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  • **** you doin not bein online
    i just been burnin the **** out with two jobs and band practice. definitely put too much on my plate this time haha. but i'm taking some time off this next week so i'll be on there breh!
    you may be 26 but you'll always be 14 to me

    sup negro I'm on AIM n ****
    yayyy!! you were literally the only person i was using AIM for and i thought you were gone so i gave up using it haha! i'l definitely get on there again now i know you're around.

    dude, it's been 10 years since i wrote those first screenplays. oh my godddd
    Evil Eye
    Evil Eye
    It's been so long since I created Gunman I kinda wanna cannibalize it for the pearls of good ideas (Diego Vinzetti is a ****ing awesome hitman character) and make something out of it.

    Some of my friends watched Hausu a couple nights ago, and they couldn't understand why I think a cat-wall spewing blood is so awesome.
    Dude I just realized how awesome it would be someone took an .iso of Resident Evil 3 and replaced Nemesis's sprite with the Kool-Aid guy.
    I just brought life to a year-old dead thread, do????
    Pretty cool how Media Metropolis is really picking up, huh?
    er, I'm sorry. i'll be a good boy from now on, promise.
    why do you always act so condescending towards me :/
    do you have a lastfm, or a rateyourmusic account?
    psh dont pretend like you aren't getting sick of seeing (essentially) the same bs teen pop song every time.
    that rate the song posted above thread tho...
    Hey, I wrote a new album review... well, kinda. I already wrote it in the past with my friend IRL, so w/e. Check it out dude.
    Hey man, I edited my privacy settings. You should be able to VM me now. :-D
    I said it in the blogs but in case you don't go there, was just saying that I never put my settings that way, so i'm unsure why it's happening. You should at least be able to PM me, if nothing else though. Any ideas?
    I was just looking at some of my friends and I noticed...

    You like HORSE the band? That's awesome!! ^_^
    i purposefully haven't listened to any of their new songs you posted; i'm gonna listen to the full package tonight when i get home. i can't ****ing wait. :>
    holy ****, that was a great post to log into

    i've listened to all of horse's previous stuff and pretty much almost entire discographies of every artist you listed lol. im huge on music as well and i'm definitely going to check out your band's releases and all of the solo stuff

    pretty awesome, dude

    im starting to play guitar due to my love for music over the past 7 years. i already have piano/sax in my pocket so i'm confident things well go well from here on out. trying to start a band with the smasher jerm (toon link) within the next year or two. we pretty much just build off of each other's thoughts in music but have different interests/tastes.. really fun and cool stuff
    you should check him out, pretty good stuff!
    not my favorite dubstep artist (mala).. but he's pretty high up there

    what kind of music do you listen to?
    goddammit, you've done it again. i am in love with that metric song you posted.
    Thanks a ton!

    Also, I sadly can't decide if my Tele is the guitar for me or not. It feels fine, but when I play it on an amp, it just feels... unfitting for me. Idk. Have you ever had this problem after buying a guitar?
    What's a good small amp? I need a small one for college, and I'm tired of the Kustom.
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