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  • Yes sir, been trying to get used to him lol. Ganon is toooo good in teams. Singles i dunno yet though, i'll probably change it up depending on who i'm playing against
    Sorry haha, me and my friends plan things out pretty far out. We are already planning on going to pound4 in MD! But yeah, tell me when you and/or Spazz are going to a tourney and we will try to be there!
    Well are you or Spazz going to the UCSD tourney in November? Me and my friends are planning on going there, would be cool to have some more friendlies, maybe even be in the same pool!
    Hey, remember me? I'm that Ganon that was teaming with Falcon/Yoshi, we were doing team friendlies! Had so much fun, hope I get to see you and Spaz at another tourney soon!
    heyy not n00b
    stop being productive and come brawl me
    because my kirby is fantastic against normal people and i feel awesome o_o
    Hey man, would you be up for some Sheik dittos sometime? I'm in NorCal. My contact info is on the site. Hope to hear back.

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