Blaise "Scribe" Camacho

Blaise "Scribe" Camacho
Get Into the Halloween Spirit with Challenger Approaching: Skull Kid
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Inspired by recent rumors about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the latest installment in Delzethin's Challenger Approaching series focuses on the wearer of Majora's Mask himself, Skull Kid.
Delzethin Presents List of Potential Echo Fighters
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With the reveal of Echo Fighters as a distinct category of fighters, Delzethin has released his list of potential candidates.
Shovel Knight Announced for Rivals of Aether
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Over a year after their first guest character reveal, Shovel Knight has been announced during Rivals of Aether's panel at Super Smash Con 2018 as the game's final DLC character.
Rivals of Aether Speculation: Evaluating Popular Picks
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Rivals of Aether's sixth and final DLC character is set to be revealed during the development team's panel at Super Smash Con. This is going to be the game's second guest character, and though the speculation surrounding them should feel familiar to Super Smash Bros. fans, there's a couple of key differences.
Delzethin Releases Inkling Moveset Analysis
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Delzethin has put together another moveset analysis video, this time focusing on the Inkling. Much like his Ridley video, this one isn't concerned with exact frame data or damage and knockback values, just what potential utility each move could have.
Icons: Combat Arena Enters Early Access
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Roughly six months after entering closed beta, Icons is taking its next step towards release.
Sakurai Comments on Smash's Esport Status
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In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai was asked about his thoughts on Smash’s competitive scene and its status as an esport, as well as how he’s taking this into account while developing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Smashboards is Looking for Reporters
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Smashboards is once again looking for volunteers for our writing team. If you're interested in writing about Smash and can cover news in a timely fashion, read on to find out more.
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Revealed at E3 2018
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While Nintendo’s E3 presentation had a strong enough start, the real star of the show was the 25 minute long look at the new Super Smash Bros. title.
Smash for Switch Most Wanted: Likely Picks
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With speculation abound for the new Smash game, we've taken the chance to ask several of our writers who they want the most out of the characters they think are likely.
Roboticphish Releases Update on Harassment Task Force
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Over a month after announcing the formation of the Harassment Task Force, Roboticphish has released a progress update on what the group has been up to.
Weishan and Early Access Launch Date Revealed for Icons: Combat Arena
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Wavedash Games has revealed Icons: Combat Arena’s seventh character, alongside some more information about the game’s upcoming open beta and release.
Delzethin Offers Second Roster Prediction: The Wild Roster
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Delzethin has released his second video offering his thoughts on a potential roster for Smash for Switch. While his first video focused mostly on safe picks, the new one focuses on characters that are far more interesting than likely.
New Project M Ruleset Announced for Smash'N'Splash
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On May 7th, 2018, Smash’N’Splash TO Matt “Swanner” Swanson and Project M Back Room admin Devin “Reslived” Gajewski revealed the PMBR’s new recommended ruleset, which will see its first official usage at Smash‘N’Splash.
Roboticphish Announces Harassment Task Force
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In response to the Super Smash Bros. community's history with harassment, Josh "Roboticphish" Kassel, the project manager behind the MIOM ruleset panel, has announced the formation of a task force aimed at curbing harassment in the community.
Elliana and Sylvanos Released as DLC for Rivals of Aether
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The team behindRivals of Aether have released their fourth and fifth DLC characters, Sylvanos and the newly-revealed Elliana.
Tafokints Announces New Position at CLG
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After the recent revelation that he'll be leaving his job at NASA, Daniel "Tafokints" Lee has announced what he'll be doing next.
Nintendo Announces Super Smash Bros. Invitational 2018
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This morning, much of the Smash community awoke to a surprise when Nintendo announced the return of the Super Smash Bros. Invitational.
ESAM Discusses Most and Least Wanted Mechanics in Smash for Switch
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As soon as a new Super Smash Bros. game was announced for the Nintendo Switch, speculation began about its mechanics. Top Smash Wii U player Eric "ESAM" Lew has joined in on the conversation with a vlog detailing his mechanics wishlist.
New Smash Game Announced During Nintendo Direct
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After being announced on relatively short notice, the March 8th, 2018 Nintendo Direct ended with an unexpected announcement.