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The Big House Online Canceled After Cease & Desist from Nintendo
  • 4,574
  • 51
After moving online due to safety concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's iteration of The Big House has been canceled entirely due to a cease & desist order from Nintendo.
Picross S5 to release next week
  • 667
  • 1
In a puzzle game itch? On November 26th, the newest installment of Picross will release.
“Geno Joins the Stars” Super Mario RPG Series Analysis
  • 4,035
  • 9
Could the stars align for Geno’s grand (and long awaited) arrival to Smash it will he be regulated as a Mii costume? Regardless out the outcome, let’s explore what kind of content Super Mario RPG could bring to Smash. This is the second part of a Geno and Super Mario RPG series.
Kalos coming to Pokemon GO in December
  • 1,314
  • 12
An avid Pokemon GO fan? Plan on booting it up sometime soon? One of December's updates will be introducing Kalos Pokemon into the game. Exciting times for all fans of Kalos and Pokemon GO!
Adult Swim Games hosts eShop sale
  • 907
  • 4
As part of the Adult Swim festival, Adult Swim has announced a (brief) eShop sale!
Nintendo president states 'no plans' for cross-platform play
  • 1,580
  • 8
In the latest conference call Q&A with Nintendo, president Shuntaro Furukawa talks about cross-platform play Pokemon Unite and the company's current plans with the feature.
“Geno Joins the Stars” - Geno Character Analysis
  • 6,531
  • 25
He may of received the Mii Costume treatment in Super Smash Bros. for WiiU/3DS and made a Spirit in Ultimate but that’s doesn’t stop us from speculating! Geno is a powerhouse in Smash speculation so let’s “look to the stars” and see what he could bring to the table as a downloadable fighter!
Bug Fables 1.1 Patch coming November 5th
  • 2,746
  • 17
For the first year anniversary of Bug Fables, Moonsprout Games will be releasing a free update on all systems. What does it contain? New characters, quests, features, and more.
Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase October 28th, 2020 Recap
  • 1,663
  • 3
It’s no trick. Nintendo dropped a pre-Halloween treat into our baskets with a surprise Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase, apparently the last one for the year.
“Shenron Grants Goku’s Wish” Dragon Ball Z Series Analysis
  • 4,092
  • 6
Last time on Dragon Ball Z....

Goku took on the Super Smash Bros. roster! He showed the power of his mighty Kamehameha and Kaio-Ken Attack! Not only that, he became what Freiza fears the most; a legendary Super Saiyan! In this episode, what kind of Spirit Battles will Goku and the Z Fighters get into? Who will be given the Mii Fighter outfit treatment? And, more importantly, what kind of stage will accompany Goku in the greatest crossover battle in history? Stay tuned for more Dragon Ball Z....Smashboards Series Analysis!
Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra Has Been Released
  • 2,164
  • 6
The second Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC, The Crown Tundra is out now!
“Shenron Grants Goku’s Wish” Goku Character Analysis
  • 14,113
  • 69
Goku powers up to new levels in this Character Analysis Article for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! He may be a Super Saiyan but can he ascend past a Super Saiyan and become a fully playable fighter? In this article, we will look at how Goku and Dragon Ball Z could be represented in the greatest crossover in gaming history!
Update 9.0.0 Released
  • 4,134
  • 11
Update 9.0.0 has released with Steve in tow! Find out the contents of the whole update, including patch notes!
Minecraft World will have Selectable Biomes
  • 2,687
  • 14
Minecraft World is confirmed to have biomes that can be selected using button commands in the stage select menu.
Maximillian Dood on Minecraft Steve in Smash
  • 3,666
  • 15
YouTuber Maximilian “Max” Dood brings his thoughts on Steve and Minecraft in Smash and those who may be upset about his inclusion.
Mario Series 35th Anniversary Retrospective
  • 2,009
  • 7
With the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary this year, what better time to talk about the past and future of the series? See what several SmashBoards writers have to say (and want to see) in regards to the Mario series here!
Nintendo Treehouse Live Featuring Age of Calamity and Pikmin 3 Deluxe
  • 1,172
  • 1
Nintendo Treehouse Live features theupcoming games Pikmin 3 Deluxe and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Videos of both are included in the article.
The Party Ball: What Is It and Why Is It Here?
  • 14,922
  • 6
Let’s explore the origins of item commonly known as the Party Ball! Bring your party hat and let’s dive in!
Sakurai presents Steve and Alex for Fighters Pass 2
  • 2,641
  • 10
A couple days after Sakurai surprised us by collaborating with Microsoft to bring Steve and Alex to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players, Sakurai presented an in-depth look into the character, as well as other Minecraft content that is being brought into the game.
Steve Broke Twitter and Smashboards
  • 3,867
  • 18
Steve’s reveal did a lot more than excite fans and enrage haters...he actually broke the internet.
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