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Amazing Ampharos

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  • Hey, I just saw your post on Bowser's BBR discussion, and then you mentioned that Zelda isn't really a character, why is that? :confused:

    ps: I'm not a Zelda main or anything before you think that.
    If you can just clarify for me when you have the time...

    If a Smash Attack is charged and completely fresh, then the multipliers are 1.4 and 1.05, correct?
    And if it's completely stale, then it would be 1.4 and .46, right?

    I just want to make sure.
    congratulations for you great job with balanced brawl and all people can do posible.

    i realy wish than original brawl be like BBrawl(i like the link changes)

    but i have a question: is posible use this mod in dolphin emulator????
    please answer me i need know

    and thanks again for Bbrawl i want test it XD
    You sir knocked out the last Lucas out @ MLG Colombus.

    Revenge is needed and you shall pay. (jk good on ya getting far ^_^)

    How would I go around utilizing the frame advance mode included in Balanced Brawl's 2.0 release with vanilla? I need to do this for research.
    I hope you read (I'm sure you will) my latest post. I'm telling you the absolute honest truth that when 7.0 came out I was *entirely* unaware of such a code being included. I only stepped in to help them *after* the build was already out.
    Do you know whats going on with the Avatars? I heard some peoples are not showing up and i cant change mine.
    AA, talk to me sometime tomorrow evening on IRC. i'm going to try and get some bbrawl going at NK3 and i'd like to get as close to the final 2.0 release as possible (ie nerf wolf and probably fox/sheik/peach)
    Does your public test build include the "code" aka can I now start distributing it in my PM development sets?
    I guess you didn't notice but we (B+broom) did agree to implement your IC fusion fix. Blind made me a new .pac a while ago and it works as intended.

    I couldnt find VIDS of imperfectluck and his wobbufet, would you mind helping me find these :p?

    Im not actually in the pokemon competitive scene, but i sure love to see people playing and using all kinds of starts. And as such i never saw a good woobufet, so i would be really greatfull if you helped me :p
    Fun stuff teaming together. I'm gonna start maining MK now because I'm tired of losing to players who I feel I can beat. Maybe we'll team again sometime. :)
    Soooooo.... are we teaming? I really want to. Don't leave me hanging.
    AA, if you look in Ike's pac file at action 11F, you'll see:

    If LA-Basic[64]<IC-Basic[198], Ledge Grab modifier: Enable ledge grabs.
    This is his counter for how many times he can upB to grab the ledge in a row.

    Can you probe and see if this LA-Basic variable works for other characters?
    Hello Ampharos, I was wondering if you knew anything about the frame data on buffing. Anything you could tell me would most likely help me understand it better, thank you.

    Help me tell the world of the glories of GREEN GREENS.

    It is your duty. >-(
    Hey Ampharos =)

    Let's chat some time about the whole Homebrew Brawl related rules.
    I think we could solidify a bit of a side project for it in the BR.

    HiyaShaya AIM or kingshaya@gmail.com for MSN.
    Question: If I wanted to post my research on a Brawl Stage, I would post a thread in Brawl Stage Discussion, right?
    I really enjoy reading what you have to say. You express yourself extremely well. Respect man.
    I've been testing the CPU matches in Balanced Brawl

    I've discovered the AI in Zero Suit Samus is broken. She cannot properly ledge-recover and suicides often. I don't think this affects "human" gameplay, but if possible, can it be fixed?
    I love you in a "You agree with me about brawl stages" kind of way.
    Some stages should be banned, but there's plenty that shouldn't. Norfair? Come on. The only reason I win half of the matches I do is I control stages better than other people. I get my a*s handed to me when I play on Final Destination, but I consistently two stock people on Pokemon Stadium 2.
    tl;dr Amazing Ampharos is cool.
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