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  • not there exactly but i used to live pretty close to you so i know my way around marana
    yeah i'll pick you up, i want to leave like at 9 30, give or take a half hour or so. and no i'm not sure if there will be smashing at the u, but i'm PRETTY sure, they always do before tournies
    alright, but don't be sad if i just wanna listen to my music the whole way :p
    ohh **** i don't have one lol. oh well i'll just have to burn some cds
    haha ok cool. if you end up teaming with one of your buddies last minute its all good i won't take it personally lol. music sounds good i was just wondering, the only thing i really wouldn't be able to tolerate would be something like ICP so at least now i'm sure i won't have to haha. my zune got stolen unfortunately so no music from me but i really wasn't going to suggest that since you are the driver after all you should choose what you wanna drive to xD.

    ok i added you under "derp" haha do you prefer that over your name? heres ma number - 520 647 6191 you can call me jane or jonny, either or, they're both irl nicknames.

    ill text you with any further questions etc
    can i ride with you? how much gas monies you want? what kinda music are we gonna be listening to? xD and also would you like to team up?
    ok cool. yeah man nice to see a yoshi main! actually its nice to see ANY main that isnt meta or snake lol
    hey dude, do you ever play on wifi? we were pretty evenly matched we should brawl some more!
    **** man, you've been getting really involved in the Brawl community. You've made so many posts in such a short amount of time.
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