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William "Wncozens" Cozens
The Talent is Stacked in Melee at EVO
  • 8,535
  • 1
For years, Melee at EVO has seen a whirlwind of competition and fascinating storylines, and this year is no different.
GRSmash: The Art of Crafting Content
  • 11,638
  • 18
Youtuber GRSmash is responsible for revolutionizing Smash media and he's doing it in a way that nobody would expect. In this article, I interview GRsmash and provide some analysis on his impact on the community and the way he crafts his content.
Smash for the Switch: What can we expect?
  • 21,202
  • 108
The possibility of a Smash game for the Nintendo Switch is exciting. Consequently, amid the recent release of the Switch there has been much speculation and guesswork concerning the future of our beloved series.
Next Smash Summit to be Hosted on Top of Mount Everest
  • 16,882
  • 30
The Beyond the Summit team has recently made a decision to relocate its seasonal Melee tournament series from SoCal to the highest point on Earth, Mount Everest.
Women In Smash: Harassment at the Local Level
  • 24,712
  • 200
When it comes to local Smash communities, women are often treated unfairly and poorly.
EVO 2017 Line-Up Announced; Big Changes For Smash
  • 7,511
  • 23
The EVO 2017 line up has been announced, and with it, some surprising schedule changes for both Smash games.
Chasing ZeRo: The Gonzalo Barrios Story
  • 18,898
  • 14
Behind the smokescreen of fame there is always bitter tale left to be told. Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios’ climb to greatness is a story rife with struggle, disappointments and downfall; It is a story about overcoming seemingly impossible odds.
Man Nervously Laughs As He Discovers His Switch Predictions To Be Horribly Wrong
  • 16,393
  • 13
You probably just watched the Direct and were likely vastly off the mark on many of your predictions, as in the case of local Nintendo fan Cameron Joger.
PPMD Will Rise Again, Here's Why
  • 14,830
  • 16
In this op-ed piece, wncozens explains why Melee legend PPMD will strike back fierce - featuring excerpts from an interview he did with him.
Hungrybox Breaks Finger, Could Be Absent For Genesis
  • 4,269
  • 24
The EVO 2016 champion's injury may deter him from joining 2017's first major.
Tragic: Mom Buys Son 3rd-Party Controller for Christmas
  • 102,823
  • 17
In this Christmas edition of Comedy Corner, wncozens explores the crime against humanity that is 3rd-Party controllers.
Nintendo-Funded Research Concludes that “Smashbox is Worse than Nintendo Controllers”
  • 21,670
  • 43
Comedy Corner XIII, in where Nintendo unbiasedly confirms that the new 'Smashbox' controllers are worse than their own
Top 8 of National Happening When You're Most Busy
  • 12,334
  • 10
In this 12th edition of Comedy Corner, you once again miss an amazing tournament due to having real life responsibilities.
Man Thinks Melee While Relatives Argue During Thanksgiving Dinner
  • 58,934
  • 16
Welcome to the 11th installment of Comedy Corner [Thanksgiving Edition], a satirical segment here on Smashboards that dwells on the many quirks of our favorite game series. Today we look at "smash-escapism" and how it affected one man during that holiday people still celebrate for some reason.
Sakurai: 'Smash' For The Switch Will Be Entirely DLC
  • 92,628
  • 139
Welcoming another addition of Comedy Corner, in where Sakurai gives us insight into the latest Smash.
‘VIP’ Sections at Tournaments Revealed to be Pressrooms for Melee’s Script
  • 15,236
  • 9
In this latest installment of Comedy Corner, we explore the true nature of so called 'VIP' sections.
An Interview with "John", the Man behind "No Johns"
  • 27,132
  • 14
In the latest edition of Comedy Corner, Smashboards' William Cozens had the chance to meet up with one of the Smash community's most influential men.
Man Internally Debates Over Whether or Not He Wants to Annoy the Hell Out of His Favorite Top Player
  • 15,078
  • 3
Comedy Corner VIII. After a one week hiatus, Comedy Corner is back and looking to delve into the mind of the most important person ever - namely, the fan.
Smasher Drenched After Attempting to Drink From 5 Gallon Water Jug Between Tournament Matches
  • 18,035
  • 19
Comedy Corner VII. Smashers usually have a container of water near to them while playing at tournaments, but today smasher Will Cooper sets out to deviate from the norm.
Pro Smash Player Has Literally No Idea How to Explain his Wrist Problem to Doctor
  • 40,886
  • 33
Comedy Corner VI. How do Pro Smash players explain their wrist problems to their doctors? We imagine it goes something like this, probably.
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