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Managing Editor
Springroll Games Releases Open Source Platform Fighter Engine
  • 861
  • 14
Up-and-coming indie studio Springroll Games has just released a public beta for their Platform Fighter Engine, an open source platform fighter template for Game Maker Studio 2. This template is available under the MIT license, meaning it is free to use for commercial products, so long as proper credit to its developers is provided.
Nintendo Shuts Down Collegiate Smash Ultimate League
  • 3,071
  • 55
Right as it seemed that the Sephiroth reveal might have the side effect of offsetting the outrage caused by Nintendo's stifling of the Smash community, they went ahead and did it again. It was recently announced that Nintendo has shut down a collegiate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate league that was set to run during the upcoming Spring semester.
Sephiroth Announced for Smash Ultimate
  • 4,884
  • 72
This year's installment of The Game Awards started off with a bang with the reveal of Final Fantasy VII's Sephiroth as Smash Ultimate's next DLC character.
Melee It On Me and Beyond the Summit Announce 5 Days of Melee
  • 590
  • 6
On December 6th, Melee it On Me and Beyond the Summit announced 5 Days of Melee, a five-day stream event celebrating the Melee community and raising money for Direct Relief.
The Big House Online Canceled After Cease & Desist from Nintendo
  • 2,331
  • 51
After moving online due to safety concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's iteration of The Big House has been canceled entirely due to a cease & desist order from Nintendo.
McLeodGaming Launches Fraymakers Kickstarter
  • 1,487
  • 23
McLeodGaming, the studio behind the Super Smash Flash series of Smash fan games, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for an original platform fighter titled Fraymakers. First teased with a title reveal in October, Fraymakers is an all-new indie crossover platform fighter with built-in modding tools.
Review: Knight Club +, an Exquisitely Unique Platform Fighter
  • 1,050
  • 0
Gutter Arcade's platform fighter Knight Club has been re-released on Steam as Knight Club +, featuring updated visuals, improved online and some additional characters, and this update looks like it could give the game a new lease on life.
Slap City Receives New Trailer With Release Date, Character Reveal
  • 837
  • 2
After nearly three years of early access, Swedish indie studio Ludosity has announced in a new trailer that their cult hit platform fighter Slap City will receive its full release on September 17th, 2020.
Challenger Approaching REBUILD - Delzethin Revisits Geno
  • 1,578
  • 9
With Min Min out and no news about the next DLC character in sight, things have been pretty up in the air about who's going to make it into Smash next. Amidst all of this, Delzethin has gone back and revisited one of his earliest moveset concepts with a new spin on the character.
Redditor Photoshops Masks onto the Smash Ultimate Roster
  • 1,376
  • 2
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, wearing face masks in public has become a fairly typical safety measure, especially as shelter-in-place orders are being lifted. Spending time cooped up at home has also given quite a few people artistic inspiration. Among them is reddit user Gleed, who put together edits of each Smash Ultimate character's in-game render depicting them wearing a protective face mask.
Nintendo Direct Mini Announced for July 20th
  • 1,150
  • 15
Somewhat unusually, Nintendo just made a midnight announcement of an upcoming Nintendo Direct Mini slated for the morning of July 20th, 2020. The direct is intended to be purely a showcase of new games from Nintendo's development and publishing partners, rather than their in-house studios.
Smashboards Stands in Support of Survivors
  • 1,628
  • 11
Since the end of June and beginning of July, countless members of the Smash community and the greater fighting game community have come forward with allegations of abuse from prominent community figures. The Smashboards staff condemns the actions detailed in these allegations.
Delzethin Gives ARMS Character Predictions
  • 1,834
  • 5
The ARMS character reveal for Smash Ultimate is coming up on June 22nd, and ever since they were first teased in the March 26th Mini-Direct, many Smash players have been speculating about who the character might be and how they might play. Among them is Delzethin, who put out a video on May 20th outlining his predictions as to the identity and playstyle of this as-of-yet unknown character.
Alt Lab Controllers Releases Melee Tech Skill Tutorial for Smash Stick
  • 813
  • 1
With their upcoming launch in June 2020, Alt Lab Controllers has released the first in their series of tutorial videos for the Smash Stick, this one focusing on advanced techniques in Melee.
GRtr4sh Returns With "The Smash Ultimate Story: The Beginning"
  • 1,586
  • 2
After a nearly year-long hiatus, Smash montage creator GRtr4sh has finally returned with "The Smash Ultimate Story: The Beginning", a 20-minute-long look at the first few months of competitive Super Ultimate, from the game's launch in December of 2018 to Super Smash Con 2019.
Apex Revival Announced for November 2020
  • 2,105
  • 3
On March 1st, 2020, it was announced that the Apex tournament series will be revived with Apex 2020. Per the announcement, the event is under new management
River City Ransom Spirit Board Announced
  • 1,361
  • 6
On January 21st, the official Japanese twitter account for Super Smash Bros. announced an upcoming Spirit Board event based on the Kunio-Kun franchise.
Announcing Smashboards' New General Manager
  • 1,947
  • 14
We’re pleased to announce that Adam “Strong Badam” Oliver is the new General Manager of Smashboards. This promotion was made in lieu of our previous General Manager, Xiivi, resigning.
Sakurai Confirms Smash Ultimate Will Only Include Gaming Content
  • 7,834
  • 80
While giving an acceptance speech for an award received at Tokyo Game Show 2019, Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai made a comment about requests from Western fans for characters like Goku, Iron Man and other characters from outside of gaming.
Delzethin Breaks Down Hero's Moveset
  • 2,636
  • 6
Since Hero's announcement at E3 2019, there's been quite a bit of discussion as to how he would even play. In preparation for the character's release, Delzethin has taken the time to break down the trailer and try to piece together Hero's moveset from what we've seen.
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