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  • They have cheaper drawing tablets. The Wacom Graphire is considerably cheaper (around $100).

    But if you have a scanner, then just draw and scan.
    It costs around $300 USD. Here is my deviantART account: http://spire-iii.deviantart.com/

    Before making a comic, I would suggest spending a long time doing drawings of the various characters. I also want to make a Zelda comic, but I'm not comfortable with drawing characters yet to do so.
    First of all, I draw in Photoshop using a Wacom Intuos4 drawing tablet. I start lightly, making gestural sketches over eachother until I find the form I'm looking for. To me, the world is but a constantly building mass of sketches, or ideas if you will. Form is built up of energy, thus when I draw characters, I start off very loose, but for graphic design purposes, I may tend to concentrate more and more over the course of time, rendering the drawing realistically.
    tenia wii, asi q me comprare el juego y esperare a que me la devuelvan ._.

    sobre el aniversario no se mucho, solo se ha dicho que se hara algo "especial" para el aniversario.
    jajaja vale, pero no me referia a que me retiraba del smash.

    simplemente deje de jugar con link :(

    ahora uso a marth y a pikachu y bueno... me paseo por las boards a leer y cosas asi, pero como q no me dan ganas de postear en las link boards y en el resto no por que no caxo a nadie =/

    pero siempre me doy una que otra vuelta por aqui xd

    se viene Skyward Sword y el especial de los 25 años!!! :D
    Hola, estoy bien, gracias, espero que tu tambien.

    por que no posteo es por que deje a Link y no veo mucha utilidad en hablar con gringos sobre personajes y weas asi por que al fin y al cabo las postean igual xd.

    aparte soy un desertor q usa a link por los viejos tiempo nomas =/.

    sobre project m si tengo conocimiento, pero realmente no me llama la atencion sinceramente.
    lo he visto y jugado algunos betas y realmente no me motiba, me quedo con el melee y el brawl puros nomas xd.

    Saludos y cuidate igual :)
    Hola... si conozco el project M e incluso lo probé, teniendolo en mi tarjeta SD.. es bastante interesante, pero no le he dedicado demasiado tiempo...
    listo, tu registro previo fue borrado asi que puedes crearte denuevo tu cuenta tranquilamente.

    cuando te conectes le puedes pedir a quien este conectado un tour por el foro (en esa casilla de xat que se encuentra casi arriba), sino me esperas hasta que me conecte que por lo general es en las tardes o de noche

    espero verte por alla :D
    sorry la demora, ando alejado de este foro, pero hare lo que pueda con tu cuenta :)
    claro, ningun problema, espero te des el lujo de familiarizarte con el foro, hay gente muy buena onda y nunca esta demás un nuevo miembro :)
    ahi te puedes poner en contacto con los de conce para organizar juntas o mini torneos ^^
    si, pero como vi tu cuenta se creo correctamente, aunque ha veces tienes q recargar la pagina por q el foro sufrio un hackeo asi q estamos reconstruyendolo.
    en cuneto a torneos sureños se dan poco =/ , casi nunca, aparte de que los hacen en conce, de temuco tengo entendido q no =/
    thanks. the reason I don't have anyone added is because I haven't been posting stuff on smashboards until recently. And I kinda forgot about adding friends on smashboards. lol
    Hit the multiquite button on all of the posts you want to quote except one. On the last post you want to quote, hit the 'Quote' button. Each message that you 'multiquoted' will be included.
    Hey. I noticed that you sometimes will post twice, one right after the other, in threads. If you have something to add to your first post, just hit the 'edit' button instead of making a new post.

    Usually I would give an infraction, but since you just joined last month and you aren't spamming, I figured that wouldn't be fair.

    Just keep an eye out from now on =)
    OOS means Out Of Shield. So if you block an Fsmash, what can you do out of your shield to attack him?

    Gimping game is like when opponents can kill you at low percents, Wolf could use his shine on Link offstage at a low percent and kill him.
    I'm glad your having fun! :bee:

    To reply to visitor messages you go into my profile and type something not type it in your profile or else I can't see it :p

    Also try not to double post too much. ;)

    If you have any questions just send me a private message. :)
    thanks Thunder of Zeus this forum is so great i learn a many good thing here.
    Beliveme! my play style is better now

    in the future (weekend) i will submit info about me

    have nice Smash!
    Hey! I wanted to stop by and welcome you to Smash World Forums and the Link Boards, but I see Scabe has already done that! I hope you have a great time here and that you'll stick around a while!

    If you would like to, please feel free to submit a little bit of information about yourself in our Introductions Thread

    Also, if you like to play Smash on Wi-Fi, you can post your friend code and general location in the Link Online Thread!
    jajaja thanks
    actualy i have a post

    What character of smash you hete?
    i hope the people give their views XD
    Haha, your English is not bad at all, easy to understand. You should post more! :link:
    thanks so much scabe you are a great link i learn some tactics thanks to you
    i realy enjoy smash boards jajaja

    long live to SMASH BROS !!!!!

    a and sorry if my English is bad XD
    Hey man, welcome to the Link boards! I hope you have fun and learn some new things. :link:
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