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Smashing Some Smash Switch Misconceptions
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It’s been a bit more than a week since the Smash for Switch teaser trailer hit the internet, and people have been wildly speculating and hyping the game since. Some pieces of information are being misinterpreted or are outright wrong, so it’s time to smash some misconceptions about Smash for Switch!
A Smash on the Switch?! -- Brawlout Review
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Brawlout, a Smash-like game has launched on the Nintendo Switch. Is it enough to hold fans over while we wait, or should you pass? PushDustIn reviews.
Rumor: The Nintendo Switch Could Have Melee VC and "Smash for Switch"
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The Nintendo Switch may get Melee on the Virtual Console, in addition to a 'new' Smash. Click the article for full details on the rumor.
Interview with Jeff Manning, Smash 64 Announcer!
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Source Gaming got the chance to interview Jeff Manning, the announcer of the first Smash Bros.!
Nintendo's Unveiling Their Next Device + Livestream Info!
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Nintendo is going to announce its' new device. Join Source Gaming as they discuss if Sakurai should continue to be involved with Smash, and their impressions of the NX.
Know Your Moves: Game and Watch
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Do you know the origins of Mr. Game and Watch's moves? Find out!
Interview with Kyle Hebert (The Voice of Ryu!)
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PushDustIn and Spazzy_D interview Kyle Hebert, the voice of Ryu in Smash!
Has Sakurai's Thoughts on the Competitive Community Changed?!
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Soma, the lead translator at Source Gaming and I recently published a 45 minute discussion on Sakurai's changing opinion of the competitive community. We've referenced translations that span all five entries into the series to see how Sakurai's stance has evolved.
Sakurai Discusses Competitive Fighting Games
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Sakurai discusses fighting games and combos in this newest translation by Source Gaming!
A Chat with Matthew Taranto, Creator of Brawl in the Family and Tadpole Treble!
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We got a chance to interview Michael and Matthew Taranto from BitFinity! Matthew is famous for his work on the Brawl in the Family webcomic within the Smash community. They recently released Tadpole Treble for the Wii U/ Steam!
Regular Tourneys to be Discontinued from September 30th
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Nintendo of Japan has just announced that Regular Tourneys will end on September 30th.

Regular Tourneys are the tournaments that are created by Nintendo. After September 30th, that section on the tournament screen will be blank. It seems that Normal Tourneys will not be affected, so the community can still create their own tournaments for the time being.
An Interview with Brawl's Announcer, Pat Cashman!
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Source Gaming has published an interview with Pat Cashman, the announcer for Brawl! In it Mr. Cashman discusses auditioning for the role, and his unique approach to the role.
Smash Trivia with Xander Mobus!
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Xander Mobus, the announcer for Smash for 3DS/Wii U, asks some difficult trivia questions surrounding Smash!
Source Gaming Birthday Livestream is Tomorrow!
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Xander Mobus, and Ash Paulsen will be joining Source Gaming's livestream celebration. Details and time are inside.
Interview with Melee's Announcer -- Dean Harrington!
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Listen to the first interview Dean Harrington has ever done on his work on Melee!
Quintessential Sakurai Reading List
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Today is Smash director, Masahiro Sakurai’s birthday! In order to celebrate, I thought it would be fun to organize a reading list of articles, interviews and columns which are particularly noteworthy. After reading through this list, you may have a deeper understanding of how Sakurai works!
Sakurai Discusses Sonic Joining Smash
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Sakurai discusses how he brought Sonic to Smash in this Famitsu Column (Originally published before Brawl's release date). The translation was done by the folks at Source Gaming!
Iwata's Impact on Smash
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Today marks the one year anniversary of Satoru Iwata's passing. Iwata has had a huge impact on the Super Smash Bros. series -- being there from the very beginning. Let's honor his memory by remembering his contributions to our favorite franchise.

Note: This article was originally purposed as Thank Iwata for Smash on Source Gaming. I've updated and modified it for SmashBoards. Click the article for the full story!
[Source Gaming] Sakurai Discusses Fan Misconceptions
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Masahiro Sakurai published his 505th Think About Video Games column in Famitsu today. He took a moment to discuss fans overreacting and even addressed some misconceptions within Smash. Source Gaming has the full column translated, but here are some select quotes.

Sakurai starts off the column by stating:

I suppose this cannot be helped, as people are only able to make judgments based on what they see and know for themselves. But on the internet, what people see can be rather limited, especially if they only look at things that interest them. I advise everyone not to get too heated up over every little thing they read.
After that warning he addresses the following misconceptions: Why are characters from his games seemingly overrepresented on the boxart, why certain characters are strong, why...
The Definitive List of Unused Fighters in Smash has Been Updated!
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Over a year ago, PushDustIn created the Definitive Unused Fighter List. The document took several days to compile, but it sorted characters into three categories -- considered, planned, and cut. While the post has been updated to include new information (such as Marth being considered for Super Smash Bros. 64) the post became very disorganized and cluttered. In addition, when the post was originally drafted, not all the sources were translated, which was inconvenient for non-Japanese speakers. Therefore, the Source Gaming team decided to update the list. This huge undertaking was led by Soma, the lead translator of Source Gaming.

The biggest change was the re-branding of the categories, and the addition of two new ones:
"Momentarily Considered, but Immediately Dismissed", "Seriously...