Man Internally Debates Over Whether or Not He Wants to Annoy the Hell Out of His Favorite Top Player

Upon spotting his favorite top player, The Big House 6 attendee Charles Grey was left at a crossroads trying to decide if he should or should not perpetually annoy him throughout the entire tournament. The troubling dilemma, Grey states, all started when his favorite Smash 4 player Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios sat not far from where he was sitting in the venue. The visibly exhausted Barrios, who was simply resting before his next set, presented far too good of an opportunity to pester than for Grey to just acknowledge the fact and go about his day.

“As a fan this is a very difficult situation”, Grey told us. “On one hand I could poke and prod him and ask for his autograph five times over, and on the other I could just leave him alone. Both are equally appealing, so as you can imagine I had a hard time choosing.”

As Grey weighed the pros and cons of each decision with furrowed brows, he explained how he began to feel something like empathy, also known as that weird ability to understand others. Grey suddenly had a change of heart while glaring at our Chilean hero from afar. He viewed him as a human - much like himself, and capable of getting frustrated just like he was, too. For a second, he acknowledged the right thing to do. And as ZeRo got up to play his next set, Grey finally came to a conclusion.

He really needed that autograph.
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Meanwhile, James White, another ardent ZeRo fan, decided that the middle of a tournament was the perfect time to discuss some Diddy Kong tech, and advise him on how to play the character.
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