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  • i wish " all is brawl " still existed there was some hilarious **** written/posted there lol
    Yeah. I am very modly now. I can edit, close, or even sticky threads and a number of other things in the Samus board. I can't do any of that anywhere else. But, I can infract people in the Samus board and outside of it, and I can know who has been infracted. I don't know if anyone else can see that, though.
    About the stuff in the rankings thread, just try to ignore Shaya, he always acts like a douchebag and gets in over his own head. He just doesn't like my ability to rep a character. He's normally more of a fan of my ROB for usual tier whoreiness, and will do anything to take my Ness down a notch.
    What the...

    Sundance told me that "Skyler" wanted to Brawl me last night...
    I must have assumed the wrong one. >_>

    Well... Y'know. *facepalms*
    Sorry about that, last night. As soon as I was able to host, my parents came rushing in and kicked me off...

    I can do some later today, if you're still available.
    lol. whoops, man my mom keeps the wii and the xbox (don't know why she took it) in this big bad that has been sitting beside the door for a few days. i might as well just take it.
    Go back to the basics or take a little break so that when you return to Brawl, your mind will be refreshed. Everyone bumps into a little "plateau" every now and then.
    hmmm, it says you were on yesterday. interesting. btw, i found you completely randomly. i googled, "san diego brawl upcoming tournaments" and it came to your post. *****.
    Yeah, I pretty much owe you my wii now. Thanks a TON, I really lucked out when I challenged you.

    GGs, too. That was weird how it dropped our connection right after you said hold on. Lol, can you say comeback on that last match:laugh:. 0 to death is not very fun for me.
    Yes I have ditched Lucario, 2 mains is enough and they are underused (thank you Snake, Meta Knight and Dedede :mad:)
    I'd never heard it.
    It's probably when he got hit in the balls with the nerf bat while Sakurai was asking if he wanted to be in SSBB.
    Lately I had no trouble with PK Thunder cause I been playing Europeans and also Americans with very good connections.

    Maybe we could try switching mains for one match xD.
    Yah, starmen, you created the thread "A recent experience with Giygas" right? What is your Youtube account anyways?
    Sorry for the late reply. I tend to forget to check my messages. Anyway, I do remember playing you at Gamer's Universe.. You should hit up the Chula Vista weeklies. Every Sunday going strong. This coming Sunday will be our 5th and we usually see around 30 players. You were at Luna Games too right?
    No, I still main Zelda. And Ness isn't even a quarternary for me (Lucas is, however). I just went there because it was brought to my attention someone had posted a "combo" where Ness could combo into his footstool, so I had to go in and refute the combo. And now I lurk around there sometimes, waiting to see if they'll actually figure out a legit way to combo into footstool.
    aight dont be scared just do work and dont be intimidated by others

    thats tight wish i can go to a tourney outside of socal =[
    hmm so the omg tourney is in sd...the thread didnt work =[..u have a myspace???
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