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  • (9:46:05 AM) Teczero8: *image of Joey successfully ruined*
    (9:46:46 AM) Teczero8: now I think he's a cross-dressing, identity crisis inflicted, gay, duck bee
    Nah, but I'm like 15 minutes away, so it's really not that out of the way. But yeah, just stop buy whenevs, or just let me know when you want to play sometime.
    yo, what're you up to this Sunday? I'm trying to get people to come to URI this weekend to play some Melee. I already asked Kevin and Zoso, and was just wondering if you wanted in.
    aye who's that girl from you avatar?
    is it supposed to be embarrassing if i've seen her before? haha
    yea ron open up a new one im surprised u dont know i seen kevin over there the other day but u been getting better man we should play soon

    aaaaaah not really. I kinda lost interest in her actually XD I've hung out so much as just friends, its weird to think of her otherwise :X


    hey man it was nice meeting you too :]

    and yea my ticket was only 150 so i did great xD
    Hey, I'm free any day after 4. I can probably play tomorrow or Wednesday. Where do you live? Dave told me you live around my area.
    A friend from the near future.

    A future which isssssssssss...

    ...Now. Glad to meet you friend.
    Gettin' real crazy

    Gettin' real loud

    just mackin' on the *****es saying ni hao

    :3 notorious msg <3
    I don't live in Kansas either.

    I asked because I'm on a quest to join as many groups as possible, which you can probably figure out by looking at my list. You don't have to let me in if you don't want to. :p

    I just couldn't remember if I already tried joining that group. If I knew whether or not I was denied already, I would have left it alone.
    Er, sorry if I already requested to join your group and got denied. I couldn't remember if I tried to or not yet.
    o me and torrential going to gamezone tommorw to play some matches FOR REAL THIS TIME if u want to meet up ova ther it would be cool and play some matches
    I've spent a good long time looking at that sig from different people and trying to figure out what in the world is significant about it.

    Also, do you actually live in Chinatown?
    o yeah hit my phone up u going to be thier early or now u bringing meele?? ill bring torenneil
    Joe is that you lol yea me and torrientail havent been at gamezome for a min we was thier last saturday to see some brawl tornment its was packed lol but yea me and swizz have been just playin by ourselves were down to play with you or to go to some tournment with you we need to be down lol ITS RYUS CLOUD
    you wuts good were having a melee tournment on monday in Cumberline Rhode Island. RYUcloud is the posted on tournment listings this monday too please chech it out please
    Was the execution of Saddam Hussein just? yes

    Should the government continue welfare, public school, social security, and Medicare? - of course.
    Is the Constitution too flexible? - not flexible enough.
    Electoral College vs One Person, One Vote - 1:1. :)

    Should there be prayer in schools period? - why not?

    Social Issues
    Immigration: Should US have Open Borders - yes
    Gay marriage: Should it be Legal - yes
    Capital Punishment: For or Against - for
    Should Marijuana be legal? - no
    Should there be smoking bans? - yes
    Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice - ..........ksdjflkjflgkdflg pro life.

    Perhaps it's just easiest if we just debate abortion. I'm most interested in that topic. what do you say?

    good luck. :)
    Yo, we have a debate. Let's decide on a topic. What are your choices?
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