G.C. "Djent" Bill

Former Staff Writer/Japan Correspondent
G.C. "Djent" Bill
Will the Land of the Rising Sun Shine at Evo?
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Japan had a stellar showing at Evo last year. Will they be able to top it this weekend?
Earth Talks Tournaments, Travel, and TOing
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SB | Djent recently spoke to Earth via Twitter about his experiences as a competitor and a TO, as well as his plans for the future. Many thanks to Jucchan for checking translations.
Smashboards Now Open to Contributors
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That’s right! You, your smash loving friends and family, or anyone else can now send in pitches and articles to us!
Japanese Sonic Main KEN on his Rise to Prominence
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We spoke with KEN about his climb to the top of Japan's rankings, as well as his strategy to retain that position going forward.
Umeki Interview: The Past, Present and Future of Umebura
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A chat with Umeubura's head TO RSZ|Umeki about the history of the series and his goals for its future.
"Language Barrier is a Serious Problem": Suinoko on International Smash
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As part of the first group of Japanese players to travel to the US, Suinoko has been in the scene for years. Thanks to his veteran status, we were able to pick his brain on the dynamics of international Smash.
"Leo's Cloud is Annoying": Abadango on Training, Rivals, and Mewtwo Matchups
  • 5,998
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Abadango on his character, practice routine, and the Japanese scene. Be sure to root for him at Umebura Japan Major this weekend!
Kawaii Kon 2017: Hawaii vs. Top-Ranked Challengers
  • 3,442
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From April 7-9, 2017, Hawaii's finest Super Smash Bros. for Wii U players will gather in Honolulu, HI for Kawaii Kon 2017.
2GGC: Civil War – A Meme, a Stream, and Two Rival Teams
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This weekend, players from all over the world are gathering at the eSports Arena in Santa Ana, CA for 2GGC: Civil War. Read on to learn all about this exceptional premier tournament, and be sure to catch the action live via 2GGaming and ESASmash.
A Primer to Hawaiian Smash Wii U
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Read about the challenges facing the Hawaiian Smash Wii U scene and how they rose to meet them. Also, be sure to tune in to The Odo Faction to watch GXPO 2017 this weekend.
Frostbite 2017: East and West Meet in North America
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This weekend is Pulse Gaming's heavily anticipated Super Smash Bros. for Wii U major: Frostbite 2017!
Tokaigi 2017 Preview: North America's Best in Japan feat. Ally, Nairo, Abadango, Mr.R, Ranai and more!
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On February 11, 2017, 16 of the best Super Smash Bros for Wii U players will gather in Chiba, Japan to compete in Tokaigi 2017.
Ally, Dabuz, Mr.R, ESAM and more to go to Japan for Tokaigi 2017
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This February 11-12, Japan's international multi-game tournament, Tokaigi 2017, will be taking place. Renowned TO and Japan correspondent Alex "MVG|Vayseth" Varga has announced that he and a number of American players will travel to Chiba, Japan for a chance at the crown!
2GGC Civil War Moves to Esports Arena in Santa Ana, CA
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2GGaming recently announced that their upcoming Championship Circuit event, 2GGC Civil War, is moving to the Esports Arena in Santa Ana!
Panda Global Announces PG Key to Frostbite Online Qualifier
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PG Key to Frostbite 2017 is a free online qualifier that nets the winner a trip to Frostbite 2017!
MKLeo Wins Smash Wii U at Genesis 4
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Read on to learn about his incredible bracket run as well as how other challengers fared!
Smash Wii U at Genesis 4: The New Year's First Premier Event
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The event that started Smash Wii U's biggest year yet is back for a second round, bigger and better than before.
Panda Global Adds Mayday and Popi to PGStats Team
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Just in time for the Panda Global Ranking v2 release, Panda Global has added two new members to its stats team.
Smash Wii U at Smash Conference LXIX: MVG's Finest Take On Florida
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On January 7, Smash Conference kicks off 2017 with a spectacular new installment featuring some of America's best players.
2GGaming Sponsors Ranai for Genesis 4
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2GGaming will be sponsoring the internationally-acclaimed Villager specialist's latest stateside foray.