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  • yeah i know you you comment almost on all my vidS u seems realy nice :D!
    I just saw your comments on Dojo's profile and I am actually the guy who likes to play mk dittos lol. We gotta play again sometime :)
    Toon Link, and he used Ganondorf. Wasn't close, I killed his Ganon without taking a hit. Won with 2 lives to spare. He's a lot better with speed characters yet he mains power, which I don't understand
    What's up man? I just was chatting with him again and he said he already erased his entire list and does so every week, which I kind of took insulting myself. Well if it's any consolation the last match I played him I won, lol
    sorry bout the delay
    i was busy with skool stuff
    and yeah
    umm im in Pacific time on the west coast
    How bout monday>?
    For the general section. I've looked at the brawl section when they popped up and went "well these people are god**** idiots" and kept to my half of the forum
    I've never played brawl, and melee I've only played as a party game maybe once a year
    No, smash skills have nothing to do with it. The majority of us don't even play smash. I don't even own a Wii
    Lol. I've been playing a lot of Captain Falcon in Brawl+ recently... He's too fun. :)
    I'll try getting on wi-fi more. Lately, I've been focusing on Melee.
    It's a private room for people we think are cool. Doesn't matter how long you've been here.
    Nay, I haven't. I could use the experience against a good G&W though. I enjoy using swordplay more than projectiles also, but that doesn't mean I won't use them if your far away.
    Calix Meus Inebrains is latin. it means "My Cup makes me drunk". Broomer means Back Roomer, a person in the back room. not the smash back room, but the other back room
    Sure, I'll be glad to brawl sometime. Be warned though. My fighting skills are on par with my photo talent. :D
    You mean your Brawl friend list?
    ... Yeah I'm pretty sure we met each other through the fauxfinder thingy.
    Can't remember what our matches were like though. :ohwell:

    EDIT: Oh, wow. I'm late.
    This is a response to a message you sent me on January 4th.

    and...i'll find a way around your kirby, just like I found a way around your g&w. in good time, in good time.
    Was he talking a lot of smack or something? Heh, I just play it for fun. I'm good for the record but not to the point where I need to play 24/7 to get everything right you know? It's not worth it, I have a job and he's only 17 so it is what it is =P

    I'm normally on when looking for a match in the afternoons but when I get back from my trip in 2 weeks you can always comment on my page to hook up online or something.
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