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  • hahah I'm improvin' everyday man. I play everyday and I'm playign against all types of people and all the characters I can. I will come out with new efforts for ya'
    I replied to you on my lil convo thing, but considering that it was on my page you might never see it. Basically, since the last time we played I had some kind of weird DI epiphany and now I DI pretty much everything and am beginning to Smash DI A LOT of stuff. It's stupid how huge of a leap it is considering it happened pretty much in one day.

    Speaking of another jump, I picked up Samus, and it kicks ***. Almost as good as my ROB. I did that in one day as well. Too good. Play as much as you can in Cali and improve as fast as possible. I want you to be better than me by the time you get back, cause that just means I will improve faster.
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