and leave her very vulnerable if a foe can get between her and Chompkins. Chompikins also grabs for her which makes him a zair

Up B: Chomp Tether
Madame Broode swings Chompikins, who bites higher depending on how long the move has charged. Chompikins will also grab on to ledges

Side B: Fetch!
Madame Broode throws Chompikins' hat as a boomerang projectile - press the button again to rush over to it as an attack. The rush is very fast, and is a non-ranged move as Broode dashes the same speed as Chompikins.

B: Spew Little, Spew Soon
Chompikins opens his mouth - if a projectile goes in, he'll chew it and spew it out as a puddle of purple slime. This functions somewhat like Oblina goop in NASB.

Down B: Chomp Breath
Chompikins opens his mouth and gets his putrid breath out - in this state, none of Madame Broode's specials (except deactivating this move) work and the normals don't go as far, but gettng close to Madame Broode deals damage even when she isn't attacking

Madame FS: RoboBrood Deluxe ( FazDude FazDude )

Madame Broodal hops into a large mech resembling an upgraded version of the RoboBrood, with Chompikins hanging from the bottom. The RoboBrood Deluxe stomps around and fires bombs, with Chompikins swinging around to deal major damage to opponents that come in contact with him. The FS ends after some time, with the RoboBrood Deluxe breaking and Madame/Chompikins returning to battle in their original forms.

Madame Broode Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: Madame Broode's face gets red as she stomps the ground repeatedly.
  • Left: Madame Broode feets Chompikins a doggy treat, with the latter getting crumbs everywhere.
  • Right: Chompikins lunges for the opponent, with Madame Broode just barely being able to hold him back.
  • Down: Madame Broode lets out a noblewoman-like laugh.
Victories ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Madame Broode lets out a laugh before Chompikins begins charging at something off-screen. Madame Broode grabs a hold of his chain and holds on for dear life indefinitely.
  • Madame Broode snags a Power Moon out of the air and adds it to her necklace before posing.
  • Madame Broode simply pets Chompikins while smiling.
  • Chompikins bites at the camera repeatedly before Madame Broode pulls him back with a sly grin.
Jimmy T. ( FazDude FazDude )
Jimmy Moveset
Jimmy is designed as a character with a lot of mobility, but not much in the name of power or endurance.
  • Neutral Special: DJ Spin
    • Jimmy T. spins in place, essentially becoming a tornado not unlike Meta Knight's Neutral Special. Jimmy T. has a lot of control over his direction, but won't do too much damage.
  • Side Special: Ski Jump
    • Jimmy T. straps on a pair of skis and propels himself forwards, dealing fairly low damage/knockback, but helping him cover lots of horizontal ground. This move is inspired by one of his minigames from the original WarioWare.
  • Up Special: Smooth Slidin'
    • Jimmy T. strikes a pose before quickly travelling in one of eight directions. This move is inspired by his movement in WarioWare: Get it Together!
  • Down Special: Feline Fever
    • Jimmy T. poses alongside two cats from the microgame of the same name. If Jimmy is attacked during this pose, the cat closest to them will attack, launching them away.
Jimmy T. Final Smash: Disco Party ( FazDude FazDude )
A disco ball descends from the sky and Jimmy T. proceeds to get his groove on. As he dances, a large entourage of cats (or dogs, if you're playing as Jimmy P.) invade the stage with their own dance moves, causing opponents who touch them to get lost in the groove, dancing alongside the animals. At the end of the Final Smash, Jimmy and company strike a powerful pose, launching any caught opponent away! The disco ball and backup dancers then leave the stage as Jimmy T. gets ready to continue the fight.

Entrance ( FazDude FazDude )
Jimmy T. is seen in shadow as a spotlight hovers around him. Once the spotlight focuses on him, he becomes unshadowed and strikes a pose.

  • Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Up: A cat (or dog if playing as Jimmy P.) pokes its head out of Jimmy T's afro.
    • Left: Jimmy T. calls somebody on his phone.
    • Right: Jimmy T. strikes a pose.
    • Down: Jimmy T. dances in place. This taunt can be held out.
  • Victory Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Jimmy T. dances with some cats before posing, resembling his victory dance from Mega Microgames.
    • Jimmy T. spins around before posing.
    • Jimmy T. moonwalks into view before posing.
    • Jimmy T. takes a break from dancing, relaxing with his entourage of cats.
( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Mario is a shoto, Dr. Mario is a bruiser, Luigi and Gooigi are grapplers, and Imajin is a zoner. He's the most nimble of the "plumbers" and can keep foes away well, but suffers from low power

  1. Imajin is fast and can navigate the air well, great for running away when used with his two projectiles, however his power is poor and he's on Kirby/Jigglypuff levels of lightweight
  2. Neutral B is a Turnip Toss - Imajin tosses a turnip, which he can angle in three trajectories. It bounces off a foe and can bounce three times. This can be really useful in FFAs, and has niche uses in competitive should the trajectory + foe's weight align
  3. For his down B, Magic Carpet Ride, a tiny Pigit on a Magic Carpet surrounds and spins around him, similarly to Cappy in Mario's down B - this will always send a foe the opposite direction of Imajin but deals no damage. This has a bigger disjoint but is still better for getting close foes away.
  4. Imajin's Up B is Super Jump. This is a chargable move that suspends Imajin in air until it's released, where he uppercutes. This move doesn't deal much damage but goes very high.
  5. Side B is Carpet - this is a projectile that itself reflects projectiles, much like the oft-discussed Cappy concept. The animation is the same as cape
  6. Imajin generally uses more kicks thanks to his pointy boots. A bicycle kick for his up smash, a PM Wario-esque forward smash kick, and a NASB SpongeBob-esque forward air.
Imajin Final Smash: Yume Kojo! ( FazDude FazDude )
Imajin throws a book forwards; If it makes contact with anyone, a clawed hand will pull them inside. A cinematic then plays depicting the Yume Kojo event, albiet with Doki Doki Panic/SMB2 enemies celebrating instead of real-life people. Caught up in the celebration, the opponent is bumped into some fireworks, which launch them upwards before exploding with DDP's "BOMB" explosion, dealing major damage and knockback.

Taunts ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Imajin has one taunt for each party member - if you use a character's taunt while not being played as they will magically appear while the player character does their taunt - using the taunt in your character's assigned input will make them do it with no spawns (same for 5-or-more player matches)
  1. Up: Imajin meditates
  2. Back: Mama presents a fresh roast turnip on a tray
  3. Down: Papa does a heel click, but lands belly-first on the ground
  4. Side: Lina belly dances

Victories ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Either Mama and Papa or Imajin and Lina will hold hands while on a magic carpet, Aladdin style, depending on which of the couples you're playing as a character from
  2. The quartet celebrate atop the podium from the ending of Mario 2 specifcially, with the player character cheering while the other 3 wave. fairies can be seen carrying Wart off-screen to be beat up
  3. The player character tells a story to the babies, the other 3 aren't seen in this one.
  4. Your player character waves goodbye to the camera as they walk through a door. which then disappears. The other 3 don't appear
Entrance ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Imajin comes out of a door that then disappears
Warupichi and Warudaisi ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario and Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear
Warupichi and Warudaisi just can't seem to get along. They're heavy, slow, and have a great range thanks to throwing one another about - think of them like a fully sword-based but non-disjointed Ganondorf with a bit of Pichu DNA in their self-damaging. All their specials have multiple stages and a command grab versiom.

Down Special: My Toy!
A command grab, Warupichi picks up the foe by their leg and holds them upside down above the ground like a school bully, she can either press a joystick to drop them on the ground or press the button again for Warudaisi to try to pick up the punk for her own, to which they argue by holding both sides of the foe - this is an automatic pummel and the foe will only be released with their own mashing, at which they'll be sent flying in from direction of whichever Wa-girl was pulling on them the most at that point. You can hold the joystick left or right to give the Wa-girl on that direction the most power when trying to get ahold of the foe, but that only increases the chance of them winning out when the foe mashes free, not gaurantees. There is another unique aspect to this move, it can also be cancelled at any point into any of the duo's other specials to let the foe be used in the place of the Wa-girl getting the short end of the stick. The command grab team versions of moves are the only time the Wa-Girls get along.

Special: Looserang
Warupichi throws Warudaisi like a boomerang, leaving her vulnerable - if this move is reflected the duo will gain the most damage of any single move, so it has to be used wisely, but it's almost as powerful when successful. The My Toy follow up variant of this doesn't deal any damage to the foe, but leaves them extremely vulnerable with the unique knockback trajectory and the duo being able to move.

Side Special: Jaw Sled
Warudaisi plants one foot on Warupichi's chest and the other inside her mouth and slides forwards - you can press the button again to cancel the move with a slobber-drenched kick, or press it again to have Warupichi slam Warudaisi into the ground for payback as a third hit. The third hit is the most powerful, but also the only one to deal damage. As a My Toy follow up, both the girls will sled together on the foe's chest, and only the kick can be done.

Up Special: Swing and Spin
Warudaisi swings Warupichi like a helicopter blade to fly up, with Warupichi being a big hitbox. you can press the button again to make Warupichi stomp into Warudaisi as a spiking stall and fall which deals self-damage. This move's first stage is a lot faster in the My Toy follow up, and will always go into the second stage

  • Side Smash: Warudaisi kicks Warupichi in the back, causing the bigger girl to collapse on her stomach. This can spike opponents on the way down, similarly to the second half of K. Rool's Up Smash. Warudaisi's kick does also have a hitbox that can be a little tricky to land.
  • Up Smash: Warudaisi leaps onto Warupichi's shoulders and pulls her hair, before the bigger girl shakes her off. Warudaisi's body is a hitbox as she jumps and falls, meaning this has two hits.
  • Down Smash: Warupichi grabs Warudaisi by the hair and swings her around in a circle. Their simplest Smash attack, but it has good range.

taunts ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Up: Warudaisi starts to limp, Warupichi picks her up, holds her above her head, and snaps her into a healthy posture
  2. Back: The girls laugh in a way resembling this meme
  3. Side: Warudaisi blows a raspberry, but her slobber ends up on Warupichi
  4. Down: Warudaisi dabs, while Warupichi winces and grunts "cringe..."

victories ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. The Wa-Girls fight over their victory trophy
  2. Warupichi looks at the camera and grunts "Bleh." while sitting down - before Warudaisi jumps super close to the camera and shouts "BLEH!"
  3. Warudaisi is chased by a Reznor, while Warupichi smirks and shrugs
  4. Warudaisi boasts and brags about winning, Warupichi is embarassed and facepalms
Entrance ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Warupichi drives the party van into the stage, when she comes out Warudaisi is revealed to be chewing on her arm

Final Smash: Party Bus ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
A cutscene Final Smash - instead of running over a foe like a normal vehicle-related move, the girls drive their personalised; bacteria-covered budget neon party bus with their foes in the back, they stop the bus abruptly and send the foes flying through the front window and into space
Rabbid Peach ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Neutral Special: Blaster
    • Rabbid Peach locks onto a target (similarly to Palutena's Autoreticle) and fires four weak, yet fast Blaster shots at it.
  • Side Special: Plunger Gun
    • Rabbid Peach charges up before firing a plunger from her Blaster. Despite the charge needed to do so, the plunger deals no damage, but gets stuck to the opponent's face, temporarily reversing their controls and making their attacks weaker.
  • Up Special: Royal Tower
    • A stack of three Rabbids appear beneath Rabbid Peach and fling her into the air. You can angle the fling (and the Rabbids comically struggle to bend their tower back to accomodate for the launch).
  • Down Special: Sentry
    • Rabbid Peach places down a sentry. When the sentry is approached by a target, it will explode dealing damage to any opponent within range of the blast. It's also a damage sponge, taking many, MANY projectiles to destroy safely. However, Rabbid Peach can only have one out at a time, and you can't spawn another until the first is destroyed.
  • Final Smash: Dance Party ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Rabbid Peach poses as a spotlight shines around her, trapping any hit opponent in a cinematic. The cinematic depicts... a dance party. Yep. It's just Rabbid Peach, the opponent(s), and a bunch of Rabbids dancing. It's weird, and it certainly doesn't look very dangerous, but somehow it works; When the cinematic ends, the caught opponents are give considerable damage and put to sleep, having partied 'til they dropped.
Rabbid Peach victories ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Rabbid Peach takes a selfie, this is from the phone camera's POV
  2. The Mario + Rabbids Rabbid squad try to do an epic pose, but Rabbid Peach is dancing around and trying to get attention - they try to hold in their embarassment
  3. A timelapse of other Rabbids building a trash throne on top of a shopping kart for Rabbid Peach - it ends with Rabbid Peach smugly sitting next to the moon.
  4. Rabbid Peach does a 70s disco style dance with a group of generic Rabbids

Rabbid Peach taunts ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Up: the iconic Rabbid plunger DAAAAAAAAH!
  2. Side: Rabbid Peach holds out her hands and twirls
  3. Down: Rabbid Peach flosses
  4. Back: Rabbid Peach gets hit by a flying white fist from off-screen

Entrance ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
A Rabbid falls into the stage with a Peach plush toy, then gets Supamerged with it to become Rabbid Peach - if you're playing as the regular Rabbid alt this animation plays in reverse
Prince Peasley ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
His down B makes him stroke his hair with a shine as Torgo suggested in her original submission

When he dashes, he flies on his flying bean - he doesn't do so when walking however

Since he'll likely be the roster's only sword user, he has no tipper like Lucina

Taunts ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Up: Holds up his sword, much like Marth
  2. Back: Pats himself on the back, a lot like Dr. Mario's old taunt
  3. Side: Presents and throws a yellow rose
  4. Down: Takes a bow

Victories: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
All of Peasley's victories have a Sailor Moon style abstract background
  1. Peasley gracefully throws a yellow rose to the side in slow-mo, surrounding himself with petals
  2. Peasley plants his sword in the ground and strokes his hair
  3. Peasley jabs with his sword towards the screen rapidly, and then spins before the graceful final hit
  4. Peasley stands atop his flying bean, pointing his sword to direct it
Final Smash: Timed Hit ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Peasley will jab a foe with his sword, much like the infamous scene with Luigi, and the player will be prompted to press buttons to increase damage - it begins slow but eventually becomes so fast you'd never be able to press every button correctly without a TAS (though the hits are still powerful if you do nothing)

Entrance ( FazDude FazDude )
Prince Peasley flies onto the stage on his flying bean
Mad Piano ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
heavily nerfed to be less of a boss fighter. Its side special is Jumpscare Lunge - it jumps and quickly lunges forwards with the deafening sound of an MP3 to Midi scream, giving it super armour, it can press the button again to bite, but that stops its movement. This serves as Mad Piano's primary mobility option

Final Smash: ( BlustersBest BlustersBest )
Melody Pianissima appears and plays the Looping steps song from Mario 64 on Mad Piano, sending out spooky musical notes in multiple directions. Melody then slams the keys, sending out a shockwave.

Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: Mad Piano repeatedly opens and closes its mouth with a loud BANG each time.
  • Left: Mad Piano hovers in the air for a second.
  • Right: Mad Piano coughs up a book.
  • Down: Mad Piano plays a random tune. The options include the SMW death jingle, a ragtimey rendition of the Starman theme, the Merry Go Round music from SM64, or the Game Over jingle from SMB2.
Victories ( Baysha Baysha )
  1. The piano lunges at the camera a couple times, attempting to chomp it before landing and showing off its teeth.
  2. The piano jumps into a pile of books, eating them. (its gotta get them from somewhere)
  3. Luigi sits on a stool in front of the piano and attempts to play, but the piano opens its mouth and scares him off
  4. The camera starts out on the legs of the piano before panning out to show the full body of the piano. (Which is also playing the victory theme) After the fighter text comes on the screen, a cheering crowd can be heard and roses fly in from off-screen.
Entrance ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
A completely normal piano is present and doesn't do anything, it doesn't become "mad" until a button is pressed, not when the countdown is over
Mario's Final Smash would be Super Star Rush. ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

Mario turns invincible and dashes forwards. If the move connects, Mario will go into a cutscene where he runs across a 3D landscape made of 2D sprites from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World, knocking out enemies on the way. The foes caught in the move are knocked back so fast the non-controllable Mario has to chase them to give them a big kick.

New Down B: Cappy Tornado
Mario spins Cappy around him, functioning like Mario Tornado but with disjoints.

Mario's pre-Brawl dair returns

Taunts: ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Forward: Mario hops into the air with his iconic pose, giving a happy "Yahoo!"
  • Back: Mario spins in the air and falls on his back.
  • Up: Mario spins around and gives the camera a peace sign.
  • Down: Mario tosses Cappy, causing the latter to spin around him. Essentially his up taunt from Smash.
Victory animations: ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Mario slides down a flagpole, jumps off, and takes off his hat.
  • Mario tosses Cappy at the camera before posing with him on his head after Cappy boomerangs back.
  • Mario leaps into the air and lands in the classic strongman pose.
  • Mario reenacts the "Shine Get" animation from Super Mario Sunshine - The item he holds up is randomly chosen; It can be a Power Star, Shine Sprite, or Power Moon.

Footstools from Luigi and Gooigi now spike, making them a bit more useful than the average footstool. ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )

Luigi's has a new down smash, making use of the Burst from Luigi's Mansion 3. When used, a burst of wind comes out of the Poltergust's bottom, launching opponents away. ( FazDude FazDude )
Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  1. Up: Luigi shifts between multiple poses, just like his current up taunt.
  2. Forward: Luigi planks.
  3. Back: Luigi gets startled and falls on his backside, similarly to Lucas' up taunt.
  4. Down: The kick. Spikes/damages as normal.

Victories ( FazDude FazDude and Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  • Luigi's usual finger gun victory animation.
  • Luigi sucks a Boo into his Poltergust, falling over as the ghost is slammed into the machine.
  • Luigi broodingly claps for the victor, when his name is called he realises his mistake then does a jump punch to celebrate
  • A Mario-shaped shadow looms over a scared Luigi, and then becomes smaller as Mario jumps over to congratulate his brother (similar to his role in Plant's victory) - if playing 1v1 against a Mario that Mario's alt will show up and there'll be no clapping animation.
( FazDude FazDude )

Final Smash: Fury Bowser Flame ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )

I personally would rather have Fury Bowser replace Ultimate's Giga Bowser...although it will function more like Zero Suit Samus's Final Smash, as Bowser releases a stream of powerful fire breath instead of a punch. Personally, I just feel like this functionality is more accurate to what Fury Bowser actually does.

Bowser has a new forward smash which mimics his punching animation from Bowser's Inside Story. ( FazDude FazDude )

Intro ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
One of Bowser's Castles appears (basically a 3D rendition of the 8-bit castle), Bowser tears it down with his claws from inside and burns the debris

Bowser is voiced by Kenny James

New neutral B: Fire Ball ( FazDude FazDude )
This version of the Fire Ball would be more akin to Ryu's Hadoken, with Bowser taking a second to charge up and spewing out a fireball. The fireball is slow and deals little knockback, but has pretty good damage and range. However, Bowser can only have one fireball on the screen at a time.

Overall, the Fire Ball is more of a pressure tool than a zoning tool. Keep in mind, though, that you'll only spew a fireball if you press the special button - Holding it causes Bowser to use his regular fire breath he's used since Melee.

Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: Bowser roars to the sky.
  • Left: Bowser steps back, briefly losing his balance as a spiritual successor to his old "balancing" taunt.
  • Right: Bowser pounds his fist into his palm as smoke billows out of his nostils.
  • Down: Bowser folds his arms and chuckles.
Victories ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Bowser spews fire into the air before posing with his claw extended to the camera.
  • Bowser roars in triumph before grabbing the camera and wagging his finger.
  • Bowser raises a fist into the air before crouching down and posing with his arm on display.
  • Bowser jumps into the Koopa Clown Car and flies away with Peach in tow, who is yelling for help.

Bowser Jr.
Final Smash: Airship Attack ( FazDude FazDude )

Upon starting his Final Smash, Bowser Junior temporarily abandons his Koopa Clown Car for a small airship which happens to fly by. While the airship can damage opponents it rams into, this is not a cinematic FS; Instead, Bowser Junior will command an army of airships which flies in from the background, launching cannonballs and Mechakoopas into the stage to wreak havoc on Junior's opponents. The Final Smash concludes with Bowser Junior firing a Banzai Bill through the foreground via a reticle, similar to the Giga Bowser Punch. After this, the airships retreat as Bowser Junior returns to the stage, piloting the Koopa Clown Car once more.

Intro ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Bowser Jr. hops out of an M painting while the clown car forms from paint goop.

When playing as Bowser Jr. or Shadow Mario, Strollin' Stu will spawn for the Down B - Koopalings keep their Mechakoopas. Functions the same. Explosion is a paint splash. ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

down throw now has Jr. beat up the foe by hand in the clown car, off-screen. ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

Jr taunts ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Side: Jr spins around in his clown car
  2. Up: Jr spins a paintbrush (wand for Koopalings), creating a pattern of paint (colourful shapes for Koopalings)
  3. Down: Jr blows a raspberry at the screen
  4. Back: Jr. stands on the edge of his car and does the Koopa Kid Dance

Victories: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Jr gets carried by a hand out of his car and strokes it like a dog
  2. Jr. crosses a Mario Kart finish line and starts cheering as his car self-drives around the victory arena
  3. All the Koopalings wreak havoc, destroying cameras for fun, while the player choice stands at the front, proud.
  4. Bowser Jr. (or Shadow Mario) and the Koopalings glare from the top of a cliff like in their trailer
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Final Smash: Vibe Shift (@Darkonedagger)
Peach will active her vibe spectre, but she must have unlocked unlimited vibes. Because she uses them all. She will activate them all in quick succession, being able to move around.

Peach's forward tilt is changed - instead of a revealing kick, she raises her hand upwards and above her, creating a magic trail ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

Peach's back air is changed, she blows a kiss backwards instead of a butt bash. Has the same heart effect. ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

New Side B: Angel Bomber ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
Peach glides forwards with P-Wings growing on her back, with her dress puffing up briefly as the move starts, and does a powerful slap attack. Functions the same as Peach Bomber otherwise.

back throw has Peach throw her foe to Toad, who then does a hip attack. ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

Peach Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: Peach takes out her parasol and twirls it over her head.
  • Left: Peach dances while going "La la la la laaa laaa!"
  • Right: Toad (or whoever Peach has around) appears besides Peach and poses with her.
  • Down: Peach winks at the camera while giving a pointer finger.
Peach Victory Animation ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Peach waves at the camera and blows a kiss.
  • Peach and Toad reenact the animation that plays when she rescues a Toad in Super Princess Peach, twirling around each other before posing.
  • Peach curtsies for the camera before posing.
  • Peach brandishes her parasol while saying "Aw, did I win?"

Final Smash: Comet Observatory ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )

Rosalina disappears in a flash of light. Suddenly, the Comet Observatory floats into the background and starts to rev up its Star engine! The Observatory begins to zip back and forth across the background, dropping stars as it goes. These stars deal damage as they fall. Think of it like PK Starstorm with a somewhat flashier animation.

Rosalina gets a mid-air jump similar to Ness/Lucas/Mewtwo. To excerpt from the Smash Wiki: "Certain characters instead have double jumps that have a short pause before applying a slower and constant upwards boost, controlled by animation rather than an immediate velocity change. Depending on the game, the floatiness of such second jumps allows for several techniques such as double jump canceling and rising aerials." ( FazDude FazDude )

  • Rosalina Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Up: Rosalina leans forward and spins, like a planet on its axis.
    • Left: Rosalina her hand on her hip, leans back, waves her wand, and says "Mm-hmm".
    • Right: Rosalina feeds Luma (or a Hungry Luma) a Star Bit.
    • Down: Rosalina aves her wand up.
  • Luma Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Horizontal: Luma performs a small mid-air dance.
    • Vertical: Luma spins in place.
  • Victory Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
    • Luma flies in after Rosalina motions with her wand, giggling, while Luma circles her.
    • Rosalina is sitting in a chair, telling several Lumas a story. She then notices the camera and smiles as the Lumas gather around her.
    • Rosalina and Luma admire a Grand Star before posing with it.
    • Luma jumps into Rosalina's arms, and she catches it.

Piranha Plant
Down Smash: PP jumps up in the air and tosses down a seed from its Mario Party DS boss fight, which explodes on impact with the ground. ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )

Piranha Plant Final Smash: Naval Piranha ( FazDude FazDude )

While Petey's definitely a good Final Smash, this one makes it much easier for Piranha Plant to catch its prey.

Upon starting the Final Smash, the bottom blast zone becomes covered in spiky weeds which can ensnare anybody who falls into them (although they can break out and be launched a fixed distance upwards). More importantly, though, the Naval Piranha itself rises out of the vines and appears in the background of the stage as Nipper Plants begin to infest the area, biting at opponents who approach it. The Naval Piranha itself will also move around, although its bites deal much more damage. Once the Final Smash ends, the Naval Piranha and Nipper Plants vanish, while the bottom blast zone's vines drag anybody still caught in them to an untimely KO.

Piranha Plant Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: Piranha Plant mimics its "rising" animation from the 2D platformers, complete with the sound effect.
  • Left: Piranha Plant spews some harmless fire out of its mouth.
  • Right: Piranha Plant repeatedly bites.
  • Down: Pirahna Plant spins around and grins.
Piranha Plant Victory Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Piranha Plant bites the air around it three times, before smiling.
  • Mario runs towards Piranha Plant's pot/pipe and jumps over it, only for Piranha Plant to pop out and bite Mario, sending him flying, before smiling.
  • Piranha Plant hangs down from the ceiling and poses.
  • Piranha Plant takes a nap.
Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario Final Smash: Miracle Cure ( FazDude FazDude )
Dr. Mario causes a rain of pills from the sky. It's pretty much a reskinned PK Starstorm, but it serves as a decent reference to dropping pills in the Dr. Mario games.

Taunts FazDude FazDude
Up: Dr. Mario juggles some Megavitamins (or whatever he uses in place of them for his alternate costumes).
Left: Dr. Mario shrugs, resembling his game over animation from the original Dr. Mario.
Right: Dr. Mario takes out a vial and inspects it.
Down: Dr. Mario taps his foot while putting his finger to his chin.

Victories FazDude FazDude
Dr. Mario tosses some Megavitamins around before posing.
Dr. Mario taps his shoe on the ground with his hand on his chin.
A Virus is seen laughing on-screen before being hit by a Megavitamin and launched away. Dr. Mario then walks onto the stage, dusting off his hands.
Dr. Mario dusts himself off before twirling and posing with his fist in the air.
Donkey Kong
DK - Barrel Bash (Side B) ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )
This move is purely an aesthetic change. Instead of bashing his head towards the ground, DK lifts a large barrel over his head and slams it on the ground, with its normal headbashing properties involved (buries a grounded opponent, spikes an airborne one, does massive shield damage).

Final Smash: Jungle Rush (reimagined) ( FazDude FazDude )

The Final Smash starts off the same as DK's usual Final Smash in Ultimate, throwing a punch to initiate the attack (although he can only "trap" one opponent with it). The trapped opponent is launched forwards as the screen fades to black. The opponent is then seen flying in the darkness, with DK leaping at them, ready to strike. The big ape then wails on the caught foe in a manner similar to how he finishes off bosses in the Retro Studios DKC games. The cinematic ends with DK uppercutting the opponent, launching them upwards - If the opponent is above 100%, they'll be Star KO'd.

Intro FazDude FazDude
he leaps onto the stage before beating his chest and hollering, mimicking his stage intro from Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze.

DK is now voiced by Takashi Nagasoko

Donkey Kong Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: Donkey Kong beats his chest, although the animation is more akin to how he beats his chest in the original DKC trilogy.
  • Left: Donkey Kong sits down and quickly eats a banana.
  • Right: Donkey Kong flexes a muscle while grinning.
  • Down: Donkey Kong retains his shrugging taunt from Smash.
Donkey Kong Victory Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Donkey Kong does a backflip before flexing his muscles.
  • Donkey Kong shakes his hands above his head.
  • Donkey Kong beats his chest before posing, although he's much happier about it than he is in Smash.
  • Donkey Kong points to himself with his thumbs before giving the camera a thumbs-up.

Diddy Kong
Diddy Kong FS: Rambi Rampage ( FazDude FazDude '

Upon starting his Final Smash, Diddy Kong hops aboard Rambi before the rhino dashes forwards for a considerable distance, launching any opponent who touches him upon contact. It has the raw power of Ganondorf's Final Smash, but about the same hitbox size as King K. Rool's Final Smash.

Diddy is now voiced by Katsumi Sazuki

Intro has a DD barrel ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )

Victories: ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Diddy dances with sunglasses and a boombox on his shoulder before dropping the boombox and posing with his arms crossed.
  • Diddy readies his Rocketbarrels, but they fly off without him, leaving him sitting on the floor with a confused expression.
  • Diddy performs a breakdance before posing with a one-hand handstand.
  • Diddy does a simple dance before flipping his cap up and having it land on his head.
Taunts: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Side: Diddy flips his hat
  2. Up: Diddy juggles three balls, and halfway through switches to his foot-hands which puts him off and results in the balls landing on his head.
  3. Down: Diddy claps upwards
  4. Side: Diddy holds his hands forwards and hisses

Intro Animation Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario : A crudely-built crate with the Kremling flag on it is opened, revealing a cramped and barrel-shaped K. Rool inside.

When Rool's Up B is activated, a short electric beam appears below his feet, knocking up anyone near it, setting them up perfectly to get carried by the 'copter. ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu )

K. Rool is now voiced by Ben Campbell

K. Rool Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: K. Rool lets out an evil laugh.
  • Left: K. Rool brandishes his blunderbuss, with it blowing soot in his face as he gives the camera a shocked expression. He quickly wipes the soot off.
  • Right: K. Rool extends and pats his golden stomach, which does have his Super Belly Armor's properties.
  • Down: K. Rool falls over and lies on his stomach, essentially playing dead. He'll remain in this pose for as long as the taunt button is held; After it's released, he gets back up.
K. Rool Victories ( FazDude FazDude )
  • K. Rool looks around before striking a pose.
  • K. Rool lands on the ground with a belly flop, bouncing into the air and doing a backflip before landing with a pose.
  • A Kremling is seen fanning K. Rool, who is sitting on his throne and laughing.
  • A crowd is heard cheering for K. Rool, who waves his arms to his loyal fans before posing.
Final Smash: Fruits of Happiness ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

The Super Happy Tree appears on the stage, and fruit from it flies into Yoshi's mouth - this isn't an attack of any sort, but heals Yoshi beyond completely - he will now have -50% damage, meaning it'll be a long time until he gets even a little lighter! (Though he doesn't become heavier than 0% either)

Yoshi taunts: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Up Taunt: Yoshi raises his hands like in Story
  2. Back Taunt: Yoshi chases his tail
  3. Side Taunt: Yoshi licks his nose and stretches his hands behind his head
  4. Down taunt: Yoshi dances
Yoshi victories: ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  1. Yoshi crosses a goal ring and passes an egg to whatever Yoshi (not including yarn for regular or regular for yarn) is next on his alt list
  2. Yoshi holds his hands next to his cheek, spins, and gives a victory sign like when clearing a stage in Story
  3. The infamous Akuma pose
  4. Yoshi eats a trophy and lays a golden egg like in Mario Tennis

Wario can press the crouch button while running to roll. This has a unique hitbox that doesn't effect fighters, but lets him deactivate traps and items without being damaged. If Wario rolls into his bike, it will instantly break ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

The bike's debris can be thrown like in Brawl. ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

Down B change ( FazDude FazDude )
Wario pulls out this iconic bomb, with a second’s delay before it explodes. Despite the increased start lag, it is just as powerful as the Wario Waft, and has the same “more time between uses equals greater power” property.

Wario Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: Wario flexes for the camera.
  • Left: Wario leans back a bit and picks his nose.
  • Right: Wario cackles with his arms held out.
  • Down: Wario turns around and shakes his behind.
Wario Victory Animations ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Wario cruises in on the Wario Bike and flashes a "W" sign at the camera.
  • Wario starts laughing hysterically, rolling around on the floor.
  • A pile of treasure is seen on screen before Wario hops out of it, cackling.
  • Wario leaps onto the screen before flexing with his back turned to the camera

Down air now a butt-slam like in PM. ( Janx_uwu Janx_uwu ) This is accompanied by a fart ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

Intro ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear ) Wario falls out of a portal just like in Wario Land 4.
  1. Mario claps for the victor ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  2. Luigi claps for the victor
  3. Bowser Jr/Koopaling has a temper tantrum
  4. Goomba is flattened
  5. Diddy holds his hat and looks down in shame
  6. Mad Piano is broke
  7. Dixie Kong cries
  8. Wario blows a raspberry
  9. Ashley, in her white hair form, stares blankly - Red is clapping.
  10. Penny tinkers with her chatterbot to see if there was a malfunction
  11. Geno's star leaves his doll
  12. Piranha Plant is asleep. ( FazDude FazDude )
  13. Pink Gold Peach begins to get upset, but quickly recomposes herself… before losing her temper again, repeating the process.
  14. Waluigi angrily bites at his tennis racket before throwing it to the ground, yelling out of frustration, and storming off-screen/panel.
  15. Gooigi melts into a puddle.
  16. The Stork tries to comfort the baby it is carrying
  17. King K. Rool glares at the victor, tapping his claws together menacingly.
  18. Klump gives a military salute before falling over.
  19. Daisy huffs, folds her arms, and looks to the side.
  20. Bowser pounds his fist into his palm repeatedly, smoke billowing out of his nostrils.
  21. The Baby Bros/Princesses cry, although it’s more like how the Ice Climbers cry rather than “WAA! WAA! WAA!” over and over again.
  22. Birdo tries to hide her face behind a fan.
  23. Kamek berates the Toadie for a poorly done job
  24. Fawful is seem fuming, having LOTS of fury. Cackletta is nowhere to be seen.
  25. Rawk Hawk claps begrudgingly.
  26. Imajin, Captain Toad, Peach, Dr. Mario, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi: Regular ol' clapping.
  27. Rabbid Peach: Simply folds her arms with an unamused look on her face.
  28. Prince Peasley: Peasley folds his arms, albeit out of shame rather than anger.
  29. Captain Syrup: Sits on her pod from her entrance animation, obviously upset about the loss.
  30. Jimmy T.: Claps regularly, but stops every so often to do a random pose to the winner.
  31. Warupichi and Warudaisi: The two are seen (silently) bickering about which one of them caused their loss.
  32. Timber: Timber claps while out of his car.
  33. Funky Kong: Regularly claps, but pauses every so often to give the winner two thumbs-up.
  34. Undodog & Yamamura: Undodog is seen sleeping, with Yamamura repeatedly pecking his head in an attempt to wake him back up.
  35. Madame Broode: Madame Broode's face goes red as she stomps the ground, with Chompikins being equally steamed up.
  36. Mama & Tuxie: Mama seems upset about the loss, glaring and waving her flippers, but Tuxie claps happily.
  37. Rosalina stands calmly with her eyes closed while Luma either claps enthusiastically or is angrily fuming depending on what color is used. ( Baysha Baysha )
  38. President Koopa angrily yells into an old 80's-style mobile phone
  39. Mimi whines about her loss ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  • Smash Cross flare
  • Tagline: "A new type of Smash experience..."
  • Mario is ready to go!
  • Luigi faces his fears!
  • Mario vs. Luigi on Omega Peach's Castle Melee
  • Close-up of Mario on Yoshi's Island Melee
  • Peach doesn't need rescuing!
  • Daisy strikes the competition!
  • Close up of Daisy on Mario Galaxy
  • Peach vs. Luigi vs. Mario vs. Daisy on Bowser's Castle
  • Bowser flames up!
  • Peach vs. Bowser on Battlefield Kongo Falls
  • Tagline: "...From the Mushroom Kingdom!"
  • Logo reveal
  • Bowser Junior clowns around!
  • Rosalina & Luma orbit the battlefield!
  • Rosalina vs. Bowser vs. Mario on Yoshi's Island Brawl
  • Koopaling free-for-all on Luigi's Mansion
  • Close up of Meowser on Mushroom Kingdom U
  • Meowser vs. Cosmic Spirit on Mario Circuit U
  • Tagline: "With brand new fighters, like..."
  • Geno grants a wish!
  • close up of Geno on Delfino Plaza
  • Geno vs. Bowser vs. Luigi vs. Rosalina vs. Morton vs. Mario on Jungle Hijinxs
  • Geno vs. Lemmy on WarioWare Inc.
  • Donkey Kong expands the roster!
  • Diddy Kong begins his Kong Quest!
  • King K. Rool klaims his krown!
  • DK vs. Diddy vs. Rool vs. Mario vs. Luigi vs. Bowser on Woolly World
  • close-up of Arcade DK on Cap Kingdom
  • Tagline: "Classic comebacks!"
  • Timber is raring to go!
  • Diddy Kong Racer free-for-all (Tiny swapped for Diddy) on Gangplank Galleon
  • TT vs. Drumstick on Omega Mushroom Kingdom 3
  • Tagline: "Fan favourites!"
  • Yoshi rolls in!
  • Wario stinks up the battlefield!
  • Too bad, Waluigi time!
  • Close-up of Waluigi on Wario's Castle
  • Waluigi vs. Wario on NDC Hall
  • Dr. Mario is in the house!
  • Piranha Plant gets to the root of the conflict!
  • Goomba won't be squashed!
  • 3 Goombas vs. 2 Yoshis vs. 3 Piranha Plants on Waluigi Pinball
  • Tagline: "And many more new fighters!"
  • Mario vs. Luigi vs. Peach vs. Daisy vs. Bowser vs. Bowser Jr vs. Wario vs. Waluigi on Rainbow Road
  • Second logo and further information/credits showing
  • Split-second Rudy tease
  1. 8 player Smash between Wedding Mario, Geno, Plumber Wario, Goomba, Rosalina-coloured Meowser, Tiptup, Light Blue Yoshi, and Diddy on Mushroom Kingdom 2
  2. Kaptain K. Rool tossing his hat at Battle League Daisy while metal Waluigi approaches from behind and Dr. Mario is performing is his down air above on Cap Kingdom
  3. Poltergust alt Luigi using his side smash on giant Green Arcade DK while Underground Goomba air dodges and Wendy throws a Mechakoopa from a platform on a Kongo Falls coin battle
  4. Charvaargh flying over 3D Land (spinning platforms segment) during a battle between Peach, Piranha Plant (who is spraying Fuzzy spores), Bowser, Tennis Waluigi and Luigi
  5. A close-up of default DK using his new barrel move on Gangplank Galleon against Geno
  6. 6 player Smash between Beige Luigi, Pipsy, Rosalina, K. Rool, Arcade DK, and Regular DK on Mushroom Kingdom 3
  7. A hardcore no-items battle between Mario and Bowser on Omega Bowser's Castle
  8. Dr. Mario shooting out of a Super Launch Star while Goomba and Geno fight below him on Rainbow Road
  9. 5 player Smash on Woolly World with Black Yoshi, Wario, tiny Daisy-colours Peach, hot sauce breath Goomba, and Melee blue-and-green Bowser
  10. Mario Super Jump Punching Plumber Wario on the Frosty Village portion of Timber's Island
Captain Toad dojo reveal
Ashley & Red dojo reveal
Star Road dojo reveal
Dixie Kong dojo reveal
Inside Bowser dojo reveal
Mushroom Battle
Captain Toad moveset
Dixie Kong moveset
Alts reel
Custom Stats & Custom Colors
Ally Contact Reel
Stage Reel
Rudy Boss Battle without context

Vet alts
  1. Dry Bowser
  2. DIY Wario
  3. Yarn Yoshi
  4. Bone Piranha Plant
  5. Roolenstein
  6. Krusha
  7. Propeller Luigi
  8. Tennis shorts Daisy
  1. Minecart Tunnel Throwdown
  2. Sunset Shore
  3. Airship
  4. Boxing Ring
  5. Baby Bowser's Castle
  6. Peach's Birthday Cake
  7. Burnstile
  8. Lake Lapcat
  9. Rice Beach
  10. Mario Brothers Plumbing
  1. Boom Boom
  2. Dribble & Spitz
  3. Squitter
  4. Coloured Pencils
  5. Vivian
  6. Yarn Poochy
Reskinned stages overview
Funky Kong dojo reveal
Mama & Tuxie dojo reveal
Bowser's Kingdom dojo reveal
Baby Bros. dojo reveal
Penny dojo reveal
Fawful & Cackletta dojo reveal
Christmas Village dojo reveal
Mario Zone dojo reveal
Adventure Mode
Multi-Enemy Smash
Smash Race
Avaliable at E3, to influencers, and through Mario's Smashing Tour
  1. Luigi
  2. Peach
  3. Bowser
  4. Geno
  5. Donkey Kong
  6. Diddy Kong
  7. King K. Rool
  8. Dixie Kong
  9. Yoshi
  10. Wario
  11. Waluigi
  1. Peach's Castle Melee
  2. New Donk City Hall
  3. Mushroom Kingdom Melee
  4. Burnstile
  5. Mushroom Kingdom 3
  6. Timber's Island
  7. Sunset Shore
  8. Bowser's Kingdom
  9. Peach's Birthday Cake
  10. Woolly World
  11. Waluigi Pinball
  12. Kongo Jungle 64
  13. Mario Zone
  14. Lake Lapcat
  15. WarioWare Inc.
  16. Gangplank Galleon
  17. Meta Crystal
Gooigi dojo reveal
Pink Gold Peach dojo reveal
Mimi dojo reveal
Dire Dire Bay dojo reveal
Mushroom Underground dojo reveal
Mario Stadium dojo reveal
Sarasaland GB dojo reveal
Descent dojo reveal
Bramble Blast dojo reveal
Klump dojo reveal
Homecoming Hijinxs dojo reveal
Captain Syrup dojo reveal
Music Box World dojo reveal
Fiendish Floats dojo reveal
President Koopa dojo reveal
  1. Newcomer moveset: Captain Syrup
  2. Shine Thief
  3. Coin Battle
  4. Hats, trails, & patterns
  5. Weather/Time
  6. Stage Reel
    1. Wario's Gold Mine
    2. Wart's Throne
    3. Western Land
    4. 9-Volt's Game Boy
    5. Mario's Cement Factory
    6. Demonic Dinner
    7. Yoshi's Safari
    8. Great Tower of Bowser Land
  7. Road Trip Tickets
  8. Rudy's Big Top Brawl
Stage Play dojo reveal
Delfino's Secret dojo reveal
Painted Swampland dojo reveal
Cheese Land dojo reveal
The Vice dojo reveal
Twilight Town dojo reveal
Lockjaw's Locker dojo reveal
Mario & Yoshi dojo reveal
Wrong Warp dojo reveal
Mario Clash dojo reveal
1. E. Gadd
2. Birdo
3. Rawk Hawk
4. Prince Peasley
5. Rabbid Peach
6. Kamek
7. Jimmy T.
8. Madame Broode
9. The Stork
10. Undodog & Yamamura
11. Imajin
12. Mad Piano
13. Warupichi and Warudaisi
14. Sonic DLC
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Wario Wario Wario

Smash Legend
Sep 3, 2017
NASB 2 is the worse one
Pre-Order bonus, submitted by @Darkonedagger

Changes ( FazDude FazDude ) (Mentions of classic design subject to change)
Sonic will be redesigned for Super Mario Smash Bros. Not an extreme redesign like Movie Sonic or anything, though; More of an in-between of his Classic and Modern appearances (this panel from an Archie comic is pretty akin to what I'm talking about) (EDIT: so does Satoshi Okano's take on the Blue Blur; credit to Janx_uwu Janx_uwu Janx_uwu Janx_uwu for pointing this out!).

As long as I'm going on about his design, though, I'd love for him to get a pure Classic alt with some aesthetical differences to his moves (think the differences between Simon and Richter's Holy Water), hence why I'm going with a redesigned base form as opposed to using the Modern design wholesale. I'll be mentioning the differences the Classic alt would have as I go through Sonic's kit, but these are all aesthetical and nothing more.

Alright, let's finally get into Sonic's kit (took me long enough).
  • Sonic's dash attack is a roll which transitions into his slide from the boost titles, kinda like his dash attack in Brawl.
  • Sonic's Up Smash is a handstand kick which combos into a spinning jump like his Up Smash in the canon Smash games.
  • Sonic's Neutral Air is the Insta-Shield (minus the actual shield part).
  • Sonic's Forward Air is the Sonic Eagle from Sonic Battle.
  • Sonic's Down Air is the Bounce from Sonic Adventure - Still a stall-and-fall.
    • A theoretical Classic alt would have the Bubble Shield appear around him as he performs the move.
  • Sonic's Neutral Special remains the same, but he now poses upon a successful hit.
    • The Classic alt gains an orange aura while charging the Homing Attack as a small nod to Sonic 3D Blast.
  • Sonic's Side Special becomes the Boost, although it's more of a burst option than how it's handled in Unleashed/Colors/etc. It's a burst option and a combo extender, but it deals less damage than the Spin Dash and has fixed knockback. It also has a short cooldown to discourage running away from your opponent.
    • The Classic alt would gain the Fire Shield from S3&K, although again, it's merely an aesthetical change.
  • Sonic's grounded Down Special is the Spin Dash... which is pretty much the Spin Charge but moved to Down Special. In the air, however, the move is more similar to the Drop Dash from Sonic Mania.
  • A little bit of electricity is emitted from Sonic upon using his midair jump. S3&K reference? Movie Sonic reference? The world may never know.
  • Finally, Sonic gets Wario's cool roll.
Final Smash: Super Sonic ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

This would be a stance change akin to its role in earlier Sonic platformers or Wario Man and Giga Bowser. Super Sonic can't fly (though he is animated doing so like Cloud) but he has stellar mobility, devistating yet fast attacks, reverse super armour (he can flinch, but not be damaged) and all spinning moves have a large vacuum effect.

Entrance ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
The Sonic 1 emblem appears, Sonic hops out of it and finger wags

Victory Theme

Sonic Taunts ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Up: Sonic does a backflip and poses while masking a "tsk tsk" sound.
  • Left: Sonic turns his back to the camera and gives a thumbs up, resembling promotional art for Sonic Advance.
  • Right: Sonic runs in place, resembling the Super Peel Out from Sonic CD while saying "You're too slow!"
  • Down: Sonic breakdances.
Sonic Victories ( FazDude FazDude )
  • Sonic runs by a Goal Post with Dr. Eggman's face on it (Robotnik's if playing with the Classic alt), causing it to flip over to a picture of Sonic's face.
  • Sonic runs up to a Chaos Emerald and snags it out of the air, posing with it while saying "Piece of cake!"
  • Sonic breakdances and poses while saying "We should do this again sometime!"
  • Sonic lands on an Egg Capsule, bursting it open as all kinds of animal buddies flood out of it. Sonic then leaps towards the camera and poses not unlike the ending of Sonic 1 with a "Hah!"
Sonic Clapping: Sonic claps, but is giving the camera an impatient, annoyed look.

Green Hill Zone ( FazDude FazDude )
Chemical Plant Zone ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )

Trail: 16-Bit Rings ( FazDude FazDude )

  1. Sonic hat
  2. Tails hat ( FazDude FazDude )
  3. Knuckles hat ( FazDude FazDude )
  4. Shadow hat ( FazDude FazDude )
  5. Eggman moustache ( FazDude FazDude )
  6. Amy Rose hat ( Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds )
  7. Sonic Boom scarf ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
  8. Metal Sonic hat (@Darkonedagger)
  9. Joker mask (@Darkonedagger)
  10. NiGHTS hat ( Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds )
  11. Mean Bean/Puyo hat ( Torgo the Bear Torgo the Bear )
  12. AiAi hat ( FazDude FazDude )
  13. Opa Opa hat ( Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds )
Alts ( FazDude FazDude )
  1. Default
  2. Classic Default (light blue fur)
  3. Shadow (Black fur, white/red shoes)
  4. Classic Tails (Orangeish fur, blue/white shoes)
  5. Silver (White fur, blue/black shoes)
  6. Classic Amy (Pink fur, green/orange shoes)
  7. Darkspine Sonic (Purple fur, purple/white shoes)
  8. Classic Knuckles (Red fur, red/yellow shoes)
  9. Werehog Sonic (Dark blue fur, dark red/white shoes)
  10. Classic Fighters 2P (monochrome color scheme)
  11. Blaze (Light purple fur, hot pink/white shoes)
  12. StC Classic (Brown fur, blue/white shoes)
  13. Jet (Green fur, red/black shoes)
  14. Classic In-Game (Dull blue fur, dull red/white shoes)
  15. Jet Set (reference)
  16. Classic NiGHTS (Purple fur, pink/yellow shoes, wears NiGHTS' vest)
Music ( FazDude FazDude )
Submitted by Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario

Hook: Music. Pauline's music-based attacks play to the tune of the background music! Ambient tracks play the SMB1 overworld.

Pauline Moveset ( cashregister9 cashregister9 )

Pauline's default would be her dress from Odyssey and she would hold a microphone in her off-hand.

Gimmick: Rhythm Meter, This meter increases the damage and size of certain moves, this meter charges by using certain moves. This meter decreases by taking damage.

Music Note Projectile: All Projectiles in her move set are Music note projectiles an