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  • since my freshmen year of high school i don't know how you know that i know him though lol but i'm probably not going to take summer classes, it just depends my school is weird when it comes to summer classes. i might just prereg for fall semester and not worry about the summer classes
    it's going alright just waiting for this quarter to be over with really and yeah i know jp do you go to school with him or something?
    It's all about spacing bro. You have to get an understanding of every character's attack. Once u have that knowledge you have to create your own playstye and find what works. I play a bait, trap, and punish game.
    Uh...I haven't been playing much competitively lately, and my style's kind of weird I think. ^_^' Um, Fair and Dtilt are pretty good shield pokes since the hitboxes on them are pretty high and low respectively, with thin hitboxes, and their range is kinda nice. Side B can be a good mixup for shield pokes sometimes too, if your opponent is just sitting there ready to punish you OoS. Dash attack every so often since it has kill power, and is a low, thin hitbox with good range like dtilt. Um... I can't think of much else that would be truly safe, I try too much silly stuff like screwing around with my opponents' spacing using the windbox on Up B, and then punishing if the move was laggy enough, or aren't expecting the sudden fall when you use a move out of it.

    As a result I'm not very consistent with doing decently/versus atrociously in my former region. :p I can just comment on move properties, not so much playstyle. And uh...what tournament thread would that be? I don't visit character boards much at all.
    I try my best to witness to people when I see them when I play at tournaments, etc.
    yeah, I'm a Christian. I try to honor God in everything I do. I'm still a sinner though, so I often fall short. :/

    how about you?
    Oh word? Yeah I'm starting to get serious about getting better in this game so I will need another training partner and BigLou only lives 10 mins away.
    To learn more about the game my only real advice is to ask questions on FAQ boards and to lurk. That's really what I did and just feed your curiosity and never be afraid to turn your wii on and test it yourself.
    Here: http://www.mediafire.com/

    Once you make an account look to the left side for a link to make a new folder. Once you make the new folder and name it however you want click it to go inside it. Once you're inside the folder click the green 'Upload to this folder' button. That will start up the uploader and with that all you need to do is choose the replay files you need to upload and then click start. The way you choose the files for upload is when you start up the uploader and it asks you for files. It will open up a dialog box thingy like as if you were downloading a file and choosing a place to put it. It's like this, but instead you'll be clicking on the files you want mediafire to grab from your comp.

    also I kinda prefer only Peach matches. I told everyone else that if they aren't Floridian players I'll only record Peach games.

    How are you? Hope things are going well with you. i been busy with exams pretty much all week haha.
    hey sorry to also get to you late, but i am more than willing to help someone get good at melee!
    Sorry for answering so late. I mean to write-up a thread dedicated to b-stick, but I keep procrastinating.

    But anyways. I believe all my controls are the same... I changed my B button to "attack" though. Since I have a b-stick, I don't really need it. It trains me to never use Toad, and to recover with Parasol while retaining my float. A cute luxury I have.
    Hey, man.

    I know you're gunna be busy after this, but just remember that I'll be around still during weekends and stuff. Just give me a holler via PM/VM/IM or whatever on smashboards or AiB, and we can arrange some wifi.

    I know you're probably still trying to get your priorities straight, and we can relate pretty well. Just do what's important and then you can get to the fun stuff. I'm sure we can get a chance to play sometime in the near future, if not, let me know if you get to go home for break or something, okay?

    Going to bed now. God bless!
    Um, break ends January 10th. I'd be glad to teach you =]

    In the mean time, you could always talk to sleepyk and see if he's free. He's really really good at teaching

    Looool, I'm just happy for more smashers :)

    I'm at GATech, and I'm free a lot of the time to play melee but melee fests are a bit rare in GA =/

    I have 2 people I'm teaching melee currently, and between sleepyk/shag/cornel I usually have someone over once/twice every 1-2 weeks. I'll be in savannah over the winter break, but after break I'm free =D
    It's possible, it also seems like the BBR weekly discussion doesn't get much conversation anyways, so it was probably was due for an unsticky.
    Err... hmm...

    Tbh... I really don't know... Like, I'm totally serious. lol
    All I do is space my moves well enough so I don't get punished, and I also play patiently at times and punish mistakes and what not. The obv camping. lawl

    I just try my best to play safe.
    I don't know...
    Like, the further I go into bracket, the more I think I'm gonna lose. I've always been like that. >_>

    And idk, I didn't even touch Brawl 2 weeks prior to the tourney. I just kinda did whatever I normally do I guess...

    I just know how to space and punish well.
    Gallax told me Pit is my style. Heh.
    Heh thanks.
    Tbh I didn't even think I was gonna get 5th. Then... yeah... lol.

    Felt great winning going all Pit.
    And I only used MK 3 times in doubles, none of those being in a WFs/GFs set. haha.
    I'm good. I need help on staying out of close range and my arrow accuracy is horrible too lol. I dont really know how other Pits play, I want to know whats good and whats not good. Actually alot of things.

    I was the one who posted that link to his vids lol. I saw a couple of his matches and lol'd how he was just planking. I understand why did that though.
    I used to have alot of free time. lol. It's just fun for me to study games and see if I can break them.
    Lol thanks! :3

    Yeah they got rid of the blue names which sucks since I was going to be a host soon lol.
    Good questions.

    I'd suggest making a thread about it in the Brawl Tactical Discussion forum and asking the general public about it so that you can get feedback from multiple players. Feel free to simply quote the OP if/when you make a new thread for it.

    I can give better input to your question this evening. Try to get a thread up!
    Yeah I'm a christian so some is definitely going to tithes/offering, and i plan to look into stocks. I haven't got the money yet(gotta wait 4-8 weeks), but I'm gonna try and use it as wisely as possible.
    Well my first priority is saving at least 9k for the future. I plan on giving some to charity, buy a laptop for my mom for her birthday, and the next big houston/texas tourney I'm taking everyone out to eat.

    Everything else will be little stuff for my family/friends
    Sorry I didn't respond right away :(. My weekend got unexpectedly busy.

    No problem ^__^. Oh, I see. People usually draw really good art in DeviantArt. I've heard of GIMP too, and I'm considering downloading it. My friend was nice enough to provide me with a link to it ^__^. I can't use Photoshop either because I don't have enough money for it either XD.

    Thanks, I'll have to use those terms, hopefully I'll get better results XD. Thanks a lot, Gadiel ^__^.
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