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Wario Wario Wario
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  • what if Joker's invitation was stolen from Duster, who in turn stole it from Jill Dozer, who in turn stole it from the Bonanza Bros, who in turn stole it from Carmen Sandiego, who in turn stole it from Nabbit, who in turn stole it from Nathan Drake, who in turn stole it from Sly Cooper, who in turn stole it from Rogue the Bat, who in turn... I can't think of any other thieves.
    the Bubsy Twitter recently promised a "big announcement", then "Bubsy" said he was writing his "acceptance speech" for something unspecified... Choice Provisions is developing the new Bubsy game and their mascot Commander Video was a trophy in Smash Wii U...

    thinking emoji
    Deleted member
    Bubsy isn't coming dumbass
    I doubt it's for Smash, but who knows? After Piranha Plant and Joker, anything can happen.
    I have mad respect for Arlo for using puppetry in all his videos, but also have overwhelming contempt for his selfish ungratefulness.
    when will Piranha Plant be released to the late buyers? I brought the game on launch day, but decided to pay for PP instead.
    a while back when the fake Gothitelle leak was going around, I misread Gothitelle as Growlithe (a much better Pokemon in all honesty) and made a Growlithe moveset

    INTRO: a Great Ball is thrown, releasing Growlithe into battle
    BOXING RING TITLE: Owner Protecting Hound
    B: Safeguard: a charging move that doesn't deal damage. once it's been fully charged, Growlithe will shine bright and restore to 0% and remove any negative status (Pikmin, Lip's Stick, Ramblin' Evil Mushroom, e.t.c.) from itself
    SIDE B: Flamethrower: similar to Charizard's move of the same name, but it's less powerful, lasts longer and Growlithe can turn while using it
    UP B: Burn Up: Growlithe covers itself in fire and spins upwards. on first use, this move is extremely powerful and great for recoveries, but if used within a minute of the last use, it will become weak and lack fire animation, but it's recovery will remain intact.
    DOWN B: Flame Wheel: a fireball circles around Growlithe. it works similar to Mega Man's Down B, but all other moves can be used while it is active and when Down B is pressed, instead of turning into a projectile, it explodes around Growlithe. it makes Growlithe's fire attacks weaker, but every other move stronger.
    FINAL SMASH: Fire Blast: Growlithe charges up a giant blast of fire, which creates a 大 shape across the screen which damages anyone touching it. very similar to Bowser Jr's Final Smash.
    UP TAUNT: Growlithe sits down and claps gleefully.
    SIDE TAUNT: Growlithe sniffs the air, and barks to indicate that it likes what it smells
    DOWN TAUNT: Growlithe growls
    fun fact: if you are to count him as a character, Reckless Safety Notice Man has appeared in the most video games of any fictional character who was created for a video game, with a total of 1529 games. (all retail Wii games + Go Vacation! on Switch)
    here's some things I do not like:

    smutty adult cartoons (not adult cartoons in general - huge classic Simpsons fan and I've been watching a bit of The Critic lately - just the smutty stuff like Family Guy, South Park, Rick and Morty, e.t.c.)

    blind patriotism

    10 minute long YouTube videos devoted to shaming artists and their fans for their fetishes and/or interests

    people getting "cult classic" and "hidden gem" mixed up

    people saying "hello" but not intending to start a conversation

    fictional characters created for the sole purpose of being eye-candy (classic Lola Bunny for example)

    people using adjectives as nouns (look at those idiotics calling trans people "transgenders"!)

    people calling their opinions "facts" (yeah, talking about those Double D memes)
    Kuru Kuru Kururin is a good game, but I can't really see it's protagonist, Kururin, being a good Smash fighter.
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    Deleted member
    Is it because it sounds like Krillin's name in japanese
    Splatoon, StarFox and Xenoblade have the worst songs in Smash Ultimate IMO - Splatoon's is obnoxious (Split & Splat and the Splattack remix are notable exceptions), StarFox's is bland and generic (Corneria (Brawl) is a jam through) and Xenoblade's is just ear-piercing. (Guar Plains and Guar Plains Night are nice, and You Will Know Our Names is tolerable)
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    The worst IMO is Pikmin, they had tracks like Ai no Uta, the French version for some reason, and Tane no Uta. Funnily enough, those were all removed. They still have Environmental Noises and a few other stinkers however. It's hard to choose a second place, but I guess WarioWare?
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    I love the No Uta trio and WarioWare IMO has some of the best songs in the game.
    This was fine until you went after Splatoon
    Honestly, I'd be fine with having 50 million Fire Emblem characters if they weren't all sword lords and other more popular series like DK and Zelda got higher priority
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    Deleted member
    You know that means 50 million anime characters, right?
    Wario Wario Wario
    Wario Wario Wario
    Fire Emblem isn't an anime... there was a Fire Emblem anime, but it is not an anime itself.

    also, the "50 million" part was complete exaggeration for comedic effect.
    Deleted member
    But it sure feels like a stereotypical anime
    Shadow in Smash over Tails, Knuckles or Eggman is a straight up felony to me.
    I personally believe that Spirits deconfirm fighters. I didn't believe this until I enhanced my Nipper Plant spirit into Petey Piranha.
    Isaac fans, do you know how lucky you are? Isaac has 3 games, all of which got official localisations, and appears as an AT in two Smash games and has a Mii costume - us Mole Mania fans would KILL for that kind of recognition! all Muddy's got is one game, a localisation, a spirit and a couple of rumours from 10 years back! I treat all 4 of those little things like treasures.
    the DKC Movie leak is luckily fake. the logo is literally just the DKC: Tropical Freeze logo with the Tropical Freeze and the trademark symbol taken out. the trademark symbol doesn't mean much, because after some research I found it to be missing on most Illumination marketing materials, take for example: http://www.southernmamas.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/dme_31_5_promo_4c_5.jpg https://movies.universalpictures.com/media/sing-one-sheet-566b27010f4eb-1.jpg - but the logo does. while still using a similar typeface, the Grinch adaptation's logo is clearly a different creation from the 2000 movie's https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/oscars/images/d/d0/Grinch_001.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20130127141918 https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/seuss/images/8/89/The-grinch-poster.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20171220201010 with the most notable differences being the curved font and flashier "THE" in the 2000 movie's logo being replaced with a flatter font and more consistent "THE". while Illumination are known for being lazy, there's no way they'd reuse a logo.
    Best taunts in the game: draw between Diddy, Duck Hunt, Ridley and K. Rool

    Worst taunts in the game: Sheik. just Sheik.
    Subscribe to T-Series. memes aside, they make some genuinely good music and are much more deserving of the top spot than somebody who just shows off sub-par memes (if you wanna see a REAL meme channel, look up SiIvaGunner - actual effort goes into those videos.)
    I feel the people who say Ninten should be an echo probably have no experience with the Mother series, or like the latter two games and made the grave mistake of overlooking Beginnings for one reason or another.
    I Never Felt It Before
    I Never Felt It Before
    tbf I overlooked the first game. But I feel like Ninten's missing either way. Is he not included because he looks too much like Ness?
    I think if any non-gaming character is gonna get in, it'll probably be a pre-gaming Nintendo rep like Joker, Mini Kangaroo or President, which even then is highly unlikely.
    one thing to note about the Poochy/Porky/Ado/Sylux in Smash conspiracy theories: EarthBound, Kirby and Metroid all only have 2 remixes, while Yoshi only has 1. the DLC is said to come with multiple music tracks per character.
    the Sylux/Pokey/Poochy/Ado spirit theories are interesting. I would love Poochy and Adeleine, but Sylux and Pokey I couldn't care less about (saying that as a huge Mother fan!)

    that being said, nothing is definite until confirmed (or leaked - then again, since that Grinch leak I'm not sure what's real and what's not!)
    so glad Jill (from Drill Dozer) is a Spirit. unfortunate she didn't come back as an AT through.

    still a little miffed about the lack of Tingle rep through....
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