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  • Hey man, I'm trying to get all my smashboard buddies back ever since I closed down my website, if you remember it lol. Since I made it not too long ago, there will only be a few ppl It'd be cool if you could spread it around to your friends on smashboards too! XD Here it is buddy http://xat.com/AeonsBrawl
    That's nice to hear. I'm actually trying to get a match from someone right now, so.... If you've got time? I've been away from Wifi and Brawl in general for a while so I'll probably be a tad rusty. No matter, though.

    I've just been doing the same as I've been doing since day 1. Picked up some characters, went to some offline tournaments, and I'm slowly climbin' to tha top! (I hope.) Good to hear from ya again. :)

    What've you been up to?
    Actually I already teamed up with this guy who needed a teammate. I hadn't heard from you in a while, so I didn't know if you'd be back in time. Sorry T_T. We can join a different team tournament, though. Did you know that AiB just started hosting a Doubles Ladder?
    GGs Man...

    Those games were too pro...

    Falcon got owned... and we just kept screwing up somehow on our last games... LMAO...

    I utterly sucked trying to copy LOTM...


    Epic Win games...

    Btw, despite my Falcon losing... Falcon is still win:


    Btw, how bad did you beat "James"? He usually smashes a lot and is sometimes a sore loser, but he's in my clan on another forum...
    It's funny how much we've improved from back to when we both joined like 4 months ago. I remember our first match (I won ;)).Btw, shadow knows Tudor IRL. Cool eh?

    You're Samus is gooooooddd!!!


    I fear yours almost as much as Tudor's!!!

    Keep up the ownage!!! LOL

    I was "SHADW" btw...

    Dang... If it wasn't for those screwed up recoveries... you would have killed us all...
    Heh. It's funny how you own my main, and then my secondaries own you O_O. Your Samus is a beastly long-range nightmare, btw. It's hell-on-wheels. Especially on FD. I'd better start CPing Pokemon Stadium or something. I'm trying to pick up Samus, Marth, and Lucas. Right now I've nearly "mastered" Lucario, Shiek, and Fox. I think being fully proficient with 6 different characters with widely varying matchups should prepare me for anything (expect maybe MKs? O_O)

    GG's though. You're so dumb. When I'm crouching over and over again and not attacking you, it means "stop I need to carry in groceries", not "Thank you ma'am may I have another?" DUH! XD

    I better work on Zelda... hmmm.
    That was really weird when we both picked snake at the same time. I've often entertained the idea of getting good with snake, but..... I like air and combo oriented characters, and snake's horizontal air speed SUCKS! I think I'd be better of with Diddy or Marth, both of which kind of suck atm (you might have noticed).
    Those friendlies were pretty epic. More funthan I've had in a while in fact. I had two of my most amazing moments in there, and I caught one in a replay! Only 40 more and I can make a combo video! XD Snake was owning Luccie for a while. I had to do what the matchup thread suggested: camp and force the approach, and I guess it worked.

    P.S. Nice punch.
    yeah I was just playing around -_- Well it's okay I don't blame you, you just can't tell these things through the internet :)
    haha truthfully I think you just didn't want to lose to my fox. (Tell me I'm right be honest) lol
    Anywayz I don't play with Sheik online much cause you know she's a combo character, so lag really screws her up big time =D

    Yeah you really impressed me with some of your combos =D Althoug both of us kept killing each other stupidly time and time again haha
    Lol I rarely use my Sheik when it's not a serious match, I use many secondaries :) But it shoudl still be good practice for your link buddy =D
    Bah like I said I'm tired :p I was just about to go sleep haha whenever we're both online, definetely :)
    haha I do those buddy don't worry :) But my eyes were like squinting and I was just not "in it" lol Yeah in the October tournament, I played with Sheik(only playing with her for 2 days). And I lost in round of 32 haha So yeah, I'm sure if you join the next tournament, you'll do really well =D Btw, did you sign up for the January one?
    Yeah Karasu, what happened to your legeandary ZSS. Well ggs, you probably let me win didn't you lol
    haha yeah you are buddy =D I'm just came back from a long event. Kinda tired O_O
    Haha! I see, so did you see my profile? If you did you might say something about it i'm not sure. 0_o
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