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DC vs. Marvel: Infinity Crisis


Deleted member

1. Back in Black
2. Infinite Possibilities
3. Wild Frontiers

Resubmitting Judge Dread. I think having a character from the British indie comics side of things would be a good way of covering comics history

View attachment 360644
Judge Dread

He is the law. From the dystopian future city of Mega-City One, Judge Dread carries out Justice in his own way. He has a large arsenal of weapons that could be used in his moveset. His morality would give him an interesting contrast with the superheroes in our cast, leading to some great interactions.
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Oct 29, 2018
the building from smash mouth's astro lounge
(i guess you could switch out vampire batman with the vampiric hal jordan from dc vs vampires!)

Given the subs here have been wild, weird, and wonderful in nature - I feel it's only appropriate to continue in this sort of vein. Thing is, there's a lot of bizarre picks to go with - a lot of hype picks, and even a lot of wildcards. I felt it'd be a good call to go with one of the latter - someone not new to crossovers with one side of the pond, and with plenty of interaction potential if you were to play fast-and-loose with their interpretation. That person is...

Character Name: Space Ghost
Character Origin: Space Ghost & Dino Boy - The Heat Thing (1966)

Talk show host. Intergalactic superhero. Hanna-Barbera icon.

Space Ghost is a man of many talents, and this whole vibe would be essential to capture in his interactions and moveset. In terms of his abilities? Well, he's in a cool situation where he may have the classic ensemble of flight and super strength, but he can also use his belt and Power Bands to become intangible and invisible - and can even teleport around if need be. Whilst having him based on his Hanna-Barbera self would be the key for his moveset, I'd like to see his personality moreso based on his nature in the 1994 revival, Space Ghost Coast to Coast - capturing the series' unique humour and the like.

The idea of him interacting with people and perhaps referencing different Hanna-Barbera properties could be fun - confusing Hawkgirl with Birdman would be a pretty funny example, but one funny concept I had was that most of his arcade storylines being focused on him actually wanting to interview different heroes only to come into increasingly ridiculous misunderstandings would be funny.

And besides, wouldn't it be awesome to see this icon of 60s television and the late nights of the mid-to-late 90s represented in something like this?

Wario Wario Wario

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Sep 3, 2017
Ed Bighead for NASB 2
Last guest job, huh? and parody superheroes are elegible? In that case may as well drop by to submit

Mermaid Man (SpongeBob SquarePants)

Eeeevilll! Eeeeeevilllll! The geriatric powerhouse, fish-sized superhuman Mermaid Man, was once an iconic hero - beating up baddies like Man Ray and the Dirty Bubble both in fictional films and in real life, (while somehow avoiding libel lawsuits thanks to cartoon logic) but since then has grown old and spends his days in the retirement home. While his actual powers are strikingly similar to Aquaman's, a Mermaid Man moveset wouldn't use those powers - instead, it'd be all about the retirement life. Ironing clothes, playing bingo, even falling asleep - though, that's not to say he can't use his abilities - after all, in a world where fish walk on two legs, aquatic hypnotism can be quite helpful for chores.

I was considering Really Really Big Man or Powdered Toast Man, but I was kinda worried that if they did somehow get in nobody here would be familiar enough with them to do the content while I wouldn't know enough about the thread and tradfighters in general to handle his moveset, so I went with a Nicktoons parody character who's more recent and well known.
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Sep 24, 2020
Right Behind You
In a similar vein to cashregister's submission, I want to submit a Kamen Rider, especifically, Kamen Rider Decade, a.k.a. Tsukusa Kadoya; an interdimensional traveler who originally was a conqueror but end having amnesia in one of his travels forgetting this particular past.

I opted for Decade by a very simple reason, and is that while every Kamen Rider have different transformtion, Decade can transform into any previous Kamen Rider, allowing us to rep multiple riders at once (maybe even they could cound as premiere costumes including a version of them with their own voice lines!), the options are limitless, but trying to give some ideas, maybe 5 or 6 transformations, each one with the same normals but their own specials quite in the same fashion as the TMNT, between the options there it could be:

Champion of Hyrule

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Sep 15, 2018
*doxxes myself*
I'll re-submit Luffy
Submission: Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

Okay if we’d add a manga character it would probably be Deku but I think Luffy would be a nice pick as well. Given Scott Pilgrim got in last round I think it could be nice to carry on the tradition of someone who isn’t necessarily a superhero again and so why not make that a manga character? I chose Luffy to represent it because One Piece is one of the biggest and best selling comic or manga series ever and he would bring a really interesting playstyle and aesthetic to the game which isn’t very represented otherwise. Plus he surprisingly hasn’t been in very many 2D fighting games recently so this could be a good opportunity and more novel than if we added Goku or someone


Previously 1SecondNinja
Aug 4, 2022
Job 251: Guest Character (DLC)
Alias: Officer Dragon
First Appearance: Savage Dragon #1 [Mini-Series] (July, 1992)

Baptized by flames; A mysterious, humanoid creature was found in the middle of a blazing fire by a veteran police officer. Virtuously doing the right thing and saving his life, said officer took him in to find the creature's wounds completely healed, but when he awoke, it was revealed he had no memory of his entire life. An amnesiac alien humanoid now sitting in his home, with incredible healing and durability, the officer realized he had a miracle in his home; Chicago, his home city, has been overrun by supervillains and mutants, or as the locals called them, freaks. Freaks everywhere. The mysterious amnesiac mutant was convinced to join the Chicago Police Department, motivated by his conviction to do the right thing and protect the innocent. Adopting his nickname "The Dragon" as his legal name, he took arms against the terrorists of this city; a one-man police unit locking up super criminals left and right. He can be described many ways: Heroic, Righteous, Unbeatable, but those who faced The Dragon head-on have only on word to describe him: Savage.

So, I figure this could use a little more explanation, because this is a rather obscure character in this nomination line-up.

A character stretching all the way back to the origin of Image Comics itself, Savage Dragon was an original character created by a long-time veteran in the comics industry, Erik Larsen (best known for his work on the 90's Spider-Man comics, but also having done numerous titles at both Marvel and DC).
Erik Larsen is actually a founder of Image Comics, and under this company he launched a new IP that would later become one of Image Comics' flagship titles. In fact, Savage Dragon actually outpaced Image's own expectations for the comic, quickly leading to an ongoing series as soon as the first mini-series wrapped up; Dragon himself was also folded into Image's own superhero universe, which becomes a huge part of their brand.

Also, this is a huge thing for the character that just has to be brought up; I mentioned that he was created as part of the launch of Image comics, yes. But, since his first issue in 1992, the Savage Dragon series started an ongoing series that is... still ongoing. That 250th cover at the top of this post? That's from the same series as issue #1 all the way back in 1993.
Now, sure, that may not sound like a big deal, but the kicker here is that Savage Dragon has been written by the same writer since day 1. This is a huge deal; imagine if Stan Lee was still alive and still writing Spider-Man to this day! It's a genuinely insane feat of writing that has awarded Savage Dragon the official title of "longest running full-color comic book to feature a single artist/writer"; Each single issue was written by one guy, Erik Larsen, which gives the entire comic a level of consistency that is outright absent from any Marvel or DC back. No alternate runs, no retcons, it's all one continuous story, and no other comic in the entire industry does this. Only Savage Dragon does, and this is a huge contributor to the comic's legacy as it still continues to this day.
Of course, that's also not to mention that Savage Dragons is the only one of two comics to have been running continuously since Image launches; The other is, of course, Spawn!

But none of this is as important as Dragon's status as the face of Image's Superhero comics. Now, I know what you're thinking: "What about Spawn and Invincible?" Spawn is the most popular, sure, but he's always been isolated from the rest of the universe and isn't typically represented as it's star hero. Invincible took that role, but the character is being retired due to his comic ending; Not that it matters, because Dragon still played a part in Invincible's series numerous times. Dragon is the epitome of the Image superhero cast, being the go-to character for new heroes to feature in their books; He's their version of Captain America, and this is used to their advantage to hype up new heroes. Most new Image books, such as Invincible, Crossover and Radiant Black, feature him in their earliest issues as a cameo simply due to his star power. He's that important.
Though, yeah, Invincible and Spawn are the bigger characters; But Dragon is the biggest star behind both of them. He's the final part of the Image Trinity that counters DC's Trinity, or the Avengers Trinity (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor). He's more than earned that title, darnit.

But, yes, while all of that matters for his comic book legacy, just throw it aside for now and take a look at the character in of itself. 90s comics, and Image Comics as a whole, was pretty much made up of muscular, gritty gun-toting wardogs as superheroes; FYI, none of those comics were particularly good. So what makes Savage Dragon different from those; What made the comic stand the test of time to become an unsung legend in comics?
Simply put; the comic, and the character, had humanity. It was a very mature step up from Marvel, in which Larsen took what he learned from them, and made a very human story filled with signature 90's comic action that instantly made Savage Dragon Image's top book. All of the best features from comics history were put into the original mini-series that made it popular in the first place; I can't say that the ongoing continues to live up to the character's original surge in popularity (hell, the early issues still have some atrocious sh*t), but he made a name for himself when it mattered and created a legacy that still stands to this day.

Is this worth dedicating an entire segment to? Probably not, but this is a thread specific comic book crossovers, so of course I would!
And it really is a testament to Dragon's comic book legacy that he's had these crossovers, a lot of which coincide with characters that are on the roster itself!

The most famous of these is of course the Superman/Savage Dragon 2-Part crossover, in which both heroes travel to each other's home cities of Metropolis and Chicago in a multiverse event
On numerous occasions, The Dragon and the TMNT have teamed-up to fight mutant threats, primarily due to the license being held by Image at the time. The earliest instance is in Issue 2 of the Savage Dragon ongoing, in which Dragon is sent out to New York
And, while unofficial, Marvel did plant a cameo appearance of The Dragon in Spider-Man Team-Up #5, cementing the character's legacy as being adjacent to Marvel's own characters.
Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 11.23.34 AM.png

But of course, being an Image Comics character, The Dragon has had numerous crossovers with the other icons of Image, including none-other than...

General Playstyle
Dragon is an all-rounder with exceptional defensive play due to his durability and health; Very beginner friendly with plenty of adaptive options.

Unique Ability - Warrant for Arrest
Halt, vigilante!
As defined in 720 ILCS 5/12-3.05, aggravated battery against a police officer is a serious felony; Congratulations, opponent, you're a wanted criminal!

Dragon has an Arrest Warrant meter for the opponent that builds up for every attack they successfully land on Dragon; Once filled up, Dragon can put out a wanted notice for the opponent, making them public enemy #1; As a result, for the next 30 seconds, any damage Dragon lays on the opponent is increased by 50%
If the Arrest Warrant is filled out twice (without activating it once), Dragon can stack them as two separate felonies, and his damage is increased by 65% instead.

Special Move NameInputDescription
Ground ZeroQCF + X + DirectionalDragon equips an ammo-belt and sub-machine gun and quickly fires off against the opponent until the belt runs out; This move can be angled with a directional input
All Dragons Breath FireHCF + XDragon takes a sip from a canister of whiskey, then quickly ignites a lighter in front of him, and spits his drink out, resulting in a brief flamethrower attack with medium range and flame affects afflicted onto the opponent.

This move is directly inspired by the bar fight in Savage Dragon #1
The Right to Remain Silent (Grab)Back, Forth + XDragon quickly lunges forwards, arm in front as he tackles the opponent; If he connects, he automatically follows up with pinning them to the ground, locking them in handcuffs, and throwing them across them across the stage
Arriving in StyleHCB + XDragon whips out a pair of sunglasses as he quickly backflips onto a motorcycle and drives it across the stage with a police siren blaring, using it as a battering ram against the opponent, before somersaulting off of it and landing with a fist to the ground.
34 TonsDown, Down + XDragon smashes both of his hands into the ground as he quickly rips an entire layer of the stage right from the ground, spins around and throws it as an impact-based explosive projectile, made entirely of debris
No Need for Wings (Anti-Air)QCB + XDragon unpins a grenade and throws it up in the air; As it explodes, Dragon jumps up, clutches both hands together, and (assuming the opponent is caught within the grenade) mightily punches them straight into the ground beneath, dealing impact damage as a result.

Super Move NameInputDescription
Level 1 - No Holds Barred2QCF + XDragon loads two dual sub-machine guns with explosive rounds and fires them in off in a straight line - 12 shots in total, each laying explosive damage upon contact with the opponent or the stage.
Level 1 - Skin of a Dragon2QCB + XDragon is known for his incredible healing factor, which is in full force in a fight as tense as this! Up to 25% of Dragon's lost health is replaced with a white health bar; For every attack Dragon successfully lands, he regains normal health from the white health, ala Wolverine's unique ability.
Level 2 - Sound of the Police2HCB + XA police siren blares briefly off-stage as Dragon reaches for a Chicago Police Department Car, rips it in half, and uses them like boxing gloves to beat down the opponent
Level 3 - Chicago's Finest (Cinematic)All Buttons PressedRecreating his iconic fight against Overlord in Savage Dragon #21:
Dragon fires a barrage of bullets against the opponent - if they land, the cinematic starts, in which a Helicopter flies overhead and Dragon latches on before flying up stage.
The opponent attempts to recuperate from their wounds... only for Dragon to jump down from the helicopter and fire off a few rounds right in their back; He lands onto the ground as the impact created a shockwave, sending the opponent flying back
Dragon, determined to finish off the fight, fires a shot directly into the mouth of the opponent with pristine marksmanship; The opponent falls back as they coke on the bullet, whilst Dragon stands triumphantly over them.
Reasons for Inclusion
  • I did already write an essay about it, but the Dragon has a really big legacy in comics that I think deserves recognition on this roster
  • He's another representative of the 90's era of comic books, which was a huge decade for comics (controversial or not) that the roster has still somewhat stumbled to see larger amounts of characters for.
  • He has yet to be in any fighting game, or video game for that matter, making this a completely new character that our roster could easily tap into.
  • His obscurity could also be seen as a benefit; Our current guests are all just the big names, going with someone less popular but with equal importance in the comics landscape helps broaden the horizons for the types of guests we include
  • We don't really have a character that takes on civilian duties like the Dragon does; playing with the idea of an Action-Orientated 90's Police Officer just screeches something unique that nobody in the Marvel or DC universes are currently doing
  • I feel like Image Comics as a whole has just earned a central part of comics history; It's the biggest company right behind Marvel and DC, and one famous for breaking the mold and being creator-orientated; It has a slew of iconic comic book characters that have since gained notable popularity, and while we have Invincible and Spawn, both of those are really just scratching the surface
  • The Dragon has a history with several represented characters on the roster that we could easily tap into for another guest appearance
  • Dragons are cool

I think the best way to cap-off such a massive write-up for a character nobody here has heard of until just now (probably) is just a snippet from the comic. A personal favorite scene of mine, actually; This is from the recollected and reprinted mini-series The Dragon, which is the first appearance of the character with new pages cut from the original release of the comic.
As someone who's had... thoughts, on the current topic of police brutality and it's controversial rise in recent years, this scene absolutely sold me on the character, and in my opinion holds up extremely well due to how it can be attributed to law enforcement in any era; For context, Dragon is confronted by a bigoted cop on his first day on the force, leading to this interaction.
Dragon (2).jpg

While it's still relevant, I'll quickly get the votes in for the costume packs
1. Wild Frontiers
2. Oh, the Horror!
3. Back in Black


Writing Team
Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
First of all, here are the results for the costume pack vote:

Oh, the Horror!: 4
Infinite Possibilities: 6
Wild Frontiers: 8
Back in Black: 12

As a result, we'll be adding PinkFlare PinkFlare 's and @Darkonedagger's costume packs!

Secondly, here are the guest nominees; typing them out and linking them is going to take a while.

guest nominees 3.png

-WordGirl (WordGirl) ( AlteredBeast AlteredBeast )
-Captain Underpants (Captain Underpants) ( FazDude FazDude )
-Izuku "Deku" Midoriya (My Hero Academia) ( Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds )
-Kamen Rider Double (Kamen Rider W) ( cashregister9 cashregister9 )
-Kick-Ass (Kick-Ass) ( DragonRobotKing26 DragonRobotKing26 )
-Son Goku (Dragon Ball) ( Megadoomer Megadoomer )
-Judge Dredd (Judge Dredd) (@Darkonedagger)
-Space Ghost (Space Ghost) ( KneeOfJustice99 KneeOfJustice99 )
-Big Head (or The Mask) (The Mask) ( HyperSomari64 HyperSomari64 )
-Mermaid Man (Spongebob Squarepants) ( Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario Wario )
-Kamen Rider Decade (Kamen Rider Decade) ( Infinity Sorcerer Infinity Sorcerer )
-Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece) ( Champion of Hyrule Champion of Hyrule )
-Charlie Brown and Snoopy (Peanuts) ( AlRex AlRex )
-The Dragon (Savage Dragon) ( PinkFlare PinkFlare )

Vote for your top four (first place will get 4 points, second place will get 3, etc.), the top two will be included, and you can't put your own in first.

1. Luffy
2. Goku
3. Judge Dredd
4. The Dragon

I put Luffy in first because I could probably come up with three or four movesets for the guy pretty easily with minimal overlap, and he'd have a ton of entertaining interactions with other characters given how excited he gets over things like robots, superheroes, and lasers. (I've been reading One Piece weekly since 2006, so I've got a lot of enthusiasm for that manga)


I'm not sure if we're going to have a formal job today, since I don't want to jump into the wildcard round just yet, and the other jobs that we have left will depend on who makes it in through this round. However, there are a few smaller things that I want to deal with since we're nearing the end of the DLC; we still haven't decided on a reward for beating Amazo yet, and there are a bunch of arcade mode endings that we haven't came up with.


-Plastic Man
-Martian Manhunter
-Green Arrow
-Blue Beetle
-Black Adam
-Mister Miracle
-Power Girl
-Poison Ivy
-Gorilla Grodd
-Lois Lane


-Black Panther
-Ghost Rider
-Squirrel Girl
-Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)
-The Sentry
-Moon Knight


-Scott Pilgrim
-The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

If anyone has ideas for those, feel free to write them down; I'll see what I can come up with for the arcade endings. Otherwise, I think we'll focus on voting for today.
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Previously 1SecondNinja
Aug 4, 2022
1. Deku
2. The Dragon
3. Judge Dredd
4. Kamen Rider Decade

Deku is baaically prime material for this crossover because MHA is huge and is entirely based around the same superhero tropes as many comics represented here; Aside from that, I'm not very enthused by any of the other manga characters here, unfortunately.
I don't know anything about Kamen Rider but they seem cool

Infinity Sorcerer

Smash Champion
Sep 24, 2020
Right Behind You
  1. Luffy
  2. Decade
  3. Goku
  4. Dragon
In an hypothetical 5th place I would have choosen kick-ass. Im Also thinking ok some endings, particulary for Scott, Venom, Ghost Rider and Moon Knight but Im on a trip soo
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Champion of Hyrule

Smash Master
Sep 15, 2018
*doxxes myself*
I put Luffy in first because I could probably come up with three or four movesets for the guy pretty easily with minimal overlap, and he'd have a ton of entertaining interactions with other characters given how excited he gets over things like robots, superheroes, and lasers.
I hadn’t even considered interactions before submitting him but yeah that would be awesome too. If he gets in we need an interaction where he asks groot if he poops


Writing Team
Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
I hadn’t even considered interactions before submitting him but yeah that would be awesome too. If he gets in we need an interaction where he asks groot if he poops
Luffy: Hey, do you poop?
Darkseid: I will destroy everyone and everything that you hold dear.
Luffy: It's yes or no! Are you some kind of idiot?

I could see him wanting to find a big net to catch Blue Beetle, trying to get Ghost Rider to say skeleton puns, getting into childish arguments because Peacemaker calls himself a hero (Luffy: "Heroes wear capes! Not buckets!"), getting super excited because Cyclops and Superman can fire beams from their eyes, or wanting to try on the Iron Man armour (or wanting Franky to make one like it). Even if Luffy doesn't get in, it's still a lot of fun to think about.
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Previously 1SecondNinja
Aug 4, 2022
Seems like most people have voted already; Granted, the day isn't even halfway done

But I really appreciate everyone who voted for Dragon. I always like to go all-out with large write-ups and movesets for characters that wouldn't win otherwise, and it seems lkke a gaurantee that Dragon would have had 0 votes without a write-up, so it feels great to see him make it in a bunch of other people's top 4 after going all-out on the nomination


Writing Team
Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
Amazo reward:

Justice League Satellite (stage)

Much like how Battleworld is a Marvel stage with DC elements, I figure that we could include a DC stage with Marvel elements. In this case, it takes place on the Justice League's orbital base, but it's a big party involving the Justice League and the Avengers, so that members of both teams can be included, whether they're playable characters (such as Zatanna performing magic tricks, Spider-Man hanging from the ceiling, or Batman brooding in a corner) or not. (Beast and Wonder Man could be chatting with Justice League members, or Firestorm could be flying around) Any playable characters would be missing if they're being played as, like usual.

Since Amazo's got the combined powers of all of the Justice League, I figured a Justice League themed stage would be fitting. (plus, I couldn't think of a costume)


Previously 1SecondNinja
Aug 4, 2022
Amazo reward:

Justice League Satellite (stage)

Much like how Battleworld is a Marvel stage with DC elements, I figure that we could include a DC stage with Marvel elements. In this case, it takes place on the Justice League's orbital base, but it's a big party involving the Justice League and the Avengers, so that members of both teams can be included, whether they're playable characters (such as Zatanna performing magic tricks, Spider-Man hanging from the ceiling, or Batman brooding in a corner) or not. (Beast and Wonder Man could be chatting with Justice League members, or Firestorm could be flying around) Any playable characters would be missing if they're being played as, like usual.

Since Amazo's got the combined powers of all of the Justice League, I figured a Justice League themed stage would be fitting. (plus, I couldn't think of a costume)
I'm not too sure about this; I have the Watchtower in use as Cyborg's Level 3 Super

What about Mount Justice?


Writing Team
Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
The reward for beating Amazo will be the Mount Justice stage! (unless anyone else has other ideas)

Mermaid Man: 1
Charlie Brown and Snoopy: 2
Kamen Rider Double: 3
Space Ghost (Coast to Coast): 3
Kick-Ass: 6
Captain Underpants: 7
The Mask: 11
Kamen Rider Decade: 11
Deku: 12
Judge Dredd: 15
The Dragon: 15
Luffy: 16
Goku: 28

guest 3 winners.png

Our final two guest characters will be Son Goku and Monkey D. Luffy! I don't think Goku's inclusion comes as a surprise, though the second place vote was so close that I needed to double check the results several times just in case anyone had edited their post since last time.

Job 252: nominate a moveset for Goku

This job will last for two or three days; I have a rough idea for Goku's moveset (I know what his unique action will be, at least), so I'll definitely be posting one.

Job 253: nominate costumes for Goku

We'll include a default costume and up to seven alternates, like how we usually do.


Also, if anyone wants to submit trading cards for Dragon Ball or One Piece, or interactions for Goku or Luffy, feel free to do that at any point. (I'm definitely going to include the Darkseid interaction that I posted earlier; it seems weirdly fitting for Luffy to ask a god of tyranny the stupidest question possible, and then call him an idiot when he doesn't dignify it with a response)


Writing Team
Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
I arent a big Dragon Ball fan but Im glad with his inclusion, anyway I wonder if there it should be some sort of focus to a specific canon or not since AFAIK there are big difference between Manga!Goku, Anime!Goku and Also GT!Goku. Just asking for the moveset since I think I will try to do one.
Feel free to use whichever canon you want (well, aside from Dragon Ball Evolution). I don't recall there being a huge difference between the anime, manga, etc., but if you want to include a GT reference or something, then that's fine.
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Smash Ace
Apr 3, 2018
Stuck in the Special Zone
And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...

Match Intro:
Deadpool vs. Goku
Goku: "Woah, you use TWO swords? That's pretty cool! I hope you're just as strong as Trunks, then!"

Deadpool Victory Quote:


Writing Team
Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC

Goku moveset

Unique Ability: Transform
- under normal circumstances, this ability has Goku transform into Super Saiyan, with the duration indicated by a bar beneath the Unique Ability symbol - once it runs out, the symbol darkens, and Goku can't turn into Super Saiyan until it recharges. This serves as a temporary power boost.

If Goku is at 25% health or less, the symbol changes from Goku's head with blond spiky hair to Goku with white hair, and if the Unique Ability button is used then, Goku turns into Ultra Instinct Sign. This is a much larger power boost compared to Super Saiyan, and his attacks are faster to signify that he's not making any wasted movements, but once this transformation runs out, the bar for the Unique Ability becomes cracked and doesn't recharge. (meaning that he can only enter this state once per round)

In addition, pressing the unique ability button instead of an attack button when using specials will cause him to transform mid-special, doing more damage but taking away chunks of the Unique Ability meter. (meaning that he either can't transform afterwards if he's in base, or the transformation ends sooner if he's transformed) In base form, he uses Kaio Ken mid-attack, gaining a red aura, while in Super Saiyan, he briefly turns into Super Saiyan 3, with his eyebrows disappearing and his hair growing long even by Dragon Ball standards. In Ultra Instinct Sign form, he uses the full power of Ultra Instinct, causing his hair to turn white and his body to glow with a holy-looking aura.

Kamehameha (quarter circle forward + attack - air OK) - this had to be here. (for those who aren't familiar with Dragon Ball, Goku cups his hands at his side similar to a Hadoken, gathering up energy before firing it out as a beam. Shouting "Ka... Me... Ha... Me... HA!" is encouraged) Heavier versions cause Goku to take longer to charge up the attack, though the energy beam becomes thicker and deals more damage as a result.

Dragon Flash Fist (quarter circle back + attack - air OK) - Goku flies forward and performs an overhead punch, smacking the opponent downwards.

Meteor Smash (Shoryuken motion + attack) - Goku uppercuts the opponent into the air, though unlike a Shoryuken, he doesn't leap into the air after them. Instead, if he hits, he moves faster than the eye can see, appearing above them and smashing them into the ground. (if he misses, he's left vulnerable)

Shockwave (down, down, attack) - Goku unleashes a wave of ki energy to force the opponent away from him, with the size and strength varying based on which attack was used.

Instant Transmission (back, forward, attack) - Goku places two fingers on his forehead and teleports in front of (if the light or medium attack is used) or behind (if the heavy attack or unique ability is used) the opponent before delivering a powerful kick.

Level 1: Full Power Kamehameha (quarter circle forward x2 + attack - air OK) - Goku charges up for longer than the basic Kamehameha before firing a much larger energy beam.

Level 2: Solar Flare (half circle forward + attack) - borrowing a page from his friend Krillin's book, Goku holds both hands up to his face and yells "Solar Flare!", generating a blinding burst of light. This can be blocked, but if it hits, the opponent is stunned for longer than they would be for most attacks - whether it's blocked or it connects, Goku throws out three Destructo Discs (razor-sharp discs of ki energy) one after the other.

Level 3: Spirit Bomb (press all buttons in base form) - Goku punches the opponent in the gut, and if the punch lands, it starts a cutscene where Goku teleports away to gather energy while they're stunned. Raising his hands over his head, he forms the Spirit Bomb from whatever energy he can get (it's similar to the one that he used against Freeza) before throwing it at the opponent. The opponent holds back the massive ball of energy, so Goku transforms into Super Saiyan and with a comment of "See ya!", gives it the extra push it needs to detonate, ending the cutscene.

Level 3: Dragon Fist (press all buttons in Super Saiyan) - Goku punches the opponent in the gut, and if the punch lands, it starts a cutscene where Goku flies around the opponent, hitting them repeatedly. The trail of energy that he leaves behind him takes the form of a golden version of Shenron, the serpentine wish-granting dragon. Goku flies towards them within the mouth of the image of Shenron, delivering one last devastating punch as the dragon appears to eat the opponent and the super ends.

Level 3: Dramatic Finish (press all buttons in Ultra Instinct) - Goku punches the opponent in the gut, and if the punch lands, it starts a cutscene where Goku delivers several punches in quick succession. His opponent tries to land a punch of their own (or in Starro's case, jab with a tentacle), but Goku dodges it in slow motion before passing by the opponent as a blur. The opponent is struck about half a dozen times faster than they can perceive, getting knocked into the air with each blow. Goku turns, charging up a Kamehameha, with each syllable causing the camera to dramatically zoom in on his eyes, hands, feet, etc. before he fires a massive beam of energy that envelops the opponent. The camera zooms out to show that the beam is visible from space (most shots would show Earth, though there would be a few slightly different images if it's on Apokolips, in the Dark Dimension, etc.) before the cutscene ends.

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*doxxes myself*
Here are some interactions. Haven't done these in the thread before because I'm not really that familiar with their dynamics but I definitely am with dbz and one piece so here are some, I'll just do one piece related ones for now
Deadpool vs. Luffy
Deadpool: Anime? Really? They hit the bottom of the barrel huh?
Luffy: You're annoying!
Deadpool: Yeah, yeah... Why don't you go sell 500 million copies or something?

Shazam vs. Luffy
Shazam: SHAZAM!
Luffy: So your name is Santa?
Shazam: That's not what I- oh nevermind

Thor vs. Luffy
Thor: You face Thor! God of thunder!
Luffy: Thunder? Ahahahahaha!
Thor: I don't understand

Venom vs. Luffy
Venom: So you can stretch your body huh? More meat for us!
Luffy: Meat? Where?
Venom: Right here!

Lobo vs. Luffy
Lobo: You look different from your wanted poster...
Luffy: Oh that? That's just how I look when I'm totally free!
Lobo: No idea what that means, but I'll take you in regardless

The Thing vs. Luffy
Thing: I'll clobber you, rubber man!
Luffy: Aw, I was expecting your voice to sound funny
Thing: Why would my voice sound funny?

Luffy vs. Cyborg
Luffy: Woah!... You're cool! Not as cool as Franky though!
Cyborg: Thanks... I guess
Luffy: How many transformations do you have?

Luffy vs. Magneto
Luffy: What did you do to Jaggy!?
Magneto: You're not a mutant are you?
Luffy: I said what did you do to Jaggy!!?

Luffy vs. Dr Octopus
Luffy: Woah, you look like an octopus!
Dr Octopus: That is what they call me
Luffy: So you're an octopus man?

Luffy vs. Ghost Rider
Luffy: A skeleton? Hey, do you want to join my crew?
Ghost Rider: Uh, no thanks kid
Luffy: Okay

Luffy vs. Rocket/Groot
Luffy: Woah, you look delicious!
Rocket: Wh- which one of us looks delicious!?
Luffy: Both!

Luffy vs. Squirrel Girl
Luffy: Woah, a monster!
Squirrel Girl: Hey, that's not very nice!
Luffy: You're so cool! You should join my crew!

Luffy vs. Aquaman
Luffy: Where's your tail? Mermen are supposed to have tails!
Aquaman: Oh I'm not a merman, easy mistake.
Luffy: Are you a fish-man then?

Luffy vs. Joker
Luffy: Hey, you're not Buggy! Who are you?
Joker: The name's Joker! And I'll stretch you as far as you can go, Rubber Man!
Luffy: Wait, how far can I go?

Luffy vs. Luffy
Luffy: Branch?
Luffy: I'm not Branch! I'm Luffy!
Luffy: No! I'm Luffy! Idiot!

Ms. Marvel victory against Luffy
You, me, and Plastic Man can be stretchy buddies!

Plastic Man victory against Luffy
Okay let's get this straight. I'm plastic, you're rubber. Big difference between us two!

Doctor Strange victory against Luffy
I can feel some presence within you. It feels... God-like.

Deadpool victory against Luffy
Maybe the real treasure was the asses we kicked along the way

Luffy victory against Aquaman
Are you Poseidon? Because Robin keeps saying you have the same ability as Poseidon!

Luffy victory against Black Canary
You can sing? I like to sing too! The islands in the south are warm! And they're heads get hot! And they're all idiots!


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Sep 26, 2021
here's some character interactions

Goku: "hey,i heard you're stronger than me,i just really know"
Superman: "okay,if you want know,i'll challenge you"
Goku: "all right,come on!"

Captain America "Peter,why you're wearing black clothes?,this is not a symbionte"
Spider-Man Noir: "i really don't know what is,in your dimension you fought against N***s?"
Captain America: "yes, but i'm a super soldier and a fought against Red Skull"

Deadpool: "hey,you are copying my mask!"
Spawn: "copying?, i'm not copying you,you are very wrong"
Deadpool: "it's non for your business,come here,you copy of me!"

Raven: "so,you're probably a demon, right?
Spawn "i'm NOT a demon,i am a soldier from hell"
Raven "interesting, my dad is a demon"

Joker: "wow, i thought you're Batman, but you're white"
Moon Knight: "stop making stupid jokes, clown!"
Joker: "calm down,i'm just comparing you with my archenemy"

Black Adam: "why you're using this hammer since you have electrical powers?"
Thor: "my hammer is important for me, i'm a GOD of thunder!"
Black Adam: "a god?,a real god can fight without a weapon"

Dr. Octopus: "wait,you are not Peter Parker"
Ultimate Spider-Man: "i know, but i'm the new Spider-Man!"
Dr. Octopus: "you're the next to be dead, New Spider-Man"


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Aug 4, 2022
Base Game Story Mode: Epilogue
The crisis is over. Thanoseid has been defeated, and the multiverse, now in the face of a massive power vacuum, begins reverting to it's original state. The heroes of both universes shake hands, whilst the villains begin to plan their escape. All is as one would expect... except the heroes find that Metron has disappeared from their party!
Perplexed, the metahumans look around, then, suddenly, in a huge flash of light, everyone disappears. Gone. Vanished. Eradicated. Everyone from Superman to Wasp, Doctor Doom to Ra's Al Ghul, just suddenly disappeared... except, for Thanos and Darkseid.
Meanwhile, on Apokolips, the Black Order and Darkseid's Generals are scattered, trying to recuperate from their defeat at the hands of the DC and Marvel heroes. However, an explosion goes off within Granny Goodness' Orphanage, causing Parademons and Outriders to scour the scene, whilst unbeknownst to them, on the opposite side of the structure, a mysterious figure leaves the scene, vanishing in a gust of smoke.

DLC Story Mode: Prologue
Gambit is called to Charles Xavier's officer, with an important mission for him. Since Thanoseid had supposedly been defeated, the Multiverse should have been restored, yet things remain the same and chaos is running rampant on multiple Earths; Worse than before, in fact, as the Multiverse is tearing itself at an even faster pace, with new universes being involved in this conflict every hour.
But, most importantly, Charles has sensed the disappearance of several of his X-Men: Scott, Logan, Ororo and Eric, the mutants that went against Thanoseid, are now all out of his telepathic reach, causing Charles to panic. Without the X-Men's leadership figures, he is not taking any risks; Effective immediately, the X-Mansion is under lockdown, with mutants and metahumans being called to shelter. Any and all remaining X-Men are to remain and gaurd the Mansion... but not Gambit. Being a veteran member with insanely impressive espionage skills, Remy is easily the best candidate to take lead on a new mission: Since the vanishing of major political figures such as King T'Challa and Victor Von Doom, a new country from another Earth has revealed itself, claiming to have massive power: Kahndaq. With S.H.I.E.L.D. out of commission after the catastrophic Infinity Crisis, Charles takes it upon himself to maintain evaluation of new potential threats, and sends Gambit to investigate the country on his own and report back.

Meanwhile, at the Justice Society Headquarters, two S.O.S. signals have went off; One from Hawkman, and one from Prime Earth's Justice League.
(I'm going with the narrative that the JSA is an Earth-2 team, and that they have an established relationship with Prime Earth's JL due to previous Crisis. This should line up with how most modern DC storylines handle it)
Since the Infinity Crisis, the members of the JSA have been scattered trying to hold down the fort and defend the Earths from natural disasters and the like. Power Girl, having just returned from a saving Madripoor from a sudden flood, elects to investigate the League's S.O.S. Unfortunately for her, a massive attack on Kahndaq breaks the news, forcing her to disregard the signal.

DLC Story Mode: Chapter One
As Gambit arrives just outside Kahndaq's borders, an army of robots begins flying overhead. Confused, Gambit continues forth, and upon entering the country, finds citizens fleeing the scene as they are under attack. Not knowing what they are but finding them attacking innocents, Gambit blows his cover and begins fighting them off.

After some time, Gambit becomes overwhelmed, but a figure suddenly swoops in and deals with the robots with ease. This savior reveals himself to be none other than Black Adam! After dispatchng the robots, Black Adam remarks that he recognizes what they are: The Manhunters, a series of intergalactic peacekeepers build by the Guardians of the Universe before they founded the Green Lantern Corps. However, none of that is of importance to him, because he realizes Gambit is not of Kahndaq. Declaring him an invader, Adam demands Gambit to leave, but the latter refuses, arguing he just saved his citizens' lives. You can guess what happens next.

Aftee their fight, Adam and Gambit are at a stand still; having never fought a metahuman with such a unique power as Gambit's, he is taken aback, but enough is enough, and Adam is decides to no longer hold back. Fortunately for the outmatched mutant, Power Girl swoops in his defense. This leads to another fight, between Adam and Power Girl, before another squadron of Manhunters appear. For the moment, the 3 of them decide to set aside any differences and fight in defense of Kahndaq.

DLC Story Mode: Chapter Two
In the streets of New York, just outside Avengers Tower, all hell is breaking loose; Squadrons of Manhunters tearing up the streets, and without their biggest players, the Avengers are scrambling to keep up with them. A group of Manhunters fly overhwad before a series of arrows chucks each one in the head, and they fall to the ground. Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye, is fighting back, whilst other Avengers take to the streets. And he's not alone: Kate Bishop, a.k.a. Hawkeye, is by his side! Totally not confusing!
Clint decides that they need to divide and conquer, and has Kate take to the streets in order to save citizens, much to her chagrin.

After fighting off a small group of Manhunters, a larger group of Manhunters fly in, ready to annihilate her. But in the nick of time, an army of squirrels stampedes down the streets, and the Manhunters are quickly dispatched. The unbeatable Squirrel Girl has arrived to the scene, ready to help the Avengers! Kate fails to take her seriously, but there's not time as the Manhunters just keep coming. They decide to fall back to Avengers Tower, only to find it has been completely overrun; Kate, fearing Clint have be in danger, attempts to rush in... but in a twist of fate, the entire tower disappears! The Multiverse is shifting in weird ways, and inconveniently swaps the 616 Avengers Tower with Oscorp Tower from the year 2099!
The Spider-Man of 2099 leaps off the tower and fends off the Manhunters with the two heroes, amazed he is fighting side by side with the legendary Squirrel Girl, whom had become a great historical figure in 2099! He has no idea who the other girl is, though.

In desperate need of reinforcements, they attempt to regroup at the Baxter Building... but Metron, having disappeared initially from the main group, now resurfaces in front of them. He whisks them away before they could be overrun by more Manhunters, and the streets are now empty... the Avengers are gone.

The planet of New Genesis, once a home to the all-powerful New Gods, and a paradise in of itself, is now just a husk of it's former self. The planet is now left in ruins, destruction everywhere; The Highfather and his New Gods stood no chance against Thanoseid and his dual armies.
The only two identifiable living beings left on the planet are left roaming, exploring the ruins, hoping to find any survivors. Had they not been held captive in Granny Goodness' Orphanage, they could have helped. But Thanoseid made sure to detain all immediate threats beforehand.

Saddened by the loss of their homeworld, Mister Miracle and Big Barda are left to find comfort in only eachother. However, their beepers go off as they suddenly recieve an S.O.S. from the Watchtower: The Justice League is in danger. They both decide to head out to help; Nobody else shall die on their watch.

DLC Story Mode: Chapter 3
In the midst of the Savage Lands, located in the center of Antarctica, a sudden burst of energy appears. Metron, utulizing the Mobius Chair, has teleported the likes of Black Adam, Gambit, Power Girl, Hawkeye, Squirrel Girl and Spider-Man 2099 within the island. The heroes, confused and frustrated, are all ready to throw arms, but Metron pipes up and explains the situation.

After the defeat of Thanoseid, all of the heroes and villains involved mysteriously disappeared from the face of the Universe, as well as the Infinity Stones and Anti-Life equation. Shocked, the heroes wonder if they were all killed, but Metron reveals that they were, in fact, adbucted by a powerful cosmic force from Earth-616. Who could it have been? Regardless, Metron reveals that he sensed a new cosmic presence and disappeared before this happened.
Metron attempted to face him down but was overwhelmed by his power; The Mobius Chair was damaged, and as a result he had no choice but to scour the universe and group up any remaining heroes so they could form a new alliance between the Multiverse and defeat them.
Of course, that doesn't explain the sudden appearance of Manhunters all across the globe. The Avengers recieved an S.O.S. from the main team before being attacked, and at this rate their threat is preventing them from taking any proper action. Tensions begin to rise as the heroes still feel distrustful of Metron, not to mention that he transported them to the Savage Lands of all places! Attempts to break up the dispute simply lead to anger, and the heroes begin fighting eachother whilst Metron simply scoffs and disappears.

Their fight is broken up when the Watchtower appears overhead and teleports all 6 of them on board. Black Adam accuses Power Girl of using the Justice League to keep him away from Kahndaq, but Mister Miracle and Big Bards, being the ones to have transported them to the Watchtower, successfully break it off, with Metron in tow.

DLC Story Mode: Chapter 4
The 8 heroes, all gathered on the Watchtower, take charge of the the base and it's equipment, with a new plan; Given that the Manhunters were created by the Guardians, the team will pay a vists to Oa to investigate the situation. Due to their connection with rhe JSA, Power Girl plans to regroup with Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern, on Oa as a confidant when confronting the Guardians.
However, Black Adam, wanting nothing more than to make a return to Kahndaq and prepare it's defenses, splits off fron the Oa team, and Squirrel Girl and Hawkeye decide to venture to Kahndaq with him. Regardless, the teams are set, and they split up. Metron remains within the Watchtower.

The Oa Team, consisting of Power Girl, Gambit, Mister Miracle, Big Barda and Spider-Man 2099 boomtube to the planet, only to find that the planet itself is under siege by... more Manhunters!
With no time to waste, the heroes quickly dispatch, and on the surface of the planet find Alan Scott holding his ground. The team makes short work of the Manhunters and quickly venture to the Guardians of the Universe, only to find them in fierce battle against the Manhunters. After saving their lives, the Guardians explain that they have deduced the reason behind the resurgence of the Manhunters:

The collision of the Multiverse has awakened the Moniter and the Anti-Moniter. In the wake of Thanoseid's defeat and the disappearance of the heroes that stopped him, the Anti-Moniter has chosen now to strike and finally consume the Multiverse with anti-matter energy. He killed the Moniter and awakened an army of Manhunters, reprogramming them to be under his command and sent them to eliminate any remaining threats. The Avengers, the X-Men, the Justice League, etc. Any remaining members and outlier metahumans have become prime targets, and the Anti-Moniter, having been defeated in a previous crisis, is taking no chances.

Gambit quickly realizes the X-Mansion could be under attack and demands the heroes return to Earth A.S.A.P., until an explosion goes off at Oa's central battery.
The heroes arrives to find the Green Lantern Corps. being overrun. They back them up with ease, but are suddenly interrupted by the arrival of the Anti-Moniter himself. They all square up, but the Guardians intervene and demands the heroes go as far away from Oa as possible; only if this new group of leftover heroes survive does the Multiverse have a chance against the Anti-Moniter. Alan, being old and out of his league in the war against the Anti-Moniter, elects to stay behind on Oa with the rest of the Corps; If he is to die, he chooses to die defending them.

The heroes reach the Javelin and boomtube away from the planet, whilst the Green Lanterns are lain waste to. Mister Miracle decides to boomtube to the other Lantern planets, in hopes of gaining enough raw power to stand a chance; However, upon arriving to Qward, the home of the Sinestro Corps, they find it completely obliterated. The Anti-Moniter must have gotten to them, and it is at this point that the heroes deduce that the other Lanterns just have faced the same fate.
There are no more Lanterns.

Suddenly, another Multiversal shift happens. Miracle attempts to boomtube out of the area, but the cosmic energy waves being produced from the Multiverse tearing are incredibly strong this time around; This must be a sign that even more Earths are being involved, ones in corners of the Multiverse very far off from their own. As they boomtube out, the Javelin arrives on Earth, in... Toronto, of all places.
The Javelin is then attacked by a group of Manhunters and they crash withing a random city street. As they are fighting them, a hooded figure rushes in from the allies and quickly lays waste multiple Manhunters with a magical sword.
The heroes look around confused, only for the figure to turn around and exclaim just one thing: "Holy sh*t, is that Gambit!?"

DLC Story Mode: Interlogue 2
The planet of Talescria is under attack from an army of Manhunters; Invincible and the Coalition of Planers are holding them off well, but are confused all the same. They were in the midst of planning their attack on Viltrum, then this army suddenly attacked. Could this be Thragg's way of retaliation?
It most certainly is not. A green portal opens behind Invincible as he quickly turns around, only to exclaim one thing; "You!"

DLC Story Mode: Chapter 5
Black Adam's return to Kahndaq was a mistake. His presence has endangered the country more than if he had left, but Adam does not plan on abandoning his country and will continue to defend his country. The two disgusting outsiders, Hawkeye and Squirrel Girl, remaing helpful, but the first chance Adam gets, they are gone.

After laying waste to numerous Manhunters, Adam decides to up the ante. Their numbers are great, but Black Adam power is greater. In behest of the two heroes, he decided to take lead, and formulates a plan. Adam has a gateway to the Rock of Eternity hidden in Kahndaq, and he demands for Hawkeye and Squirrel Girl to defend the gateway whilst he, ah, pays a visit. They immediately argue back, but Adam simply picks them up, super speeds over to the gateway, and drops them off. Adam uncovers the hidden entrance and walks in, leaving the other two to hold off a series of Manhunters. On their own.

Adam calls for the spirit of the Wizard to appear before him. Reluctantly, the Wizard's ghost adheres, yet declares for Adam to leave. Adam refuses; He argues that if all the heroes who went against Thanoseid have disappeared, then so has Shazam; without the Wizard's champion around, the only one with his power left is Black Adam himself. He declares that if they are to stand any chance against the Manhunters, the Wizard must give him more of his power.
Naturally, the Wizard refuses, but Adam boxes him in. In the midst of a Multiversal crisis, there is low possibility the Wizard will find a secondary champion and train him in time to combat it; Furthermore, with lives currently being endangered by the Manhunters, Adam argues that every second he does not boost his own power, more lives will succumb to their attacks. The Wizard and Adam stand-off, with the latter's ultimatum on the table. There is only one choice in the matter...

Hawkeye and Squirrel Girl stand over and army of Manhunters, exhausted from the fight. More arrive for them to battle, but this may very well be their last stand... until Black Adam flies out of the gateway and destroys all of them in seconds. He has now been granted the powers of a 7th god: Isis, increasing his magical abilities by tenfold. However, he now has a new command for the two heroes: Leave Kahndaq immediately. Their services are no longer needed. He immediately takes off to his throne and declares that Kahndaq is now under martial law, decreeing that they are to enter a war state until the Manhunter threat has been defeated. A magical barrier is set around Kahndaq, acting as a shield against any more potential Anti-Moniter attacks.

It is at this point a boomtube opens, and the Oa team enters Kahndaq, now accompanied by one Scott Pilgrim. They regroup with Hawkeye and Squirrel Girl and make way to Adam's throne room. Miracle steps up and informs them of what is truly happening: The Anti-Moniter is attacking. Adam does not flinch.
He decrees that he will face the Anti-Moniter on his own, as his newly acquired magical abilities are more than a match for him (they aren't). The heroes immediately argue back, but Adam declares that they should be thankful he does not imprison them for tresspassing into Kahndaq, and that he could very easily destroy the world powers if he so desires. He flies off and sends a powerful lightning bolt through space, in order to attract the attention of the Anti-Moniter. The heroes immediately fight back, as Adam would very easily endanger Earth.

A fight breaks out as it is now Black Adam against the other heroes. Aiming for Power Girl first, Adam isolates her from the group, as both of their speeds make it impossible for the others to keep up. This, was a mistake, as Adam defeats Power Girl in battle by exploiting her vulnerability to magic. Adam returns and dispatches the other heroes with ease and flies off into the air.
The heroes all get up, badly bruised, and realize that they are outmatched by Adam. Suddenly, a blue and yellow streak flies overhead, and Adam is caught off guard as he is knocked right into the ground. Invincible has arrived onto the scene! He and Adam immediately square off, with Invincible proving to be a formiddable match to the anti-hero.
Power Girl recuperates, and Scott Pilgrim joins her as together they join the fight, and incapicate Black Adam once he is weakened by Invincible.

DLC Story Mode: Chapter 6
DLC Story Mode: Chapter 7
DLC Story Mode: Chapter 8
DLC Story Mode: Epilogue

The remaining chapters will be updated layer in the week.
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Goku costumes:

1. Default

2. Yardrat

3. Driver's License

4. Saiyan Armour

5. Finale

6. Training with Kami

7. Farming

8. Journey to the West


Goku vs. the Hulk

Goku: "Hi, my name's Goku! You look pretty strong!"
Goku: "Hee hee! All right!"

Goku vs. Luffy

Luffy: "You gotta teach me that Kamekameha thing!"
Goku: "That ain't the name, but I've gotta see how strong you are first."
Luffy: "All right! Usopp'll be so jealous!"

Goku vs. Darkseid

Goku: "You look tough!"
Darkseid: "Darkseid is power incarnate."
Goku: "I wonder who's tougher - you or Lord Beerus?"

Goku vs. Lex Luthor

Lex: "Another Kryptonian?"
Goku: "No, I'm Goku, a Saiyan from Earth."
Lex: "I don't know what a Saiyan is, but I'll see what I can gather from your corpse."

Goku vs. Martian Manhunter

Goku: "Are you a Namekian?"
J'onn: "I'm not sure what... ah, like your friend Piccolo? No."
Goku: "How'd you know who Piccolo is?"

Goku vs. Starro

Starro: "Your body will make for an excellent host!"
Goku: "That ain't happenin'."
Starro: "You have no say in the matter, fool!"

Goku vs. Captain Marvel

Carol: "I don't know what a Saiyan is, but I'd rather not have unknown aliens hanging out on Earth."
Goku: "But Earth's my home! Where I come from, at least."
Carol: "You do realize that we can't just take you on your word for this."

Goku vs. Squirrel Girl

Goku: "You've got a tail! Are you a Saiyan too?"
Squirrel Girl: "Nope! I'm an ordinary person who's legally distinct from a mutant!"
Goku: "Neat! I didn't know other people could have tails!"

Goku vs. Goku

Goku 1: "Hey, my name's Goku!"
Goku 2: "Wow, that's my name too!"
Goku 1: "I wonder which one of us is stronger!"

Moon Knight vs. Shazam

Moon Knight: "Come on, Solomon isn't even a god!"
Shazam: "I'm not going to call myself 'Khazam.'"
Moon Knight: "Your loss, but Khonshu won't take this lightly."

Goku vs. the Flash

Goku: "Wow, you're pretty fast!"
Flash: "You haven't seen anything yet."
Goku: "Speed ain't everything, though."

Luffy vs. Peacemaker

Luffy: "Who are you supposed to be?"
Peacemaker: "I'm a hero who fights for peace!"
Luffy: "Nuh-uh! Heroes wear capes, not buckets!"

Luffy vs. Superman

Luffy: "A-a real hero! He's got a cape and everything!"
Superman: "Um... can I help you?"
Luffy: "How much can you lift? Can you fire beams? Show me all the stuff that you do!"

Luffy vs. Cyclops

Luffy: "A beam! He fired a beam!"
Cyclops: "Yes, it's my mutant power."
Luffy: "Awesome! Do it again!"

Luffy vs. Doctor Doom

Doom: "Flee before the might of Doctor Doom, and you may live."
Luffy: "Why would I run from some guy named Doctor Dumb?"
Doom: "...You dare?!"

Luffy vs. Gorilla Grodd

Luffy: "Cool, a talking monkey! Want a banana?"
Grodd: "Bananas disgust me."
Luffy: "Me too. I just wanna eat meat!"

Luffy vs. Ultron

Luffy: "A robot! So cool! Do you fire beams?"
Ultron: "I use a wide variety of methods to annihilate organic life."
Luffy: "I don't know what you mean, but it sounds like I gotta smash you."

Luffy vs. Iron Man

Luffy: "A robot suit? You gotta let me try it on!"
Tony: "Absolutely not - you'd smash it into pieces!"
Luffy: "I gotta show this to Franky!"

Luffy vs. Black Panther

Luffy: "A ninja! Do a shadow clone jutsu!"
T'Challa: "I am not a ninja."
Luffy: "What? No fair!"
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Right Behind You

Unique Ability: Ki Gathering
Goku's Super Meter is completely unique to the rest of the fighters, he has instead a Ki Meter that works in a similar fashion to the Tension Meter of the Guilty Gear series (drastically increases with movement and entering into battle but decreases constantly when you block or run away), thought he can also charge his Ki using the Unique Action button, his special moves have EX Variants making use of this button too and spends a little of his Ki Meter.

A second Unique Ability is the Rush, Goku can cancel certain moves into a Rush making him do a hover jump to continue his combo or cancel certain attacks into others, this requires to expend a 25% of his meter tho.

Finger Beam/Ki Blast/Kamehameha/Double Kamehameha​
236 + X (Air OK)​
With the light attack Goku shoots a small ki beam from his fingertip, the medium attack is a bigger version of this move with more range using his whole hand, the strong version is a chargeable version using his both hands to do his iconic attack firing a fullscreen beam.

Expending a quarter of the Ki Meter with the UA Button allows to use the Double Kamehameha, that just like the name indicates, it's a double Kamehameha using both hands that also are fired at a faster speed.
Dragon Flash Fist/Meteor Combination​
214 + X​
Goku's rekka, the first attack is a ki enhanced haymaker punch, if you input the move again in the correct timing Goku teleports back the opponent and follows with an uppercut, input the move again and Goku teleports once more to the opponent (this time airborne) he attacks them with a double-axe handle smashing them to the ground.

Using a 25% of the Ki Meter allows Goku to use a completely different combo called Meteor Combination starting with an elbow strike, followed by a flurry of kicks, then he attacks with a heavy punch to the stomach and finishes with Goku teleporting above the opponent to attack with an airborne Kamehameha, it still requires to do all the motions correctly (thought only the first attack requires to use the UA Button) and if you fail to continue you would probably lose those 25% of Ki Meter in nothing.
Kiai/Spirit Shot​
623 + X​
Goku use his ki to unleash a wind wave around him that push the opponents away.

The UA Button version does the Spirit Shot, a wider and stronger version of the technique at the cost of a 25% of the Ki Meter.
Instant Transmission​
22 + X​
Goku puts two of his fingers to his forehead and teleports either at front of the opponent when using the light button, to his back when using medium button, to above when using the heavy button or to the same place where he was using the UA button (the last one works both as a bait and as an evasion move.
Level 1 Super:
Super Saiyan
214214 + X (Air OK)​
Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Goku changing the color of his hair to blonde while a gold aura surrounds him, in this form his Ki Meter burns passively but any of his EX Moves costs Ki, his speed and attack are also noticeably boosted.
Level 2 Super:
Super Kamehameha
214214 + XGoku does a massive version of the Kamehameha, pressing two buttons instead of one allows Goku to use a special anti-air variant.
Level 2 Super:
Spirit Bomb
236236 + X (Midair)​
Goku charges a large sphere of ki energy and throws it to the floor, is a very slow projectile but its size makes it difficult to avoid.
Level 3 Super:
x100 Dragon Fist
All Buttons Pressed​
Mixing various finishers of Goku into one, starts with him using his Kaioken to attack the opponent with a flash elbow strike, if connects then he transforms into Super Saiyan beating the opponent with a flurry of kicks and punches elevating him, then he transforms into Super Saiyan 3 and does a similar combination to his Dragon Flash Fist move, then he goes into his Super Saiyan Blue transformation that while enhanced with the Kaioken continues the combo and does a huge Kamehameha to the opponent sending them away, and for the end, Goku transforms into his Ultra Instinct form with his hair turning platinum and his shirt going off, he moves so fast beating the opponent from all sides that it just looks like a multiple ki beams going from all directions and ends doing a heavy rising fist that pierce the opponent surrounded by an aura with the shape of Shenron the dragon.

Don't worry about the opponent, Goku can always use the Dragon Spheres to revive them! Just wait for like 60 chapters...
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