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  • Well, there are a few that are truly committed at the moment and said that they will be going! One of the twins, Javi, was said to be close on getting his visa! Right now there are maybe three or four that are coming for sure! MaxX, Boba, Javi and EX! MaxX and Boba would be around 6-10 in the SoCal PR! Javi and EX would no doubt be in the top five!
    Yeah, name's Ramona Flowers. Someone said she's gonna be here tonight. Gotta tell you though, she's a little hardcore

    ahh i see.. lol alrite man yeah just hit me up and thanks! n_n <3 I hope to make other good videos and hopefully more people will like
    hey man, did you want me to make it? is that what your saying? ot what's up? it's no big to me man.. i just need people to send me clips/stuff you know -p
    Hahaha! Thank you! Making that vid was such a pain, but getting it done is such an accomplishment!
    Statistics bar? If you mean my avatar, her name's Winnie and she's my girlfriend. If you're talking about profile pic, then I have noooooo idea bro lol.
    hmmm lil stuff like its possible to get them off the stage with a early f smash or bair instead of trying to combo them to death, you get momentum, usually puts you in better positions and well just landing that big hit is better then messing up a combo and not getting a big hit.
    in high school, i went to oregon with my best friend and his parents. it was over easter break, and i was away from home during the holiday. his mom was religious, but also cared about secular(?) easter too so we woke up to little easter baskets.

    within our baskets were little bionicle toys, which were kinda neat, but we were hella too old for them. my friend got this sick green one with swords for hands, but i got this ****ty brown one with like awkardly long scoopers for hands. so we were joking about it being a piece of ****, and my friends dad said something along the lines of 'not so loud, you'll upset your mom.'

    so we decided it wasnt bad, but awesomely bad. his dad called him the digger, and shortly thereafter started calling me the digger. to this day i am the digger, but no one knows
    Oh thank you! That is a great idea! I have started to go through the Sheik boards actually. I haven't read everything through yet, but I am getting there. :]
    The dair CG can be escaped by just about anybody, but it's still really good.

    I just wavedash and fsmash when Falco shoots a laser; Popo gets hit, but Nana gets through.
    Oh my! I feel so fortunate! I havn't noticed because I myself rarely go to tournaments. I usually play against my one friend who lives close and computers, mostly computers. I don't even own the game I have to go to his house to play against computers :( But I want to get really good!!! Thanks alot!!!! <3
    No problem. Hey I wanted to ask you... the last time I saw you I asked for you help me, which you did and I was very greatful for that! Next time we meet could you teach me some more stuff? Or, if you don't feel like it that's fine too and maybe you could direct me to a Sheik user I could pester for questions and ask to help me ;3
    Have you seen it before? Or do you just really like it :] I found it on Google images. I think I typed Sheik Avatar and found it on one of the pages. I found another one like it, but thought it was a little too much. She had a top hat and a monocle, lol.
    Thanks for support, Kira! I really wanted you to show up at the tournament, and I was saddened when I read your post about not being able to make it despite your desire to. I did have to ask for help several times for the seeding and TIO, and Zhu and them were really nice about it. It was quite the experience. Hopefully I get to meet you around at another tournament/time!
    I only exist because of that guy. I think if he wanted me to know more about him, he would let me know at some point in my life, what exactly I needed to know. But contemplating never hurt anybody! :)
    Ok i understand. In all honesty i kinda feel but i play out of fun and to prove myself from time to time. If anything i would cut down on the time i play but not flat out quit. But ok bro be easy. I will wait for vids.
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