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  • What made you want to quit? And ya something like that but at the tournament i did really bad vs phanna in a match. But this past weekend i beat linguini ganon in tournament although it was only a dollar one so i don't really want to count it. Maybe i can beat someone really good this weekend. Your one of the people i wanted to prove myself too because you were always like you don't suck man. Do you still play here and there? And good **** vs zhu you make fighting falco look so easy im jealous.
    Yeah the bracket is lying around somewhere. I lost to Zhu (3rd round) and SDR (No johns on that one, I had him round 3 and he just played really tight towards the end.) Maple lost to Me and PBS I think. I'm gonna john for Maple, he really should have had that set. Just some dumb SDs.
    I only have
    CGC XII and Stabs tourny!

    I think there is another CGC that SoCal went to, there is Festizzio's tourny and of course Pats House!
    Dunno I was suppose to already be housing people but a lot of stuff has happened and I'm not quite sure what's going on right now =/
    haha gee thanks, but someone posted that in the peach boards, but yes, it is sick and discussting, i feel liek my sheik could have done better
    I just looked into it, and "officially," only students can use the room I had in mind.

    There was a brawl tournament there hosted by an asian club, and people who were clearly not students joined in. I guess it was technically not allowed, but no one really checked up on it.

    And I'm not affiliated with any club, so it would be harder for me to pull it off.
    AznForce was there for the tournament and is a part of the club. Maybe if you contact him, he can help get another tournament organized there for melee.

    thanks g

    I couldn't make it to tourneyplay. midterms n ****

    I still fully intend to meet you all though. Once I have money that isn't from my parents and I can make it to the next tp or norcal. :D
    Oh I didn't see your message since you accidently posted it on your own page lol

    Uh for DI I just assume the person I'm doing the APM for it good and DIs every time they're hit. 1 input each time. It's really really hard to measure anything more than that lol

    just curious how can you tell DI? Do you separate smashDI or no?

    How about me vs zhu at activegamers - whichever match lasted the longest. or the first one
    watch it.
    the manga is really good and has amazing drawings but is more confusing towards the beginning and most of it draws out really long and nothing happens. the anime is really really good and has really good music but it only covers like 1/3rd of the story. but 90% of the story after that is boring and nothing happens
    also I thought your message was gunna be an infraction over a comic I posted lol
    yep, people seem to be bending me over all over the place on this trip, me and oscar might just go with dunskie idk, but if theres no guarantee we'll be back by sunday I won't be going either lol
    When sh*t comes up, sh*t comes up. That sucks, but it looks like it's still going down, so it's not all bad. Hit me up sometime if you want to crash in SLO
    its probably all over
    just google it


    or if you want to watch it, youtube or watchanimeon

    but yeah google
    HELL YEAH. That's what I like to hear. I've been telling 805 all summer to come up, but they eventually just flaked out. Yeah I can house tons of people, we just need to agree on a weekend.

    Hit me up on aim: daGishnak.
    We'll work it out.
    I'm sorry for not going to the tourney today I woke up and started throwing up.
    I don't think so.

    sorry lol

    maybe if i had a ride...but that would entail gas money...which i don't have lol
    - laser, wait/shield right in front, laser
    - (vs fox) laser, short hop forward, double jump over their fullhop
    - (on platform) jump, fall, double jump above platform, fall through side platform
    - nair pressure; nair, shine, space nair, dash dance away and back
    - (after tech) wd in, shield
    - empty short hops
    - laser to hit their getup from ledge
    - shine turnaround edgehog
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