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  • Thanks, I can play tonight probably but not sure of the time yet. I'll text you when I'm free and see what you're up to.
    Alright, I'm like 90% sure im going to be at a tourney tomorrow, but i open like all day sunday/next week. Message me on skype and I'll help you out. Also air and shellz play too.
    Well, it's been a long while since I practiced. What I recommend looking into is doing it with egg lay. You can b reverse/wavebounce/whatever it and get some amazing aerial mobility that way. Fair timing is similar to Nair as well.

    I don't think it's as useful as I once thought, although I believe if you master it it gives you some amazing things against Diddy. But I can't prove this since I can't practice. You've seen the vids anyways.
    Big Time =(

    My weekend got booked without my knowledge, so now I'm not going to EITHER event.
    And I really needed the practice :urg:
    Well man, I'd love to give you a ride. Assuming I was going. Unfortunately I got grounded again yesterday so it looks like I'm not going. I'm gonna try to convince my parents though. I'll get back to you on that.
    Alright. It's where we Yoshis are starting to hang out now since typing gets in the way when doing other stuff. Plus, I got some good information I need to tell you too. If you wanna know, IM me.
    If you see this before you leave, bring yer DS with ya tomorrow, we can pokemans.
    Yo sharky, I'm really happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but geneseo's tourney isn't having doubles for ALL TIME.

    -At least not this weekend I believe.
    Heh, slow down. Lets get the frame data for the other CG able characters so that everyone exactly knows what they have to do to CG.
    I want to say yes, but I know there's some really stupid reason why I can't. I just can't remember what. Still, I'm coming if I can.
    I feel like we know this from our matches already
    We both tend to be a tank in some matches or an aggressive player in others
    Haha nice. And I've been doing pretty well. Trying to get the scene going some more around here. xD How've you been?
    Actually I just figured it out lol. I think it's a friend 'flag.' You have one by your name too. :p

    Still confused on the green though!!
    Your name is green and confusing and I don't know what it means... :o

    And I also don't know what you mean by the plus sign lol.

    also, in the little bubble, Francis says "You KNOW I don't hate this." if you played Left 4 dead, you'll get what that means.
    hey i started the video series.... sorry, but i thought we might as well get something out there... =\ It's a new thread in the yoshi forums called Unleashing the Egg
    hey do you have aim? i need a way to talk to you easier for the yoshi vids we shall make.
    I posted all of it in the offical video thread. You should see everything I found on it.
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