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  • hey dude

    i really gotta apologize but i wont make it to slo/norcal this weekend
    i feel bad cause im basically being the biggest flake ever, but hopefully getting this trip started in the first place will be of some condolence to you

    im tryin to keep this relatively low profile so people dont get discouraged from going or anything

    again, my bad
    yo gish

    i think a mass socal road trip up to slo is overdue
    at least 2 big cars full of people to smash and get ****ed up

    would it be possible to house everyone? i havent talked to anybody about this yet (just got the idea 20 seconds ago) but i'm sure some of irvine, some of 818, and all of 805 would be down, possibly more like adam and nasty nate and such

    lemme know what you think

    Yeeeaaah! Fellow Slo bretherin! WarpStatus is comming over to play brawl this Friday. I have a roommate who I've never seen lose a melee match except to me, if you still dig melee.
    is warp still going tomorrow?

    i hope to god you don't use that face tomorrow

    and you're not going gw against me tomorrow huh :( probably dedede ****er
    where the hell is cerritos ca how far away from sb

    yes im too lazy to do mapquest im on a pc and its all uncomfortable to make a new window

    warps ava is hawt

    don't hate brawl we got this :D but love melee too. and maybe a bit of 64.
    haha, i just texted you like an hour before you made that post to see if you wanted to play today =0. so yeah let me know if you can. Also for the biweeklies i'm not sure yet, that EE final is on monday for me. If i study for it early then we might be able to go. Also, do you have a final on fri? i read about the Santa Barbara tourney and im pretty sure i will be going to that.
    Hey, this is Awron from the weekly...the guy who counterpicked corneria on your G&W and D3 team lol. I'm not too tourney savvy, but I wouldn't mind playing you a bit while you're still in town if you wanna hang out. Gratz on doing so well in teams btw.
    I'm glad that Zack got calibur 4! More new blood!! When does he move back to the slo area so we can all sesh it up?
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