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  • :/ this game. That's just pushing it, if you can't take two stocks in eight minutes something is horribly wrong imo X_x but it's good to hear that everything else was fun :) Zex played impressively, no doubt. Do you have any videos from pools/bracket up yet? :3
    Joe...It's time for the tier list discussion in the BBR. Check the back room. Time to make Wolf better then his current position details. I'll also tell Ish to check the BBR.
    I'll be in CA May 29-August 12; however, I'm gonna be working for DWA in SoCal. I'm hoping to get off work for Genesis, though!
    Ah, I see :x I have the same problem lol, but shields are just so good in Brawl :p
    a really easy way to platform cancel is by pressing down twice on the analog stick as you pass through the platform. then you're free to react with anything if you don't platform cancel too instead of doing dair randomly.
    I'm having a really hard time with this(only with falco) I can do it with many chars and it is easy and a better choice than c-stick down........I just can't get the timing right with falco though :c
    He jumps so fast that I can't get the timing down :/
    Help plz :O
    I haven't been able to do it once with falco :(
    Hey Choice I have a question for you that Ive been wondering for a while. I noticed you play both Falco and Wolf and I was wondering how that works out for you. I just know that Wolf shares a lot of the same problem MUs Falco has and was curious what your reasoning behind using them both was. I have a solid pocket Falco and Wolf but I just started trying to learn Wolf more.(hate Olimar...lol)
    Just watched your round 3 match with Zex. My entire mindset vs Mk is punishment. I know exactly how to punish most of his moves. If Mk does Ftilt fully on shield or only first or 2nd hit then that's a free Fsmash for Wolf. I sparingly use Fsmash unless it's to punish because otherwise it gets grabbed (As you know =p). I think you should master grounded B-reversal lasers because they really are awesome. JJ was right about how useful/good they are back when he told everyone to use it. Laser planking is a good idea and I wish more Wolfs did it lol.

    Cues to react vs Mk based on where and what he's doing and where Wolf is in relation to Mk:

    If Mk is walking towards grounded Wolf: Two options exist for Mk at this point. Walking grab or Ftilt/Dtilt Wolf. Best options are to either grab him or shield. Generally it depends on the Mk player, but most Metaknights like to walk>grab so grab him first.

    If Mk is dashing towards you: Fsmash him. Most Mk's don't dash these days, but they can be punished by Wolf Fsmash 100% of the time.

    If Mk is in the air and Wolf is grounded: Try to juggle him with Uairs/Fairs and to frame trap with Nairs if he AD's through the first aerial. Keeping Mk in the air is the best way to win because the grounded opponent has the advantage in almost every situation.

    If Wolf is trying to land and Mk is grounded: Utilize aerial B-reversals and have shine ready in case of a SL, Nado, or Charge smash.

    If Mk is trying to attack a Wolf in the air: Usually there is no avoiding this if Wolf is offstage. If you're very low then let glide attack hit you to boost you higher then the stage and above Mk. This saves taking more damage.

    I can think of more stuff on positioning, but I may just make a thread on this for peepz.
    Choice I watched your match with Zex. You did awesome and flash canceling looks so useful from your vid. I also didn't know up b can beat nado under any circumstances even through the top lol. You approached Zex too much in my opinion. And I don't know why you grabbed the edge when Mk was offstage. Mk can always get the edge and it's safer to be on stage a half roll's distance from the edge to laser from afar and keep a neutral zoning. The edge seems disadvantageous vs Mk. -My critique
    Heya, just one more question that Panic asked in the interview thread, then we'll switch to the voting phase for the next interviewee.
    I'd totally buy it if my list of games to play wasn't already overflowing ;___; Or, not so much overflowing as me just not having the time to get to everything :< How long is the gameplay?
    I never owned a 3D sonic game... :< only one I remember playing is Sonic Heroes, which was pretty awesome. Is Sonic Colors on the Wii 3D?
    I'll get my ratios up today and follow up with my reasoning behind my thoughts on those ratios a.s.a.p.
    On IGN they both hit an 8.5, so I don't think I'd be missing out on too much... And I know what you mean, I've been waiting for a supposedly decent sonic game since Sonic Rush X_x
    More or less the same, I'm trying to find a way to see all of my high school friends in five days lol (not working out so well X_x). Standard fare for Thanksgiving with family, homework/studying for the week I get back, and shopping with friends on black friday, probably for a Dazzle and I'm thinking Sonic Colors (for the DS since whenever I sit down to play Wii I end up playing Brawl lol)
    Oh lmao xD Turns out I didn't even have to ;D But yeah, basically, it all worked out fine haha. Pretty hyped for Thanksgiving break, are you up to anything interesting?

    Needs less people that "secondary" MK imo :p
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