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  • tried my hand at that roster template , courtesy of voyager (!!)

    i'd be more than happy to rationalize my choices if anyone is interested - to my recollection that blank space was indicative of two third-party characters that i had considered but ultimately cut.
    those two characters were sekiro from shadows die twice, and the piman from pimania. history rhymes (!!)
    perhaps this is too old-fashion of me, but fashion wears well on the DEAD!

    i couldn't decide on additional mario, fire emblem or pokemon characters. i plan to fill them in soon but they're hardly the focus of the assortment.
    also, jason and sophia are probably the strangest outliers but i dig how they made their comeback around the switch's launch. it was either them or solomon, i tell you. hard times. my father sprung a leak.
    the four in circles aren't really downloadable characters so much as extras. unnecessary distinction makes my brain spin around and pirouette to grand applause.
    im looking over my oc catalogue, and I’ve noticed a particular trend of mercenaries on unicycles.
    is it the skill required to balance on one wheel that makes them so intimidating, or the inferred loss of one wheel that adds to their intriguing past?
    i would genuinely love to be active here more often. id say im nebbish about my reputation here but i’m afraid i haven’t cast wide enough a shadow in that regard.
    the thing I dislike most about crossroads is the idea that mario kart would indeed be the foundation ~ I feel a racing system akin to Air Ride or something new entirely could better exhibit each character individually and generally have more to offer than the alternative
    regarding multiversus, my most wanted is undoubtedly Alfred E Neuman.
    DC’s owned MAD Magazine for some time now, and that famous fool’s face represents veritable tons of pop culture imagery. Not to mention, pulling from all the lampoonery MAD’s done over the years would make for a wild moveset.
    apologies for the image quality but the lord loves a bandwagon!

    Mickey, Donald and Goofy play as the shoto, rushdown and mixup respectively
    Minnie Mouse plays entirely differently than Mickey, being a beastmaster who summons singing farm animals
    The Headless Horseman is the only mount; second place wpuld have went to Alice and Julius from those early Alice Comedies shorts (they would have rode a parade elephant)
    Mufasa would be portrayed in his ghost form; it cheapens his impact a tad but its also very funny
    Esmerelda would fight through her dances, Alan through his instrumental prowess; if it wasnt obvious, a lot of characters were chosen over their main character contemporaries for the sake of a diverse roster
    "President Pooh" takes inspiration from this marketing scheme Disney pulled in the 70s to promote the Pooh shorts.
    In terms of the acquired properties? Woody and Buzz are the sole Pixar reps to keep the roster relatively small, while the rest are relatively shill picks to promote these facets of the company
    likely gonna be leaving this site in a bit
    not for any particular reason but I feel it’s best for me personally
    thanks to all of you who kept discussion both civil and interesting and diverse. you’re all rock
    all you giving words on “character accuracy” and yet game and watch doesn’t have an alarm sound effect when he wakes up
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Most of my grievances about "character accuracy" don't relate to movesets but rather little things like that. To me, voice lines, visual effects, taunts, e.t.c. go a longer way in portraying a character well than moves, which is where I feel gameplay should be prioritised, only taking from the games when necessary. There's only one move in the entirerty of Smash I have an outwards problem with because of how it portrays the character(s) rather than gameplay - Paisy's Side B.
    characterization ploys ahoy!
    waluigi is commonly referred to as an enigma, an effite freak whose powers are loosely defined and is know for imitating others and performing for nobody.
    waluigi should be a mime.
    he should be the supernatural freakish mime heel of the nintendo pantheon.
    you could even make him vaguely french in contrast to wario's germanesque heritage.
    (end quote)
    I've been writing stories with surreal characters and themes all my life, and doing so has resulted in a strange ourboros of self~consciousness in my lack of self~consciousness.
    Usually, my stories are lathered in irony and metacontext, which I worry creates an unintentional atmosphere of "you can't criticize me beause it's supposed to be a poor representation of (x factor)!" It's a bizarre plight, and lately I've been trying to counteract that with moments of sincerity that balance out the strangeness of everything else.
    Has anyone else come in contact with stuff like this?
    Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Pardon me but I think you’d like this artist!
    Moreso for their original characters than their fanart; they appear to take inspiration from classic computer games and horrendous wordplay. They seem rather tailored to your sensibilities!
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    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    I can't access DA right now, could you please insert some images of their art?
    I don’t think I can here. Is there any other media accounts I can send them to you through?
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    There's a button with a picture of a sun and some mountains, click that and copy and paste a direct image link.

    My current standings as to my most~wanted third~party representation! Unconventional, I'll admit, but that's just a backhanded way to give myself more personal clout!
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    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    An Atari 2600 rep would be amazing in Smash.
    My father had an Atari as a kid, and I eventually played some of the old games on a website back when I was a kid. It would be interesting to see, though I'd prefer a spirit event over a fighters pass inclusion.
    I am of the belief that lambasting a collaborative creative work for the acts of its creator isn’t very productive and kinda shuns the staff who committed their time to the project
    That being said, the Ren and Stimpy revival really destroys that notion as without the creator and their snooty views on animation, there isn’t much to attach to.
    Tl;dr Ren bad Stimpy bad
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    A full new Rocko series would be way better than R&S. R&S was more of a slideshow of gross-out and innuendo than a show with plots, something that only really worked because of the time period - it was basically a vent show against the on-model recycled animation and moral plots of He-Man and Care Bears, and the humour didn't come from "wow, that's relatable!" as much as "wow, how did they get away with that on Nick?" - in a world where Cartoon Network is willing to show a cop bleeding his eyes out on a train's wheels at daytime ( https://youtu.be/zAgWY8IwrAs?t=57 ) there's no need for R&S, especially since this reboot is going to be on Comedy Central anyway.

    Rocko on the other hand was more of a show with actual characters and plots, almost like a surrealist version of The Simpsons, that can be enjoyed even detached from historical animation context. The Netflix movie is great so more of that would certainly be appreciated. (though I was a little disappointed it didn't go anywhere funny with the trans story arc, it was a really cute and wholesome subplot that is much needed in kids' TV and fits the show really well, but it didn't really lead to any jokes - I mean it's better to have no jokes than "attack helicopter" jokes or gross-ups of boob stitching, but still.)
    Agreed 100%
    Also I agree that jokes about Bighead’s transexuality weren’t needed but that character wasn’t deprived of jokes~she sold ice pops out in a desert if I recall correctly
    Sam and Max should be in Smash
    Please punch my opinion card, My friends state incessantly I need a new one
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    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Sam and Max are kind of an interesting case when it comes to Smash speculation. Sam and Max, Turok, and the Witcher are all franchises best known for their video games, but didn't start off as video games - it raises an interesting question when it comes to the "video game characters only" rule and how far it really goes.
    I think a character's inclusion should be weighed on their franchise's impact on games above all other media; all proportional~like
    Sam & Max, while I love all the media they've starred in, irrecovably made the largest impact on the gaming industry above all else; from what I heard, they were an inside joke at LucasArts through the comics and grew to become their rising stars! If that's not the hallmark of a gaming icon, to become one not through stardom but through passion and fervor, I wouldn't know what is!
    I'd ask as well for you to consider that they could be the best point and click game representative around! Sam and Max is a series built around "tell, don't show," which works eerily well for what they'd symbolize!
    Also, they'd be really fun. Like really fun.
    ~|~OK, EARTHBOUND!~|~
    Relive the magic of Earthbound again in this 2D puzzle~platformer for the Nintendo 3DS! Porky Minch has littered Onett with all his crazy contraptions! Ness has got to run and jump and use his PK abilities to rid the neighbourhood of Porkybots! With over 9 levels to traverse, you’ll surely encounter both old...and new enemies along the way! And if you’re having trouble, use the help of your friends via the Nintendo 3DS’ touchscreen, and can access King, Ness’ Dog, to help sniff out secrets with the King amiibo!
    Help Ness take down Porky once and for all, and unlock your PK Power within when OK, Earthbound releases March 2016!
    Rules: Original Eight are Mandatory
    Unlockable Four aren’t Necessary but will Cry and Blubber if not included
    (Warning: raises more questions than answers)
    Don’t worry, everyone! The ancient legend says that there’s a magical and pseudo~sentient sword able to defeat Coronavirus when imbued with the power of friendship.
    My sources say the legend’s very credible, DM me for more information.
    I posted on Wario Wario Wario's status below at the same time as Mamboo and Smashboards destroyed my response and like. I salute my robot overlords ever so slightly less.
    So first, making a joke was a joke. Then the act of pointing out the joke was a joke. Then the act of pointing out the joke while extracting its original context was a joke.
    In the near future, the act of saying "this is a joke" will be the most riveting form of comedy and I can't wait.
    I might need help with this, fellas.
    Was there a character in Marvel v Capcom (or any Capcom fighting game) that was modelled after a Japanese comedian?
    I specifically remember there being so, but I can’t find anything on the topic.
    Deleted member
    His name was Norimaro and was only exclusive to the Japanese version of Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter.
    Ah, thank you kindly. I swore I heard about it once but I confused it for the test character in MvC the first time around.
    Put McKids in Smash, cowards
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Mick and Mack never appeared in commercials - only M.C. Kids and its sequel, Global Gladiators (in the later they were aged up slightly) - so they're technically viable Smash candidates.
    Honestly, I don't think they even have much fan demand in the first place. Even the danged Pyoro bird must have more supporters than them.
    And I won't settle for an echo of those Ice Climbers charlatans. Their card mechanic would differentiate them too much! Too much I say !
    Anyone remember that Max Landis Super Mario movie script that never got off the ground?
    The one that started like the first season of Stranger Things and ended with Wario shooting Daisy? I recommend it, if your brain needs expanding or you birdcage needs lining.
    The Rabbids have appeared as spirits in Ultimate.
    Rabbids have also appeared as characters in Nickelodeon’s Super Brawl 3.

    This either means that the World of Light and the weird Nickelodeon amalgam universe are one and the same, or it’s simply a product of the Rabbids’ dimension~hopping.
    I wish Daisy wasn’t so vanilla; not just in Smash but in general.

    Like Super Mario Land is by far the weirdest Mario game, why doesn’t Daisy reflect that? She’d be so much more interesting if she brought along all those lifesucking ghosts and Easter Island heads along with her in the latest Kart or Party game.
    In short, make her the Smash Luigi to Peach’s Smash Mario. A super weird character that’s strangely quirky in a lot of ways.

    Make her bring along a Bombshell Koopa as opposed to a Blue Toad. Make her victory animation revealing it was a flying nose impersonating her or something. Stuff like that would flesh her out plenty, I think.
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    She'll probably get some Luigification next time. Dev cycle was relatively short anyway.

    Although it would help if Nintendo divisions didn't have so much cold feet not wanting to use the characters that were made by other divisions, which is why Daisy's been stuck in spin-offs for so long. Respecting each other can only go so far until you wind up with a Mario game with just the man himself in it.

    That being said, I think it wouldn't hurt to loudly tell Sakurai and company about the issue and have them consider it for future games. After all, that's how Ganondorf eventually got his sword...
    I'd imagine she'll be Luigified too; a triple jump as opposed to a float would be neato. Give her a bit more weight!

    The only way I can imagine Daisy becoming a playable regular in the main Mario series is that Peach is a main playable character more. The dress physics are apparently the hardest thing with implementing the princesses, so after they finish Peach, do some asset~swapping and an extra ability and you're set!
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