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  • You can nair tornado. I just happened to rewatch Lionman's CV and it shows him FH nairing through nado
    Alright, will do. Taking a look at your web page, you really know your stuff. I hope that I can be that good someday. Haha.
    Oh, yeah! I don't have a website or anything since I haven't really kicked it off as a career or anything yet (the colleges around this state don't have any decent graphics courses), but I'm planning on transferring to another college or university soon for that. Right now, I consider myself more of a freelance designer? I know most of the basics for graphics and web designing.

    I had no idea that you were a graphics designer until Lord Helmet mentioned it. xD
    Yes it is. I like the new format of social groups. It allows my interface to be more organized and it truly feels like a miniaturized forum for us BRoomers.
    Organization is what we need to keep ourselves going forward. If we can maintain that along with our necessity to party hard, then we're looking towards a bright future.

    I'm Darxmarth23 and I approve of this message.
    Probably not today, but Saturday looks good. =) Ed said he's doing on then as well.
    I think there was only one MK and one Diddy. At least those were the only one's I saw. I didn't see any Ice Climbers though.
    I don't know. I haven't seen them yet. But I played horribly. D:
    Top 3:
    Doom - Snake
    Noux - Snake
    Rated - Snake

    Wanna play now/when you get online here on this forum?

    Just message me when you are online, and we can play some wifi. =)
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