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SSBMTutorials Asks if You're Smarter Than a Pro Player in This Punish Game Quiz

ssbmtutorials are you smarter.jpg

In his latest video for SSBMTutorials, David "Kira" Kim asks viewers to put their knowledge of various Melee characters' optimal conversions to the test. The format is simple: Kira shows a clip of a possible scenario in Melee, then lists several possible options you could take in that situation, before revealing the most optimal one and explaining why.

Within this format, there's quite a bit of variety on display in terms of the situations Kira presents. Without spoiling any answers, the clips shown range from simple whiff punish scenarios that lead to true combos, to escaping the opponent's combos with effective DI and reversal options, to layered mixups where even the wrong answers can still be worth going for depending on how the opponent plays.

While the explanations are pretty easy to grasp even for someone who doesn't play the game, it's a fun and interesting look at combo theory in Melee, even if it just scratches the surface. Maybe it can even get you thinking about how to optimize your punishes (or hinder your opponent from doing the same) other situations, be it in Melee, other Smash games or even in other platform fighters. Perhaps we'll even see more from this format in the future.

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