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  • Hey Mookie. I was trying to find the MookieRah video where you throw your controller plug directly into the GameCube. It's a great video from the golden age of Melee and I'd love to watch it again. Any idea where it ever went?
    Hallå där! Spelar du brawl? Jag och en vän bor i Umeå och vi brukar lira rätt ofta när vi inte är upptagna med studier, hade varit intressant träffa på någon som också är duktig i spelet för att testa sina färdigheter! Jag är ny på forumet och upptäckte att det fanns andra svenskar här, men jag visste inte riktigt var jag skulle lämna ett meddelande.. :-)
    I think some of the guys play Brawl, not seriously or anything. I think Jokrn played at a Brawl tournament that was hosted by the anti-alcohol group or something. He doesn't post on smashboards though. Your best bet is just to ask in the dojo, here is a link:
    Jag och kompis brukar köra väldigt mycket och skulle vara kul att möta nya att spela mot. Hör av dig om du vill köra 1v1 eller 2v2 mot oss någon gång. Vi kör mestadels brawl så det brukar vara svårt att hitta folk att spela mot.
    Not sure how long Ill be active, but Im going to a semi local tournament and was bored at work, so we will see :-)
    Mookie! You're active again? Anything in particular bringing you back? Welcome back!
    Cash Battle?
    Hey Mookie, are you still in Starkville?

    I'm going to Southaven for a smashfest at Chad/Iori/ihavespaceball's on Friday-Sat. night/Sun. afternoon. Thought I'd offer you a ride. :D
    I'm dumb, I didn't think that D'oH = Darkness of Heart. Well in any case if they removed your vote I'd remove mine and it wouldn't make any difference XD.
    Shhh, don't let people know that I hate Brawl and probably shouldn't be in the SBR! lololol
    Blar, it seems like a lot of stuff happened since my last visit here. I should check more often really.
    Hey noooooob! We've yet to play Melee or Brawl since I've been back. Your finals are sure to be the work of that. If you ever have a free weekend or day. I could drive to Starkville or if you're in town in Tupelo, let me know. I've still got your cell number, unless you changed it :/
    Gonna be in Gainesville FL from April 26th to early May. Gonna drive through where you are to get to AZ. Wanted to stay with you and smash. Get back at me :-p
    MookieRah I need your graphic design expertise but you ain't ever on AIM you butt.
    Hey MookieRah! It's been a while. Where have you been? So how's it going with you and your long lost brother, Buzz?
    You didn't pwn me 3 times in a row, lol. I think you beat me only a few times out of all of the matches we played, you just got better towards the end. Anyways, you actually didn't get to play me after I had my DI epiphany in which I basically DI everything and smash DI most everything. You'd be even more hard pressed to beat me now Tony! You have a few months before you will be back here, you better get better than me, cause if I'm still better by the time you come back it would just be play stupid considering that I'm stuck out here where I get to play like 4 dudes.
    Oh snap. Shadow has found my other ROB friend!! I feel let down as well....you degrade me ;_;. what about at Ryn's house when i PWND you three times in a row? Don't put my moral down and say,"it's not Melee". Well, I've improved and will show it! just wait
    Yea I know Clink, **** so you play ROB too or what???
    But yea, he works at Game Crazy and I'm a usual customer there along with my cousins.
    Yes, we do play like we will invite each other to each others houses and just play or tournament wise =]
    Different crews though
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