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  • hey cinos:)

    do you remember me?
    your were the first to greet me when i was new to the site.
    howve ya been doing?

    have a nice day:)
    marthshadow is right
    what's up dude??? don't like smash bros anymore???^^ x'DD
    im still good but online is tough for me to get on. i have to get my own but we will have a rematch very soon!
    k k i hate sonic tho so i believe i lose against that unless i is wario (mabe <.<)
    ...... as far as im concerned i do not need any more major training lol i know almost all combos with em
    ....... uhh sorry not till tomorrow i'll play you then and its not my wii i will face you with its my friends he is letting me use it till i find new one (he no use it anyway)
    you still up for the brawl the only reason i was surprised you knew bout my cario was because i never use my lucario in public attracts too much attention.
    Better than me this time However you probably didn't notice how ****ty I was doing.
    normally I shield everything with you I couldn't shield Anything.
    my timing was off, I haven't played so bad in a long time, i think it's due to the fact that i've been playing melee for the past few days and took a break from brawl.

    the only times i was playing at my tip top finest was when i had just committed suicide or dome something stupid resulting in my death. aka when you got a stupid lead :p

    that;s the sole reason why I put my name tag as Isuck
    One hero shall go to each temple. That is what is written. Well this is best saved after I find an even better avatar! Well bye. And find that temple below the montain!
    No not those, hey wtf give those back! You wont belive how much trouble I went throught to collect those pokemon cards ! And by the one I mean the sign that tells me to invade >_>
    I read it do not worry your poor little head >_>. Get the **** artifacts that stuff is worth billions >_> Hmph........I'll just wait till you kick the bucket. Sure when I use the power of darkness I got engulfed, turned immortal and now I saw all my loved ones die <_<. Now I am stuck in this huge empty castle waiting >_>. Yeah they told me to wait for the one......but I think the one died in the second dungeon <_<.
    Fool you are * the dark and light thing not the nintendo thing*
    may the gods above have mercy on your soul. Bring the ancient item unless you dare endanger you people.
    Those that use darkness for destruction shall devoured end up such as me

    go to the temple located deep below the mountains to the east of rocky country of zallla. Once you obtain the 2 ancient items may I lift the curse.
    Hey man, sorry about the sudden disconnection earlier. Our power went out during a thinderstorm and it shut the TV and Wii off.
    Didn't want to leave a bad impression. =[
    I was the guy with symbols for a name who used Snake, Lucas, Marth, and the Captain.
    err sure man ill try n be online later today... also how do you know of my lucario who told you?
    hahaha I was talking about our 1 on 1 matches, and yeah I'm the ness guy, to be honest I don't really like 4 man brawls...
    GG's man those matches were intense, you're like the first sonic player I've faced that was actually good...
    not gunna lie buddy, I am pretty terrible right now.
    I just lost to professer MGW. hi crappy pit 3 stocked my samus. I am sucking way to hard right now to play against you. if you want some friendlies then yeah we can do that but anything serious I will lose
    Hey there =]
    I hope so, how about you? Have you gone back to using Shiek yet?
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