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  • I'm deciding on if I should limit the next HGNF guest round to just Toy characters; I likely won't, all things considered, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Top 3 or 4 characters in the next vote are Toy characters anyway.

    I do think if I limited it we'd see a lot more creative nominations from various parts of the toy industry, which I want more of.
    Hot take but a blank minifigure is a boring way to represent Lego for HGNF
    I'm going to kill Ed Boon
    KneeOfJustice99 KneeOfJustice99 A recent WB Earnings Call "accidentally" revealed Mortal Kombat 12 to be releasing this year; Subsequently, since NRS doesn't necessarily do dual development for their games, this implies that Injustice 3 is not happening anytime soon, which also breaks the previous NRS patten of MK Game -> Injustice Game -> MK Game (which is where all the speculation about Injustice 3 came from, as following this pattern it would be next)

    In short, fans expecting Injustice 3 are going to be disapppointed this year as that's not what was planned
    ohhhh, that's fair!

    damn tho that's a shame for injustice fans sorry about that
    Haha no worries. I'm not actually furious or anything, moreso just disappointed. I'm more of a DC than I am MK (though I like both).

    I do feel like it's too soon for MK12 anyway; In terms of story, MK11 left us on a very satifsying note as it brought the rebooted trilogy to an end and reset the timeline (There are multiple endings but I believe the canon ones are the ones regarding Liu Kang's victory, so good timeline); Nearly all of the cast also finally had their major storylines close as well.
    MK11 is also still alive and well, highlighted by the fact that it's making a return to Evo, so the fandom wouldn't really have gone anywhere without a new game.

    I am assuming MK12 is going to be another reboot-type for MK thus far, but unless a large shakeup to the gameplay and roster happens, I'm gonna be on the fence about this.
    Gonna be honest but trying to plan out the Hasbro DLC is stressing me out. A lot of second guessing with how the format should be, the guest characters, etc., and I'm not quite sure if it will live up to the base game.

    Only time will tell...
    The Hasbro Game Night Fight roster thus far, at 37 characters:
    Today and tomorrow will be the submission period for the final 3 characters! Is there anyone you feel missing from this roster? If so, now is your chance to put in your, uh, input!

    Hello Smashboards! The Hasbro Thread has finally started it's second week of jobs! Honestly very proud of where this thread has come!

    Starting off week 2 is a Villains job; So far our roster is only heroes, but by the end of this job that should change!

    There are plenty of options left; Believe it or not, not a single Decepticon has made the nominations, and Magic: The Gathering has yet to see a second character on the roster.

    If you wanted to participate and get some easy character nominations in, now's your chance!

    Also, don't forget to check out the Anime Fighters thread, run by Infinity Sorcerer!
    Quick Status update on the Hasbro Fighters thread, now titled Hasbro Game Night Fight!
    We are currently 5 days into the thread and things have been fantastic! Lots of activity all around and the nominations have all been very unique; This has been extremely promising and I couldn't be more thankful.

    We've had about 20 or so users pop into the thread to either nomination, discuss, or simply drop a like, and each one means a whole lot to the thread.

    Currently, we are nominating new Game Modes; Right now, we only have a VS. Mode available, but anything is in the table. This is a perfect job for those unfamiliar with Hasbro, so if you feel so inclined, you could definitely join in and start brainstorming with us!

    Also, for those who are participating as of now, I've decided that tomorrow's job will be a character nomination round, so be prepared.
    As of today, my previously discussed Hasbro Platform Fighter thread has started!
    I wanted to wait a little after it went up to post a status on it; Though, in this time, 11 characters have already been nominated, on top of the 3 default inclusions, meaning my expectations for the thread's launch have officially been exceeded in just a few hours!

    With that said, for those reading, there are still plenty of characters left to nominate; it's an endless catalogue of IP to choose from, after all!
    Quick update on the W.I.P. Hasbro Platform Fighter thread!
    The first set of jobs are all properly planned out, and I already drafted the opening write-up. Everything is on schedule, and the thread should launch either this Sunday or Monday; either way, it'll be the beginning of next week.

    However, there is one thing I have yet to figure out: Timezones.
    I live in the Central Standard Timezone (CST) in the U.S. My current idea is to post new jobs daily at 9 to 10 A.M. CST, as this is in between the time I wake up and go to work.

    I wanted to ask directly if there were any other suggestions for which time I should post; I want to accomodate as many people as I can, whilst maintaining a consistent posting schedule. This is all I have left to ask before this Sunday/Monday.
    DC vs. Marvel: Infinity Crisis is currently nominating it's final DC character! Any character not currently playable is elligible, and so far only a handful have been submitted; Now's your chance to participate and play a part in the thread's final major additions
    My profile post yesterday asking about a Hasbro Fighter received a lot of positive feedback; It seems interest in the idea is definitely there, so I'll be moving forward and starting a Hasbro Fighters Thread!

    To avoid overlap with DC vs. Marvel: Infinity Crisis, a project I am currently participating in, I won't start the thread until after its final 2 characters have been added. The timing for this should be this upcoming weekend, after Thanksgiving, which I feel should work out perfectly for most users.
    While we're at it, please feel free to check out the Infinity Crisis thread and join in on the final few days!

    In the mean time, I will start planning the schedule for the Hasbro jobs, so it will be ready to go as soon as it starts. I'm hoping this is met with excitement as I'm really passionate about this idea.
    I may as well knock two birds in one stone and get this out of the way; I'm under the impression everyone wants a platform fighter, which I feel is best suitable for the IPs, I did want to poll it in case there were any objections
    Quite a few Creates threads are coming to a close soon - DC vs. Marvel, mainly, but I've noticed PBS Kids and Smash: Infinite are also wrapping up with their last additions. With these major threads ending soon, I figured now would be an opportune time to guage interest in another creates thread that I may possibly run.

    I've seen this idea and the IPs brought about every now and then, though a specific thread has never been made to my knowledge - a Hasbro Crossover Fighting/Party Game

    For those not familiar with what Hasbro owns, a list can be found here.
    Their big names include Transformers, My Little Pony, Dungeons & Dragons, Beyblade and Power Rangers

    So, to ask directly: Would anyone be intersted in such a thread, and how soon would you like to see it?
    (I figure some may want to take a break after all these bigger threads ended, though I'll ask regardless.)

    A Hasbro platfighter could be awesome actually. I remember I delved into Hasbro a little back when I was making a hypothetical sequel roster to Dreammix TV World Fighters and actually there's a ton of cool picks to pull from there. Fun thought to consider: Hasbro also happen to own Wizards of the Coast, so yeah - they even have D&D under their belt!
    Sorry if I’m a little late on this but i would love a toy crossover platfighter/fighting game/crossover. Especially one for Hasbro.

    Also, PBS Kids: Brawltime! isn’t over yet, we’re on the final free bonus DLC character and then we’re on to the first paid DLC character. Feel free to make this thread whenever.
    The thread has officially been launched!
    (Hopefully the notification for this comment goes out)
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