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Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Hades, and more present at The Game Awards 2020


Tomorrow, the Game Awards 2020 will live streamed on 45 different platforms. Similar to 2018, the theme will be unity, and have several guests including former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime.

The main attraction lays within the nominees and announcements. While there's no major hints as to what games will be seen tomorrow, or even a possible Smash announcement (like 2018's Joker announcement), many games published by Nintendo, and on the Nintendo Switch, made the final nominee list.

Games published by Nintendo or The Pokemon Company:
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Game of the Year, Best Family, Best Multiplayer)
  • Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit (Best Family)
  • Paper Mario: The Origami King (Best Family)
  • Breath of the Wild sequel (Most Anticipated Game) - To launch at a later date on Switch.
  • Pokemon Cafe Mix (Best Mobile Game)
Games on Nintendo Switch:
  • Hades (Game of the Year, Best Game Direction, Best Narrative, Best Art Direction, Best Score and Music, Best Performance, Best Indie, Best Action, Player's Voice)
  • Doom Eternal (id Software/Bethesda Softworks, Best Score and Music, Best Audio Design, Best Action, Player's Voice)
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps (Best Art Direction, Best Score and Music, Best Action/Adventure)
  • If Found... (Games for Impact)
  • Kentucky Route Zero (Games for Impact)
  • Spiritfarer (Games for Impact, Best Indie)
  • Through the Darkest of Times (Games for Impact)
  • Apex Legends (Best Ongoing, Best Community Support) - To launch in 2021 on Switch
  • Fortnite (Best Ongoing, Best Community Support, Best Esports Game)
  • Carrion (Best Indie, Best Debut Game)
  • Genshin Impact (Best Mobile) - To launch at a later date on Switch.
  • Streets of Rage 4 (Best Action)
  • Mortal Kombat 11 (Best Fighting)
  • Under Night In-Birth (Best Fighting)
  • Minecraft Dungeons (Best Family)
  • NBA2K21 (Best Sports)
  • FIFA 21 (Best Sports)
  • Raji (Best Debut Game)
  • Roki (Best Debut Game)
  • Overwatch (Best Esports Event)
While this year is a bit light on Nintendo, many games on Nintendo Switch are still making it through. This includes Hades, the first time an indie game made Game of the Year list at The Game Awards; a feat not even done by Rocket League or Undertale (both available on Switch). This also marks the first time that an Animal Crossing game is nominated for Game of the Year.

Almost every game listed is currently available on the Nintendo Switch, except for Pokemon Cafe Mix (iOS and Android devices), Apex Legends (To launch 2021 on Switch), and the Breath of the Wild sequel and Genshin Impact (both slated for a later date).

Author's Note: Wow, what a lineup. I didn't even know Kentucky Route Zero or Under Night In-Birth were on Switch. Any games you're hoping to win? I'm rooting for Hades to win Game of the Year, but certainly wouldn't mind if Animal Crossing did. Let us know in the comments below.
Lucas "Thirdkoopa" Guimaraes


I wouldn't say Fortnite's the best Esport out there lmao. Still super hyped for the game awards. Expect Among Us to showcase the Toppat Airship tonight :)
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