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  • My avatar be Sunny, a girl from SNSD, a Korean pop group I like.
    Agreed, she's hot. ;)
    Thanks for the heads up ^__^
    I'm aware of this tourny though.
    I'll try my best at this one ;]
    I don't know about the things that I do wrong, personally
    when we played the other day and it got serious, I started nairing you a lot more; I think this worked well because you were used to playing an approach-based game vs fox

    playing mango's sheik, he just has a lot more presence. he knows how to keep me under his control and read my options and stay in my face, making sure that I don't move really (or if I try to run away he punishes me).

    camping vs fox doesn't seem very effective, at least compared with this alternative

    also I got good at not choking, so now when I'm playing under pressure my execution goes through the roof because I can calm down my chest and my hands, while still keeping that focus on the game and on tech skill

    maybe that threw you off after playing me sloppy in the friendlier friendlies

    I guess the things I do WRONG are like, sometimes it's better to go for bairs instead of upairs so I can try to push you out over the stage out of grab combos

    I used to be really really stubborn about grab/cc/dodge battles with sheik, especially from playing steven a lot, that was like my biggest problem

    other than that the biggest thing I can think of is not pressuring sheik enough, or in the right ways. usually I'm content to run in, hit one or two nairs, then back off again, and place all the weight on my grabs

    I'll be glad to talk about this when everything's fresher on my mind, like in person or on sunday or whatever, we could do mms maybe
    After a bit of brainstorming, here is what I came up with:

    -The way you space yourself makes it difficult to get directly under you.
    -I assume that my usmash will beat your fair at times when it really doesn't.
    -I have a hard time getting back to the center of the stage when you push me to the side.
    -I'm over-aggressive when under pressure and you punish that well.
    -I try to punish things I can't when I should be repositioning myself instead.
    -I don't use blizzard very well.
    -I occasionally approach you in my shield, which rarely works.
    -I don't CC tilts often enough.
    -I don't handle needles well in general.
    -I'm bad at judging when I can land grabs.

    I think my biggest problem is that I'm too focused on trying to get under Sheik when she short hops, which makes me miss a lot of other opportunities and put myself in bad positions really often.
    yeah, I'll upload it later today. But by request, take me off the PR. It's not to enter your tournament, I already know I can't. I just don't wanna be on it for certain reasons :)
    nah i checked

    everything we have is youtube(with the exception of crews)

    but yea, my bad that we couldnt find it =/
    i think plane is the way to go, honestly
    carpool is like a 15 hour drive, so unless it's a long weekend and we have a lot of stamina that probably won't work
    yeah I'm thinking about going, I will if I've got the money basically
    train is ok but it takes FOR EVER
    like, 2 full days
    hey gimme a ride to the bus stop please =P I'll buy you like some food if it's out of the way for you lol
    Hey thanks for the advice at the G-rev tourney, i never really thanked you...so thanks :0 better late than never amirite? !
    Paradise hills somewhere around there..
    i'm going to chula vista xxx
    and i can get a ride to grev's 949 melee tourney
    Oh well. Im still gonna keep my laugh til i decide to sleep. Hopefuly next time we both can actualy go to the same tourney instead of missing one another. Lol me to cone you to mango juice rolf. Til then . . . . . Lol now that i read it again i see what you mean. Its kinda funny lol.
    Rolf i think you took it the wrong way. I meant i would want a hard pool. Then do well in it so that people see and can say wow he is really good. Lol kira you just made me lol hard one in the morning . Thanks bro
    hey man whats up it was cool chillin with you at WCSL man your too cool lol

    hit me up on aim sometime

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