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  • Microbiology, Calculus 2, and Calc based physics are having their toll on me, yes.

    I intend to get half way caught up this Sunday. Thank you for your concern!
    Them not knowing who made the vid irks me.
    Please man. Give credit where credit is due...It's a very simple to do, and I would appreciate it greatly.
    And link the **** youtube link :p
    Just add the link to the youtube and credit the vid to me when you're free. No rush.
    Not me:/
    Too bad they can't click it or copypasta it.

    And the link was to my channel only :O
    nvm, just get the Japanese version in there and maybe link the youtube video.
    and credit me LOL.
    Sorry to be a ***** but...
    can you put 【スマブラX+/Brawl+】 in the title? It'll get more views that way/
    Also give credit to "worldjem7 for the English to Japanese translation" in the description please.
    Use any scene.

    Here it is
    so in other words, no video?
    Can you try doing it since you have no problem with the english version. Here are the settings I have it on, which are pretty much the optimized setting if the limit is 40 gb for flv.

    Video Bit rate : 493 Kbps
    Frame Rate: 29.970 fps

    Audio Bitrate: 64.0 Kbps

    Please, PLEASE use those settings :p
    I decided to go with the English version. Call it Brawl+ in Toronto if you want lol. Is it going to be in Japanese form?

    Anyways, I have the 38mb flv file on file factory. Here's the link:

    I hope it'll be up today :) And the was too lazy to say translate ""Some of the clips are using the Roy codeset"
    lol wut.
    do other videos work when you try to encode?

    Maybe try dling it off Keep vid if not already?
    and also,
    Does it always look that bad when you're encoding my other videos?
    Yeah it was pretty ****.
    I'll TRY to do some research and see what's up. I'll get back to you tomorrow.
    Why not Nico? It would make sense that you upload it to Nico since I fail.
    lol wut?
    My friend is fluent in Japanese. And I'm guessing you aren't? I trust him so...
    And you better upload the Japanese one. Or this all nighter was a waste.
    k i have an idea.
    I just finished uploading the japanese version of it on youtube. It's on private settings. MSG me on the IRC and I'll put it on public for like 5 minutes and you can do the settings. I'm obviously **** with these kinds of things.

    No matter how low the quality resolution I get, I keep getting 111mb on my file...
    I'm trying to find a good bitrate to make this under 100 MB...
    What bitrate do you use?
    Kay, someone did it for me. Can you show me how to upload this stuff onto Nico? Get on the IRC to tell me the stuff because it's a pretty big file.
    Kay, someone else did it for me. I'm rendering right now, and I'll give you the MP4 link tomorrow.
    Hopefully the Japanese release will be there done in the next two days.
    I see you online <_<. And I bet you know how to say that stuff in Japanese. Help please?
    And High five, and Painted Ghost, and Eugene in Japanese and Destructo.
    Okay, I'm going to be rendering a Japanese version of the video.

    I need the kanji for "Thank you for Watching", "Toronto", "Sacred Plus" and "Brawl+" though.
    Hey, are you going to be uploading inb4rape soon? The Japanese are missing out on too much **** :(
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