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4BR Tier List V3 Followup
  • 12,407
  • 30
On March 1st, 2017, the 4BR released Tier List V3, the latest Smash for Wii U Tier List. After some in-house discussion with Smash for Wii U Backroom members as well as time for various opinions on the list to form, we'd like to address a handful of the more frequently asked questions, as well as talk a bit about some of the characters who have generated more discussion than others.
4BR Smash for Wii U Tier List V3
  • 91,624
  • 152
As a fighting game's meta progresses, it is common to see tier lists being formed, often as a reference towards a character's tournament viability. The Smash community has done this for all games, with all of them having regularly updated tier lists. It's been half a year since the last 4BR Tier List, and with the metagame transforming, it's time for a new iteration!
4BR Tier List v2.0 Followup
  • 17,516
  • 74
Last month, the 4BR released their second official tier list for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. After in-house discussion from 4BR members and some common outside opinions opening up, we'd like to address some frequently asked questions and talk a bit more about results.
4BR Smash for Wii U Tier List v2.0
  • 181,159
  • 379
It's been nearly half a year since the first 4BR Tier List, and the meta has seen shocking shifts in its rulesets, character viability and more thanks to 3 new patches and 2 new characters; as such, we'd like to introduce you to the second official tier list for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
2GGT: KTAR Saga Wrap-Up, Civil War Announced
  • 7,014
  • 13
July 23rd saw the incredible 2GGT: KTAR Saga run. This 1-day, 409-man singles event ran by Champ and Keitaro ran in around 12 hours and ended with a spectacular top 8, wrapping up with one of the best sets of Smash 4 and an announcement for the next 2GGT: Civil War.
EVO Japan Announced
  • 4,416
  • 14
During Evolution 2016's third day, EVO staff member Mark "MarkMan" Julio, Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono and Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada took to the stage after a handful of new announcements for Tekken 7: Fated Retribution to make a special announcement; EVO Japan is coming!
Event Preview: Smash 'N' Splash 2
  • 6,476
  • 11
Flashback to 2015, where Illinois saw the town of Gurnee hold a Smash tournament in Key Lime Cove, an aquatic waterpark. What started off as an event with a clever name and fitting venue from GamersHQ became the meeting grounds for Illinois's largest Smash Bros. event ever, holding over 600 attendees, competitors and spectators. It was truly a sight to behold, with Smash 4, Melee and Project M being the featured games.

Now, it's 2016, and GHQ has returned with Smash 'N' Splash 2. Welcome back to paradise, Smashers. Enjoy your stay.
The State of Smash 4 - March 2016 Edition
  • 6,397
  • 10
March 2016 has passed, and so another month has happened in the world of Smash 4. A patch took everyone by surprise, balancing out the cast and drastically changing up two of the biggest characters in the meta. Along with that, however, came many events and community developments. As per usual with the series, the State of Smash 4 takes an in-depth, comprehensive look into Smash 4's competitive metagame over the past month. With that out of the way, it's time to get started with March 2016.
Team Secret Picks up SilentWolf
  • 3,268
  • 9

It's been just over a week since SilentWolf announced that he was leaving GameClucks and would become a free agent, and in that short span of time, the Fox main has acquired a new sponsor. Team Secret has announced that they would be sponsoring SilentWolf as their first Super Smash Bros. Melee player.

SilentWolf was ranked as the 11th best Melee player in the world on Melee It On Me's SSBMRank for 2015, and has shown a strong performance so far in 2016, including a 17th place finish at Genesis 3 and 7th at Battle of the Gods. Team Secret is known for its top level eSports teams in games like CS:GO and DOTA 2; it's exciting to see Team Secret join the growing list of eSports teams to have Smash players on their rosters.
The State of Smash 4 - February 2016 Edition
  • 7,065
  • 16
February 2016 has come to pass, and it was quite the month for Smash 4. With plenty of interesting and smaller events occurring this month, as well as plenty of community developments (and controversies), there's quite a bit to talk about. As per usual with the series, the State of Smash 4 takes an in-depth, comprehensive look into Smash 4's competitive metagame (and community developments) of the past month. With that out of the way, it's time to get started with February 2016's events.

Patch 1.1.4

At the beginning of the month, on February 3rd, a new patch dropped, potentially the final patch of the game. This new patch's major additions were Corrin, Bayonetta, and the Umbra Clock Tower stage. However, there were plenty of balance changes as well. Here's a few of the major ones:
  • Massive buffs to Lucina and Marth's ranges...
The State of Smash 4 - January 2016 Edition
  • 4,693
  • 14
January 2016 has come and gone, and with it, a huge month for Smash 4. The start of 2016 was an incredible rollercoaster, with the second largest Smash 4 tournament of all time and major announcements regarding the game's future. As per usual with the series, the State of Smash 4 takes an in-depth, comprehensive look into Smash 4's competitive metagame during the past month, including community news, major tournaments and various other events. Without any further delay, it's time to get started with January's events for Smash 4.

Character Developments

With the patch coming in February, tournaments would be running the same version for this entire month. Cloud hype was definitely still ripe, as Komorikiri, M2K and others were playing Cloud at this point and tearing through players. Cloud's appearance in singles events was actually...
The State of Smash 4 - December 2015 Edition
  • 5,397
  • 7
Welcome to 2016, folks! It's time for another volume in The State of Smash 4. This series, as per usual, takes an in-depth, comprehensive look into Smash 4's competitive game and recaps all of the major events and developments of the past month. 2015's final month brought a variety of developments to Smash 4, and major things to come. Without further ado, it's time to review the past month's announcements, and some of this 2015's major events for Smash 4.

Character Announcements

The biggest news of this month is the Super Smash Bros Final Video Presentation. It can be viewed here, on Nintendo's Youtube Channel. This was the last broadcast for Smash 4, and it certainly delivered on the news front. Inside the...
The State of Smash 4 - November Edition
  • 6,833
  • 13
Greetings, folks, and welcome back to The State of Smash 4. As stated in the initial volume, this series will take a look into Smash 4’s competitive game and recap all the major events and developments of the past month. November has had plenty of interesting things occur in the Smash 4 metagame with many events occurring.
Rivals of Aether – Patch 0.0.8 Overview: The Storm Arrives
  • 8,553
  • 59
Dan Fornace's upcoming game, Rivals of Aether, has been in Early Access for a few months now. The game, appearing on Xbox One and PC, has drawn quite some attention for it’s Smash Bros styled gameplay, with interesting twists to the formula. So far, the roster has contained six characters; Zetterburn, Orcane, Wrastor, Kragg, Forsburn and Maypul. However, the update today adds many new things and changes to the game, including the 7th fighter and first “secret” character, Absa! This article will feature some of the big changes that landed today. Without further ado, it’s time to look at the major changes to Rivals!

Absa: The Storm Architect

Absa appears as the second character representing the element of air alongside...
Smashboards Rankings Update #3: Point Changes & Consistency
  • 3,386
  • 7
Greetings, Gunla Gunla here. Today, the Smashboards Rankings System has once again updated. As a result, we've returned to bring you the changes! Episode two featured a simple update on the statistics and categories of each game. For this episode, we'll be bringing you the current standings in each game. Without any more delay, let's jump right in!

Table of Contents
I. [Melee Rankings]
II. [Project M Rankings]
III. [Brawl Rankings]
IV. [Smash 64 and Smash 4 Rankings]
V. Closing Statements

:luigi64: :luigi64: [Melee Rankings] :luigi64: :luigi64:

MLG World Finals 2015 occurred during the later half of this month. With the...
The State of Smash 4 - October Edition
  • 6,328
  • 21

Greetings, and welcome to a new monthly series called The State of Smash 4. This will take a look into Smash 4’s competitive metagame, major events and the community’s developments from the past month; each new iteration of this series will be posted early on in the following month. October has been quite the month, with many major events and news coming out at a frequent rate, and the start of a new era in Smash 4. Without further ado, it's time to reflect over what's happened in October!

Character Developments

Right before October, a new patch dropped. This patch brought a lot of changes to custom moves and minimal changes to specific characters; the major changes came to Luigi, who lost a major tool in the way of DThrow KO setups. The full list of changes...
Event Preview: Tipped Off 11
  • 2,589
  • 8
November 7th is looking to be quite the weekend for Smash Bros. Many Melee, Project M and Smash 4 players will travel down to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Tipped Off 11! This long running tournament series returns, once again being organized by Flow and FullMetal. Tipped Off’s history is all about the grassroots; it’s all about Smash and the community that plays it, proudly featuring Melee for 9 years. This is the South’s largest tournament (having over 650 attendees), with Melee Singles having 332 entrants, and Wii U having 243. This will be the 16th largest Melee event of all time, a feat that is definitely one to be proud of.

Earlier this month, Tipped Off started a donation drive on Smash.gg to help fund the event. Some of the rewards included T-shirts, controller stickers, waistbands and more; with the...
Smashboards Update - Tournament Organization Group
  • 3,520
  • 14
With Smash Bros, you can play the game in a variety of ways. But for the majority, the competitive tournament stage is the true heart of the community. These crucial events allow players to meet up, play, mingle and form strong friendships with. Without them, we’d have very few opportunities. But what really makes a tournament is the TO, or Tournament Organizer. These people are the ones responsible for making tournaments happen; they work tirelessly, day and night to ensure that these events are the best they can possibly be. Earlier this year, we introduced the new rankings system along with an overhaul, as well as introducing two new administrators who have revamped and vastly improved it over the year. However, with that work, there’s also the fact that most of the time, we’re directly working with...
Smashboards Rankings Update #1 : Ranking Purpose, Changes and Recruitment
  • 5,389
  • 10

Greetings, @ Gunla Gunla here, Smashboards Moderator and member of the Smashboards Rankings Staff. We have once again updated our rankings system to include some more features, and some other updates like positions for Smashboards Rankings. I’m going to give a rundown of the full Rankings Update! Without further ado, let’s rock!

Rankings Basics: We are aware that there is occasionally some confusion on how exactly are rankings are calculated, and what their purpose is. This section serves to alleviate that! Our rankings system works by allotting a certain number of points to events. We do this by placing them into categories (more on that in a bit), and players will get a certain amount of points based upon their ranking in the event. We calculate the player’s average of their top 10 events in a 12 month period, and that results in their rank. Please note that this value is...
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