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  • true btw u should i have done well in many of my tourneys just too many things to learn before i can actually win one get to compete with rohins vladens and bladewise once i get up to there lvl
    what mean is i know how i should incorporate my attacks together what to use to make my play style more smooth!;) so it umm flows together
    Yea i've been learning the elements to that rohins play style basically cleared it up urs too
    well i have never played many ditos with samus so i am kinda learning everyones play style and what they love to use!

    can't wait to fight xyro (yea he'll be tough just a lil less harder since i gain some experince from fighting u and what to watch out for)
    btw i fought rohins got three stocked he is very patient lmao i was just so agressive when i fought him (offline) :)
    awesome samus;) twas funny when i hit that tipper under the stage lol
    that was fun i'll probably battle u later again any tips by any chance?
    haha alright man, at least you won some points for the ranking system :)
    Till next tournament buddy :p
    lol well it's your choice buddy, it's all up to you :)
    And btw, the deadline for the Round of 32 isn't until next Sunday, so you still have a lot of time in case you wanna keep going. So just tell me what decision you make once you make it.
    haha nope, only for those who lose in the first round, that way everyone is guarenteed to play at least 2 matches :)
    Well if you beat JimboCav, you play the other winner in the Round of 16. If you lose though, you're out of the tournament completely :(
    well i see you live on the west coast and i live in michigan but hopefully we can play tonight. i should be on for a few more hours
    Well if you like at your draw, your opponent is already there, since he's in the round of 32. His name is JimboCab09, play your match by the 2nd Sunday from now :)

    Just pm me when you're ready. If you respond right away, it'll be about 20 minutes before I can play. (getting internet connection to work)
    I'm in central. So that's 11 A.M. to 3 P.M. Is that alright? I might be able to play until 5 P.M. your time.
    We can play Sunday if you want. I'll have time from about 1:00 - 5:00. That alright?
    Hey,you or DanGR are my opponent for the loser bracket of Reo's tourney.:)
    Just give me a message on when would be a good time for our match.
    Sunday? Seems like I could play then. Though I might not be able to...I'll stay in touch.
    Yah know, you don't have to use samus. And I could use one of the many other characters that I use...like pikachu maybe. Who knows? :D
    yeah...so I heard this was a good matchup for Oli. If you don't pick a different character, (assuming I don't either. hehe) we'll see. ^_^

    I don't know when we start. I asked.

    edit: I'd like to play more friendlies against your samus after the official tourney matches if you don't mind. I don't get to play many samus' very often.
    Good luck man. You're right. This doesn't mean anything. This is just for kicks. :p
    Hello, getting this message means you have signed up for the tournament. Since we now have 64 people, the tournament will start as of today. Keep checking the social group "Pro Brawl Tourney(s)," for a draw will soon be posted on it. Once you know your opponent, arrange a time to play with him/her, and give me the results at the end of the match. Check the rules if you don't remember.

    P.S. (very important) Make sure you tell me the score of your win or loss for example, 3-0, 3-2, etc
    LOl silly Dryn its just that we have a much better way of doing it now with the master thread and all that fun stuff, it allows for more talk to when people wanta talk rather then me saying "DK talk now".
    I tried playing Melee for about a week, but i think i might have gotton worse from doing melee style stuff xD....i might go to a tourney this weekend, so i think Ill just lay off smash and games and just play when it comes this weekend.
    Well my ness isnt coming along that good T_T im stuck in a rut, ive got soem techs down but some I cant master, and to top it off i cant play anyone good.
    Hey Dryn, how your Samus coming along? we have to brawl sometime soon (although Ive started to dislike wi-fi more and more xD )
    Oh, btw, do you ever use AIM or MSN? I tried to add you a few days ago, but haven't seen you online.
    Yeah, we both kept killing ourselves with bad screw attacks >.< . I did 5 stocks just to minimize wifi loading times, although they weren't as bad as I thought they would be. I liked how our projectile game is kinda similar. We kept neutralizing each other's stuff all the time.
    good game. i needs to work on getting my z-air out earlier, you kept beating me to it by like 0.5 seconds every time.
    hey dryn, if you're online right now, you wanna brawl for a little while?
    Lol. Wow, that was humorous. I don't know what in the world I was doing on the last match. @_@;

    But yeah, I just needed to test my Samus against someone else. I main Zero Suit Samus, but I needed to start using Samus again, so... :/
    Grah, another Samus user. I'll have to brawl you sometime, considering I haven't played too many good Samus users on wifi. D:
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