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  • alright thanks for the info. i'll definitely hit you up when i get there. i'm not sure if i'll be down to play on friday but for sure on saturday (preferably in the morning/afternoon) for a couple of hours. maybe we can get a little smashfest going on?
    i play melee. alright cool thanks man. you think we can exchange numbers? mine is 818-321-0367 (Andy)

    what's your name/numba?

    i got midterms then :/

    I leave early saturday morn

    well keep me in mind :(
    I'm looking for someone to team with

    I play wario, oli, and ness
    ok i'll try to get with him, he's a wario main too so maybe i can get tips from him
    sweet me too!

    try to get vinny to come as well, it's always nice to see him

    do you have your housing settled ?
    lol hey man guess veedee told you already but I'm up in vancouver :/

    It would be pretty sweet to meet up at tourney play though..
    dude i kinda want to sorta get into smash again! just a little tho because my friends were talking trash tonight and they are total noobs and they think they are pro...one is "really good at zero suit" and when i told them about you he thought he could take you and he had his own "original" combo of d smash/b into f smash....
    Hi there

    I heard you lived in SLO. I've been looking for some people to play brawl with, looking to improve a lot. I'm a noob as of now :/

    I go to cal poly, do you live by there?
    I live on bond and Kentucky right by campus bottle. My number is 530-400-2108. Feel free to call me when you have details
    I got a test Monday >.<
    Sorry mate. Good luck though, it's a pretty sweet group of people. Ask around for Nate and try to give him a hug for me.
    I honestly don't know the first thing about hosting tournaments, and I have no money to host one either.

    If you're going to Bio and have an open seat let me ride with you. I'll buy you a squirt :D
    Hey. Yeah I'm here now. I'm pretty much free all the time, I'll AIM you I guess.
    Good **** man tell me about it

    and yeah even if you don´t come on september 1st, i forget if i told you but im going to ucsd so ill be at all the big socal tournies anyways, should see plenty of you.
    ah dude wish i could go, I´m in peru until the 4th. I missed 2 parties, 2 tournies, and 2 weeks of work for this trip but I gotta say it´s been worth it.

    TOA is hosting another on September 1st, if you can go to that one ill be there for sure.
    hey this is chris, spicy's roommate. nice meeting ya, hoepfully we will see you around the apartment again soon good luck this weekend!!
    Dude! Thanks for coming over tonight I think I really learned a lot from ya. I'll make sure to practice a bunch so next time we meet it won't be so easy. But ya we play a lot during the week and if I get my work done some night I'll give ya a call and we can do some good practicin. Good luck with that tourny, win for me ight.
    hey man sweet, so there are SLO brawlers lol. My roommates and I go to Poly. Yall do any tournys around here?
    if you drive lol

    i don't want to drive 2 hours

    i'll bring brawl + tv + adapter
    when are you coming over fool

    (650) 773-9918

    54 W Summit Dr Redwood City, CA 94062
    Ya for sho. I'm free after 5 when I get off of work. Tell me you'll come over and study EE with me so I don't feel as bad about procrastinating.
    Hey champ. 805 biweeklies this sunday. My only final on monday is easy. You want to go? I'm down.

    BTW my phone is lost, so contact me through smashboards for a little bit.
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