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  • You darned n00b, haven't you seen my sorry *** posting all over the ROB boards lately? Also, back before I stopped playing I was also a ROB main.

    While Tony has been here I've been brutally beating him out of his bad habits. I think our first match I three stocked him, he was way too aggressive and just got blasted by spacing. He is finally learning that he should focus on more of a spacing game against ROB and counter my nairs with, well his nairs. I still win, but yeah, he's getting better. He's really quick to pick stuff up, but ironically, it isn't very intuitive for him. If I tell him something he makes adjustments, but he doesn't adjust much during matches. Tony is a weird guy O_o.

    Anyways, how well does Tony fair with you guys? My guess is that he is a bit on the lower end, seeing as how he goes even with the better people of my little tiny crew over here. I ask cause honestly I've existed in a microchasm and I don't even know where the hell I stand at the moment, as I currently exist in a smash microchasm and it's hard to gauge my level.
    Do you know a SoCal Toon Link who goes by Clink? His real name is Tony. Anyways, his girlfriend lives over here where I'm at, and I've had a chance to play him a good bit. He keeps saying that our playstyles are ******** similar or something. He made it sound like you guys knew each other, and specifically said that he sat down and played a lot of matches with you, but then again he will refer to the SoCal players as "ours" so it's hard to tell if he means within a crew or just a dude in the general area.
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