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Recent content by Gadiel_VaStar

  1. Gadiel_VaStar

    Kowns Thread.

    I will truly miss this place. I miss the old days of smashboards & representing Pit! This character will always have a special place in my heart. I also got 9th at last years smashcon(2016). So I got 17th at Apex 2015 & 9th at Smashcon 2016 w/ all Pit. I lost to Nairo & Seagull Joe & the video...
  2. Gadiel_VaStar

    Social The Dog Opens a Can of Whoopass: Duck Hunt Social Thread

    I'm thinking about picking DH back up as a backup secondary. He'll be more of a trump card. I main Bayo right now so I might not even need him rn, but the more I'm playing MUs & stuff I might use him for Sheiks & Diddys one day lol.
  3. Gadiel_VaStar

    Social The Gates of Hell: Bayonetta Social Thread

    I don't know but it might be possible still just gotta see how she flows.
  4. Gadiel_VaStar

    Official 4BR Tier List v1.0 - Competitive Impressions

    Xanos went all Ness for the most part, Neos went all Rosa in singles, Wrath went all Sonic in singles(he barely plays Bayo) Rango went both Ike & Cloud. Brawlman1000 also used Cloud with Sonic. #Corrections
  5. Gadiel_VaStar

    Meta Secrets of the Umbra: Bayonetta Metagame Discussion

    I think for Yoshi you always should go for the DJ cancel Side b for it to connect. So Upb DJC Sideb, Upb Upair. As far as Rosalina goes I honestly don't think there is a consistent way to combo her. It's almost better to not combo her & just rely on your really good upair & bair + you won't have...
  6. Gadiel_VaStar

    Meta Secrets of the Umbra: Bayonetta Metagame Discussion

    Just stay at a good distance where you can immediately turn around grab a roll & react to getup. I've seen 9b punish a roll onstage w/ up-b into kill combos. You can up-b jumps, and shield/punish getup attacks & grab getups. Dtilt can be spaced sometimes too & ledge trumps into bair or dsmash...
  7. Gadiel_VaStar

    Data Bayonetta Match-Up Thread!

    Lost to Ness & Fatality today. I probably could have beaten the Ness but I wasn't patient enough & I SDd so darn much in the beginning games. Xanos won 3-1 but I felt like I had it but lost it. I did beat the Yoshi player I lost to a while back. Couldn't kill him tilll 191 1st stock : / Had to...
  8. Gadiel_VaStar

    Data Bayonetta Match-Up Thread!

    I did find Link a bit challenging. I honestly think I was playing the MU wrong though; you can't just scoop him up w/ side-b nitty-willy, you actually have to think vs projectile characters. I lost to a DDD & Sonic in bracket. DDD is my personal worst MU in the entire game & I only played 2...
  9. Gadiel_VaStar

    Data Verse 115 - You got a Gold medal! Bayonetta Tournament Results Thread

    I ended up getting 13th/123 at the tournament today. http://challonge.com/gb28smash4 I had to clutch out so many game 3s, was really hard considering I'm still new to a ton of MUs, but I'm gonna keep grinding her out.
  10. Gadiel_VaStar

    Data Bayonetta Match-Up Thread!

    Thanks guys, I'm surprised this thread isn't more popular. I played more FG + Anthers. Lucario, Ryu & Cloud have been given me the most trouble lately. Does anyone have any info on those 3 characters?
  11. Gadiel_VaStar

    Data Bayonetta Match-Up Thread!

    Does anyone have anything on Yoshi? I struggle with him a lot especially the eggs & egg lay.
  12. Gadiel_VaStar

    Let's Talk About Witch Time

    Yeah but you can grab the ledge & react to their options. If they dont do anything you will trump them but if they get up in anyway you can react
  13. Gadiel_VaStar

    Heel Slide approach under projectiles

    Wow this will help a ton especially in the Ryu & Link MU. I have a hard time getting in om those characters but this should help. Does it go under Luigi fireballs?
  14. Gadiel_VaStar

    Social The Gates of Hell: Bayonetta Social Thread

    Welp went to my first tournament as all Bayonetta. I got bodied for not knowing the MUs. I lost to a Marth & TL. The TL I SD'd though lol & missed my WT punish vs Marth. Also the craziest thing happened in WT. The TL player got caught by it but somehow he was able to instantly airdodge & it...
  15. Gadiel_VaStar

    Social The Gates of Hell: Bayonetta Social Thread

    Baaeeooyonetta, I can't believe you are almost here & that we get to play you!!! *hugs*
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