SmashAsia Launched!
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When SmashEurope was announced the community was excited to a portal specifically for the European scene. Now it's time for a slightly ore overlooked scene to have its time in the spotlight. Introducing SmashAsia! This brand new website aims to be a "dedicated community group in East Asia." with the goal to "not only grow the smash scene, but to keep up with the times and develop optimal ways to run our communities."
Melee In - Best. Game. Ever. Competition - GO VOTE!
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Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube. Most certainly one of the greatest Nintendo titles of all time and among the longest living fighting games still seen regularly on the competitive circuit today. But with all these accolades, is it the best game ever? Gaming forum GameFaqs is setting out to prove just that in it's Best. Game. Ever. 20th Anniversary Edition poll and Melee needs readers' votes to win!
The Salt Mines Episode 18 - PM Underground Announced!
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With Project M ceasing development, the Smash community has been in a bit of turmoil. Famous vloggers have made their comments, members of the old PMDT have made personal appeals, and now the largest Project M Podcast, The Salt Mines, has had a chance to weigh in themselves. They show how not all is bad with these recent announcements and even have something new to show off on their own. Give it a watch!
Smash Weekly
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Today, SmashBoards and Source Gaming are proud to announce, “Smash Weekly”. Smash Weekly is a partnership between the two sites in order to provide high quality, enjoyable podcasts for the Smash Community. Smash Weekly will alternate between the two sites, and “themes”, allowing a wide variety of topics within the Smash community to be highlighted.
Weekend Watchlist 30: Slam Jams, Falcons, Gyms, And More!
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Welcome to the Weekend Watchlist 30! The Smashboards events system recently got a fantastic upgrade and we've combed through all of the tournaments submitted to find some of the best events being streamed this weekend to feature here. So without further ado get ready to watch and read because here is our Weekend Watchlist!
[Top 5 Smash Shorts] - Week 10 ft. Ryu, Mario, Wii Fit Trainer, Samus, and Toon Link
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Kept you waiting, huh? Week 10 is finally here. This week's Weekly Top 5 Smash Shorts series shows some awesome zero to deaths and perhaps one of the most tech savvy Smash Shorts that we've seen in the series. Make sure you stick around until the end to find out how you can win a free Xenoblade Chronicles X in a giveaway to mark our 10th video series.
EMG Presents: Super Smash Bros. Play of the Week Episode 47
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Missed the best moments from the past week in the competitive Smash community? EMG has you covered and just posted the 47th installment of their Play of the Week series! Featured in this episode are highlights from Dreamhack Winter 2015, Smash Intensifies 2, and more!
The State of Smash 4 - November Edition
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Greetings, folks, and welcome back to The State of Smash 4. As stated in the initial volume, this series will take a look into Smash 4’s competitive game and recap all the major events and developments of the past month. November has had plenty of interesting things occur in the Smash 4 metagame with many events occurring.
[Source Gaming] Are Updates a Bad Thing?
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I want you to consider my perspective to be not one of a creator, but of a player that understands the situation comprehensively. I personally am extremely grateful for these updates. I’m very thankful for the various companies that put in the effort to do this.

Of course, it would be best if perfection was attained by the release date. However, that’s only possible if you completely understand both the final product and how it’s made, like creating a plastic model by strictly following the given instructions. This simply isn’t possible.
Omni: Is Project M Dead?
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With Project M ceasing development, it has many people wondering what the future of the game will be. Once again Omni has made a vlog to lend his signature voice of reason onto the chaos. In this video, Omni discusses the game's future at events alongside the challenges and potential advantages that may be found in the future of the game. Give it a watch!
Really Feeling It: Three Expert Opinions On Smash 4 Shulk
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Are our readers really feeling it? Well when Shulk was announced for Smash we know Xenoblade fans were! With an enormous sword and new mechanics in his Monado Arts he looked to be an interesting new character to join the roster. But now over a year into the game how does Shulk measure up against the rest of the cast? We brought in three Shulk experts to weigh in on the character.
Project M Ceases Development: v3.6 To Be Final Release
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We report this news to you today with a heavy heart. As announced on the official Project M website, development for the game has been finished. Project M v3.6 will be the last release of Project M. Here is the official statement from the development team.
The Finest Australian Export - Ghostbone Coming To Genesis 3!
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With the Smash 4 winner being sent to Genesis 3 from Australia, the stakes at SXC2K15 were particularly high. After the dust settled @SSBGhost managed to come home victorious with a solid 1st place finish. We sat down to talk to Ghostbone about the event, future plans, and more.
Super Smash Past: Interview With 'The King' On GENESIS
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Welcome to our second Super Smash Past article! One of the coolest things about Smashboards is that its posts chronicle the long and exciting history of competitive Smash. Within the heart of this site lies little wonders and insights to the history of our scene and how mindsets can change over time.

In this Super Smash Past article we take a look into the public archives, only available on Smashboards, to learn about the origins of the GENESIS tournament series in a special interview with 'The King'.
20XX Tournament Edition Now Available!
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After months of waiting, the highly anticipated Melee mod by Dan Salvato is out! 20XX Tournament Edition not only includes a wide variety of features, but it can power up an entire venue with one memory card.
SmashBoards Write- Editor Interview (#5) - DtJ Composer!
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Welcome to SmashBoards Writer's Interviews! This is a series that will appear at least twice every month covering a writer (or someone important to making the front page the way it is). These are more casual interviewers, but edepending on the interviewer, they can be asked further questions by the users!

This week, after quite a long wait, we have SmashBoards writer DtJ Composer! Well, more-so editor. Taking the hard working role of editors before him, he's a one man team that skims over articles to get them to the quality they need to be. It's a lot on his back, but he's definitely been a help from the shadows on board. With jazz hands and a jazz band, welcome DtJ Composer!

DtJ Composer in his usual... habitat? Even I've got nothing. Look, straw hats!

Thirdkoopa: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

DtJ Composer: Well let's get this started,

I've been playing Smash...
My Smash Corner Presents: Wario Waft Setups
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WAHAHA! There are very few things more satisfying than using a massively charged super fart to defeat an opponent in a fighting game. This is one of those things rather unique to Smash and Wario's Waft has shown time and time again in tournaments how much of a threat it can be. It would seem like such a hard move to hit with, but it turns out it has several reasonable setups. My Smash Corner shows these off in their latest tutorial video!
Hungrybox Wins Dreamhack 2015 - Top 16 Results
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Many of Europe's finest alongside large amounts of out of country talent came to the battlefield known as Dreamhack Winter 2015 and it was quite the spectacle. The results were shocking as Hungrybox clutched out an emotional win. Let's take a look at the results of the event and see how much this means for the world of Melee.
PEPESPAIN Presents: Pac-Man DITCIT Guide
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Lot's of players throughout the world have shown that Pac-Man, the legend of the arcade, cinema, and more, is capable of amazing feats of flashy tech that stun those who watch. One of those Pac-Mains pushing the character to the limit is PEPESPAIN. Today he shows how to 'DITCIT' and how it can applied to make Pac-Man even more dangerous.
Weekend Watchlist 29: Dreamhack, Umebura, SXC2k15 and More!
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Welcome to the Weekend Watchlist 29! The Smashboards events system recently got a fantastic upgrade and we've combed through all of the tournaments submitted to find some of the best events being streamed this weekend to feature here. So without further ado get ready to watch and read because here is our Weekend Watchlist!
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