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SmashBoards has created: Super Mario Smash Bros!

Wario Wario Wario

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Sep 3, 2017
NASB 2 is the worse one
I personally really like the prescence of Mimi on the roster - if only because it feels like she was very uniquely Torgo's pick. Not necessarily my favourite but still one I habour the most appreciation for. Penny as a Wario clone is genius too! I think my favourite pick I submitted was Rambi, if only because of how long it took for him to get there.

My favourite stage that wasn't submitted by me is easily Lineland Road, such a genius concept that I think would be great for casual 1v1s, being too distracted by all the items and explosions to notice the background, even if I'm not the biggest fan of it being another damn grassy plain! Sunset Shore as a competitive legal stage is also inspired. Though from my own submissions I think Stickers was really good and easily my favourite new stage here, I feel I did a great job making its hazards bounce off of each other, I'm also pretty pleased with Waluigi Pinball as a Peach's Castle 64 reskin

The two elements that got in I think I regret most are Undodog & Yamamura, and the removal of Wario Waft - the prior feels kinda forced as a clone and the later I feel takes away a lot of Wario's distinct personality (even if we did manage to fit in a fart in the end) - additionally, while I like the stage choice conceptually, I'm not too keen on Great Tower of Bowser Land being a NASB Glove World clone. In terms of things I'm responsible for, I really regret how I handled the 9-Volt's Game Boy stage - I wish I didn't force in Mario references so heavily - and Mushroom Bowser is also an atrocious stage that I fully admit I just rushed through making to go along with Mushroom Underwater.
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Apr 4, 2020
I loved this thread, something about had a really fun vibe to it my only regret is that I didn't participate more and I could fleshed out some ideas.

There were just so many fun ideas submitted and the final product turned out really unique from not only other smash concepts but other creation threads as well.


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Writing Team
May 17, 2020
Faraway Avalon
I think I said about everything I wanted to in the mega-ramble from earlier. I'm proud of everything I got in, I think on the whole we've done a great job at making an awesome and cohesive project. I kind of want to archive it in some form other than Smashboards - maybe if I get bored I'll start a wiki for it (the cool kind of wiki that Nexed uses)
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Jan 26, 2021
Wherever good books are sold.
fitting music
Welp, after nearly eight months, we're done. Super Mario Smash Bros. is finally complete. With this being the first creation thread I contributed to (sans one post in Smash Infinite I can't even remember), one I've been with since the very beginning, and the one I've had the most fun with, I feel obliged to share a few words.

Unlike Janx, I don't have anything to say about my history with creation threads pre-SMSB; Like I said, this was my first one. I didn't even have much knowledge regarding Smashboards as a whole by that point, since I had just come back from a lengthy hiatus which began not that long after I joined the site. I don't think I really knew any of this thread's frequent contributors before joining it, but I'll get to that in due time.

Anyway, my first submission to the thread was Toad as one of our first newcomers. I still stand by everything I said in that post; While I'm happy with Captain Toad's inclusion and execution, I still kinda feel I would have prefered the OG Toad. However, everything I had said in that post was also based on things I had believed prior to joining the thread rather than an idea I had for it specifically. I'm still fairly happy with my pitch, but I feel it's important to address that tidbit.

A lot of my early submissions were pretty by-the-numbers stuff, too. Bob-Omb Battlefield was a pretty safe pick, while all of my Waluigi content was verbatim copied from a moveset post I had done on an earlier thread. Even for stuff I was really excited about winning like Mario's "L is Real" alt, it was all pretty basic, and frankly, kinda boring stuff.

I think my first truly "out there" idea was the Shine Thief mode. Sure, it was based on modes from existing Mario games, but I don't remember it being done in other platfighters, so I thought it'd be a fun idea to pitch. This was followed by a few wackier ideas, such as changing Mario's Side B to the Cap Throw (which I still feel bad about wording as horribly as I did; It was meant to be more of a reskin/buffed version of the Cape). Then, I saw a submission that changed everything:
DK - Barrel Bash (Side B)
This move is purely an aesthetic change. Instead of bashing his head towards the ground, DK lifts a large barrel over his head and slams it on the ground, with its normal headbashing properties involved (buries a grounded opponent, spikes an airborne one, does massive shield damage).

I'm just tired of seeing people say DK should have a barrel throw, but also I agree that they feel missing from his moveset.
Janx, if you're reading this, I genuinely want to thank you for this submission. Not only do I think it works really well in general, but I think it changed my mind on Smash design philosophy as a whole. Before then, I had no idea what DK's Side Special should be. I thought the Headbutt was too goofy for its own good, but nothing else really felt right. This submission, however, made things click; This was a really creative idea, and people (myself included) seem to love it. Why couldn't I do that?

And so that's what I did. That post directly inspired be to be a little more out-there with my submissions from there on out; Instead of desperately clinging to source material, I felt free to go with more unique, fun ideas as opposed to just adding more fanservice. In light of this, here's some of my favorite submissions from the thread that I made (out of the ones that won):
  • I've never felt that strongly about the Baby Bros. in Smash, and that hasn't really changed, but I feel genuinely proud of the parallels I tied between them and the Ice Climbers to get them in as a clone.
  • I had a lot of fun with the Dixie and Diddy alts.
  • Even if my layout for the Vice didn't win, I had a lot of fun designing it and trying it to make it both a fun soccer stage and a fun casual stage.
  • Koopa Warehouse my beloved
  • Putting together music lists were always some of my favorite jobs. I love the Mario series' music, and so having the chance to put together some music lists was really fun (even if I lost most of the time and Nintendo keeps taking down OSTs...)
  • Even if I was one of three people to do event matches, I did genuinely enjoy my time brainstorming them. I still love K. Rool's!
  • #PhantomOfTheBwahperaSweep
  • Out of the DLC jobs, I enjoyed working on:
    • Pretty much everything about Sonic
    • Koopa Troopa's moveset
    • Popeye's aesthetics
    • SpongeBob's alts
    • Chargin' Chuck's moveset
    • Pretty much everything I did for Hotel Mario
Honestly, though? Even this list is selling it short. I enjoyed my entire time with this thread. Even though some of the dumb pitches I made, at least I had fun doing them. Not only was I working on a project for a series I adore to this day, but I got to do so while building a sense of friendship and camaraderie with my fellow SmashBoards users that I don't think I would have gotten otherwise. Hell, I'd be willing to wager I'd fall back into inactivity if this thread didn't exist.

(Speaking of, I also have to thank this thread for a lot of the way I run All-Star Strife! Couldn't really find a spot to fit this in naturally, so I guess here will do.)

Literally my only problem with how the project turned out is a lack of a playable King Boo. Yes, I am still a little ticked about that - King Boo movesets are fun to do!

So yeah, I guess that wraps up my little spiel. Overall, Super Mario Smash Bros. has been a treat from the very start to the very end. I owe a lot to it; Getting to meet so many great people, changing the way I approach making movesets, inspiring my own creation thread (and even my own platfighter project), and so much more. I do want to thank Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario and Janx_uwu Janx_uwu in particular; The former for hosting the the thread, obviously, and the latter for indirectly giving me the motivation to take my movesets in a much better direction.

WaWaWa, Janx, and everyone else, I want to leave you these last words from a friend of mine...

"Thank you so much for-a playing my game!"
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