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    Meta SSBU Stagelist Discussion

    I know tournaments have trended arch-conservative, but I've put a lot of time since the game came out really checking out all the stages in the game and thinking about things. Here's basically what I've concluded. Warning ahead this post will be VERY long. There are really two situations. First...
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    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    I'm just going to say that I main Bowser and milk Fortress all day; it is f6 and punishes tons and tons of stuff OoS less for being f6 and more for the way it just hits everywhere so the only way to space against it is to space "out" which has its own downsides (at long horizontal range, you...
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    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    Just going to give a light jump-in on BK impressions and say my early thoughts were that usmash OoS was bonkers good and maybe the best thing about the character, and I don't see people talking about it. f9 is pretty decent for OoS, and the hitboxes are just really good on it. It scoops people...
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    Preliminary Banjo & Kazooie Frame Data

    I gathered this in training mode... rather quickly actually. BK was way easier than Joker or Hero thanks to not having any particularly unusual mechanics to deal with. These are just the "hits on" frames for all of their basic attacks which should give you a general sense of which moves are your...
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    Media Hocus Pocus Odds

    I think the important thing is to realize it's a hail mary. The average outcome of using Hocus Pocus is bad so in even or winning positions it's a mostly bad decision to use Hocus Pocus, but some of its outcomes are very good (super mushroom and invincibility effects are both much better than...
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    Fighting against this character

    Just go in and kill him. This sounds simplistic but seriously it's the answer. The Hero sucks at landing, has an exploitable recovery, has generally poor frame data, and his specials all reward him for charging or fooling with menus and further he recovers MP for time passing at that. Every...
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    Some early Hero frame data, MP mechanics, and other mechanical observations

    Hero frame data: Jab1: 6 Ftilt: 9 Utilt: 8 Dtilt: 6 Fsmash: 17 (Charge Release: 12) Usmash: 13 (Charge Release: 7) Dsmash: 9 (front), 20 (back) (Charge Release Front: 7) Dash Attack: 21 Standing Grab: 6 Running Grab: 9 Pivot Grab: 9 Nair: 8 Fair: 14 Bair: 18 Uair: 6 Dair: 16 Neutral Special...
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    Official Competitive Character Impressions 2.0

    Ranking moves is kinda silly. Like yeah in a vacuum Grav Pull on Rosa seems bad; it's obviously basically strictly inferior to any reflector for instance. However, Rosalina has inherent issues dealing with camping and grav pull is an essential tool to help her mitigate that. It's an important...
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    Early Joker Frame Data (and other data)

    I suspect it has a really high floor is the issue that tricked me; there are a lot of moves it can counter where it just does the same thing and seemed the same with everything I was testing in training (I think my dummy at the time was ZSS for her f1 jab... and her smashes are multi-hit so...
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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Patch 3.0.0 Released

    Joker is now out in the Version 3.0.0 update. Patch 3.0.0 for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate is now live! This patch includes: Stage Builder A new character, Joker from Persona 5 A new stage, Mementos Game Balance alterations Nintendo’s released patch notes again, and the community is...
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    Early Joker Frame Data (and other data)

    Joker Data (Frame Data, Damage Values, Kill Percents) [No Arsene]: Jab1 - f4, 2.4% damage Jab2 - 1.8% damage Jab3 - 4.8% damage Ftilt - f8, 9.6% damage, kills at 148% from the edge Utilt - f8, 9.6% damage, kills at 170% off the top Dtilt - f8, 7.2% damage Fsmash - f16 (f11 after charge...
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    Initial Piranha Plant Frame Data

    No, jab is f2 and grab is f6. f6 is the fastest any grab on any character is (non-tethers range from f6 to f8); a f2 grab would be so insanely good that the plant would without a doubt be the best character in the game if it had that.
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    So what does everyone think of the plant??

    What game settings you prefer has a lot of factors that go into it, and it's also irrelevant here. It's just a statement of reality that projectiles have been a core part of the gameplay of every Smash game; most characters have them. Do you think that you have to be a raging causal to, I dunno...
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    So what does everyone think of the plant??

    By percentage 4 has more projectile characters than Ultimate factoring in the plant (it's 17.3% vs 17.2% without so very close I guess). The Smash game with the fewest projectile characters as a percentage of the cast was smash 64 with 25% of the cast not having projectiles. I don't think you...
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    So what does everyone think of the plant??

    I've been using his dair like Rosalina's if that makes sense. Hit it early and trust it will beat most things below you if you don't direct challenge big hitboxes (like kinda come at uairs from the side). It has been pretty productive. I think you can use the down special to get down in some...