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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Turns 2


Among the swirling bad publicity surrounding Nintendo, it was easy to forget that our beloved Super Smash Bros. Ultimate officially turned 2 years old over the weekend. This was celebrated by a Spirit Event that emphasized the number two. Ultimate was released on December 7, 2018 and notably was released the same year it was revealed.


Shortly after its release, Joker was revealed that at the Game Awards Show which then officially kicked off its DLC roster. Following this, Piranha Plant was released a few months later and Joker came in Spring. Since 2018, there has been a total of eight characters released including Piranha Plant.



  • Piranha Plant from Mario
  • Joker from Persona 5
  • Hero from Dragon Quest
  • Banjo & Kazooie from Banjo & Kazooie
  • Terry from Fatal Fury
  • Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • Min-Min from ARMS
  • Steve from Minecraft
Several notable Mii Fighter costumes were released including San from Undertale, Cuphead from Cuphead, Bomberman from Bomberman, and Vault Boy from Fallout. Home-run Contest and Stage Builder were also released along with minor additions like Small Battlefield, Spirit Battle replays, and character adjustments.


There are still four more characters to go in Fighters Pass Volume 2 which is chugging along seemingly at turtle pace. We are still waiting for the next character, who some think will be revealed this week at the Game Awards Show. What was your favorite Ultimate memory from these two past years? Which character excited you the most? Who do you hope will be the character in Challenger Pack #8?

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Venus of the Desert Bloom


its funny to me how you have these highly detailed characters and then just steve and alex
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