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MELEE-FC Legacy Results


King of the Ship of Fools
Jun 22, 2003
The name of the tournament became Legacy.

The name then became a mission. Out of all the prior FCs, we’d barely managed a few hours of video, a few pictures from my dad’s film camera, and a few leftover paper brackets. It began with the reconstructions of as many of the past FC brackets in Tio as could be done. We brought in VGBootcamp and East Point Pictures to document the event to its fullest and allow the world to participate. We hosted a panel where top Smashers past and present could offer their views on the scene and how it had developed. We created a ridiculous card game memorializing the players who had achieved the lofty heights of the Top 32 at major nationals. We allowed a passionate group of designers to demonstrate their handcrafted sequel to Melee. And finally, we designed a tournament that would produce more recorded sets between elite players than any tournament prior.

We’ve fulfilled that mission. We will leave behind all that we wanted, along with one last amazing tournament of memories for all who attended.

This is the last MELEE-FC. It was always meant to be a final shot at a reunion, and one last go at some fun with some old friends. My joys in this tournament did not come from playing Smash. In fact, with all of the people that offered to play with me (thank you for that), I think I barely fit in more than a couple friendlies the entire tournament. My joys were in seeing old friends laugh together. In watching a meaningless fight over NFL quarterbacks. In a single friendly with a boy now grown. In seeing a great man of the Midwest destroy Top 8 opponents on Mute and Brinstar…with Falcon. In meeting some of our newest champions for the first time. In a single card game enjoyed by 30 people after the venue was supposed to have closed (SCARDUZZIO!!!!!). In watching a new champion dominate the PM tournament with amazement, until an old champion regained his form while up against the wall as far as one can be. My reminders of a community where all are welcome and treated as friends.

I’m not going to lie, this one was hard. I don’t know exactly why. Very little worked out as we planned. Many backup plans were required, and used. More technical difficulties than in every other FC combined. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears got poured into this one, and I lost more the night afterwards. I’m a passionate man, and not one to hold back emotion when I feel it. I hope this came through to you all during this event, as one final love letter to the Smash community that has given us so much before I shift my attention to another phase of life.

My detailed thank yous go out as follows:
To Adam and Eric, whose online chats kept me sane when I needed them.
To Emily, who encouraged me early on that new players would come around, even when I was doubtful.
To the VGBootcamp team and Travis for mirroring my passion and effort for this event, despite having much less to lose.
To Rob, for his early and continuous support of my efforts to reconnect and record.
To all of the people that I bounced ideas off of online, and those who contributed their time, talents, and energy to refining everything from schedules to seeding.
To my sister, Alissa, for helping us in so many unexpected ways.
To my wife, Joshu’s wife, and Jeff’s wife, for supporting us and going it alone for a few days so we could be at a video game tournament.
To Jeff, Daniel, Joshu, Iggy, and myself, for you are the Ship of Fools.

Melee’s just a game. Maybe even as close to perfect as a game can come, but still just a game. The community makes it the experience that it is. You guys came to South Bend first, when our brother wasn’t allowed to leave the state for health reasons and we tried to lure you all here. You came again for a regional crew battle that was truly historical. 9 years later, you still came, despite our best efforts. Respect one another, stay open to new ideas, have fun, and make the Legacy of this community live on until Gamecube controllers everywhere are old and dead.

I still plan to see some of you again, but if I don’t, thank you, and God bless.
Colossians 3:23

The Best of the Best
Melee Singles (complete):
1. Mango :foxmelee: :falcomelee: :falconmelee:
2. Hungrybox :jigglypuffmelee:
3. Axe :pikachumelee: :falcomelee: :younglinkmelee:
4. SFAT :foxmelee:
5. Kage :ganonmelee:
6. Hax :falconmelee:
7. Kels :foxmelee:
8. Darkrain :falconmelee:
9. Chillindude :foxmelee:
9. Little England :falcomelee:
9. -Chad- :pikachumelee: :foxmelee:
9. VaNz :peachmelee:
13. Shroomed :drmario:
13. Duck :samusmelee:
13. Trail :icsmelee: :ganonmelee:
13. Baka4moe :peachmelee:
17. CunningKitsune :foxmelee:
17. MetA :jigglypuffmelee:
17. MOJO :marthmelee: :foxmelee: :falconmelee:
17. G$ :falcomelee: :marthmelee:
17. DoH :peachmelee:
17. Nite :falcomelee:
17. Jake13 :falcomelee:
17. FrootLoop :falcomelee:
25. Drephen :sheikmelee:
25. TheGoodDoctor :sheikmelee: :zeldamelee:
25. SwiftBass :foxmelee:
25. MattDotZeb :falcomelee:
25. Tink :marthmelee: :sheikmelee:
25. IrishMafia :peachmelee:
25. Vudujin :luigimelee:
25. BigD :falconmelee: :foxmelee:
33. Viperboy :falcomelee:
33. HIV+ :falcomelee:
33. Ambix :peachmelee:
33. j00t :gwmelee: :falconmelee:
33. Strong Bad :dkmelee:
33. Diglob :falcomelee:
33. ORLY :falconmelee:
33. The Moon :marthmelee:
41. 4% APR :foxmelee:
41. DJ Talent :zeldamelee:
41. Juggleguy :falconmelee:
41. Lanceinthepants :falcomelee:
41. Sveet :foxmelee: :marthmelee:
41. moogle :sheikmelee:
41. Jace06 :falconmelee:
41. B-Ryan :marthmelee:
49. onionchowder :drmario:
49. Scythe :falcomelee: :mariomelee:
49. Yakal :falcomelee:
49. VTS :icsmelee:
49. BigR :falcomelee:
49. Ripple :marthmelee: :roymelee:
49. Cosmo :zeldamelee:
49. Cheato :foxmelee:
57. XDoesUpB :sheikmelee:
57. ycz6 :samusmelee:
57. Abu :jigglypuffmelee:
57. Wobbles (withdrawal) :grimer:
57. eighteenspikes :drmario:
57. Juke :foxmelee: :marthmelee:
57. JMOAN :sheikmelee:
57. 'Fro :samusmelee:
65. KishSquared
65. Rusty Shacklefurd
65. Phatgamer
65. Mouf
65. Ignatius
65. brayden7
65. DendyPretendy
65. john!
65. Obsoleet
65. MilkMan
65. Bl@ckChris
65. kirkq
65. arbustos
65. Green Ranger
65. KOKingpin
65. Eikelmann
81. Solace One
81. Pyrogamer
81. MB-Smash
81. North
81. KishPrime
81. voorhese
81. dmac
81. Alka
81. JesusFreak
81. Eclipsing Binary
81. jfro
81. kzez
81. Raven_Knight
81. D.Disciple
81. PseudoTurtle
81. Massive
97. garrR
97. mers
97. .Dempt
97. Lemon
97. Only1Z
97. Rezo
97. Seanson
97. Jackmaster
97. Carroll
97. Omnigamer
97. 311
97. LoztKozz
97. SuperDoodleMan
97. bertbusdriver
97. Rh1thmz
97. Admiral!
113. The March Hare
113. Slartibartfest42
113. True
113. Yeroc
113. Toadster
113. Vanilla Bryce
113. pyroty
113. BuckOhFive
113. HyperDragon
113. LoOshKiN
113. Keith
113. SilentJupiter
113. SuperKenshin
113. Joshu
113. Spife
129. South
129. Yadam
129. Z
129. Xtra
129. Yo$himan
129. Grape Ape
129. luigIgoshard91
129. And
129. Mundungu
129. MonkUnit
129. Boat Mode
129. ELC
129. Sweet
144. Murkindawg10
144. jeffgordon24
144. Toast

Melee Teams:
1: DoH+Mango
2: Chillin+Hbox
3: Axe+Kage
4: G$+Swift
5: Kels+Jace08
5: Hax+TheMoon
7: Tink+Drephen
7: SFAT+Shroomed
9: ORLY+Viperboy
9: Jake13+MOFO
9: Baka4moe+TheIrishMafia
9: Abu+Duck
13: Darkrain+Dmac
13: Meta+Yakal
13: Trail+CunningKitsune
13: 4%APR+XDoesUpB
17: Ambix+Nite
17: Frootloop+Sveet
17: Little England+Lanceinthepants
17: Eclipsing Binary+Green Ranger
17: mundungu+lemon
17: TheGoodDoctor+Cheato
17: Phatgamer+Pyrogamer
17: D.Disciple+DendyPrentendy

64 Singles (complete):
1. Battlecow
2. Moogle
3. Han Solo
4. Knitephox
5. Jace08
5. Rumbly
7. zDuck
7. Vudujin
9. meowmeowrainbowkitty
9. Slarti
11. axle90
11. (tie) Alka
11. (tie) john!
11. (tie) Swift
15. Pekkle
16. Eikelmann
17. yeroc
18. pyroty

64 Doubles (complete):
1. Battlecow+KnitePhox
2. Han Solo+Rumbly
3. Pekkle+moogle
4. Eikelmann+Jace08
5. Slarti+meowmeowrainbowkitty
5. Kujo+Vanilla Bryce
7. pyroty+Massive
7. Yeroc+Strong Bad

PM Singles:
1: hungrybox :jigglypuffbrawl::mariobrawl:
2: Vro :ikebrawl:
3: Kage :ganonbrawl:
4: Axe :pikachubrawl:
5: -Chad- :mariobrawl::linkbrawl::foxbrawl:
6: darkrain :falconbrawl:
7: Yakal :falcobrawl:
7: 4%APR :wariobrawl::peachbrawl:
9: Strong Bad :dkbrawl::dkbrawl::dkbrawl:
9: Tink :sheikbrawl:
9: G$ :falcobrawl::marthbrawl:
9: SFAT :falcobrawl:
13: chillindude :wolfbrawl:
13: Kels :sheikbrawl::foxbrawl:
13: BuckOhFive :dkbrawl:
13: Ripple :dkbrawl:
17: Massive :bowserbrawl::dkbrawl:
17: Rusty Shacklefurd :ikebrawl:
17: Hax :falconbrawl:
17: JCaesar :robbrawl::linkbrawl:
17: Scythe :wolfbrawl:
17: North :ikebrawl:
17: Pyrogamer :dkbrawl:
17: KishSquared :bowserbrawl:
25: Alcheato :mariobrawl:
25: Meta :wolfbrawl::jigglypuffbrawl::falcobrawl:
25: dmac :ganonbrawl:
25: VaNz :sheikbrawl::robbrawl:
25: KO Kingpin :ganonbrawl:
25: GibbyGlobby :linkbrawl:
25: Green Ranger :dkbrawl:
25: OnionChild :nessbrawl:
33: Trail :ganonbrawl::bowserbrawl:
33: BlackChris :ganonbrawl:
33: cmart :bowserbrawl:
33: Only1Z :ikebrawl:
33: Xtra :charizardbrawl:
33: CunningKitsune :foxbrawl:
33: Wobbles :mariobrawl: (Forfeit in bracket)
33: The Irish Mafia :peachbrawl:
33: ORLY :bowserbrawl:
33: The Good Doctor :sheikbrawl:
33: baka4moe :marthbrawl::ikebrawl:
33: Sveet :ganonbrawl:
33: Mundungu :ikebrawl:
33: X :jigglypuffbrawl:
33: Viperboy :falcobrawl:
33: BigD :falcobrawl:[/QUOTE]
49. JesusFreak
49. TheLake
49. Spife
49. Phatgamer
49. Frootloop
49. Abu
49. Nite
49. KishPrime
49. Juggleguy
49. Apples
49. j00t
49. And
49. MattDotZeb
49. Alex 615
49. Daze
64. john!
64. jeffgordon24
64. Obsoleet
64. Juke
64. Rude
64. ycz6
64. L00shkin
64. Lemon
64. Drephen
64. LoztKozz
64. Falco400
64. Mr. Pickle
64. Omnigamer
64. Z
79. HyperDragon
79. Joshu
79. Eclipsing Binary
79. kirkq
79. Toast
79. Solace One
79. Ignatius
79. DoH
79. Vanilla Bryce
79. Sweet
79. Jesi
79. Jackmaster
79. MOJO
79. Eikelmann
93. kzez
93. bertbusdriver
93. Shroomed
93. SuperDoodleMan
93. Seanson
93. Monk
93. Admiral
93. Toadster
93. SuperKenshin
93. Rezo
93. Retro
93. South
105. Big R

PM Doubles (complete):
1: Vro+Axe
2: Kage+Hbox
3: g$+SFAT
4: 4%APR+X
5: Chillin+Mango
5: Duck+Baka4moe
7: Hax+Shroomed
7: Trail+ORLY
9: Chad+Kelly
9: Scythe+Kels
9: TheIrishMafia+MattDotZeb
9: Jcaesar+cmart
13: Viperboy+Tink
13: ycz6+Onionchowder
13: Yakal+Rusty Shacklefurd
13: Rude+And
17: Nite+Milkman
17: Meta+Eclipsing Binary
17: Yeroc+Ignatius
17: Mundungu+Frootloop
17: KishSquared+KishPrime
17: Keith+Joshu
17: Green Ranger+Sweet
17: Mojo+Obsoleek
25: Superdoodleman+Seanson
25: LoztKozz+Standard Toaster
25: Yadam+Xtra
25: omnigamer+Pyrogamer
25: Mr>Pickle+KOKingpin
25: JesusFreak+Diglob
25: CunningKitsune+toadster
25: North+Apples
33: Army Team 2
33: jeffgordon24+INSANECARRZYGUY
33: Army Team 1
33: Strong Bad+BuckOhFive
33: SuperKenshin+HyperDragon
33: Murkindawg+Luigigoesgard
33: Chino+Good Doc
33: dmac+darkrain
33: Dazrin+Monk
33: rezo+Jesi
33: Spife+Slarti
33: Sveet+Looshkin
33: Mouf+Jake13
33: only1z+Massive
33: DJTalent+D.Disciple
49: Kujo+Vanilla Bryce

Brawl Singles (complete):
1. D.Disciple
3. Milkman
3. Raven Knight

Brawl Doubles (complete):
1. D.Disciple+Ripple
2. Chillindude+Milkman
3. Axe+Chad
4. Admiral+Wobbles
5. KishSquared+Joshu
5. Cheato+TheGoodDoctor
7. Retro+Leon

More to come as we continue to unpack, analyze, and count costs. :p


Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
Tim, this event was SO GOOD. I feel spoiled that I only had to drive three hours to get here for what I think is the best Melee tournament I've ever been to. My biggest regret right now is that I wasn't old enough to experience the FC's of the 2004-2007 era, and I can only imagine how amazing those were too. The statement about how most of the enjoyment came from seeing old faces and meeting new people is probably more true for me at this event than any other Melee national/major I can remember. Awesome stuff.

I posted this in the original thread earlier, but thanks again to: KishPrime, KishSquared, Iggy, Joshu, Omnigamer, emilywaves, VGBootCamp, samox, and all the other staff members for all their hard work!

Shoutouts definitely to come later.


Nov 26, 2009
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
kishes - Thanks so much for hosting one of the best tourneys I've ever been to. I feel sorry for anyone who didn't attend because of the entry fees.
BC players - you guys are super chill to hang with
JCaesar and co - it was fun hanging out and playing again. Hopefully we'll meet at another tourney soon so I can return your 64 controller.
Room 279 - that was one of the best smashfests
ICG and Xtra - you guys were pretty drunk when we played in your room, lol

Steak n Shake - loved that we scared them a bit because we brought 12 people in at once. It was great hanging out with PMBR and a few others there as well.

Carroll, it sucks that we weren't able to play. :/

It would have been great if people actually followed the instructions on my laptop and wrote down what matches were played. It takes me longer to go through these now. :/

D. Disciple

Smash Master
Aug 2, 2005
Cottage Grove, Minnesota
FC was amazing, I'm glad I was able to attend two of them and even if it wasn't completely fulfilling, win at least one event.

Thank you Kishprime, Kishsquared, Ship of Fools, everyone that helped make this possible. I'll never ever forget this tournament.

Shout outs later.

Rusty Shacklefurd

Smash Lord
Mar 23, 2006
South-east of New Zealand, and no, you'll never fi
Soooooo goooooood.

It was great having the opportunity to attend my first national at an FC event. The travel ended up being a bit hectic, but it was all worth it for the greatest tourney I've ever attended.

Thanks to Kishes and everyone involved in making this possible, to Eclipsing Binary for being a good room mate and filling out the BC crew, to Kage for better representing the country I couldn't, to Darkrain for KNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES, to Axe for PIKA PIII, to Hungrybox for playing seriously impressively to the point where I was actually rooting for him for once (also made captaining his pool a breeze), to Mango for bringing nothing to the table, to Strongbad/JCaesar/MonkToaster&StandardUnit/Yeroc and everyone else I'm forgetting involved with Project: M, to Chillindude for completely destrooooyyying me, to Wobbles for stabbing me in the back and freeze glitching me, to a particular guy of the carzy variety for being just the right amount of insane, to Box Disciple for being a box, to really good Falcos in my pool, LittleEngland and MattDotZeb, making me look less terrible just because it's about the only matchup I'm particularly good at, and to everyone else at FC. Especially you. I'd call you out by name but that would just cheapen the sentiment, you know? Of course YOU know; you're awesome.


Apr 27, 2006
Cleveland, Ohio
First ever national, was ****ing amazing, had a blast. Shoutouts sometime tomorrow (if I don't get too caught up in other things). Beautifully run and... more importantly, tons of fun!


List Evader
Jun 3, 2003
Super fun tourney, glad to have run it.

Shoutout to Prime who did a huge bulk of the work and without him this definitely wouldn't have happened.

full shoutouts to come as well.


Smash Ace
Aug 28, 2004
Plano, TX
Jesi here...Thanks to the the Kish family and the staff members for running this. I almost copped out and didn't come last minute, but am so glad I went...

I know melee is just a game, but the smash community helped shape my passion and career lol, brought me some of my closest friends... and, about 7 years ago introduced me to my best friend and so much more, darkrain <3.

Being at the tourney reminded me of how awesome the community is and always will be! Great tourney, great matches, thanks everyone!!!



Smash Lord
Sep 23, 2007
So much to say about this tournament, and all of it was good! Shoutouts to:

The Ship of Fools: For running a tight ship and keeping things fresh and streamlined, as well as daring to take a different route to determining the tournament champions. Also, for letting a Smash schmuck like myself to have the honor of commentary on the final FC pretty much all the way through.

Wobbles: The commentary partner who made it all really work. I've never met anyone with this much knowledge about the game who could articulate it as quickly and accurately as he did. Plus, it was just so much fun working with you!

Voorhese: For teaming with me and working hard! We almost had that bracket spot.... So close!

Duck, YCZ6, and Pyroty: for the nutty Samus dittos.

Iggy: for giving me mad advice while we were playing and making sure I was on my A-game so I could be sure to advance from 1st round pools.

The Dew Crew: For always providing the laughs and making my first journey to a national all the more worth it.

GimR, Apostle, and the whole VGBootcamp crew: For adding to the vote of confidence that put me on stream for so long, as well as providing a great viewing platform for everyone that came to see FC! Also for providing constant feedback to make sure we were on point!

Vro, Jayford, Kirkq, J. Caesar, MattDotZeb,Apostle, Chillin, ICG, and Ripple: For the fun and varying commentary experiences that gave me a lot of different insights into all the different Smash games!

HBox, Mango, DoH, Little England, Axe, and all who talked to us after matches for providing your thoughts and enlightening us on what you guys went through during your matches!

Meta, Shroomed, Slarty: For providing time for friendlies with me!

D. Disciple: For the commentary and box work!

The Proejct M team: For making a game that truly brought the hype and became a main event in and of itself!

Darkrain: For nearly making me lose my voice on the mic. Too good!

I hope I somehow didn't skip out on mentioning anyone, but odds are I did, so I apologize if I did. I'll add more as I remember. In the meantime, big shoutout to one of the best tournaments I have ever attended across both Smash and the FGC, and I'm truly saddened that there isn't another FC in the making.

AXE 09

Smash Master
Dec 3, 2006
Avondale, AZ
I would really like to know the payouts as well.

For now, all I gotta say is... this tournament was amazing :) I loved it!! :pika:



Smash Grimer
Aug 16, 2005
Ann Arbor, MI
GIMR/Aposl/Bio: I'm having trouble converting the YouTube-downloaded version of the MELEE-FC10R logo animation to be compatible with appended segments of my recordings. Can you guys provide a version of it that is .AVI, 29.97003 fps?


Smash Master
Sep 15, 2007
easily the best tourny i've ever been to, good ****

i'll maybe shout at some peeps later


Kinda Sorta OK at Smash
Mar 7, 2004
Umeå, Sweden
I'm glad to hear that the tournament was the success that it was. I'm sad to hear that it will truly be the last FC. You guys are pretty damn amazing, and I hope you go on to do more amazing things. Serious class, serious dedication, you guys are the best.

PS: I cannot wait till some videos get posted. I definitely want to see some of the craziest moments, and am also very curious as to how the PM matches played out.

Grape Ape

Smash Apprentice
May 8, 2008
Kings Park
This was awesome as all hell,so glad I drove out from NY for this.
Shout outs to everyone in my pool who was food
Shout outs to frootloopz for eating his loops
Shout outs to boat mode for driving both ways and refusing to switch
shout outs to Ffa crews
Shout outs to mattdotzeb, mafia, spife for chilling with boat mode and I all weekend
Shout outs to the hotel staff for dealing with our **** so well all weekend
Shout outs to the kishes for the best tourney ever
Shout outs to everyone else there

Boo to the cop that pulled two people over but only ticketed us :(



Theory Coder
Feb 28, 2004
In a world of my own devising
Placeholder so I can remember to watch Jeff's and Joshu's commentary later. Real shoutouts to come. A big thank you to everybody for making this week one of the best ever.


Smash Master
Jun 4, 2003
Osceola, IN
Col 3:23, indeed. This verse is why FC is what it is. But even with that, you guys have no idea how much is completely out of our control at these things. We hand things off not only to staff, but to volunteers, hotel resources, community members, etc... For things to come together so well is amazing, and I give God the credit for it all.

I'll echo Tim's words here. It's not that we're done hosting tournaments and want to be done with the community; quite the opposite is true, actually. Hosting FC again makes me want to travel and compete more than ever, let alone host many more FCs to come. But looking at where the Ship is as a whole, it will become increasingly difficult to pull one of these off again, which is why we wanted to go all-out with this one. Some things worked out, and a lot of stuff didn't work out :( But reading your feedback just continues to make it clear that God is good, and the tournament went a lot better than it should have gone.

Did you guys know Tio crashed on us and we had to do it all on paper? Did you notice Prime wasn't around for an entire day because of mandatory MBA orientation (scheduled after FC was planned)? Did you notice that the P:M loading took more time than anticipated, and we were 15 P:M setups short of what we needed? Did anyone notice we were about 3 staff members short for the entire duration of the tournament? All of these things were beyond our control, and there was little we could have done to fix it.

So shoutouts to the staff and volunteers who made this possible. Thanks to Tim for organizing it and for his blood, sweat, and tears. You made this happen, Tim, and props to you for that. Thanks to Joshu for taking charge as needed, Iggy for his readiness to jump into action, VGbootcamp guys for being amazing at what you do, Emily for her willingness to serve, Strongbad for scrambling and making it happen, Omni for his constant contributions, Samox for mad documentating skillz, KishQuad for organizing teams and baking cookies, and Juggleguy for managing streams. I honestly don't even know what I did at this thing. I guess I screamed into the mic a couple times and threatened to DQ people constantly, lol.

Thanks to those I played in pools and in friendlies, and to those who said "FC is amazing" to me during the event. Thanks to all the old guys for coming out of retirement to attend, and thanks to all the new guys who trusted us on nothing but the FC name and the hope for a good time. Thanks also to those who showed my kids a good time - Emily (wife) and I got a kick out of watching some of you play with them :) Thanks to FrenzieFool, pool captains and Frobbles/Matt/Vro/Kirkq for your contributions, and thanks to ORLY/voorhese for rocking the card game hardcore. Thanks to darkrain for the pentaknee, I can't even remember the last time I jumped up and down and screamed while watching Smash.

Lastly, I just want to say that I'm honored to be a part of this community. It does my heart good to see people enjoying FC, to be playing crew battles, and to see darkrain playing on Mute City. I had more fun than I should be allowed to have while running something like this. A big thank you to Tim again for resurrecting FC and giving this old man of 29 years one last enjoyment before he dies of old age. Or at least before he loses all his hair. Yeah, I'm old.

So thanks for coming, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Smash is an amazing game, but the people in this community are even more amazing. We'll get those results and prize information up as soon as possible, and like everyone else, I can't wait to watch some of those videos.
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