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  • Forgive me, but quick question about the Samus video thread--Do we need to have the names of our opponents, or can we keep them anonymous? I know what it's like to be in someone's video, and it isn't very pleasant.
    Sorry everyone is giving you so much crap man.

    your still epic and lame-o in my eyes ;D
    You would have been modded sooner but for some reason I thought your name was "Dyrn" lol
    Is that a chozo icon? It`s hard to make out details, but it looks 3d so if it is I`d guess one of the newer games like Metroid Prime?
    D0de! Congrats on the mod status! haha jsut noticed it in the bowser matchup Sweet. talk to you later.
    Heya Dryn, finally fixed one of my Wii's using a lens cleaning kit. Wanted to see if you would so kindly add my new FC. On my profile, but it's 1333-3278-7196. Adding yours from your info.
    Oh, I see. Well, if I can ever be of any more use for training, don't hesitate to send me a message.
    Well, it was good practice then. Best get any mistakes out of your system now before the real thing. =D Good games, I'm hoping you place well at Genesis.
    me and n00b have been doing it for a while. my technique is different than yalls but it all works the same.
    yea i saw it. n00b sent me vids of it on like 3 stages today. i tried to shield but it didnt work. and as u can se my samus is trash online now. im sorry.
    If you'd like, I'm available tomorrow for some sparring practice if you're still looking to improve. Hopefuly I'll have a few characters in my arsenal that'll give you a good enough challenge.
    I noticed your main was actually Zamus? I'd like to Brawl that sometime, though not tonight. I'm kinda fed up with WiFi at the moment. =/

    I learned a couple new tricks that changed my game a bit, but unfortunately I can't perform them on WiFi, so my online Samus is kind of screwed at the moment. I'll have to try to hurry and fix that first.
    Dryn -

    I enjoy getting beat down, as it's the only way I get better. Thanks for the games, looking forward to playing more soon. I'm a fast learner, I swear. :)

    Well, are you free now? If so im on the SWF chat, so you can reach me easier there.

    If you're unfamiliar with it, hover over "Connect" at the top of the screen, then click Chat in the bar that appears below.
    No need for an apology. It's just a bad day is all. As a matter of fact, I had one two days ago and just quit on one guy I was fighting, so if anything I definitely don't deserve an apology, lol. Guilty as charged.

    Well, maybe another day we could try again when you're feeling better, if you'd like.
    Ah, thank you for your time. I'd imagine that our matches if we were to play offline would be pretty intense, without the hindrance of WiFi. Good games, looks like I'm still weak against Zair. =/
    Unfortunately I have a tourney match due now, so I'm not sure how long it'll take for him to respond. If you're still online afterwords, we can do some matches then. If you're still online, I'll send you a message.
    Hey, someone I was speaking with earlier was curious if we've Brawled before, which obviously we haven't. By chance, do you play WiFi Friendlies? If so, would you be interested in a few Samus dittos sometime?
    sorry, but I got to go now, we can play more matches and finish what we started later

    sorry for the inconvinience
    I saved the replays of the 4 we did. If you don't mind, I can have them recorded if you want.

    But yah, I had to get off Brawl. I'm definitely up for more later.
    ****... Sorry I had to leave. My mom is *****ing about my grades. =/

    Up for some in like.. 2-3 hours?
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