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  • ~|~OK, EARTHBOUND!~|~
    Relive the magic of Earthbound again in this 2D puzzle~platformer for the Nintendo 3DS! Porky Minch has littered Onett with all his crazy contraptions! Ness has got to run and jump and use his PK abilities to rid the neighbourhood of Porkybots! With over 9 levels to traverse, you’ll surely encounter both old...and new enemies along the way! And if you’re having trouble, use the help of your friends via the Nintendo 3DS’ touchscreen, and can access King, Ness’ Dog, to help sniff out secrets with the King amiibo!
    Help Ness take down Porky once and for all, and unlock your PK Power within when OK, Earthbound releases March 2016!
    Rules: Original Eight are Mandatory
    Unlockable Four aren’t Necessary but will Cry and Blubber if not included
    (Warning: raises more questions than answers)
    Don’t worry, everyone! The ancient legend says that there’s a magical and pseudo~sentient sword able to defeat Coronavirus when imbued with the power of friendship.
    My sources say the legend’s very credible, DM me for more information.
    I posted on Wario Wario Wario's status below at the same time as Mamboo and Smashboards destroyed my response and like. I salute my robot overlords ever so slightly less.
    So first, making a joke was a joke. Then the act of pointing out the joke was a joke. Then the act of pointing out the joke while extracting its original context was a joke.
    In the near future, the act of saying "this is a joke" will be the most riveting form of comedy and I can't wait.
    I might need help with this, fellas.
    Was there a character in Marvel v Capcom (or any Capcom fighting game) that was modelled after a Japanese comedian?
    I specifically remember there being so, but I can’t find anything on the topic.
    Put McKids in Smash, cowards
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Mick and Mack never appeared in commercials - only M.C. Kids and its sequel, Global Gladiators (in the later they were aged up slightly) - so they're technically viable Smash candidates.
    Honestly, I don't think they even have much fan demand in the first place. Even the danged Pyoro bird must have more supporters than them.
    And I won't settle for an echo of those Ice Climbers charlatans. Their card mechanic would differentiate them too much! Too much I say !
    Anyone remember that Max Landis Super Mario movie script that never got off the ground?
    The one that started like the first season of Stranger Things and ended with Wario shooting Daisy? I recommend it, if your brain needs expanding or you birdcage needs lining.
    The Rabbids have appeared as spirits in Ultimate.
    Rabbids have also appeared as characters in Nickelodeon’s Super Brawl 3.

    This either means that the World of Light and the weird Nickelodeon amalgam universe are one and the same, or it’s simply a product of the Rabbids’ dimension~hopping.
    I wish Daisy wasn’t so vanilla; not just in Smash but in general.

    Like Super Mario Land is by far the weirdest Mario game, why doesn’t Daisy reflect that? She’d be so much more interesting if she brought along all those lifesucking ghosts and Easter Island heads along with her in the latest Kart or Party game.
    In short, make her the Smash Luigi to Peach’s Smash Mario. A super weird character that’s strangely quirky in a lot of ways.

    Make her bring along a Bombshell Koopa as opposed to a Blue Toad. Make her victory animation revealing it was a flying nose impersonating her or something. Stuff like that would flesh her out plenty, I think.
    She'll probably get some Luigification next time. Dev cycle was relatively short anyway.

    Although it would help if Nintendo divisions didn't have so much cold feet not wanting to use the characters that were made by other divisions, which is why Daisy's been stuck in spin-offs for so long. Respecting each other can only go so far until you wind up with a Mario game with just the man himself in it.

    That being said, I think it wouldn't hurt to loudly tell Sakurai and company about the issue and have them consider it for future games. After all, that's how Ganondorf eventually got his sword...
    I'd imagine she'll be Luigified too; a triple jump as opposed to a float would be neato. Give her a bit more weight!

    The only way I can imagine Daisy becoming a playable regular in the main Mario series is that Peach is a main playable character more. The dress physics are apparently the hardest thing with implementing the princesses, so after they finish Peach, do some asset~swapping and an extra ability and you're set!
    Random concept dump;
    Exeggutor (Unorthodox Psychic Pokemon that uses Grass moves; could spill Exeggcutes around the stage to assist him)
    Landia (Return to Dream Land) (Pretty standard electric~fire dragon, has four heads that can split into four smaller dragons)
    Papyrus (Flamboyant fighter who never really attacks head~on; preferring to use bones instead)
    Adventurer (Atari) (A grey cube representing old Atari games, using keys and obstacles to get the job done!)
    Battletoads (A three~way fighter who play like a 90's beat~em~up, with the radical flair to match!)
    If there ever were to be a Minecraft character, my vote goes the Spider Jockey.
    It's a skeleton archer mounted atop a giant spider. It'd be the most testosterone~laden character ever if it weren't Minecraft.
    They aren't going to add any new Pokémon characters. There's a Pokémon anime and since we are all well~aware of Sakurai's disdain for anime, they aren't going to add zilch. Convince me otherwise, h8aters.
    Hey guys, sorry I haven't been active here for a while, but I need your help. I'm working on this project called Iconoclastic Smash Brothers, and we're on the tail~end of deciding the final characters! If you want a say in this, comment on this post and give me your ideas! Keep in mind, we're full on third parties so we prefer it if you keep your suggestions first~party! It'd be very much appreciated! You can find our current roster here;
    I noticed a Professor Oak slot for a Pokémon. Nihilego, Buzzwole, or Xurkitree would fit.
    OK, I think that the Game and Watch Gallery 4 OST just became one of my favorite Nintendo OSTs.
    I don't get out much.
    Is it just me, or are the boxarts for the Pokémon; Let's Go games really bad?
    Like, even a Photoshop amateur like me could make a better version.
    MARIO SUNSHINE'S BLUE COINS~These collectables are scattered all around the map and there's too many of them! Mario Sunshine's the worst 3D Mario by far!
    MARIO ODYSSEY'S POWER MOONS~These collectables encourage exploration by being found across the map and there's so many of them! Odyssey's the best 3D Mario by far!
    Jared Leto would make a killer Alfred E. Neuman in a MAD Magazine film.
    I have no idea what the film would be ABOUT, but rest assured, it'd be bloody amazing!
    When Hakkun's a Spirit and Parabo & Satebo aren't...
    I'm listening to Falsettos as I write this, do you guys have any favorite musicals?
    I'm going to sound like an idiot but can anybody tell me how to make a thread?
    well, Step 1. Go to the part of the forums you wanna make the thread.
    2. Above the other threads there should be something entitled "thread title" and thats how you make the thread.
    Go to the sub-forum you want and there should be a "Post a thread" option. That simple...

    You may want to read the forum rules just in case...
    Thanks, guys.
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