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Jul 23, 2015
Oct 26, 2008
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Smash Champion, from AZ

DerpDaBerp was last seen:
Jul 23, 2015
    1. BlueXenon
      The song you just reviewed isn't mine. It's by Ellebirdy23.
      1. DerpDaBerp
        Jun 21, 2013
    2. #HBC | Dark Horse
      #HBC | Dark Horse
      1. DerpDaBerp
        Holy **** haha, that was pretty trippy. Sounds like weather channel music if OF made it
        Feb 27, 2013
    3. #HBC | Dark Horse
      #HBC | Dark Horse
      I recently picked up lonerism

      Holy **** it is good
    4. cannedbread
      thx for the heads up
    5. Yodery
    6. Yodery
      not butthurt tbh, just wondering what his deal was :F
    7. Yodery
      Oh. I see. Well you're right, I'm not new to the Internet, it's just general ****ing around, you know? Dunno why he takes everything so seriously tho :O
    8. Yodery
      Why is Luigitoilet so mean to me ;_;
    9. Yodery
      Ayo go look at the thread i posted in Media Metropolis.
    10. Yodery
      Your avatar reminds me of a midget fantano. [2]
    11. #HBC | Dark Horse
      #HBC | Dark Horse
      Your avatar reminds me of a midget fantano.
    12. Pachinkosam
      well that wastn nice D:
    13. Jane
      "also, **** AC's story rofl. I still have no idea what's going on"

      i agree with this statement.
    14. TommyDerMeister
      well, jon and larry aren't living together anymore as of a week now. larry is out, but jon is still at their place till the end of the month, so he may be a possibility. i'll figure something out.
    15. TommyDerMeister
      Haha, alright. Kyle will be out of town next weekend, but I'm planing on making it down next weekend regardless, so we'll coordinate sometime. Hell, if you're available next weekend we should smash a bit too.
    16. DerpDaBerp
      . .
    17. Jim Morrison
      Jim Morrison
      That's an interesting post you made on your wall.
    18. DerpDaBerp
      PHIL/ECON 205: Wealth Creation 3 October 2011

      Exam #1: Study Guide

      Please remember to bring a BLUEBOOK. All of your answers must be written in your bluebook.

      Some of the points will come from multiple-choice questions. Be sure to review past quizzes, as well as the basic concepts of exchange (from the “Fritz and Lou” discussions).

      The majority of points on the exam will come from the essay questions. Each essay answer should be about one page long (in a full-sized bluebook). In each case, your answer should defend the position you take (either (a) or (b)), and consider the perspective of at least two of the authors listed beneath that question. Your answer WILL be graded on the quality of your grasp of the relevant issues, the quality of your argument, and your comprehension of the authors discussed. Your answer will NOT be graded on the position you defend!

      You will be asked to answer TWO of the following questions. Do NOT assume you will be given a choice as to which two.

      (A) “Property rights are beneficial—but especially if you’re (a) rich (b) poor.”
      Imagine and describe a society with very weak property rights, or no property rights. Which members of that society would benefit most from a change to stronger property rights?
      Consider at least two: De Soto, Aristotle, Hardin, Locke, Schmidtz

      (B) “Markets work to everyone’s benefit—but especially if government control is (a) prevalent (b) limited.”
      Imagine and describe a society governed with a high level of discretionary power, to change laws, expand regulations, facilitate selected industries, raise taxes for stimulus spending, etc. Who benefits from this arrangement? Who would benefit from reducing that power?
      Consider at least two: Hayek, Bastiat, Friedman

      (C) “A prosperous economy requires (a) a plan devised by a central authority (b) a lot of free, individual planners.”
      Imagine and describe a society in which the production of wealth (food, clothing, housing, etc.) is directed mainly by a central authority. What does that central authority have to know in order to make a plan? What does it have to do to implement a plan? Who benefits from all of this centralized planning? Who would benefit from less centralized planning?
      Consider at least two: Read, Smith, Hayek
    19. TommyDerMeister
      I actually would not mind suggestions for tourney names. After I talk to Chris and/or Kira about which city is hosting after Devastation, then I'll make a thread accordingly. I also have find out what day Okami is thinking of hosting a Melee tourney, and find out the UofA Home Game schedule.
    20. TommyDerMeister
      ...I am holding MK ban at my future tourneys
      oh, how little he knows...
    21. TommyDerMeister
      LOL, if only he knew...
    22. TommyDerMeister
      I know, I love him right now.
    23. Jam Stunna
      Jam Stunna
      Haha, knock yourself out.
    24. TommyDerMeister
    25. KiraFlax
      why name it kamikaze based
    26. Jane
      ahah! fuuuuck yeah! shiet i might just enter as mr farenheit next tourney ;P
    27. TommyDerMeister
      wtf, that was interesting. How is that going to fit into the the new MGS game though?
    28. TommyDerMeister
      No, it's not about Smash specificaly. This is how you become a Writer (taken from here on SmashWiki)


      These members don't receive any rights other than bragging rights. It recognizes said member as a writer. To obtain the title of Smash Writer, submit an entry to one of the Write With Your Power Contests and if you get anywhere from 1st to 3rd place, you'll receive it. Their username color is gold (orange) and they have a quill icon below their name. You may also obtain this title by contributing some sort of writing service to the Smash community, such as writing for Show Me Your News.
    29. TommyDerMeister
      I bought a Premium Account Subscription, then I pranked myself so that my username is pink, the default premium username makes it lime green.
    30. TommyDerMeister
      Yeah, I think instead of picking up Nina like I was planing, I going to pick up Kazuya. Definitely play Swoops, I'm pretty sure he could explain things a lot better than I can anyway. I'll bring the PS3 with us to Tempe next time. Also, don't you love my new user title?
    31. TommyDerMeister
      Dude, in Tekken 6 Kazuya is considered like low tier, look at this playing Kazuya at tourney recently in Korea. ****ING ****. It's kind of long (18min) but worth watching. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_dKuLFz2es Also, that video game nerd vid was great.
    32. TommyDerMeister
      what time do you think you'll be able to come over?
    33. TommyDerMeister
      yes, yes I am.
    34. Jane
      yeah i just checked and you can either get just the game for 49.99 (****) or, get the pro bundle for 54.99(even more ****... get a ****ing controller AND an amazing game, NEW, for LESS THAN ANY NEW 360/PS3 GAME?!?!? RAAAAAPE)
    35. Jane
      i wanna get a classic controller pro son D:
    36. Kira-
      John Goodman son!
    37. TommyDerMeister
      I'll talk to Kyle tonight. After 10:00am today my internet acess will be very limited. So I won't be on so often.
    38. DerpDaBerp
      Well **** my ***....
    39. TommyDerMeister
      Yeah the two day smashfests are great.

      Jeff unfortunately is going to be moving to Peoria on the 17th or 18th. He made a post about it on one of the threads.
    40. TommyDerMeister
      Yeah sure. I'll talk to Kyle Wed/Thurs about smashing at the UofA. I doubt we are going to NM and since Jeff is leaving soon, we'll be wanting to play with him. I wouldn't doubt we'll be playing this friday+saturday, especially since I need to get that computer from Kyle.
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