Smash for the Switch: What Can We Expect?

The possibility of a Smash game for the Nintendo Switch is exciting. Whether it be Melee, Brawl, or Smash Wii U, fans have waited anxiously for every new iteration since the series’ debut back in 1999. Our community especially is intrigued by the idea. As competitive smashers, we understand a new iteration of Smash has far-reaching implications for our community. Consequently, amid the recent release of the Switch there has been much speculation and guesswork concerning the future of our beloved series.

There seems to be two options for Smash Switch; either we get a Smash Wii U port or an entirely new game. It is doubtful that Nintendo would ever release both of these, so let's assume that only one ever does get marketed. Which one, as Smash fans, should we hope for?

It is too early to tell definitively, but a Smash 4 port would leave it’s original game untouched except for a few changes in characters and stages. It’s alternative is a well-polished, wholesome new Smash whose release date would pushed back in the pursuit of originality. Both games can be equally argued for, but strictly speaking, it is in Nintendo’s best financial interest to simply release a port. Not only would a port save them considerable amounts of effort to what would otherwise be a laborious venture, but it would also provide them with a strong addition to the Switch’s somewhat unremarkable game line-up.

Developing a Smash game of any sort for the Switch in the near future is a convincing selling-point could be huge for the console. Therefore it is reasonable to believe that Nintendo will follow through with a Smash Wii U port based off of pure financial reasons alone. The answer for we Smashers, however, is less clear-cut.

In our melting pot of a community, many find themselves disagreeing on what direction Smash should head towards. Some may think that uncommitment leaves little room for metas and cultures to grow, while others may believe that the community ought to be dynamic when it comes to new iterations to maintain rejuvenation of the scene. These two arguments butt heads, creating a community rift in priorities: what's best for the Smash scene? Having time to develop older scenes, or getting new ones?

The answer is unclear. But the phenomenon is ripe throughout Smash’s history. Considered the birthplace of competitive Smash, Melee had a dedicated following early on. Its fans were bonded together via a rare adhesive: mutual adoration of the game. Nevertheless, people were willing to try out a new Smash game, Brawl, when it came out. The new iterations slow playstyle, however, proved to be antithetical to the one that Melee players so enjoyed. Here, the answer was straightforward: there was no reason to neglect Melee because the alternative wasn’t anything they wanted.

Brawl still formed it’s own separate community, but what it lacked was the inherent competitiveness of Melee. It gave new-age smashers a chance to play a Smash that wasn’t Melee, but that’s about it. Players fled to the sight of Super Smash Bros. Wii U when it came out simply because it reconciled the want for a more novel experience with their want for a more competitive Smash game than Brawl. In both cases, the ‘direction’ of the community largely depended on how well the new game aligns with the fans’ collective competitive interest.

The Case For A Port

Developing a port would be the perfect compromise for a ‘new game’. That’s because even though a port would be different from Smash 4, it wouldn’t be to the point where the latters’ metagame is left to rot. That’s because, as Source Gaming put it, Smash for the Switch “ a combination of 3DS and Wii U content, a ‘director’s cut’, so as far as we know nothing fundamental is changing. Yet it will presumably be tweaked just enough to allow for some interesting, nuanced gameplay made possible by the addition of never-before seen characters and stages . All in all something that would be good for the scene.

More importantly, a port would probably not cause the same kind of divisiveness within the community as an entirely new game would. I doubt there will be much hesitation from players and TO’s when the time comes to drop Smash Wii U and adopt a more updated alternative in its stead. That’s simply because we’re not risking much; at its roots the game it’s still the same.

However, the case changes with an entire new game. Arguments abound, varying, but all are alike in having the ‘best interest of the community’ at their hearts. Start from scratch or settle down at last? That is the question, and it is one without any objective answer. It is drama best to steer clear of, or at least put off, for the time being. However, I am still curious what both TO’s and top-players think of transitioning to a new standard.

In conclusion, there is little debate over whether or not the Switch deserves a
Smash game. However, there is much clamor over what the pattern the new game should conform to. Should we stay or switch? The community is a kettle whistling for answers, yet our fears and hopes are left empty until the new game actually does get released and we witness the outcome firsthand. We're about due for a Smash game for the Switch. And port or not, I have high hopes for the future of our community.
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It's almost definitely a port, considering multiple sources (including those who leaked games like Splat2n, MK8D, and Arms) said so. I believe Source Gaming also said they had an insider tell them it "is a combination of 3DS and Wii U content, a ‘director’s cut’. The game will feature some new content including 2 new characters."

LKD (maybe somebody else, don't quote me on that) also said this was the reason the Corrin, Cloud and Bayonetta amiibo haven't arrived yet; being held back for the Switch release and/or announcement.
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I also believe that if we do get it, we might get new characters such as IC's because they aren't held back by 3DS capabilities. Hopefully Wolf too.
I am all for a port of compounded 3DS and Wii U content for the theoretical Smash. If it's a brand-new game altogether, even better!

But right now, I have to wonder when :4bayonetta2:'s amiibo releases? I grow impatient...
There's also a third option - a port that they continue to develop new content for and release as DLC (some free, some with a price).

Smash is at a point where it doesn't need a brand new entry, at least not right now. The Switch isn't a huge technological leap from the Wii U in terms of horsepower, so a new Smash game wouldn't have that hook of having amazing new graphics to the community (like Melee and Smash Wii U did when they first launched). The Wii U version already had a crisp native 1080p 60FPS, so they can't even improve that (and the Switch doesn't do 4K, and most of Nintendo's audience doesn't have access to it). Graphically speaking, they just really can't advance the look of Smash right now. And people are generally happy with it's current artstyle too, so there would be no point in changing that.

Game mechanics are also in a good spot. Most people are happy with the overall feel of Smash 4, both casually and competitively. So there's no reason to scrap that either. The majority is already pleased.

And the character roster can pretty much only go down if they build a new game from scratch. Especially when you consider all of the third party characters that they would have to renew contracts for. Having a port of Smash Wii U would enable them to simply update it with new content overtime, using the game as a platform for new content, like how Smash 4 was for a year. We wouldn't risk losing any of the existing roster.

Personally, as someone who lost interest in the game both casually and competitively, I would rather a port, and have them add new content that was lacking in the original. The online infrastructure and the single-player modes (mainly on Wii U) were very lacking in Smash 4, so a port that addresses those issues would renew my interest.

Also, the Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta amiibo were advertised as being for Smash Wii U/3DS. A brand new Smash may not retain these characters for various reasons, so I think we are getting a port this year in some capacity. A brand new game probably won't come until the next Nintendo system, IMO, and I think that would be for the best. Especially since Sakurai deserves a break from it.
TWO? Come on Nintendo, you're better than that.
I mean, MK8D doesn't even have new tracks. I wouldn't expect Smash to get much better treatment, haha.

They must be Popo and Nana.
My guess (along with what seems to be the most popular guess) is Ice Climbers and Inkling. Without the 3DS version holding them back, and the power of the Switch to support them in 8 Player Smash there really is no excuse for them not to be one of the characters.
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We've reason to believe an enhanced "Smash 4.5" is in the cards in the near future, at least. How much new content there'll be is still up in the air. We also don't know how they'll approach adding in content from the 3DS version--we shouldn't assume they must be combining all of the content from the current two versions, because details beneath the surface make it less practical. I figure we'll see some content from the 3DS version, but all of it coming over is not a given and should not be treated as such just because it feels that way at first glance.

There's also the question of how they'll handle any potential new characters...or who they'll look at. Will they handle it similar to DLC? Will we see them double back to characters who fell short of the base version of Smash 4: the Ice Climbers, the unknown Rhythm Heaven character, or someone else? Could we see more newcomers like Corrin, newer characters from established IPs who have compelling new abilities? And what of the Smash Ballot? Could we see another newcomer from there, a K. Rool, Isaac, Krystal, or someone else? And what if we see another round of DLC? These are all scenarios worth considering, so don't just limit yourself to who you already know!
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Too be honest I hope its a port Sakurai has already done enough and a port will be enough. Even without the addition of 2 characters I would get it, I just hope they at least port over some 3DS stages like Arena Ferox and Yoshis Island we need more legal stages. Hopefully they will also put Smash Run that mode is a lot of fun even for me who likes to play with a competitive ruleset, maybe its just Brawl SE notalgia but its pretty fun (aside from when the final battle is ruined with being random and might make you end up fighting more enemies solo). But still the 3DS version looks pretty clean at a measly 240p (except when zoomed out) but a 720p will look gorgeous on the go if ported over.
I think that if they made a Smash 4 port, it would be Smash Wii U and Smash 3DS combined because the Switch is a console and a handheld. Also, I think they'll bring Ice Climbers back, since they were cut because of 3DS hardware issues.
I also believe that if we do get it, we might get new characters such as IC's because they aren't held back by 3DS capabilities. Hopefully Wolf too.
Yeah but ICs will probably be trash cuz they will try to make them fair and it isnt quite ICs without zero to death grab combos
Yeah but ICs will probably be trash cuz they will try to make them fair and it isnt quite ICs without zero to death grab combos
You can still get decent results without grabs (assuming they dont nerf them immensely), and besides you wouldnt want them to get hated by a big portion of the community for being annoying.
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All I expect is to see the Climbers back. I just tried them on Melee and got instantly enamoured by them. I like fighters with unusual movesets that require precision like Robin, Corrin and Greninja.
Bring back ice climbers, wolf and MAYBE snake and add new fighters. They shouldn't take anyone out, regardless of who...well except for dark pit. At least Lucina has a major difference unlike darkpit. also add 1 or 2 new type of mii for variety. I feel like Inklings and some other new Nintendo IP character will come in. Maybe another pokemon or 2 considering the new gen.
Hello there is a 64 community and it's bigger than Brawl's....
What you've qouted is about people waiting for sequels to come out. 64 was the first game so people weren't anxiously waiting for the "next" Smash game to release. If they were excited, it was for the first game to release.
You can still get decent results without grabs (assuming they dont nerf them immensely), and besides you wouldnt want them to get hated by a big portion of the community for being annoying.
Is it really ICs tho without wobbling. And they will probably be really bad cuz they will nerf nana to make it more like luma rather than it being able to do its own stuff without the player inputting anything. No more nana shenanigans rip
Let's be honest, the 2 "new" characters will probably be :icsmelee: and :wolf:, :popo: cause the 3DS can't hold them back, popular demand, and because they seem to be a main stay in the series. As for :wolf:, he also has popular demand, and simply put, ease of programming; after all he already has a trophy in the game plus all his moves are in :4fox:'s customs, so that covers his animations. The only thing I see going against :wolf: is the fact that Sakurai might not feel like he's important enough to put in the game, I mean :wolf: was a last minute addition in Brawl, so it's not like Sakurai is going to prioritize :wolf:, as he didn't try that hard to put him in. :younglinkmelee: could be possible what with Majora's Mask on 3DS and his moves existing in customs, but he lacks popular demand, though I personally want see him back. The only other returning character is :snake:, but Konami are a bunch of idiots when it comes to handling the Metal Gear franchise without Kojima, so they probably wouldn't give Nintendo the rights to :snake: for Sm4sh for the Switch.

I'm more curious on actual newcomers though, remember :4bayonetta: was only the 5th most popular character on the Ballot, so what about the other 4? I could see Inklings being added with Splatoon 2 coming out. I could also see Bomberman being added with the new Bomberman game coming out. As for K.Rool, eh..... he hasn't appeared in a new DKC in quite a while, so if we consider the character's relevance, he might not make it in. I personally want to see :snake: and Bomberman being added to the game, it probably won't happen, but a guy can dream.
Great, now I have to buy the Switch to get more characters if they have them. I finish my DLC collection a long time ago.
:younglinkmelee: could be possible what with Majora's Mask on 3DS and his moves existing in customs, but he lacks popular demand, though I personally want see him back.
If they bring back Young Link I would be a complete waste of a spot, especially with Toon Link already on (not saying he's a clone but still). If they bring any fighters they would probably bring in the Inklings because of Splatoon and how much Nintendo has been banking on that franchise to bring them some success. They obviously want it for eSports, they're in MK8D, they had DLC for over a year (that will also be continuing in Spla2n), 16 Splatfests (not overall there were over 40 in that sense but there were 16 held with 3 of each usually held in each country (Europe, Japan, and America)), etc.. It is my second favorite series so I definitely wouldn't mind it.
I just wish they'd tell us. I'm frustrated with the lack of an official announcement. If we don't get a port now, we'll for sure get a new game in the next 3 years or so on the Switch. They've always put smash on every console.
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I mainly just want a port that combines the Wii U and 3DS versions and DLC.

My biggest hope however is like half a year of patches. If there is a new character there is a good chance of this. I just want a period of time after release where the balance of the game gets ajusted, and then it all settles.
Don't forget the boss switch. The best way to get new stages is to actually make the existing ones fun to play on in the first place.
As someone who doesn't currently own a Switch but has a Wii U and Sm4sh (and is overall fairly unhappy with the amount of quality titles the Wii U had) I can say I'd honestly be pretty miffed if they ported Sm4sh to the Switch and added new characters that they didn't offer for Wii U/3DS owners.

Overall Wii U owners got the short end of the stick in a lot of ways. It feels like Nintendo gave up on the Wii U years ago and 3DS got all the attention and titles (i.e. 0 Fire Emblem games on Wii U but Sm4sh has half a dozen FE characters). If they wanna offer up some 3ds levels for wii u and switch I think that would be well received and even if the Switch port came with everything but that same content was offered as DLC on Wii U it would appease Wii U owners.

If they come out with some new characters and make them Switch exclusive it'll change sm4sh tournaments and for the worse. Switch currently doesn't support GC controllers and it'll create division in the competitive community as GC controllers are still heavily favored as the best means to play smash. If there are no GC controllers on Switch people will continue to use the Wii U to compete. Exclusive content not availed to 3ds or wii u owners in the form of new characters would prob only serve as a slap in the face. I'm not gonna go spend $350 for 2 new characters and I very much doubt the average person would jump at the opportunity to.

I'm all for more smash but depriving people of content by forcing them to get another console would definitely not be the best way to do it I feel.
I think it'll be a new game that re-uses the engine, assets, etc from Super Smash Bros. for WiiU. Not a straight port with a few extras or Director's Cut. Right now, I'm not believing any leakers and their "sources".
Bomberman, Bomberman, Bomberman! That's all I need for the port to have! Maybe Arle Nadja as well cause I love mage characters...BUT BOMBERMAN, PLEASE.
In a perfect world:

1) All DLC characters and stages included (very likely)
2) All stages from both 3DS and Wii U (also very likely)
3) All DLC mii fighter costumes (less likely but still possible)
4) both smash run and smash tour (decently likely)
5) Returning omitted characters, Ice Climbers, Wolf, Ivysaur, Squirtle, Snake, Pichu, and Young Link (likely for one of the first two. Really unlikely for any of the rest)
6) a couple of new first party characters (sadly unlikely)
7) a couple of new third party characters (also unlikely)
8) new costumes and Alts (likely for new costumes, unlikely for alts)
9) New mii costume pieces (likely)
10) new mii fighter options and moves (unlikely)
11) a direct sequel to the sub space emissary with 1-4 player co op and online friendly co op (really unlikely)
12) stage hazard/boss on/off switch. (Unlikely)
13) asynchronous multiplayer gameplay mode where one player plays as a stage boss vs. fighter opponents (it's not going to happen)
14) a GameCube control adaptor that only needs one USB port and provides 8 GameCube control ports and works with any switch virtual console games a GameCube control would have worked with before. (Not a chance)

If it had all of these, I would be day one purchasing.

---probably would be doing that anyway, but I want this stuff.
2) All stages from both 3DS and Wii U (also very likely)
Nope, many 3DS stages came from Brawl and you know why Wii U didn't have them? Because it was easier to put them on 3DS than to remaster them in HD for the Wii U.
I don't see that changing with the Switch....
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I sure hope not; there is a lot of people (including myself) who want Melee HD- and just HD, nothing changed but graphics. I don't know how possible that is, but it would be cool to see.
Edit: It would be nice to at the very least see a game (remake or new) with Melee mechanics, at the very least.
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