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Last Activity:
Jun 8, 2016
May 30, 2006
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Nov 10, 1991 (Age: 26)

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Smash Master, 26, from norwalk,CA

LuCKy was last seen:
Jun 8, 2016
    1. bboss
      Hey Lucky... Just wondering if you could give out some tips for consistently landing up airs... Thanks.
    2. Greed-checkTheTek
      Youre my inspiration.
      best fox
      1. Metalbrosisabattyman
        yo no one likes u handicap
        Feb 9, 2016
    3. frodomanflinfla
      Hey there Lucky can you help me with a little coment about how i can land the shine grab?
    4. DahNade
      Yo LuCKy i was wondering if i could get a link to your melee iso, it looks awesome!
    5. LiamH
      Sup LuCKy i was wondering if i could get a link to download your melee iso somewhere, if thats even possible, me and my friend think it looks awesome.
      1. DahNade likes this.
    6. jugfingers
      yo I was just pondering the savagely lucky nature of the number 7, when I came across your post from 2008 describing your lucky fox as violent...

      ha i dunno man, weird ships....
      1. LuCKy likes this.
    7. commonyoshi
      Lucky! Why the hell aren't you going to more tourneys? :(
      1. LuCKy
        I attend more now ;)
        Jan 23, 2014
    8. rPSIvysaur
      Happy Bday :202:
    9. joeplicate
      Joey!! Are you back in california yet? Lemme come over to your house for some practice, son! I'm motivated, and I have a car for like the next 2 weeks. I gotta repay you for coming to my place that one time :)
    10. nealdt
    11. NJzFinest
      im playing melee on your iso and im wondering.... exactly what is that custom DK costume supposed to be? lol

      me and my friends can't tell where it's from. is it bluster from the 3D donkeykong show?
    12. LuCKy
      agreed, thats why vs spacies ill usually up throw to bair a lot then mix in nairs later on to throw off their DI . . resulting in combos like that one i did against Alex at Stab's lol
    13. Kira-
      I see yeah makes sense. Sounds kinda like how tofu used to play. Also I just thought of this but if you always do uptilt to fsmash, they'll learn to DI up and then it'll be easier to do a longer combo

      kinda like falcon, if they just upthrow knee a ton the opponent will DI up and then you can go for 4 upairs to knee
    14. Kira-
      Why is it good to end combos early with Falco again? We talked about it at Grev
    15. L__
      Hey, I dunno if you remember me but I talked to you once at the SFSU tournament before Nice Shot Hugo and asked you for advice against Samus.
    16. Nocturnalist
      i saw you getting slapped with money by HUgs and kool and all but...
      "CEREAL IS ****ING DOPE REMEMBER THAT!!!" and fox box crunch with yo face on it
    17. FluiD
      Hey do you have AIM?
    18. Jmex
    19. LuCKy
      there is no proof that she flys when shes a baby lol
    20. Dark Hart
      Dark Hart
      bro, Chibi Pan is like a 4 year old who flies around the world and doesn't afraid of anything

      she eats Jiggly Puffs for breakfast.
    21. Dark Hart
      Dark Hart
      naw bro, mine's better, Chibi Pan will beat that wack *** lookin jiggz any day XD
    22. Dark Hart
      Dark Hart
      dude, I don't approve you your avatar
    23. PokemonMasterIRL
      Lucky give me your aim dood.

      mine is DddontTrip
    24. BluePeachy100
      lawls, u use fawks gewd!
    25. Kira-
      dude send me the link for that pokemon avatar site cathy had

      it's so tight
    26. Diddyknight
      Wondering if you can smash when ever since you live close to me. Just let me know if you could or want.
    27. WHA?
      u going to klap trap tourny right?
      think u can take my memory card??
      its gray, n its a third party kind, u took it a while back at festizzios tourny
    28. LuCKy
    29. Diddyknight
      Well, Since your going, can you give me a ride? I live really close to Mango apparently like....10 min bus ride and possibly 15 min walk. I probably wont have any access to rides to Connors though.
    30. Diddyknight
      Are you going to Connors Tournament next Friday ?
    31. EC_Joey
      Hey Lucky, this is Joey.

      It was nice meeting you at RoM2, good **** winning doubles like you were hoping you would! Did the winnings pay off your trip?
    32. Kira-
      hey we still teaming for pats house or no?
    33. Kira-
      I'm either getting a ride from macd (who is driving mango) up to the 805 and then getting a ride from either derek or nasty nate from there

      or i'm taking the train to the 805 and finding a ride

      since i started the whole idea i'm pretty sure i'm guaranteed a ride somehow- plus if i show up they'll have to take me lol.

      other than that i dunno who else is driving exactly, macd might go all the way up to CGC but i dont know if he wants to drive.

      oh also jenny wants to go and cam is thinking about it, but you know cam, he's not gonna decide until the day of lol
    34. false_angelwing
      Your fox is amazing
    35. Atlus8
      You're only 17 years old? Grow the f**k up!
    36. Life After Death
      Life After Death
      yo wat airport u gettign off form. get offf orlando airport cuz its right next to the tourney and ull have a ride back garanteed. sfl is 4 hours away from gigs
    37. Pero
      ahh well hopefully u pick it back up it has flaws but ehh Sonic is awsome. Ur kinda my inspiration to keep trying I almost quit till i saw u vid. but you probally dont care personally u are awsome with sonic but ehh...I guess I might cya around.
    38. LuCKy
      sup guys ty for watchin my vids n stuff i did kinda take a break from brawl but depending on a couple things coming up i might release that new combo video...but it probably wont be during this summer :/
    39. Pero
      Hey lucky i kno u dont me but i watch alot of ur you-tube videos and was wonderin are u makin that new sonic combo video still? lol
    40. Sonic7597
      luckkyyy ive seen your youtube vids :D i wanna be as good as you playing sonicccc :D:D you are the best mann. just started sonic but your tips really helped me :)

      just a hello and thankyou!
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    Nov 10, 1991 (Age: 26)




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