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  • Hey, by any chance did you get the tio files from WGF 2012? I need the Brawl doubles and singles brackets so I can properly label the videos I recorded.
    hey pat, just wondering hows the attendance for melee looking so far? i figured asking u here would be better than the thread proper. thanks for everything uve done!
    hey azn_lap aka pat,

    I would like to thank you for your contribution to the melee community as I am sitting here on my chair getting hyped for the upcoming WCG tournament. You are an awesome guy.
    Hi there! A good source said I should seek you out for some Melee matches, or for some Melee connects. I just moved to San Diego (Coronado to be exact) and have been without Melee for quite some time. I am so Smash-hungry that I'm STARVITATING! Please help me get on my melee feet again! Call or text me anytime @ 831.402.1723. Thanks!
    Pat! How does the rec tourney work! Do I have to go to UCSD and sign up for the class? and are there still payouts or nah
    hey pat my name is boba. you dont know me, but i heard you were a cool to. im hosting a tourney may 1st in upland, ca. if you co-host with me to attract more people, you will get free entry.
    Hey can you send me the bracket image as well? Or the AiB version either one is good; it's for the PR
    how long are your "long run" days usually? like distance wise

    edit - and it takes 90 minutes right?
    dude make tournament page on allisbrawl so more people will go to winter gamefest
    do you stilll have the bracket for your UCSD Melee Triweekly XXVI (oct 18th)?

    or at least, who did you and maple lose to?
    I am asking everyone who voted on the Metaknight Ban thread their opinion again, since over the course of time, many people brought up many more points, possibly changing the way that those that already voted think (most recently the results at Apex). I'm going to list the results of people's new thoughts in another thread (although I'll have to do it much later), and I'd love it if you could message me with your standing. Do you think Metaknight deserves:
    Temporary Banishment,
    A Rule Change,
    or are you unsure at the momment?
    Private messages so I can count the responces and tally properly would be greatly appreciated, but anyway of messaging will do fine.
    i know loads of people that brawl, but melee is bit more scarce to come by. There only decent melee smashers on campus are mr.tracy, gonzalo, and myself. Keep in touch and we might be able to get something together.
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