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Amazing Ampharos

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  • Ok so I'm not loading BBrawl through anything just booting my wii up, loading brawl. I go to the stage builder, it changes, shows codes and stuff then goes to Gecko 1.9. I only have BBrawl codes on my SD card and Gecko 1.9 doesnt load with my wii for some reason(couldn't play brawl+ with gecko 1.9)
    hey AA, is there a song list anywhere for the music found in the Balanced Brawl Showcase?
    eh, makes sense....me being tired at 4am probably ahd a factor in my views too :p
    apparently edited a VM i thought I was going advanced on..

    anywho, im not saying its just because you're good, but it just seems theres no real flaw with G&W besides his super lightness and that he gets beat by MK and Marth...
    ...out of curiosity, why wasnt G&W changed at all?

    I mean, he has no trouble racking damage, has stuff to mess with ya all he wants, moves that have bot near inescapability as well as near unbeatable priorety, and to top it off he has extremley powerful, and dowright spammable kill moves that he shouldnt have for somebody with his survivability.

    Sure, it was probably designed to be that way seeing as he;s the lightest character, and *should* be the easiest to KO...but thanks to bucket braking, he seems to often live longer than his opponent, thanks to the ability to live much higher than he should, and his near invulnerable Up B recovery. He has the survivability of a Mid weight at teh least, the pestering tools of a Lightweight, along with high priorety. But then, he has teh KO power of a heavyweight almost, attached to these other properties.

    I mean, when you faced me, it seemed like you barely needed to try. His moves did all the work. For example, for most characters it'd be near foolish to just run a match by spamming Bair, Dair and the occasional smash...but G&W apparently can control an opponent just by doing so...
    hey, would you be up for testing some Yoshi Mu's?

    I wanna see how he fares against G&W, one of his 2 "bad" matches in vBrawl
    so, me and thinka finally came to the conclusion that Bowser's Dthrow actually IS worse <.<
    hey, wanna go online in a few?

    I wanna test Boozer's Dthrow a bit more...Thinka says it's better, but Im near convinced it's actually worse due to less KB.

    I mean, he even said off his plays earlier that he didnt get much of anything from it when he played
    well, good news:

    i crashed. this means i at least got it working :p

    now, whats this time traveling thing so can remove that stage?
    ah, well then :p

    after i fix that problem, would i need to wait for that custom stage to disappear, seeing as it is from Nintendo?
    hmn, i just put the folder itself in, would that be the problem? not putting the 4 items seperatley? (it is unzipped too)
    AA, I miss your walls of text in the G&W board/br :(.
    Just thought I'd let you know.
    oh, its not locking up, it just went to the Stage screen, and next to NEW! was a stage sent by nintendo...

    did i need more than the Zip file?
    hey, mind if i ask a question about BBrawl?

    i downloaded the zipfile into a SD card today, and followed the instructions on loading it.

    Much to my surprise, i had a custom stage from the smash service, that i couldnt delete...

    Will i have to wait until it dletes itself before being able to play?
    You still need Bionic's work lmao. He added a simple 1 line code to the .gct and it makes it so you don't have to remove your SD card upon going to the stage select screen. Give him credit for it, its gonna have really no ill effects since the disable custom stages code doesnt matter when you have no custom stages on your Wii. Its quick and easy. We did do a lot of work in this.
    Hey, sorry to bother you, but Shanus told me that you could help me.

    Basically Shanus gave me a code set to try out, but it contained the SSS code. I brought this to a smashfest, and had hours of footage for a combo video, but over half of them were corrupted due to the SSS. He told me you could reverse engineer the GCT into a txt file as he doesnt have the txt file anymore.

    If you could send me the text file of the GCT in THIS zip http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?nd2lymdfivj, that would be great. If you could give me the gct without the SSS that would be even better :)

    Thank you in advance

    Just making sure you know...I read you retardedly long post. There 0% in it that I disagreed with. It was perfection and it helped reinforced my shaky beliefs. Thanks for all the effort. It was definitely noted.
    A message from a special brown person you may remember and love (bbm)

    asimplebrown (03:19:39): message him on smashboards
    asimplebrown (03:19:41): tell him i miss him
    Responded to your post on the Yoshi thread. I think it's an important discussion to have, actually.
    I asked once/twice in the bbrawl thread but nobody answered (or I didn't see "^^)
    Is the PAL version of the mod out already and, if it isn't, will you remember me when you'll need testers ? 8D
    West Coast, Southern California. You should go so I can shut Thinkaman up, his jiggs really didn't impress me at all :)
    Are you going to genesis? I'd LOVE to play your gw with my jiggs (because a gw user I've played insists its 40:60 gw =/)
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